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Happy Valentines Day
By BensonLVR

No one really seemed surprised the first day Olivia received a dozen yellow roses at the station. They had all made remarks, about a secret admirer. It wasn't until the detective told her partner, that with each delivery to the station there had been an exact delivery to her home, that the SVU team had become suspicious and alarmed.

With the delivery to the precinct, there was never any thing attached, only the deliveries to Olivia's home were accompanied by a card, and each one only contained a few words at a time.

From the moment I lay my eyes on you. Delivery one.

I knew we were meant to be. Delivery two.

Captain Cragen had pulled together all the resources he could, for other cases, so that his fab four could focus on Olivia's admirer. They weren't taking any chances on the fact that someone out there was out to get their girl.

"How is it that four of New York's finest detectives, keep coming up with dead ends?" ADA Novak ask sarcastically.

"Well counselor, it's only been two days, and unless you have any advice for us, I suggest you go file a motion or something," Elliot snapped in an angry tone without thinking. If for no other reason than she had simply caught him off guard.

No one had even noticed the woman enter the room, it wasn't like the days when Alexandra Cabot would stroll in, the minute she hit the building all eyes were on her. He knew that everyone wished for ADA Alex Cabot, and at this very moment, he wished for her even more! Alex would have never said those things, well, at least he wouldn't have taken it as hard from her. Besides Alex would have been in the middle of all of this, anything to protect Olivia, right along side him.

You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife, as Casey Novak turned and left without a word. "I guess you told her," Munch replied with a smirk.

"Yeah well, anyone that isn't helping, shouldn't be here, and should not be adding their worthless remarks," Elliot said annoyed.

"What I miss?" Olivia said as she walked to her desk. "Oh nothing, just your partner putting the ADA in her place," Fin said laughing.

Olivia's mind immediately went to Alex Cabot. Her stomach turned at the reality, that her colleagues were not talking about 'that' ADA. "Oh," she replied sadly, still lost in thought about Alex. She could care less about Casey Novak, and was sure that whatever Elliot had said to her she deserved.

Before anyone could add more to the conversation, a delivery man entered the room. "A Detective Olivia Benson," he asked. Before anyone could respond, Elliot had intercepted the vase of pink roses, and with his free arm, had thrown the guy backwards, and over his desk. Handing the flowers to Munch, Elliot began to interrogate the man.

"Elliot, that's enough," Olivia was pleading. "He's only delivering them, he's not the perp," she finished, trying to pry her partner off the man.

The minute the man felt Elliot loosen his grip, he ran for the door, and never looked back. No one gave him a second look, as all eyes were focused on detective Stabler.

"What just happened here," the captain ask, breaking the silence that had fallen in the room. "We may be facing a law suit from ftd," Munch said comically.

As Fin and Munch began filling the captain in on what had just transpired between Elliot and the delivery guy, Olivia stepped closer to her partner. Laying one hand on his shoulder she spoke in almost a whisper, "Elliot what has gotten into you, you alright? You're taking this harder than me," she finished with concern in her eyes.

"No Liv, I'm sure I'm not taking it harder than you, but, you know I love you like a sister, and well, I guess I am just frustrated. We have nothing, we don't know who this person is, or when they may strike, the fact that they have eluded us this far pisses me off," Elliot's voice was getting louder, and everyone could see the red spreading from his neck to his face. "Stabler, in my office now," the captain demanded. And without thought Olivia tried to follow. "Not you Benson, just your partner," the captain said softly to the woman, then turning his focus back to detective Stabler.

Inside the office the captain closed the door, and just stood staring at his detective for a moment, before he began to speak. "Elliot, I know you are caught up in this case because it's your partner, but, we all love Olivia, she's a daughter to me, and a sister to the rest of the squad, but, you have got to get a grip if you want to stay on this case," he finished without giving Elliot a chance to interrupt.

Elliot just listened for a moment, taking in the captain's words, and acknowledging his concern. "What do we do now captain," he finally said almost like a child to his father.

"Well, for starters we will keep the officers outside her home," Cragen began. "Now we know that there will be another delivery to her apartment after she gets home, I have twenty officers lined up to help you, Munch and Fin stake out a five block radius of the area. If this guy is watching we'll catch him," he said reassuringly. "Keep your head Elliot, we all want this guy," the captain said with concern. "And lighten up on Novak, Alexandra Cabot she isn't, but we still have to respect her," he finished with a wink.

After the conversation with Captain Cragen, Elliot had calmed down a bit, they had discussed the plan for the evening and all headed home, to grab a bite to eat, or just try to mentally rest. Even though none of them would rest, or breath easier until they caught this guy.

There was no more mention or sight of Casey Novak, for the time being anyway, except for Elliot's remark of, 'I ain't apologizing to her for shit, end of story'. After Munch had briefly mentioned that she wouldn't be apt to help them if he didn't watch his attitude with her.

It had been four months since Miss Cabot had left her office, and their lives, for witness protection. There wasn't a day that went by that Olivia didn't think about Alex. She shared her feelings for the ADA with only one person, and that was her partner. Elliot had suspected it anyway, and he too was sorry that the two women had never shared anything more than friendship, if for no other reason than for his partner's sake. Knowing Alex was still out there made it harder for Olivia and her partner to work with the new ADA. If only Alex was still here, she would have pulled out all the stops for this case, instead they had no real help from the DA's office, and could only use the resources that Captain Cragen could come up with. In part by the fact that they didn't really have anything to go on for the DA's office, and partly because they didn't want help from the snot nosed newbie, who on more than one occasion had proven herself unreliable, or inexperienced.

Olivia was finding it harder to keep her fear in place, with the knock at the door. "Who is it?" she asked peering through the peep hole of her door. "I have a delivery for Olivia Benson," the man on the other side of the door replied. "Just a second," Olivia responded, turning her eyes to Elliot who had assumed his position in the corner closest to the door. "Keep your cool, Elliot," she whispered to him sarcastically with a grin.

She slowly opened the door and accepted the flowers. "Just a second," Elliot said appearing in the doorway, as the man turned to leave. Flashing his badge at the delivery man, he stepped outside into the hallway, closing the door behind him, he began asking the usual questions.

A few minutes passed and Elliot knocked lightly and re-entered the apartment. "Nothing," he said "same shit, no credit card, no cash, no in person transaction, how the fuck is this possible?" he was saying when interrupted by his cell phone, "Stabler.......... yeah............what? .......ok, ummm .......hang on....ok I'll call you back," he flipped his phone closed and then turned to Olivia, "they want to know what the card says," he asked with concern.

I am sorry it has taken so long

Elliot looked back at his partner after reading the card she handed him. Searching her eyes he could tell his partner was battling both fear and anger. "We are going to get this guy Liv," he said reassuringly using the captain's words. He pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed the number of his last call. He read the card word for word, three times before placing his phone in his pocket and turning back to his partner.

"Well," Olivia ask with quesstion, "Did they get anything?"

"No, nothing on the street, no one out of place, nothing from the florist, the orders are being placed from a prepaid cell phone it seems, they can't trace it," he finished annoyed.

"Fucking modern technology, God bless it," Olivia said dryly.

Elliot tried to get Olivia to go home with him, telling her Kathy had insisted as well, but she didn't want to be around a lot of people right now. She needed time for her own thoughts, she had said apologetically to her partner.

"Besides Elliot, I have guards all around me here, I just want to try to get some sleep and I won't if I'm not in my own bed," she said hoping he would understand.

"Ok but if you change your mind," he was saying "I'll call you," Olivia said with a smile.

Olivia had tossed and turned all night. She decided by four a.m. enough was enough, so she took a shower and headed into the station. She was surprised to see Elliot already at his desk, along with Munch and Fin.

"Did we get a break?" she asked looking at each of them "No," Fin replied flatly almost annoyed. Olivia was taken aback by his tone, "Ok, then.." she started but was interrupted by Fin

"Sorry Liv, just wish you would have gotten more sleep, and let one of us pick you up instead of coming in alone."

"Well, I couldn't sleep, and besides, didn't want you guys worrying that I was trying to come in so early. Thought you'd be home sleeping yourself," she said with a sigh.

"Well we are all in this together Olivia, and none of us are going to sleep until it's over," Munch chimed in handing the detective a cup of coffee.

"Thanks," she said and nodded with a small grin, knowing there was nothing she could say or do that would make any of them change their minds about being with her every step of the way.

"Ok so where we at?" she asked sipping the coffee and looking at the files on Elliot's desk. "Brian Cassidy," she smirked, "Boy am I glad I have no real skeleton's in my closet," she joked.

"Well, he was a bit obsessed with you Olivia," Munch started with a smirk.

"Don't start John," Elliot warned.

"What the hell is this," Olivia snapped upon seeing a file labeled, 'Olivia's Women'. "What the fuck, where the fuck," she said angrily looking from each of her colleagues with fire in her eyes.

"We're sorry Liv, we mean no harm," Elliot was trying to say.

"I realize you are trying to help here guys, but this in fucking invading my privacy," she shot a glare at Elliot, fearing what he might have shared with the other two.

"Liv calm down," Elliot whispered taking her arm and pulling her into the Captain's office, so he could talk to her privately.

"Liv," he started "Don't worry, I know what you're thinking, as..." he was cut off by his partner.

"How could you Elliot," she said trying to fight back tears of hurt and anger.

"Liv will you listen to me, I didn't say a word I swear, Munch brought it up, and I played along, I didn't say a word about Alex I swear you gotta believe me, they still don't know," Elliot said trying to catch a breath before he continued, knowing he wanted to finish before Olivia could get a word in. "Look, I don't mean any harm here but, Alex is the only time you have been able to keep a secret about your personal life, you know that, so just trust me it's ok," he finished waiting for Olivia's reaction.

"Munch brought it up?" she asked relaxing a little, knowing that John Munch was too smart to not have gone through every mental note he had ever made where her personal life was concerned, and knowing that he too meant no harm.

"Yes," Elliot sighed before continuing "We exhausted every file on cases where you helped put the perp away, Fin and Munch have done a lot of foot work that we didn't know about," he paused and looked at his partner. "Every guy you ever had a drink with has been interrogated," he said with a grin before adding, "and every woman for that matter."

Olivia stood almost shocked at his last statement before speaking, "Well, it couldn't have taken that much work then," she finished with a sarcastic tone, and wink. She had only gone out with a few men, of which she could count on one hand, and women, there had only been two, after she had met Alex she hadn't given any one a second look or glance. Even though she and Alex had never been more than colleagues and friends.

The two detectives re-entered the room to a now more crowded precinct, as officers began to file in for the daily duties. Before either could say a word Captain Cragen spoke up, "Can I have my office back now," he said with a slightly facetious tone. Munch and Fin had filled the captain in on what had gone on between the two partners. "Everything alright," he asked with a grin.

"Yeah,", Olivia said "Just wasn't prepared for my life to be placed under a microscope I guess," she finished, turning to the captain.

"Well detective, we want to catch this guy, so unfortunately anything goes," Cragen said as he walked into his office.

Munch took the opportunity to reassure Olivia that all was fine, and not to worry, that these recent details and pieces of the case were strictly between the five of them. If she could not trust Munch, Fin, Don, and Elliot, she couldn't trust anyone, and she knew it.

Just as they were all returning to their desks, the delivery man from the afternoon before again entered the precinct, this time he stood back in the doorway a ways before announcing who his delivery was for. "D...D....Dective Olllllivia Ben...son," he stuttered. The sight of the poor man caused the whole precinct to roar with laughter. Everyone remembered the actions of detective Stabler the day before, and they also knew the poor man would probably never be the same. If he had ever thought of doing anything illegal before, it was surely cleansed from his thoughts, at the thought of any detective who might act like Elliot Stabler.

This time detective Tutuola intercepted the vase, and even though he didn't attempt to touch the man, he did mean to slightly intimidate him. The delivery man flinched as Fin took the flowers from him and sent him on his way. "I'm surprised he agreed to deliver here at all," Fin joked, flashing a grin at Stabler, and setting the flowers down on Olivia's desk.

"Red roses this time," Munch said questionably.

"What are we a florist now," came a timid voice from behind them. Looking past Elliot, and to no one in particular, Casey Novak ask for Captain Cragen.

Before she could be insulted or ridiculed, Captain Cragen stepped out of his office, "In here counselor," he said, shooting looks of behave to all four detectives.

After they disappeared into the office and closed the door, Elliot broke the silence with sarcasm "What the hell is she doing here?"

"Well Elliot, there are other cases being worked you know," Olivia said with a grin.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about the one where the cat was treed by a dog," Elliot said busting out in laughter.

All four detectives were still laughing when the captain's door opened. Suddenly they fell silent, as ADA Novak walked right past them without a word. They were still snickering when the captain poked his head out, "What am I going to do with you people?" he asked with uncertainty before closing the door behind him as he went back in his office shaking his head.

For a moment there was laughter and light heartedness, granted it was at the expense of the ADA, but no one cared. It was Olivia who broke the mood, without a word, she held the card in the air.

I can't wait to see you.

It has been too long.

"What the hell," Fin said confused.

"So is he watching me or not?" Olivia asked with concern.

"Why a card this time, here, what the fuck," Elliot said.

"I think our perp is about to make a physical move," Munch finished.

They all just stood frozen in their own thoughts.

The plan was the same as the nights before, everyone knew their job and their position. And like clock work came the call from door.

The same episode unfolded again, Olivia would open the door, Elliot would interrogate the delivery man, then the phone call and again nothing.

I should have never waited this long to tell you.

The only question to this new information was, what did the perp have to tell Olivia?

Elliot would go home and Olivia would try to sleep, tonight was different though. Olivia actually slept for whatever reason. Probably because she was both physically and mentally exhausted. In her sleep she dreamt of Alex. Olivia wished that she had told Alex how much she loved her, but, then that would have killed their friendship Olivia was sure. Alex would probably have found this whole case a bit amusing, considered they had spoken a few times on their love lives, or lack there of, and now at the fact that someone was obsessed with detective Benson, she would have been worried but, she would have found humor in it as well.

Damn the Columbian Cartel, damn them for every evil thing they had ever done, but, especially for chasing away her best friend, and the person that she was in love with.

Olivia had wondered and even mentioned Zapata and his men to her colleagues, but they all came to the conclusion that Olivia had never been their threat, Alex had, and as far as Munch and Fin were concerned any threat from them had died with Alex.

It was late when Olivia woke to the pounding on her door, cutting the more than pleasant dream she was having about Alex, in half. Half annoyed at this, and half rattled being awoken so abruptly she stumbled to the door and peered through the hole. Before she could say a word, when opening the door, Elliot rushed in. "Are you alright, what the hell?" he asked concerned, almost angry, and out of breath.

"What, sorry," she said her vision still clearing, and still trying to wake up. "What time is it?" she asked yawning, still not realizing how late it was in the day, and the circumstances, of why Elliot was there.

"Eleven thirty A.M." he snapped opening his cell phone.

"What, shit," Olivia shot back, and then ran to her room to get dressed.

"Five minutes, damn you're quick," Elliot said with a more relaxed tone. "Sorry Liv, we were worried, we kept trying to call, but your phone was busy, and your cell was going straight to voice mail," he finished with a frown.

"Shit El, I'm sorry," Olivia said checking her house phone, "I must have knocked it off the hook last night, and my cell phone is charging."

"You sure everything is ok?" he asked.

"Yeah, I mean guess I got some sleep huh?" she said in hopes it would calm him down.

"Well that's good," he said trying to stay calm. "You got more flowers this morning," he added with concern, and holding out the card he had brought with him.

I love you, I will be waiting for your response tonight.

Olivia just stared at the card for a minute before looking back at Elliot. The knock at the door caused her to jump.

Elliot never even ask who it was, he just opened the door. "Morning sunshine," came the smug remark from Munch.

"Thought you could use some liquid energy," Fin replied handing Olivia a cup of coffee.

"We even deliver," Munch was saying as he let himself through to the kitchen.

They followed him into the other room, Olivia was still in shock, and stood in the doorway still in thought, as Munch, Fin, and Elliot placed paper plates and donuts on the table. "Now that's what I call breakfast of champions," Elliot said taking a seat at the table.

"Liv, you ok," he asked sipping his coffee.

"Huh, uh oh yeah sorry," she replied clearly interrupted from deep thought. "Feel free to make yourselves at home," she said taking in the sight of the three men in her kitchen.

"Sorry Olivia," Fin said, "You scared the hell outta us, when Elliot called and said you had just over slept we were on our way over anyway, so we decided breakfast would be a good bonus."

"No problem," she chuckled taking a seat at the table. "So, what do we do, do we have a plan, do I just wait here all day?" she asked still yawning.

"Well, first of all, you sure are taking this rather well," Munch was saying with his mouth half full. Olivia knew herself she was taking it all too well, maybe because she was still thinking about her dream, or maybe because she was just numb to it all and wanted it to be over.

"Second of all, the day is half over," Munch added sarcastically.

About that time the phone rang, causing Olivia to jump again. "I'll get it," Elliot said, standing to get the call. Olivia never thought twice, besides no one ever called her except for Elliot and Alex, her mind wondered off at the fact that Elliot was here, and Alex, well she didn't know where she was, and she hadn't tried to contact her at all. Olivia's heart grew sad at the thought.

"Hello, hello, hello, who is this?" Elliot shouted into the phone before he heard a click.

"Who was it?" Olivia asked

"I don't know, they hung up," Elliot said nodding at Munch.

John Munch reached for his cell phone. "What's going on?" Olivia asked "What are you guys not telling me?" she said annoyed.

Munch put up a finger to say one minute to Olivia, who now turned and looked at Elliot with question.

"Yeah did you get anything.........ok........your technology ain't any faster than that?..........ok got it." Munch closed his phone, and wrote something on his note pad, before speaking. "Ok, pay phone four blocks away" before anyone could say a word, they were all out the door.

"Why didn't you tell me my phone was bugged?" Olivia mused, as she climbed in the passenger seat.

"Figured you would have expected it partner," Elliot said lightly, pulling away from the curb, behind Munch and Fin.

The block was busy with people, no one saw anyone using the phone at the time of the incident. And with so many fingerprints on the public phone, it could take hours to figure out who had called Olivia's apartment, or even days for that matter.

"Fucking figures," Fin said.

"No one wants to be involved," Munch said dryly.

"I should have let you answer the phone Liv, I'm sorry," Elliot apologied.

"Why, it wouldn't have mattered," Olivia said reassuringly.

"Now what?" Olivia asked.

"Now we wait for the second delivery," Munch said as they got back in their cars and headed back to Olivia's.

Olivia had not tried to entertain this many people in her apartment ever, and she was glad she didn't have to play hostess with these guys. "Look, I don't care what you guys do just some basic rules: A- don't use my bathroom, and B-stay out of my bedroom," she finished with a smirk.

"The guest room is free and clean, if you need to sleep, take showers, whatever, there's a bathroom right past the closet door, on the left," she rambled, feeling a little nervous all of a sudden, but why she couldn't figure out.

"I have no food, so unless you order take out, you'll have to go to the store, and for god sakes, clean up after yourselves," she said throwing a wadded up napkin at Munch.

"Olivia, you ok?" Elliot asked "We aren't here to invade your home, or your privacy, we're here to," Elliot was cut off by Olivia.

"I'm sorry you guys, I hate this, waiting, not knowing what's going to happen next. I didn't mean to offend you or be rude, you know you're all welcome here. My home is your home," she finished with a smile.

"Alright if we watch the game Liv?" Fin asked.

"Sure you don't have to ask," she said leaning over to whisper in Elliot's ear. "I'm going to take a shower, guard the door," she smirked.

"I heard that detective Benson," Munch chimed with a smirk, "Surely you trust us Liv," he added with a giggle.

Olivia just rolled her eyes and left the room.

"Liv, Liv," Elliot called her as she was walking down the hall.

"Yeah El," she turned to face her partner.

"You sure you're alright?"

"Yeah too much sleep maybe," she said with a grin thinking about her dream.

"Ok," Elliot's face held a question over the grin.

"I was having a great dream," she told him as she turned to walk back down the hall.

Without saying a word Elliot knew who the dream had been about, and without thinking he said out loud. "Shit!"

"What?" Olivia exclaimed stepping back in the hall from the bathroom door. "Elliot, what is it?" she asked again with more concern like someone had been shot.

Elliot dropped his head and then lifted his eyes to Olivia, who now stood directly in front of him. "Do you know what today is?" he asked in almost a whisper.

"Ummmm Saturday I think," she replied curiously.

"Yeah, I mean the date Olivia," he asked almost annoyed, but not at his partner.

It took Olivia a minute, and then her eyes widened, "Oh my god Elliot, go home to Kathy, it's Valentines Day for crying out loud." Both detectives stood lost for a moment.

"Go take your shower, I am going to call my wife," Elliot finally said.

"Tell her I am so sorry," Olivia replied before heading back down the hall again, closing the door she popped her head back out and said, "You better not be here when I get out mister," shooting him a go home to your wife smile as she closed the door.

In the shower Olivia couldn't help but now ponder the fact that it was Valentines Day, and she again was alone. Well except for her three colleagues down the hall. One of whom had a wonderful wife he should be home with. Munch and Fin, hell she thought, they don't care, their love lives were as bad as her's. Last year was better though, Alex, Fin, and Munch had spent most of last Valentines day at the bar, laughing, drinking, and talking about how their love lives never worked because of their jobs. Alex could always make her smile, and even though they were just friends, she didn't need anyone else in her life. With Alex gone this year, nothing seem right. Munch, Fin, and herself would just have to spend the evening waiting on the bastard that kept sending her flowers.

Olivia was taking her time in the bathroom, she was dressed and about to join the guys down the hall when there was a knock on the bathroom door. "Yeah," she said opening the door "Elliot I told you to go home," she snapped when she saw him.

"Don't start Liv," he said rolling his eyes, "You want pizza or Chinese?" he asked.

"What?" she asked sarcastically.

"For dinner?" he said annoyed.

"Doesn't matter, why aren't you home?" she asked again.

"Kathy says call her if you have questions, or need to talk, I ain't leaving," he said turning and walking down the hall.

Olivia knew there was no arguing with Elliot or Kathy for that matter, the Stablers had been and were the only family she had. Her heart hurt at the thought that they loved her enough to be apart on Valentine's Day. Especially considering that had she had a choice with Alex, she might not have done the same, would she?

"Feel better detective," Munch ask as she entered the room.

"Yeah a little I guess, what you guys watching?" she ask taking Munch's opened beer, and flopping down on the couch.

"The Yankees and the Cardinals," Fin replied.

"Oh yeah, who's pitching," she asked.

"Only the best pitcher in baseball, Roger 'Rocket' Clemens," Munch began, but was cut off by Fin.

"Please, do you have to always tell us every detail, or in this case stats, can we ever just watch a game in peace?" he finished shooting an annoyed look at Munch.

"Ok but he only needs two more strike outs," Munch was cut off again, this time by the knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Olivia asked, figuring it was Elliot.

"Me Liv," came Captain Cragen's voice from the other side of the door.

"Hey captain, what brings you by?" she said opening the door.

"Can I get some help here," he asked looking at Elliot. The captain had bags and boxes in the hall, whatever he couldn't hold in his hands, he had set down at the door.

"Well I just figured I would bring food, and beer, and make sure these guys hadn't driven you insane yet," he smirked.

"Happy Valentines Day Detective," he said leaning in to give her a peek on the cheek.

"Thank you Captain," she said helping him and Elliot with the bags.

It was getting late, and the second delivery was off schedule. Just as Olivia looked at her watch there was a knock at the door.

Her colleagues scattered to their assigned places, as she ask, "Who is it?"

"I have a delivery for Detective Olivia Benson," the voice from the other side of the door replied.

Checking that everyone was in position, she opened the door. "Ummmm Ma'am it's going to take me a minute, I have several dozen in my van, here is the first of twenty dozen." He said a little nervous.

"What, how many?" she asked in disbelief "Do they all have cards?" she ask without thinking.

"Ummm no Ma'am," the man replied, "Just the one," he added pointing to the ones Olivia was holding.

"I'll be right back," he said almost with a question.

"Ok," Olivia replied staring at the vase, as she placed it on the table by the door. "What now," she asked making eye contact with each of the men who had not moved from their position.

"Open the card," Elliot whispered.

Olivia fumbled with the card, why am I so damn nervous she thought, I'm not scared of anything.

As Olivia was opening the card there was another knock at the door, she looked through the hole to see the delivery man again, and without speaking, opened the door.

Still trying to open the card Olivia's attention fell across the dozens of roses filling her hallway, she thought she caught something out of the corner of her eye, but before she could say anything, the delivery man appeared again with more flowers. "Someone really loves you Ma'am," he replied heading back down the stairs with a smile.

Olivia looked back into her apartment at the torment on the detectives' faces. She only smiled, half enjoying the moment and half afraid of what she was suppose to do or expect next. She finally got the card opened and to everyone's relief she stepped back into the apartment, as the delivery man continued to bring up vase, after vase.

I love you, and I never want to be without you again.

Just as Olivia was about to hand the card to Elliot who was closest to the door, she heard the delivery man saying something to someone.

What did he say she thought, "you must really love her, Ma'am" 'What?' Olivia's mind and heart were racing, as Elliot stood up trying to peer through the crack of the open door he was standing behind. He couldn't see anything damn it, he hated the thought of having to use his partner as bait, but they had no choice. Just then the delivery man had appeared again, "that's all of them Ma'am happy Valentines Day," before he could turn to leave Olivia ask.

"Who were you talking to in the hall?"

"Ummmmmm no one Ma'am goodbye," Olivia let him leave, and stood for a moment just inside the open door.

She glanced at Elliot who nodded go ahead. She checked her back for her gun, that she had tucked into her pants, and stepped into the hall. Dozens of red roses was all she could see, just as she bent to pick up a vase, she caught a shadow out of the corner of her eye. Bent over resting her body weight on her heels, she turned to where the shadow had come from, standing slowly, the sight that she saw next caused her to drop the vase in here hands. Before she could speak, Elliot, Fin, Munch and Captain Cragen were in the hallway with their guns drawn. "NYPD get your han.........." Elliot's voice trailed off as they all took in the image that stood before them. You could have heard a pin drop at the silence and stillness in the air.

"A.....Alex," Olivia stuttered trying to hold back the tears.

"Counselor?" the captain whispered

"Alex, it was, what are you, you're here," Olivia continued forcing her feet to move towards the woman.

Alex stood with tears in her eyes, as well as bewilderment at the sight of the SVU squad standing in front of her.

"Ummmm I didn't mean to, I had no idea," Alex was trying to say.

Before she could finish, Olivia had wrapped her up in her arms and was crying. The other detectives were still standing in their places, frozen. It was Munch who spoke first, "We thought you were dead," he said almost in a whisper. His face pale, as if he were seeing a ghost.

"Olivia, I am sorry I never meant to scare you, or cause this," Alex was saying through her tears.

"I love you too Alex," Olivia replied without any thought of the men around her, she could care less at this point, if the world fell apart around them.

No one was sure what to do next, as Olivia pulled back from Alex, and just stared into her eyes for a moment, almost searching her soul for answers. Alex smiled, sending a chill down Olivia's back. Olivia smiled back, and leaned in to kiss Alex.

"Uh hummmm," came the throat clearing sound from detective Stabler. "Sorry ladies, maybe we should take this inside," he ask with a wink and a grin.

"Besides, Miss Cabot has some explaining to do," the captain said clearing his eyes and the lump in his throat.

Olivia took Alex's hand and led her into the apartment, with Elliot and Cragen right behind them. Fin, and Munch began moving the roses into the apartment.

Elliot hugged Alex, who was still holding on to Olivia's hand for dear life. "It's good to see you counselor, excuse me I have to call my wife," he said with tears in his eyes.

Olivia led Alex to the couch, while the other men made their phone calls, continued to carry in the flowers, and one Donald Cragen went to get something to drink, ( he wanted a beer, but, couldn't bring himself to do it ) Olivia could only stare at her blond companion.

"Olivia," Alex began "Happy Valentines Day, I love you."

Both women knew the night was far from over, there was much explaining to be done.

But for now, Olivia leaned into Alex and whispered back, "Happy Valentines Day Alex, I love you too."

The End

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