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By Annette


Part 1

It came in a plain brown wrapper – I didn't recognize the return address, but I opened it anyway. It's a copy of an adult magazine… check that, and adult lesbian magazine! Who the hell… somebody is gonna fess up about this! It's gotta be one of the guys, but which one?

Hmm, Elliot… I just don't see it. He might be able to turn a blind eye, but I don't think his Catholic upbringing would allow him to pull a prank like this.

How about Munch… nah, I'd expect something a bit more political from him. Some lesbian manifesto or something, not a booty book.

Booty book! Fin, that little shit! I could so see him doing this, but I'd have expected something a bit more hard-core. This magazine's a bit conservative, so maybe it wasn't him.

Olivia continued to flip through the magazine, finally arriving at the centerfold.

"Oh. My. God!" Blinking rapidly and rubbing her eyes didn't change what she was seeing, for there in all her naked glory was none other than Alex Cabot. "Wha… wow. Wait, what's that say? O.B. If you like what you see, call me. A.C.

Olivia continued to stare at the image and the words before her as the reality of what she was seeing finally began to sink in. Whoa, this… she… Do I like what I see? Finally regaining her equilibrium Olivia started thinking about how to proceed. She most definitely liked what she saw; I mean come on – who wouldn't? Then her inner-pessimist kicked in and she started to question the validity of the whole thing.

Maybe this didn't really come from Alex. I mean that would be the ultimate prank wouldn't it? I mean what if I go running for the phone and tell Cabot "Hey, I definitely liked what I saw. Are you busy tonight?" and she says, "What are you talking about Olivia?"

Wait; maybe she's a part of it. Yeah, the guys got her buy in to pull this off. Although the nude picture kinda blows that theory… I don't think Alex would've agreed to that. Hmmm. By this time her theorizing had her pacing the floor until finally… "Aha, I know just how to find out what's up!" Her resolve firmly in place Olivia made her way to work.

Some time later that day Olivia heard the distinctive click of the ADA's heels and readied herself to put her plan in motion. "Hey Alex, how are you?"

"Olivia, hi, I'm fine thank you." Alex smiled and walked over toward the Detective. "Have you seen Fin? I'm supposed to meet him here to go over his testimony for tomorrow."

"I'm sure he'll be here soon." Olivia replied. "Oh, you'll never guess what I got in the mail this morning?" Olivia said as she studied the woman's face to gauge her reaction. What she saw made her think twice about her chosen course of action. The evident fear that was quickly replaced with the well-practiced look of nonchalance had her second-guessing, but there wasn't time to change tactics.

"Well," Alex stated, "Since you're so sure I'll never guess, perhaps you should just tell me."

Wondering at the frosty response Olivia didn't have time to consider possible reasons for the sudden change in Alex's tone. So she went with plan A… "It came in a plain brown wrapper…" Again she gauged the ADA's expression – it remained unchanged. "It was an adult magazine, all women from the looks of it. I have no idea why anyone would send it to me. Anyway, I figured I might as well put it to good use so I gave it to Elliot."

"No. Oh God, tell me you didn't."

The look of abject horror on Alex's face gave Olivia the answer – albeit one she didn't dare dream to be true. Alex looked about to pass out and Olivia quickly got up and guided her to her chair. Kneeling before the distraught woman Olivia took her hands into hers. "No, I didn't Alex. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to freak you out. I didn't think this through – I never imagined you actually did…" Oh shit what did I do?

Tear-filled blue eyes looked into mollified brown as the import of what Olivia said made it's way into her stunned brain. "What. Why would you do that? Is this some cruel way of letting me know that I totally misinterpreted things?" Pulling her hands from Olivia's grasp Alex wiped at her eyes. "You could've just told me Olivia…"

"No, Alex, you don't understand… I made a huge mistake, sweetheart. I would never have done that if I thought for one minute it was actually you who sent that." Placing her hand on Alex's cheek Olivia looked deep into her eyes hoping to convey the truth in that statement – hoping to convey the shame and sorrow she felt at making Alex believe she'd given the magazine to Elliot. "Please, believe me. I know I scared you baby, but I didn't mean it. Please forgive me and let me make it up to you."

Alex looked long and hard at Olivia – she wanted so desperately to believe her. "God, Olivia, I forgive you – but you have no idea how freaked out that made me."

"Then let me make it up to you." Olivia continued caressing her cheek – the touch calming both of them. "Let me show you just how interested I am."


Part 2

Gazing deeply into each other eyes neither woman was aware of anything else around them – at least until a very distinct throat clearing broke them out of their mesmeric state.


For some reason neither one of them were startled, they simply looked up toward Detective Tutuola.

"Hey, I was calling your names but… anyway, is everything alright? You look a little ragged there Alex. We can do this later if ya need ta chill for a few."

"No, that won't be necessary, but thank you. Just give me a couple of minutes and we can get started." Olivia stood up and Alex got to her feet as well, both heading toward the ladies room.

Fin watched as they walked away. Wonder what that was all about? Kinda looked like… hmmm, I think I need to keep my eye on those two.

Olivia followed Alex into the restroom. "God, Alex I'm sorry. I didn't hear him come in."

Turning toward Olivia Alex smiled softly. "He's right you know?"

"About what?"

"I do look a little ragged, don't I?" Splashing water on her face Alex opened her purse to look for her makeup.

"You look like a beautiful woman who's been brought to tears by some idiot who claims to be a Detective but couldn't manage to see what was right in front of her."

Reaching toward the Detective Alex lifted Olivia's face to hers. "Do you see it now?"

Turning her face slightly, Olivia placed a kiss in the palm of Alex's hand. Wrapping her arms around the ADA she pulled her close and whispered, brokenly, in her ear. "Yes, I do. And I am so glad that you've given me this chance to make things right. I don't know what I would have done if my stupidity ruined any chance I might have had with you."

"Mmmm… it feels so good being held in your arms." Alex leaned back a bit and placed a light kiss on Olivia's cheek. "And as much as I'd like to stay right here I'm pretty sure Fin would be even more suspicious if I delay for much longer. Can we meet tonight to talk? Perhaps grab a bite to eat if you can get away?"

"Absolutely! I should be able to wrap up around 6:30."

"Perfect, I should be able to wrap up around then as well. Just in case could you stop by my office and get me? I usually get so wrapped up in my work I lose track of time completely."

"Sure. Maybe we can try that new seafood/steakhouse a few blocks away."

"Then I'll see you tonight." Alex said as she moved toward the door, giving Olivia a saucy little wink before stepping through.

Olivia just stood there staring at the spot where Alex had just winked at her. Ooh, she's playful – I like that!

Alex and Fin were on their way to discuss his upcoming trial testimony, and as they walked toward one of the back rooms, Fin couldn't help but notice a real change in Alex. Wonder if her and Liv had a little honey in the ladies room? Just as that thought registered Fin noticed Olivia walking toward them with the biggest shit-eatin' grin he'd ever seen directed right at Alex. Guess that answers that! Damn, I figured Olivia but Cabot, too! And the two of them together… whoo.

About 45 minutes later Alex was heading out and gave Olivia a little wave as she passed by. Olivia shot to her feet and walked Alex to the elevator. "Hey, we're still on for tonight, right?" Olivia asked.

"I'm looking forward to it Liv." Alex answered. "But I need to get back to the office and clear my evening. And I have to say a prayer to anyone listening that neither of our cell phones ring tonight." She said as the elevator doors opened.

"Good idea. I think I'll do the same. Can't hurt." Olivia replied and flashed a wink of her own at the ADA as the elevator doors closed.


Part 3

The uncharacteristically cheerful Detective went about her day oblivious to the massive amount of speculation her perpetual good mood was causing. Just about everyone figured she must have gotten laid, and really well. The question was by whom? Guesses ranged from the ridiculous (Trevor Langan) to the sublime (Alex Cabot). Olivia, on the other hand, was biding her time until she could see Alex again. She spent much of that time daydreaming about the possibilities. At last it was time to go and pick up her date… my date is Alex Cabot! Who would've ever guessed I would be on my way to have dinner with the gorgeous ADA.

Arriving at Alex's office door Olivia hesitated and took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves. Feeling a bit more composed she knocked lightly on the door. Upon hearing the muffled permission to enter she opened the door and stepped in. Looking over to the ADA's desk she is met by a sight that takes her breath away… a smile so bright it nearly brought tears to her eyes. Jesus, she's so beautiful!

"Hey, just give me a minute to wrap up here and we can get going. Oh, do you think we'll need reservations? I never thought about that."

Smiling brightly at the worried blonde Olivia put her mind at ease. "It just so happens that I made reservations, Miss Cabot, so don't you worry your pretty little head."

"Oh, well then, consider this pretty little head unworried, Detective." Grabbing her jacket and briefcase Alex made her way toward Olivia. Sliding her arm through the brunettes arm she leaned in and kissed her lightly on the cheek. "Shall we? I'm starving."

Momentarily dazed Olivia stood rooted to the spot until a gentle tug toward the door brought her back to reality. "Oh, right… let's go." Sweet Jesus! Shaking off the shiver of arousal Olivia made her way out into the hallway before letting go of Alex's arm.

The two women walked in silence the few blocks to the restaurant, each feeling equal parts anxiety and anticipation. Upon reaching the restaurant they were led to a comfortable table with a nice amount of privacy. Menus were perused as well as the wine list and they each were settling in with a nice glass of Shiraz as they awaited their entrée.

"The wines very nice, don't you think?" Olivia asked to break the silence.

"Yes, its lovely." Alex responded. Why do I feel so nervous? This is Olivia… I know her; we've never had trouble making conversation before.

"I don't know about you, but for some reason I feel like a kid on her first date!" Olivia exclaimed incredulously, "I can't even make conversation with you, and we've never had a problem there. I get the feeling you're feeling something similar?"

"God yes! I feel foolish, but I'm so nervous and… well… giddy if you can believe it." Alex said feeling a bit embarrassed by the admission.

"Oh I can believe it. I mean I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming you sitting there looking so beautiful. Sitting there across from me – as my date – feeling just as nervous as I am." Olivia reached for the blonde's hand and held it firmly in her grasp. "I'm also still kicking myself for what I did to you earlier today with the… um… magazine." At this point Olivia glazed over a bit thinking about said magazine and the centerfold therein.

"Hey, Olivia, yes you did freak me out. But I obviously didn't think it through myself. I should have taken your investigative nature into consideration. In hindsight I can totally see why you'd wonder if what you were seeing was the real thing."

"Yeah, but the more I think about it the more it seems so incredibly cruel. I mean, you thought I'd done that on purpose because I wasn't interested…" The stricken look on the Detectives made it clear that hurting Alex was the furthest thing from her mind.

Realizing that Olivia was truly distraught over hurting her, even though it was unintentional, gave Alex a measure of comfort. She knew that Olivia truly cared for her – that she worried about her feelings – that this wasn't just a physical attraction. Although she'd never believe it possible, she found herself falling even more in love with the beautiful Detective. In love! Wow, I think I've always loved her, but now… I am so in love with her!

Seeing a look of – what was it – joy perhaps, that seemed to suffuse the blondes face had Olivia wondering at its origin. "Hey, are you alright? You looked like you were miles away for a minute there."

"Actually, that look was caused by the fact the I am right here, in this very restaurant, sitting next to the most wonderful person ever to become a part of my life." Grasping Olivia's hand she brought it to her lips and placed a kiss on her knuckles. "I hope you can see just how much I want to be here, or wherever, as long as you are with me."

Those beautiful words, and just what they meant, flowed over Olivia like a soothing balm. The two women finished their dinners in a now comfortable silence and are soon walking toward Alex's apartment. Unbeknownst to them, they are each contemplating the remainder of the evening. Should I invite her up? Will she invite me in? Maybe it's too soon, but I don't want the night to end just yet. I'm not ready for this night to end.

Finally they arrived at Alex's apartment as well as at a decision.

"Alex, I…" "Liv, would…" Chuckling at their dual exclamations Olivia conceded to Alex.

"Liv, would you like to come up for a bit? I'm not ready to let you go quite yet."

"I'm glad to hear that because I'm not ready to go. I'd love to come up for a bit." Pulling Alex closer Olivia leaned in and whispered in her ear. "It will give me a chance to say a proper good night." The gasp her whispered comment elicited caused a new flush of arousal to spread through Olivia's body.

Momentarily unable to speak, Alex led the Detective up to her apartment. The feel of Olivia's breath flowing over her ear triggered an answering flow a bit further south. God, she makes me feel so much!


Part 4

Arriving at her door Alex did her best to steady her hand and unlock it. Olivia is close behind her, not too close, but enough for Alex to feel her warmth. Her hands cooperate and the lock gives way to the key and they enter. "Would you like some coffee, Liv?"

"Oh, uh, yeah... sounds good."

Hearing the hesitation in Liv's answer Alex wondered if perhaps the Detective was having second thoughts. "Hey, is everything ok? We can just call it a night if you'd prefer."

"No. I mean I definitely want to be here. I'm sorry... it just feels a little surreal ya know. Being here with you... its..."

"I know, believe me I know just how you feel." Reaching out and cupping Olivia's face Alex looked deeply into Olivia's eyes. "It feels right to be here with you. I've never felt that with anyone else who I've invited here. There's something so right about this." And with that admission Alex leaned in and captured the lips she'd been dreaming of. The kiss quickly escalated as each woman gave in to the arousal that had been steadily building all night.

Olivia realized that she had to be sure this was what Alex wanted, because she knew she wouldn't stop if this glorious kissing continued. Pulling reluctantly away from Alex's lips she looked at eyes mirroring the desire she was feeling. "Are you sure about this Alex, because I want you so badly right now."

The husky timbre of Olivia's voice was all it took for Alex to make a decision. Taking Olivia's hand she pulled her toward the hallway and her bedroom. Upon reaching her destination Alex turned to Olivia, "I am so amazed at your thoughtfulness... and I want so much to feel you touching me, so yes Olivia I am very sure about this. More sure than I've ever been about anything in my life."

With their mutual desires sated they slowly resumed kissing and removing clothing. Touches turned more passionate until standing was no longer an option. Moving to the bed Olivia lowered Alex to its surface. Standing to look upon the vision before her Olivia closed her eyes briefly and made a request. "So beautiful... could you turn over for me?"

Alex rolled onto her stomach and Olivia took a selfish moment to admire the curve of her back and the swell of her hips. Quickly divesting herself of the rest of her clothes Olivia straddled Alex's thighs.

For her part Alex was doing her best to let Olivia lead but the pace was just a bit slow for her taste. "What are you doing back there, Liv?"

"Just admiring the view." Olivia's hands began mapping what she saw – brushing lightly over the smooth, satiny skin before her – following the path of her hands with open-mouthed, wet kisses. Spreading Alex's thighs Olivia moved to kneel between them. Sliding her hands under Alex's torso Olivia helped her to her knees. Grasping Alex's hands Olivia moved them up to cup her own breasts.

"Mmm, that's it baby." Olivia cooed in her ear, moving her hair to the side and licking and sucking the long line of her neck. She peered over Alex's shoulder and watched as Alex squeezed and pinched her own nipples. The sight caused her to shudder and become impossibly more aroused. She slid her hands slowly down the front of Alex's body, coming to a stop between Alex's legs. Her right hand moved lower to slide through Alex's wetness and further down to tease at her opening. Her left hand moved to position two fingers directly over Alex's clit.

The incredible amount of stimulation to her breasts and clit and the fingers teasing at her opening were driving Alex insane. "Liv, feels so good, so good. Mmmm… I need you – inside me. Please."

Pressing forward Olivia guided Alex to her hands and knees. Raising herself up over Alex's back Olivia moved to straddle Alex's left thigh and began to thrust against her. Covering Alex's body with her own Olivia nipped at the back of Alex's neck and breathed into her ear. "Alex… oh, hmm… so good baby." Reaching around Olivia tweaked and tugged at Alex's nipples while her right hand slid slowly over the smooth plains of her ass, down her right thigh and then up, slowly up the inside of her thigh. Wetness coated Olivia's finger well before she reached her destination.

The feel of Olivia's fingers so close to where she needed them, the feel of her wetness brushing against her backside, the feel of Olivia's clit thrusting against her and the fingers expertly twisting and tweaking her nipples was sending Alex into overload. Unable to form words but needing desperately to feel Olivia inside her Alex began to moan and whimper as she pushed back against Olivia.

The feel of Alex's hips undulating beneath her, the sounds she was making produced a new flood of wetness from Olivia. Adding her voice to the urgent moaning Olivia slid two fingers slowly into Alex's wetness. "Mmm, you're so wet for me."

With her trembling arms barely able to support her Alex gasped as she felt Olivia's fingers slide slowly into her. Her hips began to thrust trying, unsuccessfully, to pick up the pace, but Olivia was having none of that. "Hmmm… God please Olivia, please… please… please…"

"Hmm, what is it baby, what do you want? Tell me." Olivia moaned as she felt herself closing in on orgasm. She fought to contain it until Alex reached her peak. The earlier pleas were met with an increase in pace, a fact that Alex clearly appreciated.

"Yes, Olivia, oh that's it… that's it. Ah." Alex clenched her fists in the sheets as she pushed back against Olivia's fingers. "Oh, God, so close."

"Mmm, I can feel how close you are. I can feel you tightening around my fingers. It feels so good, baby." Olivia began to thrust more urgently against Alex. "Can you feel how wet you're making me, hmm? Can you feel how hard I am?"

"Yes, I can… feel… Oh, Oliviaaaaa!"

"That's it, cum for me…"

Orgasm washed over and through each woman. Thrusts slowed, fingers remained buried in wet heat, ragged breathing began to calm. Olivia lowered Alex to her stomach and covered her back with her body.

"Hmm, I can't move… I'm not crushing you am I?"

"No, you feel wonderful, I feel wonderful, you made me feel wonderful…" Alex giggled as she felt Olivia's smile against her back. "I can feel you smiling… are you happy?"

"Happy, ecstatic, overjoyed, elated, rapturous…" Alex's giggling increased with each word and Olivia wanted to hear more. "…blissful, euphoric, on cloud nine…" Giggles turned into a full out belly laugh and Olivia rolled off Alex's back so she could see her face. "God you are gorgeous!"

Laughter quickly died down upon hearing the brunette's words. She always had a good body image and never needed reassurances – but those words, those words meant so much to her. And more than that, she really and truly, right at this moment, felt absolutely gorgeous. "You make me feel that way."

The End

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