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By Huntress

Part Three

Alex was the first to wake up; she opened her eyes and smiled. She was lying naked next to Olivia, in her bed, wrapped up in the arms of her lover. She couldn't help but smile to herself. She was happy, for the first time in a long time. She was waking up in Olivia's arms, and she loved it.

Breathing Olivia's scent brought back the memories of how she ended up in the SVU detective's bed. Alex went over the previous night's events in her head. Her thoughts kept going back to when she and Olivia were casually talking at the bar. She went over snippets of the banter that crossed between them. She remembered Olivia making some remark about having an early morning and not wanting a hangover for a wake-up call.

Alex chuckled softly to her self and decided to give Olivia a wake-up call she wouldn't forget.

She slowly extracted herself from Olivia's arms and moved the covers slowly down Olivia's body, revealing her perfectly toned form. Olivia twitched slightly at the temperature change on her skin, but she did not wake up. She mumbled something and moved her head to the side where Alex had recently left.

Alex breathed a sigh of relief and continued on with her plan. She slowly straddled Olivia's hips, carefully making sure not to wake her up too soon.

She began tracing the lines of Olivia's stomach with her tongue, dropping kisses every so often along the way. Not getting much of a reaction from Olivia, Alex continued her journey up the detective's body, stopping at Olivia's breasts. She looked up at Olivia, who was still deep in sleep, and proceeded to kiss the curve of her breasts in hopes of getting her to wake up.

She lightly nipped and licked Olivia's breast while keeping her eyes on Olivia, who was now beginning to stir at the sensation Alex was creating on her skin.

Alex smiled and intensified her efforts by taking Olivia's nipple with her mouth, sucking it gently, while still keeping her eyes on Olivia's face.

Olivia moaned and lazily opened her eyes. Alex, seeing that she was waking up, stopped what she was doing, sat up, and placed her hands on Olivia's stomach, rubbing it softly.

"Good Morning, Detective," she said huskily, smiling down at Olivia, who had an odd smirk on her face.

Alex bent her head down so that her lips were hovering just above Olivia's.

"I just thought I'd give you that wake up call you were talking about last night, Detective," she said, planting a small kiss on Olivia's lips before sitting back up.

Olivia couldn't help but grin wildly at Alex. She couldn't believe that Alex was really there with her, let alone straddling her hips, naked, and waking her up the greatest way possible.

"That was the best wake-up call I have ever received," she said, pulling Alex back down on top of her and capturing her lips with her own.

"I could get used to this," she said, breaking the kiss.

Alex chuckled softly. "You could get used to what, Detective?" she said coyly. "You could get used to my inventive way of waking you up, my kisses, or me, here in your bed?" she said, arching her brow.

Olivia was slightly confused, but answered her anyway.

" D, all of the above, and much more," she said. "I could get used to waking up every morning with you in my arms. But, most of all, I could get used to being with you any way I can," she said, looking Alex dead in her eyes.

Alex's face lit up and she grinned ear-to-ear. "I am happy to hear that, Detective, because I'm yours for as long as you'll have me," she said, kissing Olivia passionately.

Olivia moaned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around Alex's body, pressing against her. Alex snaked her arms around Olivia's neck and rubbed it softly, while she slid her tongue along Olivia's. Both women were becoming extremely aroused when they were startled by Olivia's alarm going off.

Both women jumped at the noise and started laughing. Olivia whispered her apologies and reached over to turn the alarm off. "Six o'clock already," she said to her self. "Time to get ready for work." She groaned at the thought of having to get out of bed. She wanted nothing more then to spend the whole day in bed with Alex. However, she had mounds of paper work to finish up, and Alex was due in court this morning.

"I guess that means we have to get out of bed, huh?" Alex said, sensing Olivia's disappointment about stopping what they were doing.

"Yeah, I suppose we do, huh?" she said, kissing Alex. "But, I could use a shower; would you care to join me?" she said, winking at her as she began to make her way out from under Alex.

Olivia began to get out of bed and make her way to the bathroom when she stopped at the door. She looked over at Alex, who was still sitting on the bed, a big smile on her face. Alex was too busy looking over Olivia's naked body to hear what Olivia was saying.

Olivia couldn't help but smile. She laughed, walked back to the bed, and kissed Alex on the lips. She took a step back and looked at Alex. "Well, what's the verdict, Counselor? Are you coming or not?" Alex looked at the clock next to the bed and then back at Olivia, who was waiting for an answer. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood in front of Olivia.

"Not yet, Detective," she whispered into Olivia's ear, using her sexy lawyer voice, moved past Olivia, and walked into the bathroom.

Olivia stood still for a few seconds before she turned toward the bathroom where she heard the shower turn on. "This is the beginning of a very wonderful day," she said to herself and walked into the bathroom. She saw Alex waiting for her under the water with the shower curtain wide open, beckoning her with one finger. Olivia looked the blonde ADA up and down and smiled; she licked her lips and shut the door.

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