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A/O and the Takedown
By Del

Olivia snapped the thin newsprint a few times to straighten it out enough to read the "Saturday's Tube" listings.

Resting her head against Olivia's shoulder, Alex asked, "What's on at seven? Is it worth skipping work for?"

"Freestyle wrestling."

The attorney frowned. "I think I saw that once. I don't know the rules," she said. "Maybe I should go in for a couple of hours."

"Nah, you don't want to miss this." The tone of her lover's voice caught Alex's attention. "The whole idea is to unbalance the other person." Olivia shifted without warning, pinning Alex beneath her. "You want to get her on her back, and hold your position."

She pressed Alex's forearms against the bed.

"You look for a chance to execute your technique." Olivia leaned down for an almost chaste kiss. "To open up an offense."

This kiss was long and deep.

"To get the upper hand," she whispered. "Sometimes they go to a clinch . . . ." She drew Alex's arms around her waist, and locked hers behind Alex's shoulders. "It guarantees that someone will score." Another luxurious kiss followed.

"Yes, it does," Alex agreed.

"You can use a leg attack--" Olivia nudged her thigh between Alex's. "Or an in and out." Her hand slipped between them.

Long minutes later, Alex groaned loudly, digging her fingers into Olivia's shoulders. "Ohhhhhh-kay, we'll watch it," she gasped.

"Oh, but there's more you should know," Olivia said. "There's a passivity penalty." In a smooth motion, she flipped the blonde over and lay her length along Alex's. "The more aggressive participant gets to see what she can do in this position."

Olivia began to show Alex exactly what she could do in that position.

"I don't remember *that* in the match I saw," the blonde murmured over her shoulder.

"Hush," Olivia said. "I haven't even gotten to the back exposure points." She bit gently into Alex's shoulder blade, and continued what she was doing. "Mn--and that's--uhh--" she gripped Alex's hands and arched her back. "--the match!" After catching her breath, she rolled back onto her side of the bed. "I love the Olympic spirit," she muttered.

"Swifter, higher, stronger . . . ." Alex reached for the now seriously crumpled newspaper. "Hmm. Guess what's on after that."

The exhausted detective let her eyebrow ask the question.

"Rhythmic gymnastics . . . ." Alex smiled seductively at her. "Looks I won't be going in this afternoon, either."

The End

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