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Game Face
By mel


Chapter 11

Alex looked down at her naked lover spread across her childhood bed and grinned victoriously. "You are amazing," she purred as she moved to straddle the waiting brunette. "Wonderful," she kissed the hollow of Olivia's throat. "Sweet," she kissed a little higher. "Thoughtful," she licked the point of the detective's chin. "Drop dead fucking sexy," she murmured with a grin as she moved in to claim Olivia's lips with her own.

"Mmm," Olivia moaned happily when Alex pulled back enough to catch her breath, realizing – and not for the first time – how incredibly turned on she got when Alex was in a mood like this. "Not that I'm complaining or anything, because I'm so not – but is there something that brought this on?"

Alex smirked and adjusted herself so that she was nestled between Olivia's legs. "You," she whispered throatily as she ground her hips into the brunette's center earning a soft gasp of approval from her pinned lover, "won the full approval of the highly critical Carolyn Cabot," she shared softly, her right hand gliding over the plane of Olivia's chest to dance teasingly back and forth over the swell of a firm tanned breast.

Olivia rocked her hips up against Alex and smiled. "So, what does that mean?"

"That means," Alex lowered her lips to Olivia's, "that I really want you right now."

Olivia's smartass comment was lost on a sigh as Alex's mouth claimed her own in a slow, purposeful, deliberate caress that conveyed with perfect clarity every ounce of emotion that she was feeling at the moment. Love. Desire. Contentment. Happiness. Lust. Need. Want.

Lots and lots of want.

Olivia whimpered slightly when she felt Alex pull away, her cry of protestation turning into a low throaty moan of approval as the blonde began laying hot wet kisses down her throat to her breasts. "Fuck, Alex," she gasped as the blonde gathered an already erect nipple between her lips and sucked hungrily against it.

"Hmm?" Alex hummed questioningly, looking up at Olivia while she continued to suckle against the captured nipple.

The brunette groaned, arching off the bed into her lover's mouth as she grunted, "Please."

Alex let the nipple fall from her lips with a quiet pop and smirked. "Please, what?"

"Need you," Olivia moaned, rocking her hips against Alex's stomach, the familiar pull low in her belly already making its presence known.

Alex held her lover's gaze as she pushed herself up and ran an exploratory hand down trembling, quivering abs to slowly trace a line from one protruding hip bone to the other. Left then right, slowly, lightly tracing her fingers over toned quivering muscle. "Here?" she teased, her earlier desire to make love to Olivia slowly, thoroughly and exhaustively replaced with a need to do so in a less tender-romantic and more playful manner.

"Aaaaaalex," Olivia whined, again lifting her hips toward her lover in a blind search for the pressure, the contact, the friction she so desperately needed.

"Here?" Alex quirked an eyebrow as she dipped the tip of her middle finger between Olivia's dripping folds.

"Fuck yes," Olivia groaned, her head falling back to the mattress as the blonde's finger began lightly circling her opening.

Alex licked her lips and leaned in to capture the brunette's left breast in her mouth as she pushed into her. She matched her thrusts to the long deep sucks she was delivering to the nipple between her lips, adding a second digit and curling her fingers to rub against the ribbed patch that never failed to make Olivia gasp and moan in pleasure. She kept her stroke random, the depth of each plunge and retreat varying from thrust to thrust as she abandoned the breast she'd been playing with to deliver similar attentions to its twin. She set a steady irregular rhythm, in and out slowly with a gentle flick of her tongue across the captured peak, a hard deep thrust with an even harder suck against the nipple between her lips. Fast and slow. Hard and soft. Never letting Olivia's body regulate itself to a rhythm so that the brunette was pushed higher and higher, wound tighter and tighter, but was never given quite enough of anything to find her climax. Just more than enough to make her almost desperate to find it. A quick swipe of her thumb over the straining bundle of nerves at the apex of the brunette's sex had Olivia moaning, a handful of purposefully directed thrusts and brushes against the detective's clit had the walls of Olivia's channel beginning to flutter around her fingers and she immediately stopped and removed her fingers, leaving Olivia right there on the edge.

Alex released the nipple she'd been playing with and looked up at Olivia, blue eyes smiling reassuringly into brown as she used her own body to keep Olivia in place, legs open and unable to find the contact needed to give the brunette her release. A quick pink tongue darted out to wet expectant lips as Alex purposefully set a hand on either side of Olivia's head and leaned in to kiss the older woman, plunging her tongue inside Olivia's mouth and playfully stroking against the brunette's before retreating to her own mouth and capturing Olivia's lower lip between her own. She sucked gently against the captured kiss swollen lip and nipped gently at it before finally breaking the kiss and pulling back with a smile.

"Alex," Olivia whined pathetically as she felt her body steadily backing away from the release that had, moments ago, seemed imminent.

Alex smiled and kissed the writhing brunette again, her tongue slipping through lips that parted on a moan to stroke, massage and dance with Olivia's as she ran one hand over the detective's shoulder and down her side to stop at the brunette's hip.

Olivia groaned as she felt Alex hold her hip down against the mattress so she couldn't try and rock herself up into the blonde. "Alex," she gasped before the rest of her thought was swallowed in a deep probing kiss that left her wondering what her name was, let alone whatever it was she was so damned anxious for in the first place. "Mmm," she reached up and cradled the blonde's face between her hands as she stared into sparkling blue eyes.

"I love you Liv," Alex murmured, dropping one last kiss onto Olivia's lips before she pulled back and slid down the detective's body, letting skin slide against skin as she moved to settle herself between the brunette's parted thighs. "So much," she breathed, reaching up with her left hand to grasp Olivia's right as she lowered her mouth to deliver the most intimate of kisses.

"Alex," Olivia hissed at the contact, her earlier need resurfacing in an instant as Alex's nimble tongue danced over her, swirling around her clit and winding her release back up with each tight spiral.

Alex hummed against Olivia's sensitive point, knowing how much the brunette responded to the vibrations against her, before moving her attentions down to Olivia's pulsing opening. She traced the perimeter of the seeking ring before pushing slowly inside, thrusting as deep as she could before pulling out and quickly repeating the movement, slowly fucking Olivia with her tongue.

Olivia moaned loudly as she felt Alex's tongue enter her once again, her right hand tensing and relaxing around Alex's left as her right hand moved to tangle itself into messy blonde silk, holding her lover where she needed her. She could feel the familiar burn low in her hips growing hotter, slowly, steadily hotter with each plunge and retreat. Progressively hotter until she could feel her muscles preparing to tense, her body right at that edge where only a few more thrusts of Alex's wonderfully skillful tongue would be enough to drive her over the edge of the abyss.

And then that touch, that magical, wonderful touch was gone.

"Fuck, Alex," Olivia groaned as the blonde pulled away from her throbbing center to press soft adoring, undeniably teasing kisses to first her left inner thigh and then her right.

Alex smiled to herself at Olivia's pleading. She knew what the brunette wanted, she knew what the brunette needed, but that didn't mean she was going to give it to her right away. "Is there something you need Baby?" she murmured as she looked up her lover's torso into smoldering mahogany eyes.

Olivia growled low in her throat and rocked her hips up toward the taunting blonde's mouth; her head knowing that she wanted, needed, fucking needed the release that was being held just out of reach while her body was again backing away from the precipice, further and further away with every moment spent in silent conversation. Brown eyes demanding their climax and blue taunting, teasing with their promise of delivering.

Realizing now the game the blonde was playing, Olivia knew she was simply along for the ride. But that didn't mean she had to play by Alex's rules. Still holding Alex's gaze steady, she untangled her hand from the blondes and slid it over her stomach toward her center.

"I don't think so," Alex smiled as she caught the wandering hand and lifted it to her lips. "What do you think you're doing?" she asked lightly as she took the captured index finger into her mouth, sucking against it hard and running her tongue around it.

"You're a tease," Olivia groaned as she felt her finger scrape over Alex's teeth as the blonde pulled it from her mouth, finally letting it go completely with a wet pop.

"I am?" Alex smirked playfully as she dropped her chin and quickly flicked her tongue over Olivia's straining clit.

"Fuck! Yes. You are," Olivia nodded.

"No," Alex shook her head, her eyes twinkling with laughter as she delivered another feather light flick of her tongue across the brunette's sensitive point. "I don't think I am."

"Ooooh," Olivia groaned at the slow pulse of pleasure that rolled through her. "Yes, you are."

Alex smiled and sat up on her heels, still nestled between her lover's legs. Enjoying the playful banter. Enjoying the sight of Olivia's flushed cheeks and desire blown pupils. Enjoying more than anything the way Olivia - guarded, protective, normally restrained Olivia - was allowing herself to remain open and vulnerable. "No," she shook her head slightly for emphasis as she moved her right hand over the brunette's sex. "I don't think I am," she argued playfully as she lightly pushed two fingers inside to the first knuckle.

"God!" Olivia yelled.

"Alex is fine," Alex smirked as she pushed in as far as she could and rocked the heel of her palm against Olivia's clit.

"Allllllllllllllllllex," Olivia groaned as her hips lifted to pull the blonde's fingers in deeper.

Alex licked her lips as she pulled out, quickly moving a third finger into position as she drove back in. "God you're so tight," she moaned appreciatively as she began to pump in earnest, setting a steady rhythm in and out of the brunette, finishing each thrust with a smack of her palm against Olivia's clit. "You feel so good," she purred as she shifted herself to hover above the brunette, balancing her weight on her left forearm as she leaned in to trace the tip of her tongue around a fully engorged nipple.

"Fuck, Alex," Olivia grunted when the blonde bit down gently on her nipple, her hips working counterpoint to the blonde's thrusts, drawing the invading digits deeper with each push. "God yes," she encouraged throatily when she felt the tips of the fingers inside her curl and brush over her spot. "Alex. God. Yes. Fuck. So good. Alex," she chanted after each thrust, her voice growing louder and louder as she raced closer and closer to the edge.

Alex could tell from the pitch and tenor of the brunette's cries that she was indeed close and she stalled for a moment as she waged a quick mental war with herself which basically boiled down to: do I let her come or do I back her off again?

Feeling her lover's stroke falter Olivia's eyes snapped up to focus on Alex's introspective blue ones and she could easily read the thoughts bouncing around her lover's mind. And she knew which thought she wanted to win. "So close," she growled, rocking her hips up hard into the blonde's fingers. "Make me come Alex," she ordered as she pumped herself on those fingers which began to curl and scissor inside her. "Fuck yes," she moaned at the stretch.

"God you're beautiful," Alex moaned as she gave in to the brunette's wish and began thrusting again. "And you're mine," she shifted her hips so she could use them to help her drive herself deeper.

"Yours," Olivia agreed as the pace and force of the blonde's thrusts increased. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. Each thrust punctuated by a slap of Alex's palm against her clit. So close. She was so close. "Alex," she moaned as she felt the blonde's mouth envelop her right nipple, her moan shattering into a scream of pleasure as Alex sucked hungrily against her and the blonde's palm rocked in firm tight circles against her clit, the dual assault giving her the final push she needed as she was thrown headlong into her release.

Alex gasped in surprise at the force of Olivia's orgasm, at the powerful crush of constricting muscles against her hand. When the muscles holding her fingers in place relaxed enough to allow movement she began to stroke her lover slowly, encouraging the waves of pleasure to continue, trying to draw out Olivia's release for as long as possible. When the last spasm left the brunette she gently removed her fingers and wiped them off on the sheet as she moved to cradle the spent woman in her arms.

Olivia came back to the world to the comfort of Alex's deceptively strong arms wrapped around her and the blonde's silky soft lips pressing tender adoring kisses to her rapidly cooling skin. "You were trying to make me pass out, weren't you?" she husked as she turned in her lover's arms to capture her smiling lips in a deep, searing kiss.

"Maybe," Alex sing-songed, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "Is it bad that I like knowing that I have left you completely satisfied?"

"Mmm," Olivia hummed as she kissed Alex again. "Not at all. But you do this to me and then I can't return the favor."

Alex blushed and looked down as she moved to lay her head down on Olivia's chest. "You don't need to worry about that," she murmured. "I get just as much satisfaction out of giving you pleasure as you do receiving it," she tilted her head up so she could see if Olivia truly understood what she was saying.

"Oh," Olivia yawned. "But that still doesn't mean that I won't have my turn."

"In the morning?" Alex offered with a knowing smile as she pulled the blanket up over their bodies. She might not have succeeded in sending Olivia into a sex coma, but she'd definitely worn the brunette out to the point that she was going to need a decent amount of time to recover.

Olivia yawned again and nodded. "Sorry."

"Don't be," Alex assured her as she snuggled in closer to her lover. "I love you Liv."

"Love you too Sweetheart," Olivia murmured sleepily as she dropped a soft kiss to the top of the blonde's head.


Chapter 12

Olivia glanced reflexively over at the alarm clock on the bedside table when she awoke, surprised to find that it was already after seven and that Alex was still sleeping. Never mind the fact that she had just woken up. Their internal clocks usually had both women up and about by six thirty at the latest, and her best guess gave blame for the lie in to the emotional, and sexual, exhaustion from the day before.

She watched as Alex murmured softly in her sleep and shifted, rolling over onto her back and causing the sheet that had been secured around her torso to slip down to her waist leaving her breasts on display. A small smile tweaked her lips as she let her gaze caress the mounds and she licked her lips as her eyes zeroed in on the blonde's rosy pink nipples. She flicked her attention back up to the face of her slumbering lover before shifting to lean in and lightly trace the perimeter of a semi-flaccid nipple, wetting the sensitive flesh slightly before puckering her lips to blow gently over the damp skin and causing a small shudder to roll through Alex as the blonde gasped appreciatively, still trapped in the land of dreams.

Olivia smirked as a tentative flick of her tongue over the tip of the hardening nipple caused Alex to moan softly, a small sympathetic moan falling from her own lips as her own nipples tightened as well. She balanced her weight carefully on either side of Alex's body and leaned in to fully capture the breast she'd been playing with between her lips, the wet heat and gentle suction of her mouth against the captured nipple causing Alex to come fully awake with a throaty moan as she tangled her fingers into the brunette's hair and held her lover to her breast.

"Good morning to you," Alex rasped as she delighted in the feeling of Olivia's mouth on her.

Olivia smiled against soft flesh but chose not to respond to the blonde's salutation verbally, instead opting to nip gently against the captured bud before soothing the injury with a gentle sweep of her tongue. She pulled back to blow softly over the sensitive point, her smile growing larger and more satisfied at the husky moan the gesture elicited from her lover.

She shifted her body over Alex so that her hips were cradled between the blonde's legs and leaned in to capture Alex's smiling lips in a passionate good morning kiss.

"Mmm," Alex hummed when Olivia broke from the kiss and began laying soft kisses down the line of her jaw towards her ear. "I think I'm going to go back to sleep now so you can wake me up like that again."

Olivia chuckled softly as she gathered the blonde's earlobe between her teeth and gave it a teasing tug before releasing it and moving her lips to the shell of Alex's ear. "But if you go back to sleep then I can't do what I've been thinking about doing to you," she murmured, nuzzling her cheek against Alex's as she ran a hand down the blonde's side.

Alex's tongue darted out to wet her lips at the brunette's smoky words. "And what, exactly, were you thinking about doing to me, Detective?"

Olivia chuckled and leaned in to whisper, "I want to, as you said last night, return the favor. I want to taste you. I want to feel you pulsing under my tongue, trembling around my fingers," she husked, grinding her hips into her lover. "I want to hear you screaming my name as you come undone."

Oh dear Lord that does sound good. "As … uhm," Alex squirmed, her body already that much closer to the edge from the brunette's words. "As fun, uh, as fun as that sounds …," she struggled for words as Olivia's hips rolled into her again and the brunette began laying hot wet kisses down her neck. "We need to be quiet – we're not the only ones up here."

Olivia smirked against the blonde's collarbone as she replied, "Not my problem. You will just have to try and be quiet then."

"But Liv," Alex moaned at the feeling of teeth raking over her clavicle. "Oh God that feels so good."

"Shh," Olivia teased as she ran the tip of her tongue around the nipple she'd previously ignored. "You need to be quiet," she reminded her lover before she gathered the waiting nipple between her lips and sucked hungrily against it, earning a strangled cry of pleasure from the blonde as she fought to remain silent.

"Fuck," Alex hissed at the electric sensations rolling through her as Olivia played at her breast. "Fuck. Liv. Ooooooh yes," she moaned as dull teeth bit down against the point.

Olivia smirked and pulled back to begin placing soft kisses down Alex's stomach, raking her fingertips down the blonde's sides as she slid lower and lower. She settled herself between her lover's legs and leaned in to run a slow exploratory lick through Alex's folds, purposefully allowing a deep moan to rumble in her chest as she teased the base of the sensitive bundle at the top of the blonde's sex.

Alex moaned and lifted her right hand to cover her mouth when Olivia's mouth surrounded her clit and the brunette sucked softly against it. Alex's eyes crossed as she fought to keep quiet, strangled gasps, moans and whimpers muffled by her hand at her mouth as Olivia skillfully teased her with gentle sucks, soft quick flicks and broad languid licks against the throbbing bundle of nerves.

Olivia could feel the way Alex was literally fighting for control and smiled deviously to herself as she twirled her tongue around the sensitive nub in a specific pattern that never failed to make the blonde scream.

"Oh fuck," Alex yelped, her body curling in on itself as her hands reflexively moved to cradle Olivia's head between her legs and hold it in place. "Oh God. Liv, fuck," she moaned loudly as Olivia repeated the swirl and twirl motion with just the right amount of pressure. "Ooooooh Baby," Alex moaned loudly, her already curved body crunching spastically. "Fuck. Right there, Liv, don't stop," she gasped, her grip on the brunette's head tightening. "So good, so fucking good."

Out in the hall Jill turned to look at the wall with a devilish grin on her lips. "No way," she murmured.

"Fuck yes Liv … oh God … so good Baby," Alex's voice, muffled but still definitely audible, chanted.

Jill grinned and hurried around the hall, knocking on doors and pulling the cousins who answered out into the hall to listen with her. In no time at all she had basically the entire clan assembled in the hall outside Alex's room.

"Should we knock on the wall and let them know we can hear them?" Lindsay wondered aloud after a particularly loud 'fuck' from Alex carried out into the hall.

"Now where's the fun in that?" Jake and John asked simultaneously.

Lindsay looked to Adam but he just smiled and shrugged. "They knew we were all up here – it's fair game. Cabot rules of combat number fourteen B."

"Seriously?" Lindsay asked. "You lot have no boundaries, do you?"

"No no no no no," Alex's voice pleaded desperately. "Liv, no … don't stop … Baby, please."

Bryan chuckled and sat down in the hall. "Not when it comes to each other. Remember Mandy's first family holiday? Alex made an audio recording of us and 'accidently' let it play during dinner."

"Heh," Jill laughed as she sat down against the far wall. "Yeah – that was pretty funny."

"Almost as funny as when we caught you with Luke what's-his-name's hand up your shirt in the game room," Adam chuckled. "God, that poor schmuck was mortified!"

"Oh yes! Fuck! God, I love you! Right there Baby!"

"Well, sounds like Olivia's taken pity on her," Andy drawled as she joined the group. "How long have they been at it?"

"We've been out here for ten minutes or so," Jill told her.

"So close Liv. Mmmm, fuck!"

"Shhh," Olivia chuckled as she looked up at her lover. "You gotta be quiet Alex."

"Fuck," Alex groaned as she twisted her hands in the sheets and lifted her hips to her lover's smiling lips. So close, she was so close. "Liv, please."

"Liv please what?"

"Liiiiiiiiiiv," Alex whined.

"Aaaaaaaalex," Olivia teased.

"They've gotten quiet," Bryn observed, cocking her head as she listened to the silence.

"Well we all know Alex didn't come yet," Jill noted. "Not with the amount of noise she was making before – there's no way she'd be able to keep that quiet."

"This is so wrong," Lindsay muttered as she hid her face in her hands.

Olivia placed a soft kiss to the inside of Alex's thigh, causing the blonde to twitch under her lips. "Just tell me what you want Baby," she murmured, resting her chin on Alex's leg.

"Dammit Liv," Alex swore, her pride finally giving way to her need. "Just … make me come already!"

"Just … make me come already!"

"Oh, here we go," Bryan chuckled as he dug his phone out of his pocked and pulled up the voice recorder app. "Paybacks Alex," he grinned.

"Now, was that so hard?" Olivia smirked as she lowered her mouth to Alex's throbbing clit and efficiently gathered it between her lips sucking against the nub as she slid two fingers into hot wet velvet.

"Oh fuck!" Alex gasped.

"Baby, you really need to be quiet," Olivia reminded the blonde as she curled her fingers and massaged the top of the blonde's channel.

"Oh god," Alex groaned. "Fuck, Liv … so good … right there … Liv … oh! Love you … fuck … mmmmmm."

"Shh," Olivia laughed as she worked the blonde closer and closer to the edge.

"Oh fuck … yesssssss, Baby … mmmm … just like that ….," Alex chanted, lost to her own growing need.

As Alex's pleading senseless ramblings grew louder and louder Olivia gave up on the blonde regulating her own volume and moved to take her lover's lips in a deep, searing kiss, effectively swallowing any further sounds that might have carried beyond the walls of their bedroom.

"Oh god," Alex gasped, turning her head to the side to breathe as she broke the kiss.

Olivia could feel the walls of Alex's channel beginning to tighten around her fingers and she added her thumb to the mix, pressing firm circles into the blonde's clit as she quickly stroked her lover over the edge.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Ooooolivia!" Alex moaned as her orgasm exploded through her.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Ooooolivia!"

"There we go," Bryan muttered with a grin, double checking the display on his phone to make sure it was still recording as Alex's final scream spilled forth.

"Impressive," Adam chuckled.

"I feel like we should clap or something," Jake noted.

"That's not a bad idea," Jill chuckled. "On three?"

"WOOOOOHOOOO YEAH! YOU GO GIRLS!" the sounds of clapping and cheering effectively popped the post coital bubble Alex and Olivia were cocooned in.

"Oh fuck," Alex blushed and buried her face in the crook of Olivia's neck.



"I don't know if I should be proud or embarrassed right now," Olivia chuckled.

"I'm going with mortally embarrassed," Alex muttered as she buried her head under a pillow in an attempt to drown out the cheering. She knew that it would be quite a while before her cousins let her live this little performance down.

Olivia pulled her polo shirt over her head and glanced through the open door into the bathroom where Alex was brushing her teeth, a small smile tweaking her lips as she replayed their morning encounter. Now that the shock of hearing the Cabot cousins cheering them on had worn off she was left with a surprising laissez faire attitude about it all. Of course, if she was the one who's screams had prompted the clapping and cheering she might have a different view of it all.

Something closer to the absolute mortification that Alex was experiencing.

"Wipe that smug grin off your face Benson," Alex grumbled as she sashayed out of the bathroom. "You could have the decency to look at least a little embarrassed about the fact that my family not only heard us having sex but also applauded the performance and requested an encore."

"I told you that you needed to keep quiet," Olivia chuckled. "You knew you needed to keep quiet."

"But you know that it is impossible for me to be quiet!" Alex stomped her foot.

"You never told me to stop," Olivia informed her blushing lover with a grin. "If you'd said 'stop' I would have stopped. But you didn't."

"It was coercion," Alex grumbled.

"I don't think so, Counselor," Olivia smiled and wrapped her arms around the petulant blonde. "The evidence clearly suggests otherwise. You enjoyed every minute of it," she murmured against Alex's lips. "Admit it."

"I will do no such thing."

Olivia smirked and lifted her lips to Alex's. "You didn't enjoy yourself?" she teased, lightly brushing her lips against the blonde's.

"You're proving my case for coercion, Detective," Alex smiled.

"So sue me."

"How in the world can you be so nonchalant about this?!" Alex demanded.

Olivia cocked her head inquisitively as she stared at the woman in her arms. "Is freaking out about it going to make your family back off and not tease us mercilessly about the fact that they heard us having sex?"

Alex shook her head. "No."

"So why bother? It happened. They heard. End of story. You said last night that I've earned your mom's full approval, I think she knew we were having sex before we got here because you know Maggie didn't keep the donuts or balloons a secret. I don't think the fact that they all applauded your vocal performance will matter in the least."

"You'd be more embarrassed if it was your vocal performance they were applauding."

"Possibly," Olivia shrugged. "But I just look at it this way – your family is a lot like the guys at the precinct, the more they tease, the more they care. So, if this is what it takes to get accepted into your family, then this is what it takes."

"How can you take something so completely mortifying and make it sound romantic?"

"It's a skill," Olivia chuckled.

"Can I ask you a question?" Alex asked as she backed out of her lover's arms and sat down on the bench at the foot of the bed.

"You just did," Olivia smirked.

"Ba-dum-dum," Alex grumbled. "Seriously," she waited until Olivia nodded and sat down next to her before continuing. "What did you tell my mother last night?"

Olivia sighed and ran her hands through her hair. "Do you really need to ask my intentions toward you?" she frowned, turning on her perch to stare into Alex's suddenly unsure eyes.

Alex shrugged. "Not really. So, that's what you two talked about?"

Olivia studied Alex's pensive expression and downturned eyes and knew that something was weighing on the blonde's mind – other than the fact that they'd been overheard during their morning romp. "I told her that I love you," Olivia murmured, reaching out and tucking a finger under Alex's chin to lift the blonde's face to hers. "I told her that I want forever with you, however you'd be willing to spend it with me."

"You did?"

"I've told you this before Alex," Olivia smiled, a small huff of disbelief tumbling over her lips. "You are it for me. I honestly can't picture my life without you in it."

"I feel that way too," Alex whispered.

"I know Sweetie," Olivia smiled. "You've told me. Do you really think I'd submit myself to the mercy of the mob out there without knowing that? What's going on in that beautiful brain of yours right now?"

"I just …," Alex blew out a loud breath and fell back onto the edge of the bed. She stared at the ceiling as she tried to figure out what the hell was going on inside her head. It was a jumbled up mess of conflicting emotions – embarrassment about what had happened, first and foremost, but also the thought of the ring her mother had passed on to her and the excitement, anticipation, and hope for a real future with Olivia that went along with it. Really, that's what it all came down to. Olivia. Wanting a future with Olivia. And that meant that there were steps that would need to be taken to do it properly. "Move in with me?"

Olivia looked down at the blonde and asked, "What?"

Alex sat up and looked at her lover, really looked at her as she repeated herself. "Will you move in with me?"

"You're serious?"

"As a heart-attack. Liv, I love you and I want to fall asleep in your arms and be woken up by your cell in the middle of the night when you get called out to a scene. I want you with me."

"Alex, Baby, I can't afford even half the rent on a place like yours," Olivia mumbled.

"Actually," Alex smirked. "You can. Half of nothing is nothing. I own the apartment. There are just the maintenance costs every month on it."

"You own that place?"

"Mmm," Alex nodded.

A small smile tweaked the corners of Olivia's mouth as she looked at Alex. "You want me to move in with you."

"I do," Alex nodded. "Really, I do."

"Will you let me help with expenses?"

"If you want to. It's not necessary, but it wouldn't be a problem. Liv, I know your independence is important to you and I'm not looking to take that away from you. I just want to be where you are. I want you to be with me. Hell, if it'd make you more comfortable we can sell my place and look for something together. Or I can sell my place and move in with you … I mean, if that's what you wanted. I'm not just inviting myself in to live with you."

"You're adorable," Olivia smiled. "Ridiculous, but adorable. I can't make you sell your place to move into my tiny little apartment. If you're sure that this is what you want, of course I will move in with you Alex."

"You will?"

"Geez, what's with the insecurities this morning?" Olivia chuckled. "Yes. Provided you let me contribute to some of the living expenditures, I would like nothing more than to move in with you. Start the next phase of our lives together," she added, almost as an afterthought.

"So we're U-hauling?"

"Eh, at least we made it past the second date," Olivia leaned in and kissed Alex tenderly. "I love you Alexandra Cabot."

"I love you too Olivia Benson," Alex smiled as she reached up and cradled the detective's face between her palms. "More than I ever thought possible."

"Mmm," Olivia murmured as she pulled Alex onto her lap and captured the blonde's lips in a soft adoring kiss. "I love you," she whispered, nuzzling Alex's cheek with her nose and laughing softly when her stomach rumbled. "I think it's time to go downstairs and face the firing squad."

"Don't wanna," Alex mumbled.

"You're going to have to face them eventually Sweetie," Olivia smiled. "Come on," she stood and held her hand out for Alex. "I promise I won't leave your side the entire time."


"You're adorable," Olivia noted as her stomach rumbled again. "Now … put your game face on Cabot and let's go. Sex and serious conversations make me hungry, let's get moving!"


Chapter 13

Bryan looked up from his plate full of French toast, eggs and sausage with to watch his sister who was ignoring the breakfast spread and instead standing at the island with reams of tinfoil spread out in front of her. "What are you going to do with that Bryn?" he asked as she began methodically folding the first piece in on itself.

"A performance like that one," she waived a hand at the ceiling to indicate the undeniably intimate moment they'd overheard, "deserves some sort of award, don't you think? I'm making a trophy. She needs a trophy."

Jill laughed and set her coffee cup down on the table as she draped her arm over the back of Lindsay's chair so she could turn to watch the craftiness happening behind her. "Who is getting the trophy though – Alex for the vocal performance, or Liv for inspiring it?"

"Good question," Bryn nodded as she dropped the piece she'd been working on. "I was thinking Olivia – you know, like a 'welcome to the family we're going to absolutely humiliate you now' kind of a thing … do you think it'd be better for Alex?"

Jill shrugged. "I was thinking it'd be funnier to give it to Olivia since she did such a bang up job … okay that sounded way dirtier than I'd meant it to … but I dunno. Adam, you're the rule keeper – what do you think?"

"Wait, he wasn't kidding when he said something about rule nineteen G?" Lindsay asked.

Adam laughed. "Actually, what you just witnessed was the implementation of rule fourteen B. That any sexual activities overheard by a cousin of the Clan Cabot is fair game for humiliation and relentless torture. Section A restricts the use of video and/or still camera photography if a cousin is caught 'in the act'," he explained using little air finger quotes, "and C outlines what constitutes appropriate retaliation to any teasing received due to said sexual performances."

Lindsay arched a brow, not believing that the family actually had agreed upon rules, and asked, "What's rule three?"

"No putting worms into beds," Bryan replied, smiling at Lindsay's complete confusion as to how the cousins' 'rules' could fluctuate from something so adult to so completely childish. "We started the rules when we were kids and just kept adding to them."

"Do I want to know why that rule was invented?"

Jill shuddered. "Jake and John thought they were being funny one year – but they weren't. I got them back by putting hair dye into their shampoo and they both ended up with bright pink hair."

"Yeah," Jake grinned. "Which led to rule number four – no tampering with hair products. We couldn't get the dye to wash out so we were pink for a month!"

"Your mom didn't take you and have your hair dyed back to its regular color?"

Jill laughed. "Nope. She said they deserved it for filling my bed with worms and wouldn't let them near a salon. Best part was that they each got a week's worth of detention at school for breaking the dress code."

"I see," Lindsay drawled. "So what's rule number one?"

The entire group of cousins responded, "That while it is permissible as cousins of Clan Cabot to tease and torture one another mercilessly, we will stand up as a group if any outsider tries to torment one of us."

"We're a loyal bunch," Adam winked. "A little rough with each other, but we take care of our own."

"Yeah, like when Alex had that creepy stalker chick harassing her at Yale," Andy groaned.

"She backed off when Adam and Bryan went and talked to her though," Bryn reminded them all.

"Alex should have never given that crazy redhead her phone number," Adam shook his head. "She was cert-i-fiable," he made a circular motion around his ear to indicate that the girl was completely nutso.

"Rule number twelve?" Lindsay asked, growing more and more curious as to what she was getting herself in to.

"No drinking games involving knives or other similarly sharp objects," Jake laughed.

"Do I want to know?" Lindsay whispered to Jill.

"Well, the knives part of the rule comes from … you know that game where you put your feet shoulder width apart and then fling a knife down into the ground between them – moving your feet incrementally closer together after each throw?"

Lindsay's jaw dropped as she shook her head no.

"Really?" Adam asked.

"Wow, you need to hang out with your cousin more," Jake grinned. "Abbie's the one who taught us that one! Well, she taught Adam when he was visiting Alex and then he taught us," he clarified.

"Okay," Jill scowled at her brother. "Back to the explanation. We were playing the knife flinging game and doing shots of tequila …."

"We gotta get Alex drunk on tequila this weekend to watch her try and get into Olivia's pants," Bryn interrupted with an evil laugh and the rest of the cousins grinned and nodded.

"Alex gets a little horny when she drinks tequila," Jill explained. "It's actually rather amusing. Anywho, as I was saying, we were playing the knife game and drinking shots of Petron when genius here," she waved at Bryan who blushed and waved, "screwed up his shot and totally stabbed himself in the foot."

Lindsay's fork full of eggs stopped halfway to her mouth and her brow furrowed as she appraised the well dressed, obviously successful man at the other end of the table. "Ouch."

"Yeah," he chuckled. "Worse was that when Dad stitched me up he refused to numb my foot because he thought I'd been a dumbass chucking a knife at my feet."

"Nah – you were just the dumbass who hit his foot," Adam grinned.

"That too," Bryan nodded in agreement as he took a sip of his coffee.

Lindsay finally took the bite of her eggs that had been hovering in midair, nodding slowly as she chewed and processed the information. "Okay, so what's the 'similarly sharp objects' part of the rule refer to?"

"Swords," Jill replied seriously. "Bad things happen when you sword fight drunk."

"Oh. My. God. Who?" Lindsay couldn't help asking.

"Alex got Adam across the shoulder with an uncapped foil," Andy laughed.

"Not funny," Adam pouted playfully. "That sonofabitch hurt!"

"You knew she won all those fencing tournaments – why the hell would you agree to fight her without protection?"

"Because I was freaking drunk!" Adam replied exasperatedly and the rest of the cousins nodded in understanding – Adam had a tendancy to do really stupid shit when he was drunk.

"Okay, two things," Lindsay held her hands up as she tried to understand. "First – why wasn't the sword capped? And two, what prompted the duel?"

"The foils weren't capped because the rocket surgeon here," Bryn threw a wadded up piece of foil at her cousin. "Decided that having them tipped wasn't manly enough."

"Hey! We can't all be aeronautical engineers," Adam shot back playfully. "Just because you went to MIT you think you're soooooo smaht," he stressed the 'ah' sound in true Bostonian fashion. "Anyways, we dueled because Alex thought I was making fun of her at-the-time girlfriend."

"Why would she think that?"

Adam smirked and tugged on the sleeves of his shirt. "I may have referred to her as a dumb blonde whose only redeeming qualities could be measured as a double D."

"She really was an idiot," Jill chuckled. "But, the girl had some knockers."

"Eh," Bryn laughed. "We all had our purely physical flings in college."

"Yeah," John nodded. "But that chick was by far the most intellectually challenged of all of them," he noted and the rest of the cousins nodded their agreement.

"Not that this isn't a fun conversation," Bryn interrupted the group's trip down their own memory lane. "But back to the original topic at hand. Who gets the award? Alex or Olivia?"

"Let's vote on it," Adam offered. "All in favor of giving the award to Olivia, raise your hand," he counted the hands in the air and nodded. "And Alex?" he counted again. "Lindsay – you didn't vote. You don't want in on this?"

Lindsay shook her head no and held her hand up, palms out to indicate that she really wanted nothing to do with the whole thing.

"Alright," Adam nodded. "Then, there you go," he tilted his head at Bryn. "Alex, seven to five."

Olivia grinned as she tugged at Alex's hand, forcing the reluctant blonde down the last handful of steps to the kitchen. "Alexandra Cabot," she chided. "Let's go. I'm hungry, and I'm not going in there without you."

Alex took a deep breath and sighed, silently nodding as she rounded the corner into the kitchen. She immediately spied Bryn at the island fiddling with something she couldn't see because her cousin's back was to the door, and the rest of the group lounging around the table with half-finished plates of food in front of them.

"Hey!" Jake called out with a malevolent grin on his face when he spotted the pair. "Look who's here!"

Alex blushed, her grip on Olivia's hand tightening as every cousin turned to look at them. She smiled tightly and squared her shoulders, slipping into her prosecutor mode before addressing the group. "Good morning," she replied, purposefully keeping her pace controlled as she crossed the kitchen to fix herself a plate.

Olivia smiled as she finally realized what Alex had meant when the blonde had said that they 'raise lawyers in this family' – staring down Petrovsky was nothing compared to facing this group – and followed Alex to the spread, filling her own plate with heaps of eggs, French toast, bacon and sausage before making her way to the table and sitting down in the empty chair across from Lindsay. "Hiya," she smirked at the group as she reached for the carafe of coffee in the middle of the table and filled her coffee cup.

Bryan chuckled and stood up to lean across the table and chuck Olivia in the shoulder. "You stud you!"

Olivia blushed and looked down at her plate, deciding that in order to protect her girlfriend's modesty it'd be best to no respond. If this is what they had in mind for teasing, then she would be just fine.

Alex kept her eyes on her plate as she lowered herself into the chair next to Olivia and caught her brother's eye as she reached for the coffee carafe. "What?" she asked him, her voice more than a little defensive.

Adam just shook his head and laughed, looking up to Bryn who nodded and turned to address the group.

"Well, as that was perhaps the single greatest vocal performance in the history of Casa Cabot," Bryn chuckled as she made her way to stand next to the table with her hands firmly behind her back. "Greater than then night of 'Oh Bryan'," she winked at her brother, "and the afternoon of 'who's your daddy?'," she smirked at Adam who grinned and pointed his thumbs at his chest as he mouthed I'm the daddy. "We, the cousins of Clan Cabot, have decided that you deserve some special recognition. So, on behalf of the cousins – I'd like to present to you," she moved her hands out from behind her back to reveal a gigantic foil 'O'. "The Big O."

"WOOHOO!" the table erupted in raucous cheers and even Olivia blushed at the idea of Alex being given 'an award' for having a particularly loud orgasm. "YEAH!"

"OLIVIA, YOU'RE MY HERO!" Bryan laughed.

"Olivia," Kim, John's wife, smiled at the blushing detective. "Do you think you can give my husband some pointers … it's been a while since he's made me scream like that."

"OOOOOOOH!" the group erupted into another wave of laughter as John glared at his wife and Olivia's blush deepened.

"SPEECH! SPEECH!" Jake and Adam chanted, banging their hands on the table and rattling the china as Alex stood to receive her tinfoil award.

Alex scowled at her cousins, but the rest of the group joined in with the chant and she knew that she was going to have to step up and deal with it. "Alright," she laughed as she held the 'award' up for inspection. "I do have to say that this is the first award I've ever gotten for having sex," she chuckled and was rewarded with peals of laughter and clapping from her family. "And, while I do appreciate the recognition," she straightened her posture and squared her shoulders, "none of this would be possible without my loving, adoring girlfriend Olivia … who not only apparently gave me an amazing enough orgasm to warrant such a priceless award," she held the tinfoil O aloft.

Adam grinned and yelled, "OLIVIA'S A STUD!"

"She also earned the full approval of Carolyn Cabot," the group erupted into more cheers and the spouses all stood to high five Olivia. "So, um, yeah. I guess that's it," Alex finished as she sat back down in her chair. "Thank you all for your somewhat frightening appreciation of our sex life."

"You knew we were up there," Bryan laughed as he pulled out his phone and Alex's cries of pleasure echoed through the kitchen, causing the ADA to blush furiously and the rest of the cousins to laugh hysterically. Olivia, for her part, was torn between wanting to laugh and complete and utter embarrassment, so she just kept her eyes on her plate and focused on her breakfast.

Alex looked at her brother. "Rule fourteen B?"

"Rule fourteen B," Adam nodded with a grin before he raised his voice to carry over the clamor. "Now – for as fun as this is," he held his hands up to quiet the group. "There is yet another award that needs to be handed out this morning."

The room grew quiet as everybody turned their attention to Adam who was grinning and holding up a 'I'll be right back' finger as he backed out of the kitchen.

"Where's he going?" Jill asked, suddenly wary of the situation.

"Dunno," Bryan shrugged, shoveling another forkful of French toast into his mouth.

"Okay," Adam announced as he strode back into the kitchen with a box wrapped in bright rainbow striped wrapping paper in his hands. "So, Lindsay Boxer, this is for you – courtesy of the gay and lesbian community," he handed the package over to Jill's stunned girlfriend.

"Do I open it now?" Lindsay asked as she hefted the box to try and guess what was inside. There was a faintly metallic tingle, but nothing that really gave away what was inside.

Adam nodded. "Yup."

Lindsay looked to Jill for confirmation that she should open it, which Jill gave with a halfhearted shrug and a grin. "Go for it," she told her.

"Okeydokey," Lindsay muttered as she tore open the paper to reveal a Cuisinart toaster. "A toaster?"

The table blew up. Even Alex and Olivia laughed at Adam's little prank. "You converted Jilly," Adam explained through his laughter. "So you get a toaster."

"It's a joke," Alex explained as she watched the Inspector frown at the box in her hands. "Back in the day there were people who were claiming that gays would try to 'convert' the rest of the population so the gay community took the idea and ran with it – making the whole thing into a game where for every straight person 'converted', the converter got a toaster."

"Where's my toaster then?" Jill demanded with a grin, playfully crossing her arms over her chest and staring her cousin down.

Adam grinned and held up his 'I'll be right back' finger as he once again disappeared into the hall before returning with another box wrapped in identical rainbow-themed paper. "I wasn't sure about Lindsay, so I didn't want to presume," he explained as he handed the box over to his laughing cousin.

Jill opened the package and looked up at Adam with confusion clearly evident on her face. "A blender?"

"I figured it was a small appliance," Adam shrugged. "Really, why in the world would you need two toasters?" he asked and Jill shrugged and nodded her understanding, thinking that it was actually quite inventive of him to change it up like that.

"Damn, that's a nice blender," Jake whistled as he looked at the box in his sister's hand. "If you don't want to try and take it back to San Francisco, I'll take it."

"Go get your own," Jill glared at her brother as she tucked the box away under the table. "This one's mine."

"The blender or the converted homo?" Bryan grinned as he once again cued up his recording and hit play, causing Alex's euphoric chants to once again echo through the room.

"Both," Jill smirked as she leaned over to rest her head on Lindsay's shoulder.

"Dear Lord," Alex muttered as a particularly loud 'oh fuck yes Liv' echoed through the room, shaking her head as she turned to her lover who was studiously focused on her breakfast. "This is all your fault."

Olivia looked over at Alex and winked. "Nuh-uh, you were the one who couldn't keep quiet."

"What's going on in here?" Maggie demanded as she walked into the room. "Why is Alex faking an orgasm in the …," she broke off as she spied Alex hiding her face in her hands and Bryan holding his phone up. "I see," she nodded, appraising the group. "Rule fourteen B?"

"Yup," Bryan grinned over his shoulder at his aunt. "And she got a trophy!" he pointed at the tinfoil O beside Alex's plate as the ADA rolled her eyes to the ceiling in a silent prayer for God to just kill her now.

"That's a lovely trophy Alex dear," Maggie laughed and smiled at her niece.

"Don't forget the fact that Jilly got a blender!" Jake grinned.

"A blender?" Maggie frowned. "I thought the joke was a toaster?"

"Gave Lindsay the toaster," Adam explained as he watched Lindsay blush and look away from her girlfriend's mother. "So I figured I'd give Jilly something a little different."

"Mmm," Maggie nodded. "I see. Because nobody really needs two toasters."

"Exactly," Adam nodded, grinning proudly.

"Well, as the lone 'adult'," Maggie used little air finger quotes to emphasize her point that the adults around the table were acting like children, "I need to remind you," she pointed at Alex, "that rule fourteen C must be adhered to, should you decide to seek revenge upon your cousin for making and airing that recording."

Alex nodded her understanding and glared threateningly at Bryan who just smiled back at her and blew the ADA a kiss. "Bring it on Alex."

"Oh, and James is coming back from the barn with the little ones now," she informed the group. "So can we please behave ourselves while they are in residence? I don't want to have to explain why Auntie Alex is making sounds like that," she waved at the phone.

"Yes Maggie," the group mumbled, with the exception of Jill and her brothers who groaned, "Yes mom."

"I didn't say you can't still have your fun," Maggie laughed at the suddenly quiet group. "Just not when the little ones are around. Be good, don't make me go all parental on your asses," she warned as she left the room with a jaunty wave over her shoulder.

"God I love your mother," Adam smiled at Jake.


Chapter 14

Maggie walked back into the dining room chuckling softly and shaking her head in amusement at the things 'the cousins' managed to come up with. She'd heard of the toaster thing before, but the blender was a stroke of genius that fell just below celebratory sex donuts and balloons.

"So why was my daughter pulling a When Harry Met Sally?" Carolyn asked as she looked up from the Scrabble board she had been busy studying to focus on her sister-in-law.

Maggie laughed and sat back down in her chair. "She wasn't," she shared as she began flipping her letter tiles back over to reposition them in her tray. "Turns out your son," she arched a brow at Jenny who was listening with her hands folded under her chin, "got a recording of Alex during a rather intimate moment this morning."

"Wow," Jenny laughed. "She was loud enough that he managed to get that recording of her from the hall?"

"She never was a quiet child," Carolyn muttered, her voice tinged with suppressed laughter, as she carefully selected the tiles she wanted to play and popped up out of her chair to put them into position. "M-E-N-T onto EXCITE gives me twenty one points, plus the triple word score makes it sixty three," she declared with an impish grin as she sat back down in her chair and reached for the letter bag to replenish her tiles.

"Shit," Maggie muttered as she wrote Carolyn's score down on the pad to her right.

"So do you really approve of Olivia?" Jenny asked as she fiddled with her tiles, trying to figure out what to play. She was stalling, for sure, but she was also curious as to what Carolyn thought of the detective. She knew from conversations with her husband that he and Maggie completely approved of the brunette for Alex.

"I do," Carolyn nodded as she rearranged the letters on her tray. "From what Liz says she's an extremely hard worker, fiercely loyal, and quite intelligent. Which is important because Alex needs somebody who can challenge her intellectually. Plus, just from watching the two of them interact I can tell that she has the perfect mix of adoration and backbone."

"What do you mean by that Carolyn?" Maggie laughed as she leaned back in her chair and appraised the woman to her left. "Oh, and Jenny – you need to play something or pass. Our talking doesn't negate the time limit in place between moves."

Jenny stuck her tongue out at Maggie who just blew her a kiss before turning her attention back to Carolyn.

"You two are nearly as bad as the children," she chided. "But, back to the subject at hand, Olivia absolutely adores Alex," Carolyn couldn't help but smile as she shared her observation. "Never mind what she said last night, you can see it in her eyes, her posture – she unconsciously mirrors Alexandra's movement to keep herself in a position where her hands are free to protect Alex should the need arise. Watch her the next time you're around them," she arched a challenging brow as she caught sight of Jenny's disbelief. "It's quite something. And, more importantly, Alex lets her do it. I don't think I've ever seen her that secure in a lover's presence before."

"You should have seen her in the hospital with Alex after they'd been attacked outside that club," Maggie shared with the group, smiling at the memory. "There she was, doped to the moon on pain meds after coming out of surgery, her shoulder bandaged and completely useless, and the moment she saw me sitting in the room her first instinct was to protect Alex."

"D'awww," Jenny sighed and the other women laughed.

"It is sweet," Carolyn laughed lightly. "But, more than that, I can tell that Olivia will not only protect Alex – she will also take care of her. And, again, Alex lets her do this."

"Which is quite amazing," Maggie chimed in.

"Exactly," Carolyn nodded. "Olivia seems uniquely suited to give Alex what she wants, what she needs, but at the same time be able to stand up to my daughter and tell her 'no' when she needs to. Really, after all that – what is there not to approve of?"

Olivia flopped down into an overstuffed armchair in the family room and pulled Alex down onto her lap. The breakfast dishes were cleaned and put away and a handful of the Cousins had volunteered to take the kids on a hike out to the lake in an attempt to tire them out enough to earn everybody some quality 'quiet time' that afternoon. "Mmm," she hummed happily as she wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist and tugged her in close.

Alex giggled softly and reclined back into her lover, turning slightly on Olivia's lap so she could rest her head on the brunette's shoulder. "Comfy?"

"Exceedingly so," Olivia sighed.

"Me too," Alex murmured as she lifted her chin to press a soft kiss to the hard edge of Olivia's jaw. "I love you."

"Ohmygod, can you two just knock it off for like five minutes and give the rest of us a break?" Jake groaned dramatically as he threw himself onto the couch and swiped the clicker off the armrest. "I mean, really. How do you just keep going like that?"

Jill's hearty laugh rolled over the room as she dropped to the middle cushion of the couch and Lindsay settled into the vacant end of the sofa. "Jake, what you have to understand is," she started to explain as she laid down, settling her head in Lindsay's lap and propping her feet on her brother's knees, "that, as women, we don't have to take time to … reload."

"Gross!" Alex laughed.

"But true," Olivia noted. "Crude, granted, but true nonetheless."

"This falls into that whole no boundaries thing we were discussing earlier, doesn't it?" Lindsay chuckled as she combed her fingers through Jill's hair.

"Mmm," Jill nodded, her eyes closing as the Inspector's fingers lightly scraped her scalp. "Indeed it does. Don't stop baby, that feels so good," she mumbled when Lindsay's fingers stopped moving.

"And that didn't sound sexual at all," Adam observed as he fell back into one of the other armchairs surrounding the entertainment center.

"Actually," Bryan laughed as he threw himself into the last remaining empty chair in front of the entertainment center. "It sounded a lot like Alex this morning," he grinned as he pulled out his phone.

"If you play that recording one more time I swear to god I will kick your ass Bryan," Alex growled threateningly.

"Ooooh, I'm so scared," he teased in a sing-song falsetto.

"You should be," Alex informed him. "Because I have one of New York's finest as backup – what do you have?"

Bryan frowned as he considered his options, sighing in defeat as he slid his phone back into his pocket. "Apparently I have a really good recording of you having extremely loud and vocal sex that I can't do anything with."

"That's right bitch," Alex smirked and cuddled back into Olivia's chest.

"Nice of you to assume that I would back you up there Sweetie," Olivia murmured as she brushed her lips over the blonde's temple.

"You would back me up," Alex replied confidently.

"You're sure about that one huh?" Olivia chuckled as she playfully tickled the woman in her arms.

"I am," Alex nodded. "Because you agreed to move in with me, so I know you're going to always be there to look out for me now."

"Aww," Olivia teased and tickled Alex again. "You're lucky I love you."

"I know," Alex replied, the teasing tone disappearing from her voice as she ran the back of her hand over Olivia's cheek. "Believe me, I know."

"So you're going to be cohabitating huh?" Jill turned onto her side so she could see Alex and Olivia better.

Olivia and Alex nodded.

"Congratulations," Adam, Bryan, Jake, Jill and Lindsay chorused. "When's the big day?"

"We didn't get that far," Alex admitted.

"So that's what the insanely loud sex was for huh? Celebrating?" Jake teased.

"Actually," Olivia informed him, "Alex asked me after her award winning performance."

Alex turned her head to bury her face in the crook of Olivia's neck. "God, don't encourage him Liv," she murmured.

"I'll behave myself for now Lexi," Jake assured his cousin, making sure to use the nickname that he knew she hated. "Ow, damn woman!" he swore when Jill kicked him in Alex's defense. "Sorry, fuck!" he apologized and waved a warning finger in his sister's face as he watched her wind up for another good kick. "Do not kick me again Jill. I'm serious," he threatened as he flipped on the television.

"Who's playing?" Olivia asked as she shifted Alex off of her lap and onto the cushion beside her, leaving the blonde's legs draped over her own so they could still cuddle.

"Lions, Pats," Adam shared as he turned in his seat to face the television.

"So when do you want to make the move?" Alex whispered in Olivia's ear as the rest of the room's attention became focused on the opening kickoff.

"Doesn't matter to me Baby," Olivia murmured, pressing a soft kiss to Alex's forehead. "I'm really only going to need clothes right away, we can always take some time to move some of my books and other things over in smaller trips. It's not like any of my furniture needs to go."

"You don't want to keep any of your furniture?" Alex frowned.

Olivia shrugged. "Just the cedar chest that's at the foot of my bed. It was my mom's. Everything else is just whatever I could afford whenever I needed something. None of it is as nice as your stuff."

"Liv, are you sure?" Alex asked, sitting up to stare intently into her lover's warm chocolate eyes as the detective pondered the question before her. "I want the apartment to become our apartment, not my apartment that you just so happen to live in too. I don't mind getting rid of some stuff if you'd like to keep some of yours."

"There's really nothing that I'm that attached too," Olivia shrugged. "My apartment was my first place I got after I graduated from the academy. It was a place I would sleep at and occasionally hide from the world in, but your place feels more like home than mine ever did. Home for me is wherever you are," she murmured. "If the furniture thing is a big deal for you we can always go shopping and buy some new stuff. I'm not picky – I just want you," she whispered as she nuzzled the blonde's cheek.

"You are amazing," Alex murmured, tucking a finger under Olivia's chin to lift the brunette's lips so she could capture them in a slow sensual kiss, desperate to convey with that simple caress every ounce of love and adoration she held for the brunette. Desperate to try and make Olivia understand that home for her was wherever the detective was.

"Not again!" Jake's teasing voice called out as their kisses grew deeper and more impassioned. "Get a room!"

Olivia chuckled as she felt Alex smile against her lips. "What are you thinking Counselor?" she murmured, leaning in and kissing the blonde again softly.

Alex moaned softly and trailed a soft line of kisses over Olivia's cheek to her ear. "I'm debating the merits of my cousin's suggestion," she purred, running her tongue along the rim of the brunette's ear before capturing the lobe between her lips and teasing it with her tongue.

"Ah, Alex," Olivia squirmed under the onslaught of her lover's caress. "Baby. God that feels good," she moaned as Alex bit down on her earlobe. "Fuck. You already won one trophy today – do you really want to go for two?"

Alex huffed indignantly and pulled back from her lover. "Not really," she pouted as she leaned back against the arm of the chair and turned her attention to the game.

Olivia frowned as she looked over the clothes she'd packed for dinner her eyes roaming over a couple different pairs of slacks, nice button-down shirts, and even a sweater or two – she'd brought a selection because she wasn't entirely sure what would be considered appropriate attire. But from the looks of what Alex had changed into she'd severely misjudged the situation. "Are you sure? This isn't like some bizarre Cabot hazing ritual or anything is it?" she asked as she looked from her lover to her suitcase and back again.

Alex laughed and shook her head as she pulled the detective into a comforting embrace. "I swear to you Liv, jeans and one of those shirts would be fine. Or wear a sweater, it doesn't matter. Although if you do decide on a sweater I would like to request the red one," she pointed at her selection. "I love that one on you."

"You guys don't get dressed up for dinner?" Olivia asked, still having a hard time processing the fact that the Cabots, for all their class and obvious wealth, wore jeans to Thanksgiving dinner.

"No," Alex kissed the column of the brunette's throat tenderly. "But, you can if you'd like. All the grown-ups wear nicer clothes."

"Are you calling me old?"

"No," Alex shook her head and smiled. "You are not old. You're perfect."

"Nice save," Olivia chuckled.

"Thank you," Alex murmured as she began trailing her lips back up Olivia's neck with slow, languorous kisses.

"Mmm," Olivia hummed appreciatively as she felt Alex's lips crest her jaw and hover tantalizingly close to her mouth. "Why, may I ask, don't you all dress up for dinner?"

A corner of Alex's lips tweaked in a smirk as she replied, "There is a history of some fairly epic food fights at the Cousins' table. That's why the kids are stuck with the grandparents … apparently we're too much of a bad influence on their young, impressionable minds."

"Why is it," Olivia chuckled as she lifted her lips to Alex's, sucking the blonde's lower lip between her own and nipping gently at the captured flesh, "that I'm really not too surprised about that?"

"Oooooh," Alex groaned as Olivia's strong hands lifted and cradled her breasts over the thin material of her tank top. "God, don't tease me unless I'm allowed to play," she murmured warningly as Olivia's thumbs began brushing back and forth over her rapidly hardening nipples.

"Unfortunately, my love," Olivia pinched the blonde's nipples quickly before allowing her hands to fall uselessly to her sides as she turned back to her suitcase. "We don't have time to 'play' … dinner is in fifteen minutes."

"Fine," Alex grumbled as she began digging through her own bag for the shoes she'd packed for the evening. "But mark my words Detective, I will have my way with you before the night is over."


Chapter 15

Olivia took her seat beside Alex at the 'Cousins' table' and smoothed her napkin over her lap as she appraised Jake and Adam who were deep in conversation at the other end of the oversized oblong mahogany slab. Knowing what she did of the two men from the last twenty four hours, she had a feeling they were up to some kind of trouble. "Hey, Alex," she leaned in to whisper in her girlfriend's ear, "what do you think those two are up to?" she asked, pointing discretely at Adam and Jake.

Alex looked up and grinned, a mischievous twinkle in her eye as she placed a reassuring hand on Olivia thigh and leaned over to whisper something to Jill who was sitting on her right. Jill laughed and nodded, turning around to pull something out of a bag she'd stashed under the table. Olivia tried to see what it was, but the tablecloth kept whatever it was hidden from view.

"Here, Liv," Alex muttered out of the corner of her mouth as she set whatever Jill had given her on Olivia's lap. "Take this but keep it hidden."

Olivia frowned, running her hands over what felt like a cylindrical plastic tube with some kind of rubber nozzle on one end. "Wha…," she started to ask but was cut off by a quiet hiss from her lover.

"Not now, Liv," Alex groaned as she handed the brunette what felt like a handful of ice cold BBs. "Here, ammo."

"Oh shit," Olivia laughed softly as she looked down to find her palm full of frozen peas, this final piece of the puzzle helping her to identify the cylindrical plastic object in her lap as a pea shooter. "You weren't kidding!"

"Please," Alex scoffed. "I never lie … I will perhaps exaggerate from time to time for dramatic effect, but I never lie."

Jill, who had been busy handing out the munitions to their half of the table tucked her head and mouthed 'ready?' to Alex, who nodded and nudged Olivia, indicating with a nod of her head that the action was about to get underway.

"Hey, boys!" Jill called out merrily. "Guess what?"

"What?" Jake asked reflexively, looking up from whatever it was he was studying with Adam to lock eyes with his sister.

Jill grinned malevolently and lifted her primed shooter to deliver a solid hit to the middle of her brother's forehead. "That's what chicken butt!" she laughed hysterically.

The table, which had frozen at Jill's first catcall, exploded into a mass of activity, the girls loading and firing their pea shooters as fast as possible while Jake, Adam, John and Bryan pulled out multi-loader marshmallow guns and returned fire. Olivia and Lindsay, being the supportive girlfriends that they were, joined the fracas alongside their lovers in what had to've been the most ridiculous food fight in the history of the world – each of them doing her damndest to take out as many of the boys as possible. The rest of the spouses, however, reacted to the melee with a level of intelligence that had completely abandoned the normally brilliant Cousins, instinctively diving under the table for protection.

Adam, Bryan, Jake and John retreated to one end of the table, lining up their shots and firing with reckless abandon as Jill, Alex, Andy, Bryn, Olivia and Lindsay retreated to the other – ducking behind the table for protection as they returned fire. It was crazy. It was complete and utter chaos. Food was flying, people were laughing, it was glorious. It was the best fucking Thanksgiving dinner EVER. Not even two minutes into the fight the room was resembling something closer to a middle school cafeteria after a couple thousand kids had gone through it than the professional stately kitchen it actually was.

"Hey! Cool!" a small voice shouted exuberantly from the doorway joining the kitchen and the dining room. "The parents are having a food fight!"

"AWESOME!" a chorus of tiny voices echoed as all of the Cabot children raced into the room to join in the fun. Jake and Jill, having prepared for such an eventuality, handed off the appropriate weaponry as the little boys sided with the male cousins and the girls slid into place alongside their female counterparts.

At hearing little Davey's outburst Maggie jumped up from her spot at the 'grown-ups' table and raced into the kitchen, Carolyn and Jenny hot on her heels. The three 'moms' skidded to a stop just on the messy half of the threshold and stared.

"They came prepared this year," Jenny observed with a small laugh.

"Oh no!" Carolyn's disbelieving voice carried over the exuberant din as she quickly crossed the long kitchen until she was in the center of the mayhem. "No! Give that to me," she growled as she swiped the marshmallow gun out of Adam's hand and whacked him upside the head with it. "What the hell do you think you're doing young man?!" she demanded.

The Cousins froze before, as a cohesive unit in perfect synchronization, pointing to the group on the other side of the table than them and shouting, "They started it!"

"Oh no," Maggie shook her head as she joined Carolyn as an enforcer and took Jill's pea shooter out of her hand. "Did you buy these?" she asked her daughter.

Jill couldn't hide her smirk as she confessed with a small nod.

"Well done," Maggie grinned approvingly. "You're still in a shit-storm of trouble …"

"OOOOH! Gramma Maggie said a bad word! We get a dollar!" the grandkids called out merrily, holding their grubby little hands out expectantly.

"Fuck," Maggie muttered, causing the kiddos to laugh and hold out their other hand as well.

"Okay, first of all," Maggie turned to the supposed 'adults', "you lot will be paying the monsters," she hitched a thumb at the smiling kids. "And second of all…"

"I can't believe they took our guns," Adam grumbled as he dejectedly picked at his dinner with his fingers. After their impromptu war the 'moms' had decided that since the group was acting like children they should be treated as such, so they took every stick of silverware off of the table, citing the fact that since the Cousins had so much fun flinging food at each other they didn't deserve to have anything that could be used as weaponry.

"Yeah, this sucks," Jill grumbled as she lifted a piece of sliced turkey to her mouth and tore off a bite. "How the hell am I supposed to eat my cranberry sauce with my fingers?"

"Shouldn't have gotten in a food fight," Kim chuckled as she made quite a show of eating her dinner in a more civilized manner with a knife and fork.

"Shut-up Kim," the utensil-less warmongers grumbled.

"You're all just mad because you know she's right," Tim, Andy's husband, informed the sullen group.

"You're such a pussy Tim," Jake pointed a gravy covered finger at the bespectacled man. "Hiding under the table like a little girl. Hell – Liv and Linds joined in and this is their first dinner with the family!"

"Hey," Tim protested, dabbing at the corner of his mouth with his napkin.

"Shut up Tim or you're not getting any for a month," Andy glowered at her husband who, quite wisely, returned his attention to his plate without another word.

"This has got to be the craziest Thanksgiving dinner in the history of the world," Olivia muttered as she pinched some stuffing between her thumb and forefinger and lifted it to her mouth.

"Nah," Alex chuckled as she abandoned her food in deference to her glass of Cabernet. "Second craziest, sure, but definitely not the craziest."

The rest of the Cousins nodded their agreement while they picked through their turkey dinners with their fingers.

"Do I want to know?" Olivia asked hesitantly.

"One year we armed ourselves with super-soakers," Alex shared, a smile tweaking her lips at the memory.

"God, yeah! That year was EPIC!" Jill laughed.

"What did you do with the super-soakers?" Lindsay asked.

"Let's just say that if you water it down enough, gravy can get some killer distance," Jill shared, a wistful smile tweaking her lips as she replayed the memory of that fight in her mind.

Alex groaned as she dropped into an empty chair around the game table in the great room. The kitchen was once again pristine and the dishes were all cleaned and put away, the Cousins were exhausted after over an hour's worth of manual labor and now it was finally time to relax. "Okay," she asked as she straightened her glasses, "what's the game this year?"

Jill shrugged. "Dunno, BMOC Bryan wouldn't share until everybody got here. Where's Olivia?"

"Bathroom," Alex shrugged. "She should be here in a minute. C'mon Bry, what's the game?"

The neurosurgeon grinned as he answered, "Operation."

The rest of the group laughed out loud, torn between complete disbelief that one of their own would even try to create a drinking game around Operation and overall acceptance after last year's Chutes and Ladders marathon. Of course, last year they ended with fireworks and that kind of upped the cool factor of the evening … until the cops came out for a visit, that was.

Adam, bless his soul, was the first to gain enough control to ask, "So, what are the rules?"

"Well," Bryan laughed as he shook the board out of the box. "If you successfully remove the bone everybody else has to drink, if you miss you have to drink."

"Dude," Jill scowled at her cousin. "We'll all be fucking hammered by the end of the first game!"

Bryan frowned thoughtfully as he seriously pondered Jill's argument for a moment. "Isn't that the point?"

"Hmm," Jill pursed her lips thoughtfully. "Yeah, guess you're right. Okay, carry on," she waved a hand authoritatively.

"So, who's gonna go first?" Alex asked as she scooted her chair to the side to allow Olivia, who had just entered the room, a place at the table.

"Paper-Rock-Scissors?" John offered with an arched brow.

The rest of the group considered his suggestion for a moment before Bryn shook her head no. "Nah. That'll take too long. I got it. Everybody, put your fist in," she directed the group who obediently followed directions and held their fists out over the center of the table. "Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollers let him go, eenie, meenie, miney mo. My mother said to pick the very best one and you are it," she landed on Lindsay's fist. "Lindsay's starting us off this year."

"What are we drinking?" Olivia asked as she studied the group.

The cousins all grinned devilishly at Alex as they answered as a group, "Tequila."

Olivia grinned. "Okay. I officially love all of you."

"We know," Jill grinned. "We accept personal checks and gift cards to major department stores."

"And Amazon!" Adam laughed.

"Yeah," Bryn nodded in agreement. "Mamma's Kindle needs some new books."

Two hours later the entire group was three sheets to the wind and feeling no pain. "Drink!" they all yelled raucously at Jake who just missed removing the funny bone.

"So, what are we playing this year?" Maggie asked as she sauntered into the game room, not surprised in the least to find fifteen normally well-educated, fairly reserved, adults drunk out of their minds and swearing at a child's toy.

"Operation," Jake hiccupped after downing his shot. "Hi mom."

"Hello dear," Maggie smiled indulgently. "So, who's winning?"

"The fat zappy bastard," Jill grumbled dejectedly. She'd missed the little bone she'd been trying for on her last three turns and was beginning to really get depressed about the whole thing.

"I see," Maggie drawled.

"I named him Rudolph," Adam grinned drunkenly.

"Very creative Adam, honey," Maggie smiled at her nephew.

"Stop that Alex," Olivia whispered audibly as she swatted at her lover's hands that were busy trying to work their way under her shirt. Again.

"But Baaaaaby," Alex whined. "They're just so gorgeous and lonely … they're begging for me to play with them!"

Maggie laughed loudly at the couple's mini-altercation. "You lot," she pointed accusingly at the Cousins, "got her drunk on tequila on purpose – didn't you?"

The group, minus Alex and Olivia (who were still arguing over whether or not the brunette's breasts were 'lonely'), nodded. "Yep," Jill spoke for them all. "Abso-fucking-lutely! Look at her," she waved wildly in Alex's general direction but never once actually managed to point at her cousin, "she's all over her. Two more shots and we're going to have our own floor show!"

"Ooooh! Think we can convince her that giving Olivia a lap dance is a good idea?" John laughed, slurring his words only slightly.

"I can do lap dances," Alex nodded amenably. "I even know how to work a pole!"

"Wow," Andy chuckled as she squinted across the table at her baby sister. "Do we really want to know, Al?"

"I take a class," Alex turned imperiously on her sister. "It's AWESOME!"

"It is," Olivia nodded, taking hold of the blonde's wandering hands in both of her own. "Baby, stop," she muttered.

"I can't!" Alex argued plaintively. "They need their friends to keep them company, " she wiggled her fingers in front of Olivia's face as evidence as to what 'friends' she was talking about. "They're sooooooo lonely Liv! Oh! And look," she pointed victoriously at the brunette's obviously erect nipples. "See, they want me! They're saying, 'Alex, come play with us!'."

"Okay," Olivia finally relented with a quite murmur against the horny blonde's ear. "Let's go upstairs to bed. Say goodnight to your cousins."

Alex's eyes lit up and she nodded vigorously. "Kay. Night guys, I'm going to go have my evil way with Olivia – and if you make another recording Bryan," she leveled her suddenly clear eyes on her cousin, "I will let Olivia shoot you. No, wait," she paused for a moment as an even more brilliant idea came to mind. "I will tell her to shoot you – and she listens to me because she loves me."

Bryan wisely opted not to respond, instead just holding his hands up at his suddenly violent cousin in submission and understanding.

"Go get some girls!" Adam waved drunkenly with his hand that was holding the little tweezers for the game, which caused the red box to skitter across the table before falling off the edge.

"Adam!" the Cousins groaned as they all stared at the game that was now lying on the floor.

"Shit! Sorry!" he squeaked as he dove out of his chair to recover the tiny plastic bones off of the rug.

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