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Weak Spot of Alexandra Cabot
By lysachan


Alex turned the key in the lock and opened the front door. She'd been lucky enough to sneak out of work a little earlier than she usually did, and that was something she definitely deserved: the amount of hours she'd worked overtime since joining the SVU was enormous. Though after finding out that Olivia had a rare day-off, she'd nearly called in sick in the morning and skipped the whole day, but her damn conscience had intervened.

With a sigh Alex hung her coat on a hook and stretched her aching shoulders; she felt absolutely beat. A strange clatter could be heard coming from the kitchen, distracting Alex from her musings. She pondered what on earth Olivia was up to and quickly strode through the apartment. At the kitchen door she came to a halt.

The detective was laying supine under the sink, a series of tools set neatly on the floor next to her. She was clearly doing some plumbing, but Alex couldn't have cared less if she was playing the frigging harp. All she saw was her lover, dressed in a tight white tank top and up to her hips in dark blue overalls.

It was one of the sexiest things Alex had ever seen. The tank top hugged Olivia's well-muscled upper body, leaving very little to the imagination. And, combined with the overalls, it was an absolutely delicious combination of her lover's masculine and feminine side; so delicious that Alex's mouth actually watered. The nagging pain in her muscles was suddenly gone. After a long moment Olivia finally seemed to notice the blonde standing in the doorway.

"Alex, hi! Sorry about the mess. The sink started leaking earlier and I decided to have a look myself first, you know, before calling any professionals," she explained, fiddling with the wrench she'd been using.

"Oh," Alex uttered, still gaping at the divine sight in front of her.

"Yeah, seems like one of the screws has mysteriously gone missing, hence the leaking," Olivia said, seemingly unaware of the entranced state her girlfriend was in. She returned her attention back to the pipes, at the same time offering Alex an even better view of her slender figure.

The ADA's pulse was racing uncontrollably. She simply couldn't keep her eyes away from the delicate curves of Olivia's body. Not that she complained though; this was definitely one of the perks of dating detective Benson, emphasis on the word "one". Drops of sweat run down Olivia's neck, disappearing in the valley between her breasts, and Alex had to remind herself of the concept of breathing.

"Seems like I have to pick up a new screw from the hardware store. That should do the trick," Olivia said to no one in particular and slowly got up from the floor. She grabbed a small towel from the kitchen counter and wiped off sweat from her neck and shoulders.

It was just too much; Alex had to lean against the door frame to keep from keeling over. That familiar tingling somewhere deep inside made a comeback and she had to bite her lower lip to keep from moaning. Her eyes roamed possessively over Olivia's torso and she licked her lips unconsciously.

"Alex?" The blonde snapped back to reality and realized that Olivia had probably said something.

"Huh?" she uttered, finally able to tear her gaze away from the detective's chest. Olivia narrowed her eyes slightly, eyeing Alex suspiciously. She looked down at her clothes and then back to Alex again.

"Seriously?" Olivia's voice was amused.

"Olivia, bedroom. Now." Alex was gone within seconds. Olivia threw the towel back on the counter and smirked. She was almost at the door when she stopped abruptly. Turning around, she fished something from her pocket and finally pulled out a small screw. She turned it slowly around in her hand, grinning from ear to ear.

"That was almost too easy," she murmured, placing the precious piece of metal on the kitchen table. She made a mental note to screw it back the following morning and walked out of the room with light steps.

The End

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