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The City That Never Sleeps
By lysachan


Although it was almost three o'clock in the morning, the noises of the city could still be heard, loud and clear. Not that it was that surprising in New York, in the city that never sleeps. Looking out of the window, Olivia wondered why that many people stayed up so late, only to be reminded that she was doing the exact same thing herself.

Fascinated by the night, she was sitting on the floor where the view was the best: hundreds and hundreds of bright lights were spotting the landscape in front of her. The pale shade of moonlight made the experience absolutely breathtaking, and almost surreal. Propping herself against the couch, Olivia sighed and let a feeling of peace wash over her.

She could easily recall the first time she'd realized the beauty of this city at night. Her mother had come back from yet another pilgrimage to the bar downstairs, and finally fallen asleep on their livingroom couch. Like always, Olivia had covered her mother with a warm blanket, making sure she wouldn't freeze to death.

That night she'd really looked at the loudly snoring woman, paying attention to her matted hair and dirty appearance. And for the first time in her life she'd felt ashamed of her own mother. Suddenly needing fresh air, she'd turned around and leaned her head against the cool window glass. She'd opened it and climbed out, finding herself panting on the rooftop mere minutes later. The endless sea of lights spreading before her had took her breath away. It was something so unbelievably captivating that she'd just stood there, stunned by the beauty of what she saw.

Olivia remembered how she'd wanted to share this experience with her mother, but her mother was never there. Her mother had never been sober enough when the city truly came to life.

Olivia's thoughts drifted back to present when a car honked somewhere in the distance. After a few minutes she could hear light steps behind her. A few seconds later a slim, blonde woman in a nightgown materialized next to her. She looked up from the floor and was greeted by a pair of beautiful blue eyes, full of love and tenderness. Moonlight danced on the fair locks, making the woman look like an angel with a halo.

Without a word the blonde sat down next to Olivia and leaned her head against the brunette's shoulder. Olivia wrapped an arm around her lover, welcoming the warmth that radiated from the other woman.

"Beautiful," the blonde murmured, letting out a contented sigh. Olivia smiled, realising that Alexandra Cabot was the first person she'd ever shared her secret with. She kissed Alex lovingly on the temple, and turned back towards the phenomenon that wouldn't disappear for another hour.

The End

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