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A New Relationship
By Shaughnessy

Part Three

Olivia and the Captain tracked down Peter Jansen and brought him in for questioning. He had refused a lawyer and within an hour of interrogation, had admitted to the brutal murder of his 4 month old daughter. He claimed her did it to get back at Giselle for making him pay child support and that no man should have to bend to the will of a mere woman. It had burned his ass to be taken down by a woman cop and then prosecuted by a woman ADA. Even the Medical Examiner, who handled his dead child's body, was a woman.

Olivia sat back with a beer, again at Joe's just down the block from her apartment. Melinda was seated across from her.

"You ok?" She asked.

"I will be. This case reminded me of one a few years back when a mother threw her kid against a wall because she wouldn't stop crying. That was a tough one for Munch." Olivia answered.

"We all have tough ones. When I looked down at that baby, I thought of Jasmine and what she was like at that age."

"There are days, especially ones like today when I wonder why people have children if they don't want them or can't take care of them. Then I remember that a lot of the time it's an accident and that there are people out there who do care. I mean just look at me." Melinda frowned for a moment.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I was an accident. My mom was raped and I was a product of that rape. My mother made a choice to keep me and she took care of me for the most part. It wasn't easy but we managed." Melinda nodded in understanding.

"My mother was a single parent as well. My dad ran out on us right after I was born, said he wasn't cut out to be a father. Mom was devastated but she managed too. That's why I wanted to stay together for Jasmine, so that she would have the home I didn't."

"I guess we have different views. Because of my mom's life I never really wanted kids. I had a bad view of life early on and didn't really want to bring a child into a world like this. It's probably why I'm attracted to the same sex and not men. I guess I feel men are untrustworthy, with few exceptions, such as Elliot, Munch, Fin and the Captain."

"Are you really attracted to women?" Melinda asked in surprise.

"Yeah, but no worries. I won't leap up and jump your bones." Olivia answered with a devilish grin.

"I wasn't worried, just curious. I experimented a little before I married Malachi. I guess you could say I'm bisexual." Melinda said shyly.

"Really? That's interesting. Well what say we call it a night? After an early morning, I could use an early night." Olivia said. Melinda agreed and they headed toward their apartment building. They separated in the hall as Olivia went into her apartment and Melinda continued on to her own.

Olivia never went to sleep easily but tonight she was out in under half an hour. Melinda on the other hand was having a little more difficult time. She lay on her couch, trying to sleep. She didn't have a bed or she would have been more comfortable. All her thoughts were going a mile a minute and in a large circle. She would think about Giselle Cousteau which would make her think of baby Seraphine. That would make Melinda think of her own daughter, Jasmine, which would make her think of Malachi. That would make her think of Jansen and then back to Giselle and the baby. After staring at the ceiling for two hours, Melinda gave up and began to pace. It was difficult with all the boxes piled around. When two hours became three, she sought out Olivia. Melinda slept well next to her friend, better than she had in a long time. She walked down the hall and knocked on the door. It only took a minute for Olivia to open it.

"Hey," She said sleepily.

"Hey, I'm sorry to wake you up, but can I stay with you tonight." Melinda asked quietly.

"Sure, Mel. Come in." Olivia stepped aside and let her inside. She locked the door behind them and led the way back to her bedroom. As both were already dressed in pajamas, they climbed right in. Melinda wiggled a little trying to get comfortable. Finally she settled in. Olivia wrapped an arm around Melinda's waist and tugged her a little closer. Melinda was startled for a moment, and then relaxed, this was Olivia after all.

"Go to sleep, Mel." Olivia whispered in her ear, so that's what she did. Melinda closed her eyes and was asleep in moments with Liv not far behind her.

Part 4

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