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Holiday Short - Cinco de Mayo
By sunsetwriter


The two attorneys sat across from each other at "Mamacitas", the small cantina where, eight months earlier, Abbie had encouraged Alex and Olivia to finally admit their attraction to one another. Or, to use Abbie's more colorful words, it had been time for them to "shit or get off the pot." Tonight, however, Alex and Abbie were sipping margaritas while waiting on Olivia to join them in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Abbie had already started her relentless teasing and attempts to pry details about their relationship from Alex while refusing to share information about the woman she had recently traveled all the way to Mexico to visit.

The waitress had just delivered a large plate of Abbie's favorite tamales as the dark haired attorney looked at her watch. "Benson better get here soon, or I can't promise there'll be any of these left for her," Abbie said as she slid two tamales onto the small plate in front of her.

Alex also checked her watch and said, "Well, she said not to wait on her, which is never a good sign."

"I guess that's the downside of dating a cop."

Alex shrugged. "We manage."

Abbie grinned. "She must have really done a number on you. If I remember correctly, punctuality, or lack of it, was always one of your pet peeves."

Alex picked up her glass and smiled a sly smile. "I've learned that some things are worth the wait," she said before she sipped from her glass.

Abbie rolled her eyes. "Good Lord, Cabot, you've really gone off the deep end for her haven't you?"

Alex just smiled and said, "And you went all the way to Mexico, so tell me about Miss Guadalajara."

Abbie nodded. "Avoiding the question. Another good indicator that I'm right on the money."

"Then that would make you the pot and me the kettle if you continue to avoid telling me about your trip," Alex said as she finished her margarita.

Abbie smirked as she signaled the waitress. Looking back at Alex, she asked, "Should we just order a pitcher and another glass for Olivia?"

"If I know Olivia, she'd rather have a beer. Do you think we can drink a pitcher between the two of us? I do have court in the morning."

Abbie scoffed. "You just don't want to drink the cheap stuff."

Before Alex could offer a retort, her cell phone rang. She picked it up and looked at the display. "That's Liv."

Abbie reached across the table and wiggled her fingers toward the phone. "Ooh, let me answer it."

Amused, Alex handed the phone to the other woman. Abbie pressed a button and put the phone to her ear. "If you don't get here soon, Alex is gonna tell me all your dirty little secrets."

Olivia recognized the Texas drawl immediately. "Dream on, Carmichael. Alex doesn't kiss and tell."

"That's what you think," she taunted.

"That's what I know."

Abbie pouted. "You two suck! I got you together. I deserve details."

Olivia laughed. "I'm on the way. Don't eat all the tamales."

"Then you'd better hurry. I'm trying to talk Alex into ordering a pitcher of margaritas. You in?"

"I'd really rather have a beer. Order me a Dos Equis?"

Abbie rolled her eyes and said to Alex. "You were right, she wants beer instead."

Alex nodded as Abbie heard Olivia respond on the phone. "Alex knows what I like."

"I'll just bet she does. What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Do you know what she likes?" She took on a sultry tone as she asked the question. "And better yet, are you gonna tell me?"

Alex rolled her eyes as Olivia laughed on the other end of the phone. "Margarita on the rocks because frozen ones give her a headache. No salt."

Abbie knew she shouldn't have been surprised at Olivia's spot-on accuracy, but she was. So, she couldn't help herself. "Cuervo or Cuervo Gold, Detective-Know-It-All?"

Olivia chuckled and responded without hesitation. "Patrón."

Abbie scoffed. "You two are disgustingly perfect for each other."

Alex grinned and Olivia laughed. "So, when do we get to meet Miss Guadalajara?"

Abbie rolled her eyes. "God, you even think alike."

"You want to hear about us – tit for tat."

Abbie assumed a cocky attitude. "Well, she doesn't have any tats, but she has great tits."

Alex shook her head accompanied by another eye roll as she reached for the phone. "Give me that." Then she spoke into the phone. "Please tell me you'll be here soon."

Olivia laughed. "She always has such a way with words, doesn't she?"

"That's putting it mildly."

"I should be there in about ten minutes. Save me a tamale."

Alex glanced over at Abbie who was already reaching for another one. "You'd better hurry then."

"I will. And Alex?"


"You have great tits too." Then the call disconnected. Alex groaned inwardly as she remembered what Abbie and Olivia were like when they got together. She felt herself blushing at Olivia's words even though Abbie couldn't hear them.

Abbie perked up as she saw the crimson color spread across Alex's cheeks. "Ooh, what did she say to make you blush like that?"

Alex took a deep breath as she put down the phone. "Maybe we should order the pitcher."

The End

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