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By Huntress

Part Six

Both women left all three of the men speechless. They looked at each other just to make sure that they all saw the same thing.

"What the HELL just happened?" Fin and Munch said at the same time, looking right at Elliot, who was still in complete shock.

"Like I'm supposed to know?" he said, walking back to his desk, not taking his eyes off the interview room.

"Well, she is your partner." Munch said, taking his seat.

"Man, I would love to know what's going in there right now," Finn stated. He too couldn't take his eyes off of the interview room.

All three detectives tried to get back to work, but their eyes kept wandering back to the room Olivia and Alex were in.

In the Interview room

As soon as Alex closed the door, Olivia grabbed her, pushed her up against the door, and kissed her hard. Alex grunted as her back hit the door with a thud. Olivia pressed her body up against Alex, pinning her to the door.

Alex deepened the kiss immediately, fighting Olivia's tongue to gain entry into her mouth. Olivia brought her hand to the hem of Alex's skirt and lifted it up high enough so that she had full access to Alex. Alex moaned when she felt Olivia's hand on her skin. She lifted her leg and wrapped it around Olivia's hip, which made it easier for Olivia to get where she wanted.

She quickly ripped Alex's panties off, dropped them to the floor, and entered Alex with ease. Alex moaned into Olivia's mouth and thrust her hips against the rhythm created by Olivia's hand. It didn't take long for Alex to climax. Trying to stay quite she pressed her lips against Olivia's she clung to Olivia as she rode the last wave of her orgasm. Once Alex's orgasm subsided Olivia whispered in her ear.

"Just wait until I get you home," she said, kissing Alex on the cheek. "I have lots more to show you." She winked at Alex and began to fix her clothes and her hair.

Alex smiled "I don't think so, Detective. You're mine when we get home," she said, straightening her skirt.

When she bent down to pick up her attaché, she noticed that her panties were still lying on the floor. She picked them up and looked at Olivia, who had a big smile on her face.

"You owe me, Detective," she said, and tossed them at Olivia.

Olivia smiled and put them in her pocket. She gave Alex a quick kiss on the lips and asked if she was ready to go. Alex nodded and turned to open the door.

Back In the Squad Room

The detectives kept looking at their watches then back at the interview room.

"Man, they've been in there for 15 minutes already. What could they doing in there?" Fin asked out loud.

"I bet Olivia hit a home run," John said, wriggling his eyebrows.

"Shut up, John! That's Olivia and Alex were talking about here. Come on, I bet they're just talking," Elliot said, trying to defend his partner.

"Huh, yeah right, and I'm Santa clause," John muttered.

Just as John finished, Alex opened the door and walked out, giving the guys a little smile, and headed out of the squad room. Olivia followed suit, but made a stop at her desk, picked up her jacket and her keys, and told Elliot that she was heading out. He said "okay" and said that it was almost quitting time anyway. She said her quick good byes and was out the door in seconds.

Once she made it out of the station house, she saw Alex across the street with a cab waiting for them. Olivia quickly ran over and got in to the cab with Alex. They were headed to Olivia's apartment to continue what they started in the interview room. But, this cab ride would be different. It was Alex's turn to have a little fun with Olivia.

As the cab pulled away from the curb, a silhouette disappeared from the window across the street.

Part 7

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