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By Huntress

Part One

Alex was sitting at a table alone drowning her disappointment in a glass of Vodka when she saw a familiar face enter the bar. Olivia, as usual, looked around first before making her way up to the bar. She spotted Alex right away, gave a little nod in her direction, and took a seat at the bar.

Alex nodded right back and focused back on her drink. She didn't expect much of a reaction from Olivia after the earlier court fiasco. She knew Olivia was still upset about the ruling, and why shouldn't she be? A rapist got off on a technicality and that didn't sit well with either Alex or Olivia. Alex returned her attention back to the detective, who was sipping at her drink. Alex couldn't help but notice that Olivia hadn't changed her clothes, she was still wearing a white button down tight-fitted blouse and a black skirt, slit up high on her thigh.

It took all of her strength to keep her eyes from wandering when she was questioning Olivia in court earlier that day. However, Olivia did catch Alex staring at her legs once or twice when she was on cross. Olivia kept her cool though, but smiled at Alex on her way out. Alex couldn’t help but smile back.

She continued to look at the detective, who seemed to be deep in thought while sipping her drink. Alex followed the length of her legs with her eyes. She let her eyes wander up to her thigh where she noticed that the detective had a slight scar on her thigh. As if the detective knew she was being watched, she instinctively crossed her legs and pulled on her skirt.

Alex smiled and continued of follow the contour of Olivia's legs. She was debating whether she should go up to Olivia or not, when she noticed the seat next to her had become vacant. "It’s now or never," she said to herself. So, she took one last sip of her drink, gathered up her attaché and coat, and made her way toward Olivia.

"Hey, is this seat taken?" she said in a low husky tone.

Olivia made some type of gesture, which Alex took as a "no". She set her coat and attaché on the chair and stood next to Olivia. She continued to look at the detective, but Olivia kept her eyes forward and didn't say anything. Alex was wondering to herself if she had made a mistake when she heard Olivia ask her something.

"Do you want a drink?" Olivia said so low that Alex barely heard her.

"Yeah, I'd like that." She smiled at Olivia who, in turn, motioned for the bar tender to come over.

"So, what will it be?" she said coolly.

"Well, what are you drinking?" she said motioning to Olivia's drink.

"I don't think you'll like it," she says, taking a sip and keeping her eyes forward.

"You don't know that," she grinned. "Come on, what you are drinking?" she said trying to get Olivia to talk to her.

"Here," Olivia said, simply handing Alex her glass.

Alex took the glass Olivia offered, making sure to come in contact with Olivia’s hand. She smiled as her fingers touched Olivia's. Olivia turned slightly in her chair to face the ADA and gave a short smile.It was the first time Olivia had looked at Alex since she came in that night, and she relished in it.

Keeping her eyes on Olivia, she took a sip of the unknown drink. Alex made a face and arched her brow at Olivia, who now had a small grin on her face. Alex set the glass down on the bar and moved slightly so that she had full view of the detective who was sitting in front of her.

"It's water." Alex stated while leaning against the bar in an effort to get even closer to Olivia.

"I told you that you wouldn't like it" Olivia said grinning as she reached past the ADA for her glass, stopping slightly to take in the scent of Alex’s perfume. She smiled and sat back in her chair.

"It's not that, it's just that I figured you'd be drinking something a little stronger, seeing as we are in a bar after all." Alex could not help but smile, taking in the fact that Olivia was grinning; she loved it when Olivia did that.

"True, but I have an early morning tomorrow and a hangover isn't exactly the wake up call I want," she said sizing up Alex."So, what will it be counselor?" Olivia said arching her brow and finishing-up the last of her drink.

It took Alex a second to comprehend what Olivia just said. "Just what kind of wake up call would you like Detective," she said to herself,trying not to grin wildly.

"Alex!?" Olivia said, placing her hand on Alex's. The contact broke Alex from her train-of-thought. She looked right at Olivia, who had somewhat of an odd smirk on her face, as if she knew what Alex was thinking.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" she said, trying to hide her embarrassment.

Olivia chuckled softly and smiled; she had never seen Alex nervous before. She wondered what else she hadn't noticed about Alex.

"I said, what will it be counselor?" pointing to her empty glass with her one hand, while her other hand was softly stroking Alex’s.

"I ...um ... water will be just fine,” she said softly, enjoying the touch of Olivia's hand on hers. Her enjoyment was short lived when Olivia turned toward the bartender to order their drinks, removing her hand from Alex's.

There was an awkward pause in the conversation, each of them trying to figure out what to say and do next. Alex was the first to break the silence.

"So, how did the rest of your day go?" she said, keeping her eyes focused on the bar. She knew someone had to bring up what happened today and she knew Olivia wouldn't do it. She just felt like she had to clear the air or do something, anything, to get Olivia to talk to her.

Olivia sighed and looked over at Alex. "It was, ah,…long, to say theleast. How was yours?” she asked, knowing the answer already. She heard what happened to Alex after the trial. When she got back to the station, she found out that Donnelly practically ripped Alex a new one for losing the trial on a technicality. Donnelly also informed Alex that she would be taking the case for re-trial.

"It was a long and slow day," she drawled, "but, it seems to be picking up," she said smiling at Olivia.

Olivia smiled back. " But, is everything okay with you and Donnelly?” she asked, turning her gaze back to the bar. There was with a hint of concern in her voice that Alex picked up.

"Ah…you heard about that, huh? Yeah, she was pretty mad, but she'll get over it. She's ah…taking the case for re-trial though," Alex said, now looking right at the detective, who just nodded.

"How's ah…everything with you? Are you okay?" she asked softly.

Olivia paused for a minute before answering her. "I'm okay," she whispered, refusing to look at Alex, wishing she had ordered something stronger to drink.

Alex noted the hesitation in her voice and decided to try something.Alex reached out, placed her hand on Olivia's exposed knee, and began to rub it softly. This took Olivia by surprise; she turned her head and looked at Alex.

Alex had a soft smile of concern on her face that confused the detective. She wasn't sure if Alex was acting out of concern for her, or attraction, or a combination of both. All she knew was that she liked the attention and that she didn't trust her voice to say anything to Alex about it. Her train-of-thought was lost when she heard Alex speak.

"Olivia, please talk to me," she pleaded, while moving her hand higher up on Olivia's thigh. She was now looking right into the eyes of the beautiful detective, trying to gage her reaction to the movement of her hand on her thigh.

Olivia looked down at the hand that was slowly rubbing her thigh, and then looked back at Alex, who was waiting for her to say something. She wasn't sure what she should do, so she did what came natural to her. She placed her hand on Alex's and stopped her hand.

A sense of fear started to rush through Alex. She was thinking that she had gone too far and that Olivia wasn't interested, so she started to pull away but was stopped by Olivia's hand. Olivia gently squeezed her hand, smiled, and let go, turning her head to the bartender that was bringing them their drinks.

A confused Alex looked at the detective, who was now sipping at her drink. She wasn't sure what just happened. Did she like the attention or did she just not care? Not knowing if her affection was wanted, she just left her hand resting on the detective’s thigh.

"Alex…just relax, okay? I'm fine; really, I am," she said, turning to face Alex, who still had a look of puzzlement on her face. Olivia couldn't help but smile and chuckle softly at the expression on the young ADA's face. Alex smiled back at Olivia.

"What's so funny, Detective?" she said, in her husky attorney tone.

Not waiting for Olivia's reply, Alex moved to reach for her drink, causing her blouse to open, exposing more of her chest. Olivia's eyes couldn't help but wander to the ADA's open blouse. Unconsciously, she licked her bottom lip and let her eyes wander over the curve of Alex's breasts.

Alex, enjoying Olivia's reaction, decided not to fully move back to her original leaning position, instead, opting for a position that left her blouse somewhat open. In her new position, she moved her hand to the side of Olivia’s thigh and moved her fingers slightly under the split of her skirt.

"I asked you a question, Detective," she said as she began to move her fingers along Olivia's finely toned thigh.

The detective was too distracted by the sensation that began mounting between her legs at the touch of Alex's fingers on her skin to comprehend what Alex was saying. Trying to think of something to say, while trying to keep her composure was proving to be a difficult task for Olivia.

Not getting an answer from the detective, the blonde took her hand and moved it so that it was completely under Olivia’s skirt, sprawling her fingers over her thigh, squeezing it gently, hoping to get the detective to react.

Olivia was in complete shock. The woman she'd been attracted to from the very day she first saw her was now sitting with her in a bar, a “cop bar" no less, with her hand up her skirt and she didn't seem to care if any one noticed. Olivia's sexual orientation was pretty much known in all the precincts, but Alex's, on the other hand, was a mystery. There had been some rumors floating around, but, like everybody else, she thought Alex was straight.

Olivia's mind was running a million miles a minute. Should she say or do something to let her know that she was attracted to her, or should she just play it cool and try to keep her composure to see how this could play out? Deciding to go with choice number two, Olivia thought she might make things a little more interesting.

"Sorry, what was the question?" she said coolly, keeping eye contact with Alex. She was trying not to let her know that she enjoyed what Alex was doing, but Olivia wasn't being very convincing.

Alex laughed softly and just smiled at the detective. She was glad to see that she was having this effect on her. Alex moved closer to Olivia, so that she was inches from her face. She could feel the heat was rising between their bodies, and looked Olivia right in the eyes and softly whispered, "I said ‘Detective Benson, what was so funny?" Alex breathed in the scent of Olivia's perfume.

"I…ah…don't remember," Olivia said, biting her bottom lip, letting her eyes wander to the opening of the attorney's blouse then back to Alex's face.

While Olivia was contemplating what to do next, Alex kept her fingers working on Olivia's thigh. In her exploration, the blonde found a scar that ran along the top of Olivia’s thigh. She began tracing the length of the scar with the tips of her fingers, trying to find out just how far up it went.

The feeling of Alex's fingers gliding along the scar sent chills up Olivia’s spine. Olivia's pulse was now throbbing and the growing sensation between her legs was getting to be unbearable, so she took a chance. She took Alex's fingers and stilled them with her own. Alex held her breath and waited for Olivia to make the next move.

"Feel something you like Counselor?" she said, giving her a sly grin.Alex was taken aback; she let her breath go and opened her mouth to say something but closed it. Olivia took this as an opportunity to make the already speechless ADA utterly dumfounded.

"I believe I asked you a question Counselor," Olivia said, moving Alex's hand further up her thigh so that most of her forearm was now hidden under her skirt. She began moving Alex's fingers along the scar. "Do you feel something you like?" emphasizing the word feel”.

Alex felt a tingling sensation run through her body; Olivia was guiding her hand higher and higher up her leg. The excitement growing between them was only going to get hotter as Olivia leaned forward and whispered into Alex's ear, "Well, what is the verdict, Counselor?"

Olivia heard Alex gasp as she felt the breath of the older woman on her neck. Olivia sat back in her chair and waited for a response but not before moving Alex's hand over to her inner thigh.

"I think that further inspection is needed before a proper verdict can be determined,” she said in her lawyer-like tone, while beginning to rub Olivia's inner thigh.

"Really? You might need a search warrant for that; you don't want anything you find to be deemed inadmissible," she said, winking at the young ADA.

"It's called probable cause, Detective…I don't need a search warrant," she said, smiling.

"Mmmhmm, and just what exactly would that be?" she asked coyly.

"I'm pretty sure that the probable cause I have, Detective, has been pretty much established," she said glancing at her hand that was currently rubbing Olivia's inner thigh.

"You might need something a little more convincing, Counselor," the detective said while looking down at Alex's hand, then back to Alex.

"I'd say you have enough for a good faith search at most," she said, straightening herself in her chair, giving Alex more access to her inner thigh. Alex, knowing what Olivia was doing, stepped forward and slid her hand deeper into the inner thigh of Olivia. She could feel the heat coming from Olivia's sex on her hand, and enjoyed it immensely.

"Ah…but you forgetting something detective…a good faith search has many pleasurable possibilities for both parties involved," she said, with a playful smirk on her face.

Liking where this might lead, Olivia thought she just might see how far Alex was willing to go with the flirting that they seemed to be doing.

"What exactly did you have in mind?”

"Oh, I can think of few things." *They involve us alone and naked with you writhing under me while screaming my name*

"The question is, do you care to find out?" she said, taking in a deep breath, hoping she wasn’t wrong about what was happening between them.

*Oh God, YES!* Olivia said to her self. Not wanting to sound too eager, she answered as calmly as she could. "Maybe."

"Maybe, Detective, is not an answer," she said as she squeezed Olivia's inner thigh.

Olivia grunted softly. Looking Alex right in her deep blue eyes, she leaned forward and gave her answer as a short and soft kiss on Alex's lips, then sat back in her chair. She licked her lips and tried to gauge Alex's reaction. Alex let a small grin appear on her face.

"Should I take that as ‘Yes’, Detective?" she said, arching her brow.

A devilish grin appeared on Olivia’s face. "No," she said shaking her head. A confused Alex took a step back and began to remove her hand from Olivia, but was stopped by Olivia's hand on her arm. "This is a ‘Yes’, Counselor." She leaded forward again and kissed her again, this time harder. Olivia broke the kiss and whispered,

"Wanna get out of here?"

Alex didn't trust her voice and just shook her head and removed her hand completely from under Olivia's skirt. While Olivia paid for their drinks, Alex gathered up her coat and attaché and headed for the door. Alex was already out the door when Olivia finished paying the bartender. She took her time getting to the door. When she finally opened the door and walked out, she didn't see Alex waiting for her outside the bar.

Thinking she might have scared her off,Olivia started to walk down the sidewalk, but was quickly caught off guard when she felt something grab her arm and pull her into the alley.

Alex pulled Olivia as hard as she could into the alley and before Olivia could react, Alex pushed her up against the wall of the building and kissed her. Olivia grunted into Alex's mouth as her back met the brick wall with a thud, but she didn't fight Alex. Instead she pulled Alex even closer to her so that her body was pressed against Olivia’s and kissed her back. Alex's tongue grazed Olivia's lips begging the detective to let her in.

Olivia complied with Alex's request and parted her lips slowly; Olivia drew Alex in her mouth and began massaging Alex's tongue with her own. It was Olivia's turn to explore Alex's body; she slid her hands between her coat and under her shirt. Alex moaned softly in Olivia's mouth, pressed her knee against Olivia's thighs, and parted them to get her closer to Olivia. Olivia moved one hand to Alex's backside and the other kept Alex's body pressed against hers.

The kiss got passionate with every stroke of Alex's tongue on Olivia's, but Alex wanted more. She wanted to touch more of Olivia's skin; she wanted to explore the curve of her body with her tongue; she wanted the detective to feel her inside her. And, if that was going to happen, they needed to get to a bed and fast.

Alex slowly pulled out of the kiss and rested her head on Olivia's; they stood silent for a minute each needing to catch their breath.Olivia was the first to speak.

"What now?" she said breathlessly.

"We go back to my place and get you into my bed," Alex said, looking the detective dead in her eyes.

Olivia thought about that for a minute and shook her head. "No, my place is closer; you can invite me into your bed later." She smiled atAlex, took her hand, led her out of the alley to the sidewalk,and hailed a cab. As a cab pulled up, the word “later” echoed in Alex's mind. She just smiled at Olivia. "I'm going to hold you to that, Detective." Olivia responded by pulling her into the cab and giving the cabbie her address.

Just as they pulled away, Captain Cragen stepped out of the bar and watched the cab drive away. He was still in a state of shock at seeing his ADA and one of his best detectives flirting and kissing in a bar. He just smiled, turned and walked the other way, thinking he might have a little fun with Olivia at work the next day.

With traffic, it would take at least fifteen minutes to get to Olivia's apartment. Fifteen minutes was plenty of time for Olivia to do some inspection of her own. As soon as the cab pulled away, Olivia slid her hand all the way under Alex's skirt to her inner thigh and parted her legs slightly so her hand had room to roam. Alex gasped as she felt Olivia’s fingers glide across her skin. The detective smiled and continued to move her hand along Alex's legs.

The touch of Olivia's hand so close to her sex was making her head spin.She wanted to show Olivia how exciting she was getting, so she made a bold and daring move. She reached down and grabbed Olivia's wrist. Alex turned her head, looked at the brunette sitting next to her, and gave a wicked grin. She watched the detective facial expression change as she took Olivia’s hand and placed it over her sex and moved her fingers over Olivia's.

"I wanted you feel how excited you get me, Detective," she whispered huskily. "I want you feel how much I want you."

Olivia, distracted by the heat she was feeling on her hand, barely heard what Alex said, but answered anyway.

"Soon baby, soon." And, with that, Olivia began moving her fingers slowly.

Alex was about to let a deep moan escape her throat when she felt Olivia remove her hand. It took Alex a few seconds for the fog to clear in her mind for her to realize that they had stopped and were now at Olivia's apartment. Olivia paid the cabbie, opened her door, stepped out, and made her way to Alex's door. She opened the door and looked down at the ADA, who was still seated inside.

"Are you coming, Counselor?" she asked, holding out her hand.

Alex couldn't help but smile at Olivia; she took her hand and Olivia pulled her out of the cab. Using Olivia's momentum, she stood up and pressed her body close to the detective. She placed her hand on the Olivia's arm and whispered in her ear.

"Not yet," she said, walking past Olivia up to the door of her building.

Olivia stood motionless for a minute, then turned her head and looked at the young blonde, who was waiting for her. She shut the door, sauntered up the steps to where Alex was waiting, thinking to her self, “If things go my, you will be doing more than just coming, Counselor. Olivia opened the door and they entered the building. Once inside, Olivia took Alex's hand and led her toward the elevator. They didn't have to wait long for the elevator to reach the lobby.

When they stepped in, Olivia hit the button for her floor and waited for the doors to close. Once they finally closed, she pushed Alex up against the wall and kissed her. She fought Alex's tongue for entry into her mouth and won access. Alex wrapped her leg around the Detective's thigh, to open her self more to Olivia. Olivia took this opportunity to slide her hand up Alex's skirt, she moved her hand around so that she cupped Alex's ass and squeezed it gently.

Alex moaned loudly and brought one hand behind Olivia's neck, pulled her in and kissed her hard. The kiss was cut short by the soft "ping" of the elevator doors coming open; Olivia quickly extricated herself from Alex’s grasp and walked out as if nothing had happened. “Damn it, Olivia. Robbed a second time; you’re going to pay for that, Detective,” she said to her self. She fixed her skirt and stepped out of the elevator. Alex stopped dead in her tracks, she saw Olivia leaning up against door waiting for her. Olivia smiled and motioned with one finger for Alex to come to her.

Obeying, Alex walked toward her. Olivia turned, opened the door, looked back at Alex with the sexiest grin she could muster, and then disappeared into her apartment. Olivia's look sent chills up Alex's spine and made her walk faster. She got to the door and looked in. The room was dark and there was no sign of Olivia. She was hesitant at first, but stepped into the room and closed the door. Just as the door clicked shut, she felt a pair of arms come from behind her and close around her. Alex jumped back and dropped her attaché; it hit the floor with a thud. Olivia chuckled softly and kissed the side of Alex's neck.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," she whispered.

Alex turned around in Olivia's arms and locked eyes with her; she brought her arms up and slid them around Olivia's waist. She lightly touched Olivia's lips with hers. She took Olivia's bottom lip with her teeth and bit it softly. Olivia moaned and tightened her arms around Alex.

Alex let go and leaned back slightly. “You'll just have to make it upto me, Detective," she grinned, motioning to the hallway.

"Oh, I plan to, Counselor," she quipped. She let go of Alex, took her by the hand, and her led down the darken hall to the bedroom.

Once in the room, Alex became the aggressor. She nearly knocked Olivia off balance with a breath-taking kiss. Olivia responded by moving her hand to the front of Alex's blouse and started to unbutton it. The feel of Olivia's hand on her breasts sent shivers up her spine. Olivia gently pulled Alex's shirt from her skirt and slowly drew it down her shoulders, dropping it on the floor. Olivia broke the kiss and moved her lips along Alex's jaw, down to her neck. Alex threw her head back and moaned softly. She could feel Olivia’s lips move down her body.

She could feel Olivia's hands sliding down her back and resting on her ass. Olivia could hear Alex's breathing grow faster; she could feel Alex's body respond with every touch of her lips on her skin. Olivia looked up at Alex, whose eyes were closed and lips slightly parted.

She moved her hand up to the zipper of Alex's skirt. She paused and waited for Alex to look down at her. Alex quickly opened her eyes and looked at the detective with a curious look in her eyes, wanting to know why she had stopped. Alex looked into her eyes and gave a little nod, knowing what Olivia was asking. Keeping their eyes locked on one another, Olivia slowly pulled the zipper down and gently slid the skirt down her legs, kissing the newly exposed skin along the way. Once the skirt was at her feet, Alex stepped out and tossed it aside.

"God, you're so beautiful," Olivia said rising to her feet, taking in the view of the half naked women standing before her. Just seeing her standing there, in nothing but her red-laced bra and panties, was something she only thought about in her dreams.

Alex responded by grabbing the detective by her shirt and pulling her body to hers.

"I'm glad you think so, Detective, but I want to see you too," she said, bringing her hands to the front of her shirt. Having trouble with the first few buttons, Alex ripped open the detective’s blouse, sending it, as well as buttons, flying to the floor. Olivia let out a small chuckle and took Alex's mouth with hers, while unzipping her own skirt. She tossed it aside with ease and without breaking the kiss.

Alex slowly pushed the detective away and started looking her up and down. To her amazement, she had on a silk white bra and panties that just tightly clung to her body. She unconsciously licked her bottom lip; Olivia just stood motionless, watching Alex's eyes focus on her breasts.

"I believe I have a search to conduct, Detective," she said, slowly bringing her eyes to Olivia's.

Olivia took a few steps backwards until she felt the edge of the bed hit the back of her knees. She sat down, kicked off her heels and parted her legs.

"Happy to oblige, Counselor," she said smiling up at Alex.

Part 2

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