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Like A Dog In Heat
By tigerDE

"Do you think Cragen looks like a spaniel?"

My body is still humming from the mind-blowing orgasm she gave me a few moments ago, so I don't hear her the first time. "Hmmm?" I mumble without opening my eyes, curling my toes and enjoying the pleasant ache my movement brings.

"Do you think Cragen looks like a spaniel?"

I hear her the second time, however, and I lift my head from her shoulder and stare at her in shock. She chuckles at my expression, and reaches up to push a bit of my hair out of my face.

"It's the eyes, I think," she continues, letting her hand fall back to my hip. "He's got puppy eyes, don't you think? And with the ears…"

I can't believe what I am hearing. She practically ripped my clothes off as soon as we walked in the door, and only minutes after we collapsed in a tangle of sweaty limbs she is comparing her boss to a dog.

"What?" I ask incredulously, sitting up and regarding her with a mix of anger and bewilderment. "We've just fucked each other's brains out, and all you can think about is Cragen?!"

She seems to ponder this for a few seconds. "Well, no, that wasn't all I was thinking about. I was also thinking how my thigh is still wet from you and how your pubic hair is tickling my hip and how much it's turning me on." My breath shortens and she grins, pushing me onto my back and hovering over me. "And I was also thinking that I hope you recover quickly because I want to make love to you, slowly and gently, using my mouth and tongue and hands until you scream my name."

For a cop, she's very verbose. Talking is my job, but I'm always left suddenly speechless when she speaks in that low, sexy murmur. I feel a momentarily annoyance that she's managed to wiggle out of trouble again, but then she lowers herself onto me and I don't care anymore.

I manage one last coherent thought before everything else is chased out of my head as a warm, wet mouth descends on my neck.

Should I tell Don?

The End

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