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Vibes II : Bensonesque
By VivalaB


The club was busy, bodies writhed everywhere to the pulsing beat of he hypnotic music. The subdued blue lighting illuminating the dance floor, cast an ethereal hue across the sea of swaying limbs.

The redhead scanned the room from her seat at the end of the bar, her usual spectator spot. She had an unobstructed view of the dancers, making her selection easier, when the time came. The dark haired woman beside her was trying to hold a conversation with her, pointless given the level of noise from both the music and excited patrons. She turned to her and smiled, taking in her dark eyes, olive skin, shoulder length brown hair and black leather coat.

'A poor substitute again', she thought referring to her latest Benson-esque potential conquest.

She had spent the last six months trying to forget Olivia Benson and couldn't. She silently cursed the stunning detective for getting under her skin and staying there. She had seen her briefly at the trial along with the blonde ADA and had felt physically sick at how happy they appeared.

Her companion tapped her on the arm and stared at her, she realized she had been asked a question that required an answer.

Babs Duffy leaned in, "Sorry, I missed that," she said and lifted her drink from the bar and took a long sip. The question was repeated and she smiled, "Yeah, I've been fighting for the rights of the sistahood since you were in diapers babe," she practically shouted into her ear. The woman smiled, ecstatic to be sitting with the outspoken and infamous gay activist. A movement on the dance floor caught her eye and she looked past Babs.

Babs turned to her left to see what she was looking at.

'Aah, fresh meat,' she thought as she saw two figures, cloaked in shadows, take up residence on the outskirts of the packed dance floor. She swiveled on the bar stool to get a better look at the newcomers. She ignored the Benson-esque behind her and lifted her glass and took another sip.

As the music changed and slowed to a sultry beat, so did the lighting. The blue hue was replaced by a soft rosy glow, bathing everyone in subtle tones of dusky pink. She sighed and looked at her watch, knowing she would have to decide who she was taking home tonight and soon. She wondered if telling Olivia that night in her apartment that she, hated being alone, was the reason the detective had rejected her.

She lifted her drink to her lips, draining the last of the sweet liquor when her eyes bulged and she started choking, gasping for air. The Benson-esque beside her reached forward and patted her on the back until she calmed down.

Babs turned back to the dance floor to make sure her eyes weren't deceiving her, they weren't. She watched as the tall, dark haired woman and the statuesque blonde moved as one, legs intertwined, shamelessly gyrating sensuously against one another. The blonde moved her neck and Babs could see the dark haired figure kissing the base of her throat as her hands grabbed her denim clad ass, holding them together tightly.

She hopped off the stool and reluctantly tore her eyes from the women and their floor show. She turned to the Benson-esque, "Wanna dance?" she asked, not waiting for an answer, dragging her to a spot that allowed her to observe the couple from a distance.

After a few minutes, bodies began blocking her view. She hated being short and was struggling to see the tall couple through the swaying sea of bodies. She needed to get closer and fought her way through the crowd, pulling the Benson-esque with her, she had to see it for herself.

She stopped a short distance behind Alex Cabot and began dancing with the Benson-esque, maneuvering them closer until she could see the face of the mysterious dark haired woman dancing with her.

She had recognized Alex straight away as the lighting changed, but the dark haired beauty was an unknown entity to her. One thing she did know, if Alex was practically humping her on the dance floor then she was no longer with the dashing detective.

She bumped into the tall, dark haired woman several times until a deep, husky voice drawled, "Lady, if you're trying to get my attention you should know I'm a card carrying member of the NRA and I shoot to kill when it comes to ginger haired leprechauns trying to hump my leg."

Alex turned her head at the interruption and her eyes widened, "Babs?"she said as she recognized the unforgettable features of the protester.

The three women and the Benson-esque stood awkwardly together in a small circle. Babs looked expectantly at Alex, waiting for introductions.

Alex groaned realizing there was no way out of her predicament, "Babs Duffy, this is Abbie Carmichael," she said and watched Babs give Abbie the once over.

Abbie smiled, showing off her dimples and shook her hand, she motioned to the fourth member of their circle, "Who's your friend?"

Babs nearly came on the spot at the southern twang in the throaty tone of the gorgeous woman and blinked rapidly, "Um..." she realized she had forgotten her companion's name and blurted out, "Benson...Benson-esque, " she turned to the woman with no name and smiled apologetically.

Alex and Abbie looked at each other in disbelief, Abbie reached out a hand in greeting, "Do you prefer Benson or esque?" she drawled.

The woman shook her hand and turned to Babs, "I was only going to hump you so I could blog about it," she spat, "I bet you're not even a red head!" she looked at Alex and Abbie, "It was nice meeting you," she said and stormed off the dance floor.

Abbie put her arm round Alex and held her close, "Honey, you should introduce me to your friends more often," she said and gave her a squeeze. Alex rolled her eyes.

Babs looked at them both, "So, are you two together?" she fished, unable to keep her eyes of the tight fitting back shirt with the top three buttons undone that seemed to fit the dark haired woman like a second skin.

Abbie grinned back at her, "I like you, you don't shy away from asking what you want, do you kumquat?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow.

Babs ignored the barb and focused on Alex, "Last time I saw you, Olivia had her hands up your shirt and you were yelping like a virgin on prom night," she snarked and folded her arms.

Abbie laughed loudly, "Oh, I change my mind, I love her," she whispered loudly to Alex. A thought struck her and she gasped, ".God....It's her isn't it? " Alex rolled her eyes again as Abbie released her and bent over laughing, holding her sides.

Babs was furious, what was she laughing at, she needed to know. She also wanted to know what happened to Alex and Olivia, if she had dumped the dashing detective then Abbie was a worthy replacement, the woman was spectacular. Maybe Olivia dumped her, realizing she had feelings for her after all and couldn't go on. Babs was pulled form her reverie as Abbie howled and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Listen Tex, I don't care what you're doing here with blondie but I don't like people laughing at me. Do you have any idea who I am?" she demanded.

The statement only made Abbie laugh harder and she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

A few people turned in their direction and Alex smiled apologetically. They had managed to isolate themselves in a quiet little corner of the dance floor.

"So, who dumped who?" Babs asked as soon as Abbie was a safe distance away.

Alex groaned and blew out a long breath praying for rescue, "How have you been Babs?" she asked, hoping to change the subject.

Babs unfolded her arms and pointed at her, "If you hurt her I'll kill you and we both know I've got connections," she threatened.

Alex looked at her in confusion and was about to reply when a familiar voice shouted her. Se sighed in relief, "Oh thank God," she whispered.

Olivia approached them and smiled, "Babs, been a long time. You doing okay?" she asked brightly.

Babs smiled at her, all the Benosn-esque's a distant memory as she drank in the real deal before her. Olivia was dressed in tight jeans and an even tighter white shirt and looked good enough to eat, literally. She smiled warmly at the detective and nodded her head, "I'm better now you're here. I'm glad you got rid of barbie, she was no good for you," she said, beaming at Olivia and ignoring the murderous glares from Alex.

Olivia placed a restraining hand on Alex, as the blonde took a step forward and opened her mouth to comment on the barbie jibe. She turned to Alex and kissed her deeply, curling a hand around her neck and increasing the contact. She tore her mouth away and licked a trail along her throat, nipping lightly at her skin. Hands clutched at each other as Babs looked on with her mouth hanging open, partly in confusion, mostly in arousal.

"Benson, what the Hell d'you think you're doing?" the unmistakable timbre of Abbie's voice floated over Babs' head as she approached.

Babs looked between all three as Abbie pulled Olivia away from Alex and stood staring at her. Babs held her breath waiting for the outburst, secretly hoping somebody would punch Alex but her jaw dropped as Olivia smiled at Abbie and reached a hand up to smooth away her frown.

"Jesus Abs, can you keep the butch for the bedroom, kinda spoils the mood," she scolded playfully.

Abbie leaned in and kissed her slowly, deliberately taking her time, tasting her thoroughly before pulling back, "Vanilla enough for ya?" she drawled.

Alex moved closer and stood between the two women, placing an arm round each of them. She looked at Olivia, "What took you so long?" she asked.

Olivia shook her head, "Don't ask, all I can say is, somebody tagged along," and kissed her soundly.

Babs watched as the three women moved together, oblivious to her presence. They moved as one closer to the swaying bodies. She watched as Alex became sandwiched between the two dark haired beauties and they rocked together in time wit the music. She watched enviously as Alex ground herself onto Olivia's thigh as Abbie ground into the blonde's ass. The kissing seemed natural and they all seemed to be receiving the same amount of lip service.

Babs sighed, she needed to move on.

She sat at the bar and ordered another drink, she resisted the temptation to turn and look for the teasing trio on the dance floor and focused instead on the man behind the bar pouring her drink.

A voice interrupted her observations.

"Excuse me, this is going to sound really weird..."

Babs snorted, "I doubt that, it can't possibly get much weirder tonight," she said without looking up.

"Um okay, but can I ask you a question?" the woman asked.

Babs nodded, "Sure, go for it."

"Are you the gay maker?"

Babs laughed out loud and turned in her seat, "Who told you that?" she asked, appraising the younger woman before her.

"My friends...they're down on the dance floor, they told me to say hi," she answered.

Babs looked to the dance floor and saw three familiar figures waving at her. She turned back to the stranger, "What's your name?" she asked, motioning with her head at the empty stool beside her.

"Casey...Casey Novak"

The End

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