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SEQUEL: To A Grand Plan.

Getting Reacquainted
By Ann


Checking my watch for the fourth time in the past five minutes, I resume my pacing back and forth in front of the private cottage.

Where the hell can they be? Even though no longer attached to the case, Agent Hammond offered one of his men to pick Alex up at the airport. He assured me Alex would be delivered to me by five sharp, and it's already one minute after five.

My part of this plan flowed like clockwork as Abbie and Serena followed my instructions to the letter. Why is it every time the government gets involved in anything, there is always a delay?

I catch the glint of the sun shining off something metallic, and I reach for my gun only to find the glare is coming from the hood of a car slowly approaching the house. Keeping my hand behind my back on the grip of my gun, I impatiently wait for the car to come into view.

I immediately relax and break into in a smile when I see Alex sitting in the passenger seat of the car. Jogging down the drive, I meet the car before it can come any closer.

Alex barely allows the car to stop before she has undone her seatbelt and jumped from the vehicle. She lands in my arms, and I lift her off the ground as I pull her near. My world shifts back on its axis for the first time in what seems like forever.

When I finally allow Alex's feet to return to the earth, we find the nice young agent has already unloaded the trunk and placed the luggage on the porch. I nod my thanks as he tells us to call Agent Hammond if we need anything. He climbs back into the car and drives away as I stand side by side with my reason for being.

"How was the flight?" I ask as I take her hand and lead her toward the cottage.

Squeezing my hand in return, Alex smiles and replies, "It was wonderful because I knew for the first time in a long series of flights; I would be arriving at my true destination."

Smiling, I put my arm around her and escort her up the steps. Reaching down, I grab her luggage and together we walk into the quaint cottage where Alex takes me completely by surprise when she suddenly pushes me against the closing door and takes total possession of my mouth.

I drop the suitcase on the floor and allow my lover to do what she may.

We somehow manage to rein in our desire before we take each other right here in the doorway. We've both waited too long to rekindle our love making in a slam-bam thank you ma'am encounter. Leaning our foreheads together, we close our eyes as we pant heavily.

Our breathing slows as we continue to embrace each other; Alex with her hands slipped under my shirt and me with my hands on her hips. I vow right then and there that nothing and no one will ever come between us again.

Later, we sip a glass of wine as we sit together on the couch. Or rather, I sit on the couch with my back against one end, and Alex sits in front of me leaning back against my body. We have not let a minute go by without having some sort of physical reassurance that the other is truly here.

Alex tells me of her life on the ranch and how out of all the different places she was moved to, this was the one she could have managed to accept if she couldn't ever come back home.

She wipes a tear from her eye and says, "I would go out at night and look up at the millions of stars and imagine you were at home doing the same."

Chuckling, she adds, "Well, until I remembered that the stars weren't always visible in the city. Anyway, I would pick one out and close my eyes wishing with everything I had that we would be together again."

A moment of silence is followed by the sounds of Alex crying, and I quickly take our glasses and set them on the table before pulling her against me. Holding her tightly, I whisper how much I love her over and over again.

All cried out, Alex finally sags against me, and I continue to softly speak words of reassurance.

She slowly pulls out of my embrace and turns to give me a smile. Leaning forward, I gently kiss her lips and allow my actions to dictate my words.

Releasing her, I slowly stand and hold out my hand.

"C'mon, Alex. Let's go to bed," I tell my exhausted lover.

Alex takes my hand, and we leave the glasses on the table as we walk to the master bedroom.

"Olivia, I want to thank you for sending Serena. Abbie is a good friend and all, but Serena truly understands me," Alex says as we enter the room.

Smiling, I reply, "You're welcome. I figured Serena would be just the ticket."

We each begin to undress and continue our conversation just as we always have. It's nice to see that we can fall back into our old comfortable routine.

"Um, Olivia? Did you have anything else in mind when you sent those two cross country where they'd have to spend every second together?"

I look up grinning. "You mean they've already fu ….?"

"Olivia! No, of course they haven't," Alex exclaims as she cuts off the end of my sentence.

A ghost of a grin appears on Alex's face and she adds, "But I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't do 'it' by the time they return."

Walking over, I pull a half naked Alex to me. I kiss her and maneuver us backward until the back of her legs hit the bed, and we both lose our balance.

Alex falls onto the bed as I follow closely behind never releasing her lips.

Sliding my hand up her side, I pull away and look down into eyes of desire.

"Well Ms. Cabot, what do you say you and I not waste anymore time and do 'it' right now?" I teasingly ask.

Alex doesn't say a word but seeing as how she has pulled me back down for a steamy kiss, I'd say her answer is a resounding yes.

I imagine it will take us the entire weekend to get properly reacquainted again; I just hope I'm up to the challenge.

The End

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