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Game Face
By mel


Chapter 16

"I am having the strangest sense of déjà vu right now," Olivia laughed as she fought to keep Alex off of her as they stumbled up the stairs to Alex's bedroom. She was just as inebriated as the supremely horny blonde, but she thankfully handled her alcohol with a little more decorum. "Baby, please. Let's just get into your room where we can lock the door and then you can do whatever you want to me, okay?"

This got Alex's attention. Even drunk out of her mind, she knew a good thing when she heard it. "Anything?" she clarified, leaning in and palming the brunette's breasts possessively.

"Yes," Olivia nodded as she, once again, peeled the blonde's hands off her boobs. "Anything you want, Baby, just let us get to the privacy of your room first."

"Okay," Alex nodded eagerly as she pulled her hands free of the brunette's. "Race ya," she called out laughingly as she abandoned her lover in the middle of the staircase and started running to her room. "Come on slowpoke – you promised me whatever I want!" she hollered over her shoulder as she cleared the final step and hurried down the hall.

Olivia just shook her head and smiled indulgently as she continued up the stairs en route to Alex's room at a much more controlled pace, savoring the anticipation that was building low in her belly for the remainder of the evening's activities. She looked around Alex's sitting area expectantly as she entered the room, somewhat surprised by the fact that she wasn't immediately attacked by the uber-aroused blonde. "Alex? Baby?" she called out as she crossed the front room to look into the bedroom that was also surprisingly empty. "Alex?" she tried again as she glanced into the en suite thinking that maybe Alex had gotten ill from her sprint up the stairs.

"I'm right here," Alex called out, her voice low, throaty, and pure silken sex.

"How did I get here before you?" Olivia asked as she turned to face her lover, her question answered by the two silk ties dangling from the blonde's fingertips. "Where did you find those?"

Alex smiled as she crossed the room and wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck. "I had to sneak into Adam's room and steal them out of his closet," she informed her lover in a seductive whisper before she leaned in and claimed the brunette's lips in a slow, sensual kiss.

Olivia smiled as they broke apart with quiet, appreciative gasps, and reached up to brush Alex's hair off of her brow as she asked, "And why do we need neckties?"

"I didn't bring my scarves, and you said I could do whatever I want to you," Alex reminded the brunette with a smile.

"I did, didn't I?" Olivia played along. "And what," she kissed Alex slow and deep, "did you have in mind?"

Alex licked her lips as she nuzzled the brunette's cheek with her nose. "I want to make love to you over and over again until we both pass out from sheer exhaustion," she whispered, dipping her hands under the hem of Olivia's sweater and running her hands over the skin she found.

"Mmm," Olivia murmured as she reciprocated the blonde's actions and snuck her hands under Alex's top. "That sounds like heaven."

"I thought so too," Alex winked as she worked her hands higher and higher, forcing Olivia's hands off of her as the brunette's sweater caught on her wrists and moved along with her until she was able to toss the garment aside and the brunette was left standing in her jeans and bra. Blue eyes darkened noticeably as she appraised her half-naked lover, her gaze zeroing in on Olivia's nipples through the sheer material of the brunette's bra. She slowly moved her left hand under the cup of Olivia's left breast as her right slipped around the brunette's back to deftly unhook the clasps holding the bra together. "Much better," she observed with a smile as she removed the bra and let it fall to the floor.

Olivia groaned as a teasing thumb brushed over her hardened tip and she immediately set to remove Alex's sweater as well – but the blonde put a quick end to that idea with a sharp pinch on the nipple she'd been toying with and a shake of her head. "Alex," Olivia whimpered, wanting so badly to feel Alex's body pressed against hers, skin to skin, breast to breast.

"Mm-mm," Alex shook her head with a coquettish grin. "You said whatever I want," she informed the panting brunette as she placed her hands on Olivia's hips and began pushing the detective backwards to the bed. "I want to touch you," she husked as she placed a hand on Olivia's shoulder and pressed the brunette back onto the bed. "I want to taste you," she continued her dissertation on her planned activities as she used her body to guide her lover farther onto the mattress, higher up the bed until her head was resting on a pillow. "I want to make you scream."

"Aaaalex," Olivia moaned, very much liking the sound of Alex's ideas.

"And," Alex smiled wolfishly as she ran her hands over Olivia's muscular shoulders and down her arms until she was able to twine their fingers together and move their joined hands out to their sides, "I am going to tie your hands to the bedposts so you can't make me stop," she purred.

Olivia knew that was what Alex had in mind the moment she spotted the accessories in the blonde's hands, but hearing the exact words spoken with the delicious weight of her lover straddling her waist was enough to drive every coherent thought straight out of her mind. "Oh god."

Alex just smiled and leaned in for yet another slow, sensual, deliberate kiss that grew hotter and hotter with every brush of lips, tongues dipping and diving into welcoming mouths, stroking, massaging, dueling for control until they finally were forced to break apart, gasping for breath. She licked her lips and delivered one last quick kiss to Olivia's lips before she took one of the ties that she'd commandeered and used it to secure the brunette's right wrist to the bedpost.

Olivia watched, chest heaving from the heat of their kiss as she watched Alex finish with her task and begin laying soft, wet kisses down the length of her arm, starting at her wrist and moving incrementally higher, each tender press of lips barely further along than the last. She reflexively wet her lips as her gaze focused on that finite connection of Alex's mouth against her body, concentrating on the visual of her lover's pale pink lips ghosting over her skin and drowning in the electric sensation every caress evoked. Higher and higher, past her elbow, over her trembling bicep, Alex's mouth venerated her. A sharp nip at the fleshy nape of her neck had Olivia gasping in surprise, a low throaty moan rumbling in her throat as Alex lovingly soothed the bite with her tongue.

Alex worked her way up the column of Olivia's throat, delivering an untold number of kisses to the sensitive column until she crested the brunette's jaw and worked her way over to what she thought were the most delicious lips in the universe. "I love you," she hummed as she kissed the corner of Olivia's mouth, purposefully not giving the brunette the firm contact she desired. "I love you," she whispered as she brushed her lips over her lover's before delivering another quick chaste kiss to the other corner of Olivia's mouth.

"Oh god," Olivia moaned wantonly as Alex's lips ghosted over her jaw and began working their way down the other side of her neck, kissing, licking, nipping sucking. "Mmm," she writhed as Alex's teeth scraped over her collarbone before moving onward, over her shoulder, past her bicep, taking time to truly worship the bend in her arm with soft lips, hot breaths and a deft wet tongue before continuing on.

Alex laid a soft kiss to the underside of Olivia's wrist before she carefully wrapped one end of the remaining silk tie around the joint, tying it off securely but not too tightly before lashing it securely to the bedpost. She sat back on her heels atop Olivia's hips and licked her lips as she drank in the sight before her. She bit her lip as she ran her fingertips over the plane of the bound brunette's chest, everything else in the room disappearing into a blurry fog as she began to slowly spiral the backs of her fingers over the circumference of Olivia's breasts.

She flicked her eyes up to look deep into Olivia's as she leaned in to slowly trace the perimeter of a perfect mocha nipple with the tip of her tongue, a soft sigh escaping her as she watched Olivia bite down on her lip after emitting a quiet moan and the brunette's eyelids fluttered closed. She rolled the breast she wasn't latched on to under her palm, dragging the pad of her thumb over the tip, teasing it to rigid attention. "So beautiful." She finished one last lap around the nipple she'd been tonguing before switching her oral attentions to the brunette's other breast, repeating her light, circular patterns with the very tip of her tongue.

Olivia writhed as Alex began laying soft kisses down her stomach, her eyes opening to focus on the blonde's path – desperate for the visual reassurance that her lover was indeed going where she was so urgently needed. "Oh fuck," she groaned as Alex began laying hot, heavy kisses to her abdomen as the blonde's hands worked open her belt.

Alex looked up and smiled at her lover's exclamation. "I think you have too many clothes on," she observed quietly, pleased to see that Olivia's only response was to lick her lips and nod in agreement. She flicked the button on the brunette's jeans open before sliding down the detective's lean body to pull the zipper down with her teeth. She buried her nose in Olivia's mound and inhaled the sweet musky scent of her lover's arousal, a low growl of lust rumbling in her chest at the scent – she needed to dip her tongue deep into that fragrant pool, needed to taste the extent of Olivia's desire.

"Aah…. Alex," Olivia gasped as the blonde's fingers worked their way inside the waistband of her jeans and underwear and began tugging almost violently against them. A quick look from Alex had her lifting her hips higher than necessary, putting the majority of her weight on her shoulders as she allowed the blonde more than enough room to remove the offending clothes.

Alex had to catch herself as she tossed Olivia's pants aside, fighting the nearly overpowering urge to bury in face in the brunette's sex and devour her. No. She would get there, but first there was so much more skin to taste, to touch, to excite, to feel. So she remained where she was at the foot of the bed and, making sure she had Olivia's complete attention, began running her fingers under the hem of her sweater. "Should I take this off?"

Olivia licked her lips and nodded vigorously, pulling experimentally at her restraints. She wanted to be the one to remove Alex's clothes, she wanted to expose the smooth planes of her lover's unblemished alabaster skin.

Alex watched Olivia tugging at her restraints, knowing instantly what the brunette was thinking and enjoying taunting her with her inability to get it. "I take it that's a yes?" she teased, lifting her sweater until it was bunched just below her breasts.

"Alex," Olivia rasped desperately.

Alex smirked and quickly removed the sweater, letting it fall to the ground beside her as she ran a teasing finger over the cup of her bra, enjoying the way Olivia's eyes burned with desire as the dark orbs tracked each and every movement she made against her breast. The low plaintive whimper that fell from her lover's lips spurred her onward and she held Olivia's gaze captive as she unhooked the front clasp on her bra, holding it closed for a moment before pulling it open and shrugging it off of her shoulders.

"Baby." The quiet plea fell from Olivia's lips on a breath and drove Alex forward as the blonde gave up her slow, tortuous strip-tease and quickly shucked her jeans and panties before she climbed back onto the bed, easily fitting herself between her bound lover's legs and leaning over Olivia in such a way that their nipples brushed against each other lightly.

Olivia writhed under the blonde's sensual torture, her body tingling with her need for Alex to touch her, with her need to touch Alex. "Mmm," she moaned as she felt Alex lay down atop her, hip to hip, breast to breast, and she eagerly met the blonde's searching lips with a deep, wet kiss. She tugged at her restraints again, wanting nothing more than to wrap her arms around her lover, but once again Alex's bonds held.

Alex could feel Olivia still testing her restraints below her and she smiled into their next kiss, eagerly sucking the brunette's invading tongue further into her mouth as she slid her hands up and down Olivia's sides in a way that she knew never failed to drive her lover crazy. She ran her hands down over Olivia's hips to the bend of the brunette's knees, pushing the woman below her open wider as she began to move her hands upwards slowly, so incredibly slowly over the sensitive skin of the brunette's inner thighs. Alex licked Olivia's lips as she broke their kiss and began laying hot, wet kisses down Olivia's body until her hands and mouth met at the brunette's very center. She slipped her hands around Olivia's hips to cup the brunette's ass, lifting Olivia to meet her mouth as she finally, finally delivered that first intimate kiss.

"Oh fuck," Olivia gasped, surprised by the sheer amount of electricity that flowed through her from that gentle caress. She tugged harder at her restraints, now absolutely desperate to tangle her hands in Alex's hair and hold the blonde's mouth to her, but only succeeded in irritating the skin on her wrists.

"Stop fighting," Alex murmured, punctuating her statement with a light flick of her tongue over the brunette's clit.

Olivia knew Alex was right, intellectually knew that pulling against her restraints would do nothing but cause herself injury, but she was helpless to stop her struggles. "Baby, please," she whimpered, rocking her hips up toward Alex's mouth.

Alex just shook her head and smiled before obliging to her lover's plea and again lowering her mouth to the brunette's wet, swollen folds. Starting at the bottom of Olivia's entrance she ran her tongue the length of her lover's sex, collecting the evidence of the brunette's arousal on her tongue, savoring the tangy sweet flavor as she circled the swollen bud at the apex of Olivia's slit before laying a broad flat lick across it.

Olivia managed to work her hands to where she could grab hold of the ties restraining her so she wasn't just being held back but was actually holding herself back as she writhed under Alex's quick and nimble tongue. God, how she loved the feeling of Alex's mouth on her. Her hips were rocking hard against Alex's mouth and she moaned gutturally as the blonde's grip on her ass tightened as Alex struggled to hold her still.

Alex held onto her lover firmly as she made love to Olivia with her lips, her teeth and her tongue, playing the brunette's body like a finely tuned instrument. Drawing out sounds and cries that under any other circumstance Olivia would vehemently deny every making. And she loved it. Loved each and every plea, whimper, cry, and scream that escaped the brunette as she loved her. A deft thrust of her tongue deep into the brunette had Olivia screaming her name to the ceiling, a series of fast, light flicks of her tongue over the pulsing bundle of nerves had Olivia chanting her name in supplication. It was the most enchanting symphony Alex had ever heard. And she needed more. Needed to hear more. So she dove back into her ministrations with a frightening amount of focus, teasing, flicking, sucking, stroking her lover higher and higher, reveling in every wonderful sound that tumbled from the brunette's lips.

Olivia, tied to the bed, unable to touch and forced to just feel, felt like she was on fire. Her quads were beginning to burn from holding her hips up, the delicious fire in her belly was spreading, coursing through her entire body until her ears were buzzing and the room was beginning to spin. And all the while Alex's tongue, that incredible, magical tongue, drove her higher and higher until she was convinced that she was, in fact, never going to come but instead stay trapped in this purgatory of pleasure.

She was sure, that is, until Alex slipped one hand around the outside of her thigh and over her hip and began rubbing firm, quick circles against her clit as the blonde's tongue began fucking her into ecstasy. "Oh god. Fuck." She writhed under Alex's firmer touch, her body winding itself tighter and tighter under the new stimulation until she was primed and ready to snap.

Alex gasped in surprise when Olivia's orgasm hit, the muscles of the brunette's channel convulsing so tightly that she was unable to remove her tongue until that first contraction eased. "Mmm, that's it Baby," she encouraged as pulled back, lightening her touch against Olivia's clit but never stopping her circular motions against the sensitive nub, trying to draw the brunette's orgasm out as long as possible.

Both of them were surprised with another climax hit the brunette before the first had even finished. And a third not long after that. Alex's fingers kept flying over Olivia's clit as she tried to see how long she could keep her lover trapped in her release, her mind sobering with each fluttering contraction of the brunette's muscles under her as she focused on giving Olivia as much pleasure as possible.

"Alex, Baby," Olivia sobbed as she convulsed with what felt like a never ending wave of frisson pleasure. She loved the feeling of Alex's touch, but the room around her was beginning to grow distinctly fuzzy along the edges the longer her release continued.

Understanding that Olivia was quite literally ready to pass out, Alex stopped the movement of her fingers against the brunette and quickly moved up over her lover to untie Olivia's hands. "Shh," she soothed as she released first Olivia's right hand, and then her left. "It's okay, Baby, I got you."

"Al … lex," Olivia croaked.

"I love you Liv," Alex reassured her, laying a soft kiss to the inside of each of Olivia's wrists which were rubbed raw from the brunette's attempts to free herself.

"Love … love you," Olivia murmured.

Alex laughed softly. "You're completely gone, aren't you?"

Olivia nodded. "Mmm. Gone."

"Well, come back to me soon Baby." Alex pressed a soft kiss to Olivia's parted lips before reaching down to pull the blanket up over them. "Love you Liv … so, so much," she whispered as she snuggled into Olivia's side and closed her eyes contentedly.


Chapter 17

"Almost ready to head downstairs?" Alex asked as she carefully folded her brother's ties and slipped them into the front pocket on her hoodie before turning her attention to Olivia who was perched on the side of the bed massaging some lotion onto her abraded wrists.

Olivia nodded and answered without looking up from her wrists. "Yeah."

"You okay Baby?" Alex murmured as she crossed to where her girlfriend was sitting on the bed. "Here, lemme see." She crouched down in front of Olivia and carefully took the Detective's right arm into her hand. "I didn't realize you were pulling at them so much," she sighed as she dipped her head to drop a soft kiss to the inside of the wounded wrist. "I really thought those ties wouldn't leave a mark, I'm sorry."

Olivia smiled gently as she pulled her arm out of Alex's grasp. "It's fine, Sweetheart," she assured the blonde. "Really," she insisted as she wrapped her arms around her lover and pulled Alex up onto her lap. "It was totally worth it."

"Mmm," Alex hummed happily as Olivia began peppering kisses onto her neck. "I love you Liv."

"Love you too Alex," Olivia murmured. "So, what's the plan for today?"

"Well," Alex drawled, a playful smile lifting her lips. "I know our original plan was to drive back tomorrow since you need to work on Sunday, but I was kind of thinking we could maybe head home a day early and…," she paused for a moment as she fiddled with the hem of her shirt.

"And?" Olivia prodded gently.

Alex shrugged shyly. "Maybe start bringing some of your stuff over to my… our place?"

Olivia smiled. "I think that can be arranged – but don't you want to spend some more time with your family?"

Alex sucked the corner of her lower lip between her teeth and shook her head, an almost guilty expression clouding her features. "I'd rather get you moved in with me. I'll see them at New Years."

Olivia frowned. "Not Christmas?"

Alex shook her head and smiled. "You have to be on call on Christmas because you got Thanksgiving off – so I thought I'd stay around the city to be with you. Our first real Christmas together."

"You are so freaking adorable sometimes," Olivia laughed softly as she pressed a soft kiss to Alex's temple. "I like the sound of that. A lot."

"Me too," Alex murmured, lifting her lips to capture Olivia's lips in a slow, tender kiss. When they broke their kiss she smirked and added, "Besides, I'm sure you've had more than your fill of the Crazy Cabot Clan and can't wait to get out of here."

"You would think so, wouldn't you?" Olivia chuckled. "But for as strange as this sounds – I actually like your family. They're a little unhinged at times, sure, but anybody can tell that you all love each other. I think it's nice. And it's definitely not boring around here."

"You just like that they got me drunk on tequila," Alex teased as she turned to bury her face in the crook of Olivia's neck.

"Mmm, that did work out to my advantage, yes," Olivia conceded with a grin. "I'll have to thank them for that one – what's an appropriate token of gratitude in your family?"

"That's between you and them, Baby," Alex chuckled. "Although I do seem to remember Jill saying something about personal checks or giftcards. Now, everybody should be down at breakfast already which will give me time to sneak back into Adam's room and put these ties away."

Olivia nodded and followed Alex out of her room into the hall where they were confronted with the door to Adam's room flung wide open and Jill and Lindsay standing in the doorway laughing hysterically. She leaned in close and whispered in Alex's ear, "Why is it that I'm thinking this is not a good thing?"

Alex turned and kissed the brunette quickly. "Probably because it isn't."

Having heard Alex speak, Jill turned to her cousin with a gigantic grin on her face. "Dude, Alex! Adam is totally freaking out right now. It's awesome!"

"Dude?" Alex hiked a brow questioningly. "Jill, I think you've officially spent too much time of the wrong coast."

Jill rolled her eyes dramatically. "Whatever. I happen to like it in San Fran. But look at your bro… what's up with that?"

Alex moved closer to have a better look into her brother's room, which was messier than it had ever been even during his teenage years. And certainly much, much, much messier than it was the night before when she'd snuck in there to purloin his neckties. "Looks like he's searching for something," she observed.

"Yeah," Jill nodded. "I thought I heard him say something about a red silk tie, but I can't be sure about that because the 'fucks' and the 'goddamn its' were kind of distracting."

"Oh," Alex drawled as she turned to face Olivia, a faint blush tinting her cheeks as she realized that the tie her brother was apparently looking for was stashed in the pocket of her sweatshirt at that very moment.

Jill caught the look that flashed between her cousin and Olivia and immediately knew something was up. "What?"

"Nothing," Alex replied quickly.

Unfortunately for her she replied too quickly and this only served to heighten her cousin's suspicions further. "Nuh-uh, not buying it. What's going on? What do you know about his missing…"

"Goddamn it!" Adam's exasperated voice interrupted her question. "I know brought two goddamn fucking ties. A red one and a blue one and I can't find either of them!"

Alex's blush deepened and Jill laughed loudly. "You didn't!"

Olivia bit her lip and looked down at the floor and shook her head. "Should have known they would find out about it," she muttered to herself.

Jill grinned as she appraised her cousin and Olivia. "So," she drawled playfully. "Who got tied up?"

Unfortunately for Alex and Olivia, Adam had stopped his tirade when he noticed the foursome outside his door so he heard Jill's question perfectly. "You stole my lucky ties for sex?!"

"Fuck," Alex chuckled. "Yeah, here you go bro," she pulled them out of her pocket and handed them out to her brother.

Jill grabbed hold of Alex's arm and lifted the sleeve of the ADA's sweatshirt to inspect her wrist. "No marks. Liv got tied up," she announced.

"Oh God," Olivia groaned.

Adam rounded on his baby sister. "Did you seriously tie Olivia up for sex with my lucky ties?!"

Olivia blushed as Alex nodded almost smugly.

"She's a fucking cop!" he yelled. "Doesn't she have handcuffs you can use or something?"

Jill laughed. "Please, Adam. You can't use the standard issue cuffs, they leave giant welts on your wrists from where you tug at them and you end up with huge, purple…," her voice trailed off as she realized what, exactly, she was saying and, most importantly, to whom she was saying it. "Oh."

"Oh," Adam repeated.

Alex nodded. "Jill's right," she confirmed. "You definitely don't want to use the plain steel cuffs."

"Oh God," Lindsay and Olivia groaned.

"Look, I don't see what the big deal is – your ties are just fine, I even hung them up when I was in the shower this morning so the steam would take the wrinkles out."

"You don't see what the big deal is?" Adam scoffed. "I have an important meeting with some very wealthy investors this morning…"

"Investors?" Lindsay whispered.

"He owns a couple clubs and bars up in P-town," Alex explained without taking her eyes off her brother.

"I thought he was a lawyer?" Olivia asked.

"I am!" Adam bellowed, obviously annoyed that the girls were directing the conversation away from the main issue at hand. "Business Law, boring paperwork non-jock law!"

"Well somebody has his panties in a twist this morning, doesn't he?" Jill chuckled.

"You took my lucky ties for sex!" he yelled, trying to get back to his original point.

"Heh," Alex laughed. "They were pretty lucky for me too, you should definitely wear one and put the other in your pocket or something… you know, double up on the good karma."

"You have ruined my lucky ties," Adam whined pathetically.

"They're perfectly fine," Alex argued.

"No they're not – you went and ruined the good Juju these ties held with your kinktastic sex games."

Alex crossed her arms over her chest and grinned. "You poured the tequila."

"Jill told me to!"

"Bullshit," Jill scoffed. "You were in on that just as much as the rest of us."

"Thank you for that, by the way," Olivia interrupted.

"No problem," Jill grinned.

"Ohmygod!" Adam yelled.

"Dude, Adam, don't be such a queen," Jill rolled her eyes. "So your sister used your lucky ties to have kinky sex with her girlfriend. What's the big deal?"

Adam's jaw fell open as he looked from one non-impressed woman to the next, astounded that they didn't see the harm in using his lucky goddamn ties for kinky sex. "You suck," he muttered as he took a step inside his room and slammed the door closed in the faces of the two extremely amused couples.

"Wow," Jill chuckled. "Well, that was certainly a fun start to the day. Who wants breakfast?"

"I'm pretty hungry," Alex agreed as she tucked her arm through Olivia's and began walking down the hall.

"So, what do you two have planned for today?" Jill asked as she pushed her empty plate away and leaned back in her chair. "When do you have to head back to the city?"

"Well, the original plan was to drive back tomorrow, but we were thinking about heading back this afternoon instead," Alex answered, smiling brightly as Olivia lifted their joined hands to her mouth to press a soft kiss to the back of the blonde's knuckles.

Jill looked from her obviously excited cousin to the smiling detective on her right and nodded knowingly. "You're anxious to start U-Hauling, aren't you?"

Alex nodded. "I am. How about you guys? Any big plans?"

"I was going to take Lindsay into the city, she's never been to Boston. Before you said you two were leaving early I was going to ask if you guys wanted to maybe go hit the town tonight with us – Adam was telling me yesterday about this great new club that just opened."

"That sounds like fun," Alex agreed.

"We don't have to go back today, Sweetie," Olviia murmured in Alex's ear. "We can still stay the day and drive back tomorrow like we'd planned."

Alex turned in her seat to look at Olivia. "But I want to get you…"

"Babe," Olivia chuckled. "It's not like I don't have clothes at your place anyways – I'll just swing by my place on my way home Sunday and grab some more stuff and bring it back with me then. It's not a big deal."

"Yeah!" Jill clapped happily. "I like her plan!"

"I dunno…" Alex drawled as she weighed going out with Jill and Lindsay (and most likely Adam and the rest of the Cousins) versus going back home to New York and getting Olivia moved into her apartment. Unable to make the decision herself, she asked Olivia softly, "Which would you prefer?"


Chapter 18

Alex looked around the club as they followed Adam in past the doorman and she was pleasantly surprised to find that the décor was almost posh with rich polished mahogany wainscoting bisecting the walls and rich, warm maroons cut with black and silver finishing the elegant look. The music inside the club was another pleasant surprise, instead of the typical blast your eardrums out of your head volume level that was the norm at most clubs, the music here was loud enough to set the appropriate atmosphere while not overpowering the space to where conversation would be impossible.

"Wow," Bryan whistled as he dropped into an oversized circular booth in the corner of the club that was reserved or them with a little sign that simply read, 'Cabot'.

Jill nodded her agreement as she fell in beside Jake. "Yeah. Do you know the owner?"

"You could say that," Adam chuckled as he spotted a familiar form weaving through the crowd and headed directly for them.

Alex followed her brother's gaze and smirked as she realized what, exactly, was headed their way. The man looked to be around her age and was the epitome of the old 'tall, dark, and handsome' pedigree with rich black hair and warm olive skin, and the grin he flashed their table was pure, unbridled sex. Seeing as the only unattached person at the table was her brother, she immediately put two and two together. He's been holding out on me, she thought as she kicked her brother under the table, winking her approval as he turned to her with a guilty grin. "How long have you been keeping this one a secret?"

"Few months," Adam replied vaguely as the proprietor stopped before the group. "Guys, this is Paul," he waved at his friend. "Paul, this is the crazy Clan Cabot."

Paul smiled warmly. "Pleasure to meet you all, I was quite disappointed when I learned that my schedule would not allow me to make it out to your Thanksgiving dinner," he greeted the group, his voice flowing smoothly with an enchanting English lilt.

"Okay, I love the accent," Mandy, Brian's wife, whispered approvingly.

"The rest of the package isn't bad either," Kim agreed, a slight flush creeping up her neck as she realized her observation hadn't exactly been quiet.

"Well, thank you," Paul replied with a small bow and a megawatt grin.

Adam laughed. "Well, now that he's obviously gotten the aesthetic approval of the group, let me introduce you all properly," he smiled and pushed up from his seat to wrap a possessive arm around the other man's waist. "Paul, I'd like to introduce you to my sister Alex and her girlfriend Olivia, and my cousins Jill, Jake, John and Bryan along with their distinctly better halves Lindsay, Michelle, Kim, and Mandy."

The group offered a friendly set of nice to meet you-s and hi-s as the cousins all studied this new suitor for one of their own with a skeptical eye. Paul, recognizing the fact that he was about to face the Cabot inquisition, graciously pulled up a chair and sat down at the head of the table. "Okay, before you start the interrogation – how about some drinks?" he offered genially as he waved a waiter over to take their orders.

Around an hour later they were polishing off their second round of drinks, Paul had long since earned the full approval of the group and they were now just joking around as a group and enjoying each others' company.

"Alright," Adam grinned as he finished the last of his drink. "Down what you have left and let's go hit the floor – I'll show you all how it's done."

"Excuse me?" Jill smirked. "You'll show us? Hate to break it to you bud, but you are so not the best dancer in the family."

"Well, we all know it isn't Bryan," Alex quipped, earning a round of hearty laughter from the Cousins.

Olivia looked to Bryan and hiked a brow questioningly, which he answered with a grin and a short, "I got the white-boy genes… can't dance to save my life."

"Who would you contend is better?" Paul asked. "Because, I must say, Adam can most certainly dance."

Deciding that since he'd already been identified as completely inept on the dance floor and therefore out of the running, Bryan took one for the team and spoke up. "Jill, Alex and Adam are probably the best of the group."

Alex bristled at not being named the best outright, and she had two strong margaritas in her system to provide just the right amount of righteous indignation to do something about it. "I'm the best," she informed Paul with a saucy smile.

"Nuh-uh," Jill argued playfully.

"You know what will solve this?" Jake offered.

"DANCE OFF!" Alex, Adam and Jill all shouted.

"We'll judge!" Jake yelled gleefully.

Paul laughed loudly as he allowed Adam to pull him to his feet and squeezed the blonde's hand affectionately before offering a simple, "I can help with this one. I'll see you out there," before disappearing into the crowd.

"Where's he going?" Olivia asked Adam as she and Lindsay were summarily yanked out of their seats by their determined girlfriends.

Adam shrugged. "Said he had an plan and that he'd meet us out there."

The women shared a look and shrugged before following Adam out through the mass of bodies littering the dance floor to the very center where Paul stood waiting with a mischievous grin. "You lot ready?" he asked as he watched the rest of the 'Cousins' stop behind the challengers.

"Bring it, Brit-boy," Jill laughed.

"Brit, Boy?" Paul laughed. "Oh, I love it! I will most certainly 'bring it'," he assured her as he pressed a button on his cell phone. Two seconds later the club's lighting changed and the music switched from the house track it was on to something distinctly more… sexy. "Shall we?" he held a hand out to Adam who grinned and took it eagerly.

"Game on, bitch," Jill muttered as she steered Lindsay to an open patch of floor.

"Ready?" Alex grinned as she maneuvered Olivia off to another open space.

"Would you care if I said no?" Olivia laughed.

Alex grinned. "I can always find somebody else to dance with me if you don't want to."

"Nobody besides me will ever dance with you again, Ms. Cabot," Olivia growled possessively as she grabbed hold of Alex's hips and pulled the ADA in close.

"I love it when you get all possessive," Alex laughed as she slid in close to Olivia and started moving with the music.

"Wow," Mandy muttered as she watched the three pairs really let go. "And we're supposed to pick who's the best of them?"

Jake nodded. "Yeah. I wasn't expecting Jill and Alex to put up much of a fight, but the girls have certainly gotten better since the last time we all did this."

"It's been like five years since they ended up in one of their 'dance-offs'," Bryan reminded him.

"Yeah," Kim agreed. The last one had definitely been rather amusing because Adam, Alex and Jill had all been single at the time, so they'd resorted to breaking out the cabbage patch, the running man, and the robot… among other, more forgettable moves.

"They definitely move better with partners," John voiced what everybody else was thinking.

The crowd around the Cousins realized that there was quite a show to be had in their midst and they all backed away from the groping, grinding, definitely very-dirty-dancing pairs to watch. Adam and Paul seemed to be the crowd favorite, but Alex and Olivia were putting on an equally entertaining performance. Jill and Lindsay were definitely the least talented of the bunch, but the majority of that had to do with Lindsay's apparent embarrassment over being the center of attention so she was a little stiff with her movement.

"Come on Alex!" Bryan yelled, which got the crowd around them yelling encouragement as well. Of course, it also prompted a few patrons who knew Paul to cheer him and Adam on just as loudly so Jake threw his support behind his sister and managed to eek out a few catcalls and whistles for her and Lindsay from the crowd.

Alex turned her back to Olivia and grinned lasciviously as she felt the detective's hands slide over her hips and draw her in tight. Crowd of pervy gawkers or not, she was enjoying dancing with Olivia. The tequila she'd drank earlier in the evening more than likely didn't hurt matters either, though. She lifted her hands above her head and bent them back to tangle in Olivia's hair as they ground against each other and she moaned loudly as she felt Olivia's mouth against her neck.

Olivia sucked against Alex's pulse point before releasing it and quickly spinning the blonde back around to face her. She winked as she slipped her thigh between Alex's legs and she moaned loudly when she felt Alex begin to grind herself down upon it. "You do realize what you're doing to me, don't you?" she growled as Alex's left hand wrapped around her neck and the blonde moved in closer so that their breasts were brushing against each other with each and every movement.

"I do," Alex assured her lover with a grin as she let her right hand fall to her side and swing seductively with her movement against the brunette.

"So, does this mean your family approves?" Paul chuckled as he danced closer to Adam, not at all put-off by the crowd surrounding them or the extra attention they were receiving.

Adam grinned and nodded as he moved with his boyfriend. "I think it does," he laughed.

"I must say, your sister moves quite well," Paul noted as he watched Alex and Olivia dancing together a few feet away.

Adam looked over and groaned. "She's gotten better," he muttered as he drew Paul in closer. "Time to up the ante – you in?"

Paul winked and turned up the heat in his own moves. "When am I not?"

Jill stole a glance at Alex and Adam and her jaw dropped when she realized that the two of them were basically having sex with their clothes on in the middle of the dance floor. Realizing that if she wanted to win she needed to step up her game, she moved in closer to Lindsay and leaned in to rest her forehead against her Inspector's. "Look at me," she murmured, forcing Lindsay's eyes off of the crowd that was surrounding them and onto her own ice blue orbs.

"Sorry," Lindsay muttered.

Jill smiled and captured Lindsay's lips in a hot, deep, hungry kiss that left the both of them gasping for breath. "Forget them, Lindsay Boxer," she purred. "Dance with me."

"I am," Lindsay argued weakly.

"No," Jill shook her head and reclaimed the brunette's lips in another scorching kiss as she physically moved Lindsay's right hand onto her ass. She flexed her fingers over Lindsay's, digging both sets of digits into the muscle, before letting go. She kissed Lindsay again when the brunette left her hand where it was. "Hold me close and dance," she winked as she began to move even more provocatively against her lover.

The Cousins and the Crowd broke into a thunderous round of applause and cheers and whistles when the song ended and the three pairs, who had gotten so wrapped up in each other that they'd forgotten the mass of people observing them, waved to their admirers.

Sensing a chance to really take the embarrassment level higher, and being the only one without a family member out in the melee, Bryan stepped out to stand with his Cousins as Paul pulled out his phone and muttered something into it. Bryan assumed that Paul was speaking to the DJ because the music stayed off and he grinned at him before turning to address the crowd.

"Did you like that show?!" he yelled and was answered with roaring cheers and more clapping and hollering. "Well, it all started because the three blondes," he waved at his cousins, "are an extremely competitive group and were all claiming to be the best dancer."

The crowd laughed and cheered some more.

"So, we need your help," he called out loudly, gladly passing the buck so that the losers wouldn't get pissed at them. "Who do you think was the best? Was it Adam and Paul?"

The crowd went wild – clapping, whistling, cheering, stomping their feet, and doing anything else they could think of to make noise.

Bryan ginned and gestured toward Jill and Lindsay. "Was it Jill and Lindsay?"

The crowd cheered loudly, but the sound level was nowhere near that which Adam and Paul received.

"Or was it Alex and Olivia?"

The crowd blew up, making just as much noise for the two women as they did for Adam and Paul. Bryan looked back at Jake and John for help but the two men just shrugged. The sound level sounded the same to them.

"Well, I think it's a tie," Bryan announced with a disbelieving laugh. "Should we have Alex and Adam go one on one?"

"YEAH!" Olivia yelled and, judging by the cheers from the crowd, everybody else in the club agreed.

Alex turned to face her lover and shook her head. "You traitor!"

Olivia smiled and leaned in to kiss Alex hungrily. "What can I say – I like watching you move."

"Another round it is!" Bryan laughed as he motioned Paul over. "Could you have your DJ put on something appropriate?"

"Not a problem mate," Paul assured Bryan with a grin as he pulled out his phone once more.

The music started back up and Alex and Adam turned to face each other. "Ladies first," Adam bowed gallantly.

Alex shook her head and grinned. "Nuh-uh big guy. It's your boy toy's club, you start us off."

"Okay," Adam grinned as he started dancing to the thumping house beat.

Alex rolled her eyes and muttered to herself, "I can't believe I'm doing this," as she, too, started dancing alongside her brother.

Olivia laughed as she was pulled into a one-armed hug by Bryan as they backed away from the now dueling siblings. "I can't believe you did that!" she told him.

"ME?!" Bryan squeaked. "I can't believe you backed me up! You do know that if she doesn't win you're not getting any later, right?"

Olivia just smiled and shook her head. "You're forgetting my secret weapon, my friend."

"Mister Petron?"

"Exactly," Olivia winked as she fell into line with the cousins to watch Alex and Adam dancing. "It's, like, Angry Alex's kryptonite."

Alex laughed loudly as she watched her brother start doing the running man. "We're not doing this again, are we?"

Adam winked and shrugged. "If you can't take the heat… have your forgotten your classic moves?"

"I don't think the running man counts as a 'classic'," Alex informed him as she started doing it herself. "But if that's how you want to play it, bring it on."

"Oh shit!" Jake laughed as he wrapped a conciliatory arm around his sister's shoulders. "Jilly, you should be happy you're out," he informed her, nodding indicatively at Alex and Adam who were now doing the sprinkler.

"Oh my god," Olivia laughed as she dug in her pocket for her phone. "I gotta get a video of this!"

Of course, as soon as Olivia got her phone switched to video mode the show only got better… or, worse, depending on your point of view.

"Oh my god," Mandy laughed as she pointed out at the dance floor. "I can't believe they're really doing that one!"

'That one' being the cringe-tastic move where Alex pantomimed casting a hook and 'catching' Adam who gyrated and flailed all the way back to her.

"Wow," Paul muttered, a look of pure disbelief on his face. "Do they always act like that when they're together?" he asked as he watched Adam and Alex slipping seamlessly from the fishing thing to the robot.

"Actually, from what I've seen in the last few days, this is pretty well behaved," Olivia informed him.

"Yeah," Jake grinned. "At least they haven't… done… that. Never mind."

The group stared slack jawed as Alex and Adam started doing the swim, which Adam segued into a rather impressive moonwalk while Alex did a little bit of vogue-ing. Madonna and Michael Jackson impersonations completed, Adam spun Alex around as they both laughed hysterically and began dancing more normally to finish the song.

When the song ended the crowd went wild and Alex and Adam graced their audience with a couple of rather theatrical bows before he picked her up and spun her around in a circle laughing as they were surrounded by the rest of the Clan.

Olivia opened her arms and Alex laughingly fell into them as she buried her face in the detective's neck. "I can't believe you did that," Olivia laughed as she wrapped her arms around Alex's waist and held her close. "You two are insane!"

"So who's the best?!" Bryan yelled. "Adam?!" he grabbed Adam's arm and hefted it into the air as the crowd clapped and cheered. "Or Alex?!" he held his arm out at the ADA who was still hiding in her lover's embrace.

The Cousins shared a look as they gauged the crowd's noise level and came to a unanimous decision. "ALEX WINS!" they yelled as a group.

Alex laughed and let go of Olivia long enough to go back out for another bow and a wave before she yelled at Paul, "Okay, now get your DJ to start the music back up so I can go hide!"

Paul smiled and obligingly rang the DJ back up, and moments later the music was pumping through the club's speakers and the crowd that had gathered broke up. "Better?"

"Much," Alex sighed. "Thank you. I think I need another drink after all that."

Paul nodded an motioned another server over. "What'll it be?"

"Petron," Alex informed the waiter. "Just… bring the bottle and some glasses and we'll take care of the rest."


Chapter 19

Olivia stole a quick glance at her watch as the table around her erupted into gales of laughter over the retelling of one of Adam's more embarrassing moments involving caramel sauce, rollerblades, a riding crop, and a Superman costume. Her peripheral vision caught sight of an arm sneaking across the table in front of her and she reflexively reached out to grab the offending wrist.

"What?" Jake grinned.

She stared at him challengingly. "No."

"No, what?" Alex asked as she turned to the argument taking place to her left. "Oh! More tequila, you're awesome Jakey. Fill 'er up!" she cried happily as she held her glass out for her cousin.

"I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it," Olivia growled at the smirking blonde who was happily refilling Alex's glass.

"Hey! Don't blame me," he grinned as he set the bottle back down in the center of the table. "She asked for it."

"You guys didn't get enough of a show last night?" Olivia retorted, her voice giving away her pure exasperation at the situation, as she watched Alex drink the tequila in her shot glass in a single gulp.

"What are they talking about?" Paul asked with a grin. After some of the stories the group had shared in their quest to one-up each other by sharing embarrassing stories, he had a feeling that this would be an entertaining one indeed.

Alex didn't hear her brother's boyfriend's question because she got distracted by Olivia's breasts. Again. "Liv, please?"

"No, Alex," Olivia murmured. She was beginning to hate whoever it was that invented tequila.

Alex licked her lips and smiled seductively, or as seductively as she was able to considering her modest level of inebriation, as she argued pitifully, "Liv, but they're so…"

"Lonely!" The Cousins yelled and promptly fell into a hysterical fit of giggles. Alex wasn't the only one who was feeling the effects of Mister Petron.

"I'm sorry?" Paul frowned. None of this was making any sense to him.

The Cousins were still laughing hysterically so Olivia bit the bullet and explained the situation to the Englishman. "Tequila makes Alex horny," she muttered as she grabbed hold of her girlfriend's wandering hands. Again. "Very, very horny."

A wide grin stretched his lips as he watched the short haired detective grab hold of Alex's wandering hands. "I understand completely," he assured her as he wrapped an affectionate arm over Adam's shoulders. "It's vodka for Adam."

"It's tequila for Jill too," Lindsay chimed in, her voice breaking off in a strangled gasp as she jumped out of her seat and turned to glare at her girlfriend.

"What?" Jill asked, batting her eyelashes and smiling innocently as she returned her wandering hand to her own lap.

"White wine for Bryan," Mandy chimed in.

"I'm telling you, that boy has a touch of the gay in him," Alex whispered loudly at her brother who grinned and reached across the table to give her a fist-bump.

"Hey!" Bryan yelled.

"Honey, you do," Mandy placed a hand on his wrist affectionately. "But it's okay, really, I still love you."

"Oooooooooh!" the Cousins sang merrily.

Olivia, who had gotten distracted by the attack on Bryan's masculinity, failed to notice that Alex had worked one of her hands free until that hand found her crotch. "Hiyee!" she yelped as knowing fingers cupped her through her trousers and began massaging her roughly.

"Everything okay over there?" John laughed as Olivia quite obviously removed Alex's hand from her crotch.

"You have no grounds to tease me John," Olivia glared. "Your wife was the one asking me for pointers for you, remember?"

This reminder, of course, caused the Cousins to start laughing raucously once more as John gave an embarrassed nod and murmured, "Touché, Olivia, touché."

"I will never miss a Cabot family function again," Paul murmured.

Realizing that Olivia wasn't going to let her put her hand back onto the detective's crotch, Alex moved their joined hands to her own as she leaned in to whisper teasingly against Olivia's ear, "I am so wet for you right now."

"Oh god," Olivia groaned, her eyes reflexively fluttering closed as she felt the heat emanating from Alex's center through her slacks.

The group turned to watch as Olivia's cheeks flushed and Alex whispered something else into her lover's ear and punctuating whatever she was saying with a slow, deliberate kiss to the brunette's lips before sliding gracefully out of the booth. "We're gonna go dance a bit," Alex informed the group. "Don't have too much fun without us."

"I think that sounds like a plan," Jill agreed as she pushed at Lindsay's shoulder indicatively. "We'll go back out too."

Soon the table was once again empty as the group descended on the dance floor, this time breaking off in their own directions so they'd be able to enjoy themselves without the rest of the Cousins mocking their dancing skills, or lack thereof, as the case may be.

Alex smiled as she wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck and danced in close to the laughing brunette. "I love you."

"I love you too," Olivia replied seriously as she leaned in to capture Alex's lips in a slow, searing kiss that was the perfect blend of adoration and desire.

"Mmm," Alex purred as the need for air caused them to break apart. "You having fun?"

Olivia smiled and tightened her grip on Alex's hips, pulling the blonde in closer onto the thigh she'd snaked between her legs. "Absolutely," she answered with a grin as she watched Alex's lids flutter closed and her head fall back as she rocked down hard onto her leg. After a few minutes of slow grinding the song that was playing ended and was promptly replaced with one that was faster and heavier on the thumping bass which spurred Alex to grind faster and harder against her leg. She tightened her grip of Alex's hips as they moved against each other in a controlled frenzy of erotic motion.

The faster song eventually gave way to one that was distinctly slower, the beat of the pounding bass thumping at a speed that reminded Olivia of a steady heartbeat. The beat was hypnotic and seductive. Erotic. Carnal. It was, quite simply, sex personified and Alex moved to it with a fluid ease that caused strangers around them to stop and stare and had Olivia feeling as if it were way too warm inside the crowded club.

Alex smiled as she moved in closer, slipping her own leg between Olivia's as she rocked against the brunette's. She licked her lips and smiled as she ran her hands over Olivia's shoulders and down her strong back until she was grasping her lover's hips and guiding them against her own. She pulled Olivia into her easy rhythm and they moved together, beat for beat, hips rocking and pushing together as the need to feel, the need to be felt grew to a nearly overwhelming level. She leaned in to kiss Olivia hungrily, achingly aware of the way her pulse was pounding in her veins, her lips, her clit; all of her aching, straining, needing to be touched, stroked, caressed, fucked.

Olivia watched Alex's mouth fall open as the blonde leaned in touch their foreheads together as they moved. She moaned softly as Alex's fingers dug into her back, pulling her closer as they swayed together. She knew this was a dangerous game they were playing but found herself unable, or, more precisely, unwilling, to stop. It felt too good. Alex felt so good that she didn't want to stop.

Part of her wanted it to go on forever.

Enjoying the tease, the promise of what would undoubtedly happen later when they were alone, she spun Alex around in her arms and pulled the blonde roughly against her as she began a slow, rotating grind against her ass. She lowered her lips to the long, graceful column of Alex's throat and worshipped it with hot, wet, heavy kisses that drew strangled gasps and moans from Alex's lips.

Alex groaned as Olivia's hips rhythmically bumped against her ass and she backed into the touch, wanting, needing more of it. "Liv," she moaned as she reached behind her head to tangle her fingers in the detective's hair as she rocked herself back harder into Olivia's hips.

"You feel so good," Olivia murmured, daring to run her hands up Alex's stomach until they were resting just under the blonde's heaving chest.

"More," Alex whimpered as she rocked against her lover.

"We'll be going home soon, Baby," Olivia murmured against Alex's ear.

Alex whimpered and spun back around in her partner's arms. Home sounded wonderful, but she wasn't going to make it that long. "Can't wait," she groaned before she crushed her lips to Olivia's in a hungry, devouring kiss that was full of desperate need. "Need to feel you," she grunted softly as they broke apart. "Need you to touch me," she elaborated roughly as she thrust her hips forward into the brunette's.

"Oh, God," Olivia groaned as Alex began sucking hungrily against her neck. "So good. Fuck," she gasped as Alex bit down roughly on the spot she'd been teasing with her lips. "Baby, not here," she murmured as she took a small step back away from her lover.

"Liv," Alex moaned.

"I know," Olivia assured her. "Let's go… find… somewhere…" her voice trailed off as she spotted the restrooms just to the left of the bar. Not exactly private, but good enough considering the state Alex was worked up into. "Follow me," she muttered against her lover's ear as she took hold of her hand and led the way across the dance floor.

They eased past the bar which had a crowd three deep waiting for drinks and slipped into the women's restroom that was thankfully not too crowded. Olivia was pleased to see that the restroom was as classy as the rest of the club, the stalls having actual walls between them and thick, heavy looking doors which would provide the optimum amount of privacy. Certainly much more than she'd been expecting. She opened the door to the largest stall and ushered Alex inside, neither of them noticing the smirking glances that were shot their way as they slipped out of sight.

As soon as the door was shut, and locked, their mouths became fused together as Olivia pushed Alex back against the wall, possessively grabbing both of the blonde's thin wrists in her hands and pinning them above their heads as she forcefully claimed Alex' lips with her own. She thrust her tongue past parted, inviting lips and vigorously stroked deep inside Alex's mouth, demanding the blonde's submission. Submission which Alex readily gave, eager to feel her lover's hands and mouth upon her body.

"Liv, please," Alex gasped as they broke apart, arching up into her lover, delighting in the feeling of Olivia's breasts pressing into her own.

Olivia groaned and gathered both of Alex's wrists in her left hand as she slid her right down to roughly palm Alex's left breast as she laid a series of hot, heavy kisses across the blonde's jaw to the sensitive spot just below her right ear. "Mmm," she moaned appreciatively as Alex writhed against her. She delivered a none-too-gentle nip to Alex's pulse point, which earned her another strangled gasp of pleasure, before moving her mouth to reclaim the blonde's lips in a deep, hungry kiss.

"Fuck yes," Alex whimpered as she felt Olivia's hand slide down her stomach. "I need you Liv," she pleaded as the brunette quickly opened and unzipped her slacks.

"I know," Olivia growled as she tightened her grip of Alex's wrists above their heads and deftly slid her hand into the blonde's pants, a low moan escaping her as her hand encountered a veritable ocean of want. "My god, Alex," she gasped as she easily slid two fingers deep into her lover.

"Mmm, yes, Liv," Alex moaned softly as Olivia pushed into her and the heel of the brunette's palm crashed into her straining clit.

Olivia, aware of the fact that they had to be quiet but thankful for the music pumping in through the speakers in the ceiling so they didn't have to be silent, covered Alex's mouth with her own as she began a steady, hard pace in and out of her needy lover. In and out, through tight, clinging velvet that sought to draw her in deeper and fought to keep her from retreating. She would never tire of this feeling. Of feeling Alex around her fingers. "You feel so good," she murmured as she pulled back to breathe, her body responding violently to the lust she saw swirling in Alex's stormy blue eyes.

"I think that's my line," Alex chuckled throatily as she rotated her hips into Olivia's hand, eagerly dropping her hands to the brunette's shoulders as Olivia released her wrists. "My God Liv, the things you do to me," she murmured as Olivia's left hand moved under her shirt, pulling down the cup of her bra to eagerly massage her breast. "Fuck," she hissed as the brunette pinched her nipple and pushed up deep into her. "So good," she whimpered as Olivia continued to play at her breast, causing the fire in her belly continued to grow hotter, intensely hotter with each pinch and every thrust of the brunette's hand.

"That's it, Baby," Olivia encouraged as she pushed in deep and rocked her palm hard against Alex's clit as she roughly rolled Alex's nipple between her thumb and forefinger, delivering the perfect blend of pain and pleasure that never failed to push the blonde over the edge. She watched Alex attentively as she fucked her, delighting in the sheen of sweat that beaded the blonde's brow and the flush that crept up her cheeks. Alex was always beautiful, but she was even more beautiful when she came. Recognizing the signs of Alex's impending release, she dove back in and claimed her lover's lips with her own, hungrily swallowing the cries of pleasure that escaped Alex as wave after pleasurable wave rolled through her.

When the need for oxygen became too great, Alex turned her head to the side and gasped for breath as her body continued to convulse around Olivia's fingers. "Oh god," she moaned, lifting her left hand to her mouth to muffle her words. "So good. So. Fucking. Good."

"Mmm," Olivia agreed wordlessly as she nibbled against Alex's throat as the spasms rocking the blonde's body slowed until, with a final tensing and easing of muscles, Alex relaxed against the wall.

They stayed there, joined together in the most intimate of ways until Alex came back to herself enough to press a soft kiss to Olivia's lips and reach down to gently direct her lover's hand away from her body. "Thank you," she murmured as she guided Olivia's hand from her pants.

"My…" Olivia started but forgot what she was going to say as she watched Alex lift her hand and cover her fingers with her mouth. "Oh god," she moaned as Alex's tongue stroked and swirled around her fingers, cleaning every last trace of herself off of them.

"Alex is fine," the ADA grinned. "I love you."

"Love you too," Olivia murmured, leaning in and kissing Alex hungrily. "We need to get home."

Alex licked her lips and nodded. "I agree. Let's get cleaned up and we'll get out of here."

"Mmm," Olivia murmured between kisses as Alex forcefully led her backwards through the sitting room and into the bedroom. She had cooled down after their encounter at the club, but the moment they had made their way up to the second floor and Alex's mouth and hands were back upon her body she found herself immediately ready and desperate once again.

"Want you," Alex grunted as she worked Olivia's shirt off and made quick work of the brunette's bra as well.

"Oh God," Olivia moaned as Alex's hands palmed her breasts possessively and the blonde's long, nimble fingers began rolling and tweaking her nipples, sending jolts of electricity coursing through her body to settle in a flood of desire between her legs; she wanted nothing more than for Alex to take her.

"Do… you… trust… me?" Alex asked between hot, hungry kisses as she worked her way down Olivia's throat to take an already erect nipple into her mouth.

Olivia moaned and arched her back, trying to force more of herself into Alex's mouth. "Yes," she gasped as she tangled one hand into messy blonde silk to hold Alex to her breast.

Alex smiled around the captured nipple and lashed it with her tongue. "Mmm," she hummed as she sucked hard against the pebbled tip as she pulled away, stretching the bud until it fell from her lips with a wet pop. She lifted her head to kiss Olivia hungrily, thrusting her tongue deep into the brunette's mouth and exploring it eagerly. When the need for air forced them apart, she looked deep into Olivia's eyes as she whispered throatily, "I want to fuck you."

"God yes," Olivia pleaded as her sex and her nipples clenched expectantly.

Alex growled and claimed Olivia's mouth once more in a series of long, hard, deep, devouring kisses that left the both of them gasping for breath. "Where did you put it?" she asked as the need to take Olivia overwhelmed her and she began literally ripping her clothes from her body.

"What?" Olivia asked, as she mimicked the blonde's actions and began pulling off her remaining clothes as well.

Alex licked her lips and winked. "Woody."


"Mmm." Alex nodded. "I named him Woody. Where. Is. He?"

Understanding dawned and Olivia's mouth formed a perfect 'O' as she realized what Alex wanted. Not that she was necessarily opposed, per se, but it was certainly something new for them. "In the nightstand," she whispered.

"May I?" Alex asked, wanting to make sure it was something Olivia was comfortable with.

"You want to ?"

"Mmm," Alex nodded, her smile wolfish and her eyes hungry. She definitely wanted to.

"Okay," Olivia whispered, laying a tentative kiss on Alex's lips.

Alex smiled and leaned around her willing lover to open the nightstand drawer and pull out the toy. She quickly stepped into the harness and smiled as Olivia bushed her hands out of the way to readjust the straps to fit her slimmer frame. Once everything was in place, she pulled Olivia in close and kissed the brunette tenderly, the toy phallus pushing up against her stomach as their hips pressed together.

"I want you," Alex murmured as she ran her hands up and down Olivia's sides, brushing over the outer swell of the brunette's breasts with each pass. She rolled her hips forward gently as she kissed Olivia, letting her get used to the idea of being on the receiving end of the appendage. Once she felt Olivia relax, she used her hips to nudge the brunette backwards onto the bed and climbed up right after her, using her body to steer them both up towards the pillows.

Olivia palmed Alex's breasts as she settled back against the pillows, pleased that the blonde seemed to want her this way, where she could look, kiss, and touch wherever she wanted as Alex took her. Now that the shock of Alex's sudden request had worn off, she was eagerly looking forward to it.

Alex smiled and grabbed a pillow from the side of Olivia's head, pulling it with her as she sat back onto her heels. "Lift," she instructed with a tap on Olivia's hip. The brunette complied easily and she quickly slid the pillow under Olivia's hips. "Perfect," she murmured as she ran a finger through the wet, swollen folds that were now open and displayed for her.

Olivia writhed under Alex's touch, her entire body jerking violently as those teasing, searching fingers brushed over her clit, and she moaned wantonly as she watched the blonde take the arousal she'd gathered on her fingers and coat the length of the cock with it. "Please," she begged, rocking her hips up towards the hovering appendage. She'd had more than enough foreplay, she just wanted to get on with it.

Alex smiled and used one hand to guide the toy into position as she placed her other hand on the outside of Olivia's hip. She rocked forward in a series of slow, teasing thrusts that did little more that push gently at the brunette's opening with never actually penetrating. She savored the sight of Olivia spread open below her and waiting expectantly for that first, definitive push that would bury the length of the toy inside her. "You are beautiful," she murmured as her eyes raked up the brunette's torso, past full, heavy breasts to settle on her lover's smoldering mahogany eyes.

"Alex," Olivia murmured with a playful smirk.

"Hmm?" Alex asked as she stared into Olivia's eyes and continued her light, teasing rocks.

"I thought you were going to fuck me."

Alex's breath hitched in her throat and she licked her lips as she nodded. "I am," she agreed as she finally pushed her hips forward with enough force to drive the toy in to its hilt, a frisson of pleasure rolling down her spine at Olivia's loud moan of pleasure at the penetration.

"So good, Alex," Olivia gasped as Alex's hips rocked back slowly and thrust forward again.

Alex bit her lip and leaned forward, resting her weight on her hands so she could stare down into Olivia's eyes as she set a steady rhythm, enjoying the sensation of Olivia rubbing, clenching, grasping the length of the cock and pressure the strap between her legs rubbing against her clit with every plunge and retreat of her hips. "You feel so good," she murmured as she found her stroke. "So good," she groaned as she felt Olivia's walls clamp down along the shaft, fighting its departure as she rolled her hips back.

"I think," Olivia smiled as Alex drove back into her, "that's my line," she finished with a moan as the blonde buried the cock inside her and began rolling her hips in a circular grind against her clit. "Fuck, so good."

"Mmm," Alex moaned in agreement as the strap against her clit mimicked the circular motion she was grinding against Olivia. She gasped as Olivia's hands latched onto her breasts, rolling and kneading the mounds as she hovered above her, the dual sensation pushing her that much closer to the edge. Determined to see Olivia come first, she set to her stroke with a newfound level of energy, her hips rocking back and rolling forward at a steadily increasing tempo until she was literally slamming her hips into Olivia at the end of every thrust.

Olivia gasped at the blonde's more forceful thrusts, delighting in the electric pulse that shot through her every time Alex's hips pushed into her clit, and moved her hands from the blonde's breasts to the sheets beside her as she rode the wave that was building with a frightening intensity inside her. "So good, Alex. Fuck. Baby. So goddamn good," she grunted as Alex pounded into her.

Alex pushed herself harder and faster, grunting in exertion as she drove each thrust home. She watched Olivia's head thrash from side to side and knew that the brunette was close, so incredibly close. As she pulled out after a particularly ferocious thrust, she shifted her weight onto her right arm and slid her left hand down Olivia's body and used her thumb to press firmly against the brunette's swollen, pulsing clit rubbing it in tight, tight circles as she buried the length of the shaft inside her again.

"Aaaaaaalexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!" Olivia screamed as she came undone, her walls clenching around the toy buried inside her and holding it there.

Alex came with a small gasp not long after Olivia and once the overwhelming force of her orgasm eased to a series of trembling, quaking spasms she began thrusting slowly, gently in and out of her lover – using the friction of the toy inside Olivia and the strap against her clit to extend both of their orgasms for as long as possible.

When the final tremor left them both gasping for breath, Alex gently pulled out and quickly unhooked the harness. She tossed the toy onto the blanket at the foot of the bed, and pulled the pillow out from under Olivia's hip, before she settled back down and covered Olivia's body with her own. Hip to hip, breast to breast. Not one inch of skin ignored or neglected. "Mmm, Liv," she purred as she nuzzled the brunette's cheek.

"You were pretty mmm, yourself, Ms. Cabot," Olivia replied with a silly smile.

Alex smiled and laid a soft kiss to Olivia's lips. "I liked that," she confessed softly. "A lot."

Olivia grinned and turned to capture Alex's lips in a slow, sensual kiss. "I liked that too," she whispered once the kiss broke. "A lot."


Chapter 20

Alex looked around the bedroom with a careful eye, searching for anything that either she or Liv might have forgotten to pack, but nothing caught her eye. The room was pretty well spotless. The bed was stripped with the sheets piled on the floor near the door for the housekeeper to collect for the wash, and their towels, still damp from their morning shower, were piled atop those. She'd opened the drapes once they were both dressed and the morning sun streamed through the large windows warming the room and for the life of her, she couldn't find anything else to do.

"Hey," Olivia murmured as she slid in behind her pensive looking lover and gathered the blonde in her arms. "You okay?"

Alex nodded and smiled softly to herself. "Yes. More than okay. Today we head home and start the rest of our lives together."

"Mmm," Olivia hummed as she pressed a tender kiss to Alex's neck. "I like the sound of that. Should we go have some breakfast before we hit the road?"

"I think that sounds like an excellent plan," Alex replied as she spun in Olivia's arms to wrap her own around the brunette's neck. "I love you."

Olivia smiled and leaned in to kiss Alex gently. "As I love you."

Alex shuddered as a pleasurable chill ran down her spine at the feeling of Olivia's lips gliding against her own. "We better get moving," she murmured, kissing Olivia chastely for emphasis. "Because if we stay in here and you keep kissing me like that, we're never going to get out of here."

Olivia licked her lips and grinned, but before she could respond the sounds of arguing voices interrupted her. "Who's that?" she wondered.

Alex furrowed her brow and listened closer. "Sounds like Jill. C'mon, let's go see what's going on," she said as she pulled away from Olivia's embrace. She crossed the room quickly, unlocked and opened the door to the hall and, remembering the year of the errant lacrosse ball, tentatively stuck her head out to see what was going on. "Oh my," she chuckled.

"What?" Olivia asked as she followed Alex out into the hall. "Oh," she murmured as the 'what' became instantly obvious.

Jill and Adam had obviously been wrestling inside Jill and Lindsay's room over something sparkly before their fracas spilled out into the hall. The skinny DDA was jumping around like an angry monkey and Adam was laughing hysterically as he danced and dodged her reaching, seeking hands. From where they were standing Alex and Olivia couldn't see exactly what it was, but by the nearly fuchsia hue of Jill's skin it was undoubtedly something embarrassing.

"Give it here," Jill growled as she shoved Adam back into the wall.

Adam laughed and held the object straight up above his head so that Jill couldn't reach it. "Nuh-uhhhhh," he sang as he squirmed away from her. "I can't believe you got a sparkly one!"

"What is it?" Olivia muttered.

Alex cocked her head and stared intently at the item in her brother's hand until she realized what it was. "Oh my god," she chuckled. "Let's just say it's a good thing Woody is safely packed away."

"Oh," Olivia drawled.

"Dammit Adam!" Jill screeched. "This isn't funny. Give. It. Back!"

Olivia looked from the sparkly dildo to Alex and grinned. "Didn't Abbie have a sparkly one?"

Adam hopped around Jill and ran back into the DDA's bedroom as he sang, "Nah-nah-na-na-na, you can't catch me."

"That's right!" Alex laughed as she reached down to take Olivia's hand, tugging the detective into step as she moved to follow the show into Jill's room. "Maybe Lindsay and Abbie are genetically predisposed to liking sparkly strap-ons," she hypothesized as they stopped inside the door to watch Jill execute a perfect flying tackle which sent both she and Adam onto the unmade bed. "Wow, wonder when she learned how to do that?"

"They better watch out for those open suitcases," Olivia noted. "It'll hurt if they land on one of those reinforced corners."

"Do I want to know how you know that?" Alex smirked.

"Probably not," Olivia muttered.

"Give. It. Back," Jill growled as she dove for the toy in Adam's hand.

Of course, this was the moment Lindsay wandered out of the en suite, looking down at the shirt she was finishing buttoning up as she asked, "Hey, Jill, have you packed Edward? Whatever bag he's going in is going to need to get check…," her voice trailed off as she noticed the three gaping mouths staring at her and the look of murder in her girlfriend's eyes. "Good morning."

Alex arched a brow and asked, "Edward?"

Olivia and Adam blew up at the dry, almost conversational tone Alex managed to inflict into her question causing Lindsay to flush scarlet to the tips of her ears and Jill to flop face first onto the bed to hide. "Um… well…," the Inspector stuttered.

Jill bolted upright and pointed at the ceiling. "I will pay you to forget this ever happened."

Adam laughed and pulled out his iPhone to take a picture of the toy. "Not gonna happen baby-cakes," he told her. "We all have trust funds… a few hundred isn't going to buy our silence."

Olivia, feeling bad for the obviously mortally embarrassed couple, took hold of Alex's elbow and steered the blonde back through the door. "I'm hungry," she said loud enough to make sure her voice would carry. "Let's go get breakfast before we hit the road."

Adam turned and dropped the sparkly dildo onto the bed. "You're leaving?"

"Yeah," Alex nodded as she shrugged out of Olivia's grip and moved across to grab her brother by the arm and march him out of the room as well. "Which means you have exactly seventy minutes to explain to my why the hell you never told me about Paul."

"Okay," Adam laughed as he wormed his way out of Alex's grip. He punched a couple buttons on his phone and then slid it into his pocket with an evil, impish grin on his face. "My work here is done anyways, let's get some grub!"

"What does he mean his work here is done?" Lindsay wondered aloud.

Down the hall a door crashed open with enough force to rattle the pictures hanging on the wall. "ADAM!" Bryan's voice screeched. "Why the hell did you send me a picture of a sparkly dick?"

"Oh fuck," Jill groaned.

"Isn't this a direct violation of Cabot rules of combat 14A?" Lindsay asked, impressing all the Cousins present with her recollection of their family rules.

"Nope," Adam replied gleefully. "You weren't 'in the act'… it's legal. Completely, blissfully legal. I'm sure you'll be hearing from Jake and John…"

"ADAM!" Jill's brother's voices yelled in perfect unison.

"Right about now. See you at breakfast Skittles!" Adam laughed as he hurried down the hall toward the stairs.

"I'm going to kill you!" Jill screamed at Adam's retreating back as he skipped down the steps. She turned to Lindsay and scowled. "We need to get some dirt on that guy, quick."

"You guys are vicious, you know that, right?" Lindsay replied.

"We raise lawyers in this family," Jill retorted. "You were warned before you agreed to come out here with me. Now, after breakfast and Alex leaves, we're going to toss his room to see what we can find. Our flight isn't until later this afternoon."


"Do you want to get lucky ever again?"

Lindsay sighed in defeat. "I guess we're tossing his room later."

Olivia squeezed Alex's large suitcase into the trunk beside her own and slammed the hatch shut with a resounding thud. She absentmindedly wiped her hands off on her jeans as she turned to where Alex was saying goodbye to her family. She stood and watched the mass of blondes interacting for a few moments, enjoying the easy familiarity the group shared. They were a good family. Not just because of money, but they genuinely cared about each other.

"Get your ass over here and say goodbye properly, Olivia!" Adam hollered across the drive at her.

She caught Alex's eye and grinned, before she began walking back toward the group. "What?" she drawled as she slid in beside Alex and wrapped a protective arm around the blonde's shoulders.

"Get over here," Adam grinned as he yanked her away from his sister and pulled the stunned detective into a strong embrace. "You're good for Alex. Take good care of her for me, okay?" he murmured.

Olivia smiled and hugged him back. "I promise."

"Good," he replied as he released her and stepped away. "Well, you've survived your first Cabot Clan holiday. You going to come back for more?"

Olivia looked over at Alex and smiled. "Yeah, I think I can manage that."

"D'aaaawwwwww," the Cousins sang.

"Give it up, you lot," Maggie laughed as she pushed through the crowd to pull Alex into a fierce hug. "I'm happy for you, Alex honey," she whispered. "She's a keeper, don't screw it up."

Alex chuckled. "I'll try my very best not to," she assured her aunt as she watched her mother approach. "Thanks for everything, Mom," she murmured as she pulled her mom into a hug.

"Good luck, Baby," Carolyn whispered as she squeezed her youngest tightly. "If you need help with anything, just let me know."

"Of course," Alex replied softly.

"Good," Carolyn said as she stepped back and wiped at her eyes. "Well, you two had better get on your way if you want to make it back to the city before dinner. Traffic is probably going to be a mess," she elaborated as she pulled Olivia into a hug. "Take care of my little girl, Detective Benson," she murmured.

"I'll do my best ma'am," Olivia assured her.

"I know you will." Carolyn smiled.

"Well, on that note," Jill called out, "call me when you get the you know what figured out and we'll talk. That's going to require some major planning Cuz."

"The what?" Olivia asked, looking askance at Alex who was glowering at her cousin.

"Never mind," Alex grumbled, still shooting daggers at her smirking cousin. She should have never told Jill about the ring her mother gave her for Olivia. "Don't forget Edward," she smirked at her cousin.

The Cousins, who had all been enlightened on who 'Edward' was over breakfast, laughed as Maggie asked, "Who's Edward?"

"Nothing, mom," Jill blushed and Lindsay looked ready to head for the hills.

"Let me tell you about Jill's friend Edward," Adam drawled with a wink goodbye to his sister as he wrapped an arm around his favorite Aunt's shoulders and reached for the phone in his pocket.

"Don't you dare, Adam Christopher Cabot," Jill growled.

"Bite me, Skittles," Adam retorted as he pulled up the file on his phone. "This is Edward." He turned the screen toward Maggie, and a curious Carolyn who had snuck in to see what her son was talking about, so they could see the picture he'd snapped earlier.

"Adam!" Carolyn admonished.

Maggie just laughed and turned to her daughter and Lindsay. "Sparkles?"

"And on that note," Alex called out, "we'll be going."

"Bye!" the group called out laughingly, the lot of them waving as Alex and Olivia slid into the ADA's little car.

"So," Alex sighed as they started down the long, winding drive. "You glad you came?"

Olivia bit her lip and smiled. "Yeah," she replied. "I'm glad."

"Me too," Alex murmured, reaching across the center console to place her right hand on top of Olivia's left. "Me too."

Alex pulled into her parking space in the garage under her building and killed the engine as she looked over at her sleeping lover. She sat in the silence for a moment, reflecting on the past few days and all the insanity that had inevitably occurred. And Olivia had handled it all marvelously. She is going to make a fine addition to the family some day, Alex thought to herself as she toyed with the ring she'd slipped into her jeans pocket. Someday, I will make her mine.

"Mmm," Olivia murmured as she stirred, awakened by the absence of movement now that the car was stopped. "Sorry," she apologized as she stretched. "I didn't mean to fall asleep."

"Don't worry about it," Alex assured her as she leaned across the gap to kiss the still sleepy brunette tenderly. "We're home."

Olivia smiled and nodded. "Home," she repeated.

"Home. Our home," Alex elaborated, her heart taking flight in her chest as she said the words. "Our home," she repeated softly. She liked the sound of that.

A lot.

The End

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