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A New Relationship
By Shaughnessy

Part Two

Melinda woke first, the next morning. It was to the sound of Olivia's phone ringing. Liv was only a second behind her in waking.

"Benson" Olivia said already on high alert.

"Liv, I just got a call from the night shift. A woman came in to the precinct about her baby. They think it's the mother. I'm calling Warner in, in a minute." Cragen said on the other end.

"Thanks Captain. I'll be there in 20." With that Olivia ended the call.

"A break in the case?" Melinda asked.

"Yeah, maybe. You should get a call from the Captain any minute now." Liv answered. Melinda nodded, just as her phone rang. Olivia went into the bathroom and took a quick two-minute shower. She left her hair wet and wrapped a towel around herself. When she came out, Melinda had braided her long hair and was dressed.

"Bathroom's yours if you want it." Olivia said. Melinda nodded and took it over for a moment while Liv dressed. It only took a second as she threw on some jeans and a t-shirt and grabbed a sweater. When Melinda came out, Olivia was putting on her shoes.

"Well let's go. We can share a cab or a car." Melinda announced with a small, grim smile.

"Better off with a car. It's hell finding a cab at 4 in the morning." Came Olivia's reply. Melinda nodded in agreement. They dashed out the door and were on their way.

Melinda dropped Olivia off at the precinct doors, then parked her car and headed to the morgue.

"Captain," Olivia called as she entered the squad room.

"Liv, my office." The Captain gestured from the door way. Olivia nodded

"Ma'am, I'm Detective Benson. Can you tell me how old your daughter is?" She asked.

"Ma petite is 4 months old. Her papa and I didn't get along so well, and I am new to America, from France. Pierre…Peter lives near the restaurant where the baby on the television was found. When he didn't bring Seraphine home last night et did not call, I thought it might be ma petite." The woman said.

"OK, what is Peter's last name?" Olivia asked.

"Jansen. He works for a magazine as an editor. I don't remember which."

"That's OK. We'll find him. Do you know what kind of car her drives?"

"Oui, a red Jeep Wrangler."

"OK…Captain?" Olivia asked.

"I got it. I'll run DMV records. Go ahead and take her." Liv nodded.


"Giselle Cousteau."

"Miss Cousteau, if you'll come with me, I'll take you down stairs." Olivia said gently. Giselle's eyes filled with tears.

"You are taking me to my baby, no?"

"Miss Cousteau, it could be that this isn't your baby." Olivia said quietly. She led the French woman down to the morgue and to the viewing area. Giselle took one look at the little girl and crumpled.

"That is my baby." She wailed.

"Miss Cousteau, are you sure?" Olivia asked.

"Oui…ma petite, ma petite…"

"Can you tell us if she has any birthmarks or scars?"

"Oui, an etoile on her ankle, a star." Giselle said through her sobs. Melinda nodded.

"OK Miss Cousteau, we're going to get the man who did this. Do you want to come back up stairs, or would you like to stay with Dr. Warner until your daughter is released for burial?"

"I will stay." Olivia nodded and went back up stairs to the squad room.

"Olivia, we found him." The Captain said as she entered the room.

"Good. Now let's go nail the son-ofa-bitch."

Part 3

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