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By Huntress

Part Two

It only took a few steps before Alex was standing between Olivia's legs. Alex slowly took a kneeling position and began running her hands up Olivia's thighs, past her waist, and around to her back. While keeping her eyes locked on Olivia's, Alex unclasped Olivia's bra with one swift flick of her wrist.

Alex brought the straps down Olivia's shoulders and tossed the bra onto the growing pile of clothes. Alex bent her head, taking Olivia's breast in her mouth, and began sucking. She flicked Olivia's nipple with her tongue, which caused Olivia to moan and drop to her elbows, taking Alex with her.

Alex continued to tease Olivia by sliding her hand down Olivia's stomach to her sex. Her fingers grazed the top of Olivia's panties, teasing Olivia even more.

Olivia looked down at Alex, who turned her attention to Olivia's other breast; she let out a small cry as Alex took her nipple with her teeth and bit it gently. Satisfied, Alex let go and leaned back to look at Olivia. She smiled and moved her hands to Olivia's hips, curling her fingers around the fabric that is blocking her from her goal. Olivia lifted her hips as Alex slid the silky white barrier down her legs.

Olivia's heart started pounding when she felt Alex part her legs even further. Using her tongue, she parted Olivia's folds and began stroking Olivia's inner walls. She slowly thrusted her tongue inside Olivia. Wanting more, she lifted Olivia's leg over her shoulder to gain more access to what she wanted.

Olivia threw her head back when she felt Alex take her clit in her mouth and suck on it intensely. Hearing Olivia's breathing growing faster, Alex released Olivia's clit and told her to move back on the bed.

Olivia did as she was told, and moved up to the middle of the bed. Alex let her high-heels drop to the floor as she climbed onto Olivia, pinning Liv's right leg in between hers, showing her just how much she wanted her. Olivia could feel Alex's wetness through her panties, which only made her want Alex inside her more.

Needing to feel Alex's body on hers. Olivia pulled Alex onto her. She drew Alex into a deep and passionate kiss. Tasting herself on Alex's lips, she pushed her tongue further into Alex's mouth, causing Alex to moan.

While distracting Alex with the kiss, Olivia managed to unclasp Alex's bra and removed it from her body. Her hand found its way to one of Alex's breasts; she cupped Alex gently and began massaging Alex's nipple with her thumb, but was quickly stopped by Alex's hand grabbing her wrist.

Alex pulled out of the kiss and shook her head. "You're trying to distract me from what I want, Detective," she said breathlessly.

"And just what is it that you want, Counselor?"

Leaning forward, she whispered, "I want to be inside you, Detective." With that, she easily slid two fingers inside Olivia and started thrusting.

Olivia fell back onto the bed as Alex entered her sex; their hips quickly established a rhythm. Olivia bucked against Alex's hand as Alex rode Olivia's thigh, marking it with her wetness.

Alex could feel Olivia was close. She added a third finger and pushed hard into Olivia. Olivia arched into Alex's touch and let a loud moan escape her throat. She responded to Alex's movements by raising her right leg higher into Alex's sex, causing Alex to ride her leg harder.

Alex closed her eyes and concentrated on making Olivia scream. She began pulling in and out of Olivia faster, each thrust pushing harder into Olivia.

"Oh God, Alex, don't stop!. Don't!. Stop!" she moaned.

Alex felt Olivia tighten around her fingers. She used her thumb and started to rub small circles on Olivia's clit, sending Olivia over the edge



"Al!!..ex!!" she screamed, gripping the sheets with her hands, feeling the full force of her orgasm.

Trying to stifle her screams, Alex kissed Olivia, while slowing her hand. She felt Olivia's body begin to shudder as her orgasm started to subside. She stilled her finger and opened her eyes. She saw beads of sweat streaming down Olivia's face as well as down her stomach.

"Wow! That was incredible!" she said, breathlessly looking up at Alex.

Alex smiled and withdrew her fingers from Olivia; they were dripping wet from Olivia's explosive orgasm. She went to wipe her hand on the bed, but stopped. Instead, she brought them to her mouth, and sucked the remains of Olivia from her fingers. Olivia, thinking it was impossible, became aroused yet again watching Alex.

In one swift motion, Olivia flipped Alex on her back. She kissed Alex and whispered softly, "You didn't think we were finished, did you?"

Olivia made her way down Alex's body, planting a kiss on each breast. Then she licked Alex from her sternum to her hips, running her tongue over Alex's flat stomach. Olivia gently tugged on Alex's panties until they made their way down Alex's long legs. Once they were at her ankles, Olivia quickly discarded them. She parted Alex's legs and began the slow journey up Alex's body. She explored the curve of her calf with her lips, slowly moving over her knee to her inner thigh.

Olivia drew her tongue over Alex's folds, then over her clit. Alex arched her back and gasped as she felt Olivia tease her. Olivia smiled and continued on her journey up Alex's body.

Olivia made her way to Alex's breasts, flicked her nipple with her tongue, and drew it into her mouth, sucking it gently. Hearing Alex's moans getting louder, she moved onto her other breast, but this time taking it all into her mouth. She nipped at Alex's nipple with her teeth, causing Alex to moan with pleasure.

She let go and moved her lips to the side of Alex's neck, then to her ear. She pulled Alex's earlobe in her mouth and started to suck it vigorously.

"Please! Liv! Please!" Alex murmured, "I want you! I need to feel you inside me."

Olivia brought her lips to Alex's and slid her tongue past the blonde's lips; she kissed her hard, meeting the thrust of Alex's tongue. Olivia's hand found its way down Alex's body, to her sex.

She slid two fingers inside Alex with ease, and began thrusting slowly. Alex closed her eyes and bucked against Olivia's hand. Olivia quickly added another finger and pushed into Alex faster, while Alex's hips fell into the rhythm created by her lover's hand.

"Liv! Oh Liv!" Alex screamed, pulling out of the kiss.

Feeling her tighten around her fingers, Olivia slowed her hand.

"Not yet," she whispered in Alex's ear.

Alex moaned loudly and encircled Olivia hips with her legs, pulling her further into her.

Olivia smiled and kissed her again, this time teasing her lips with her tongue. She began pushing harder and faster into Alex, changing the number of fingers going in and out while rubbing her clit with the pad of her thumb.

"Liv! Please! Oh God! I can't!" she screamed, as her orgasm hit her in waves.

Digging her nails into Olivia's shoulders, Alex bit her lip as each wave hit her harder and harder.

Olivia stilled her hand and looked down at Alex, who was still reeling from her orgasm. She started to pull out of Alex, but was stopped by Alex's legs tightening around her, pulling her close, keeping her inside Alex.

When her body stopped shuddering, Alex finally let go of Olivia. Olivia bent down, placed a kiss on Alex's lips, and fell to her side. She pulled what was left of the blankets over them and turned onto her back.

Alex placed her head on Olivia's shoulder, draped her leg over Olivia's, and placed her arm around Alex's stomach.

Olivia kissed the top of Alex's head and closed her arms around her. Within seconds both women drifted off into sleep, content in each others arms.

Part 3

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