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You Walked Away
By Mig Aya


Sometimes Elliot made her so mad. Why couldn't he just leave her out of it? It wasn't like they hadn't dealt with mentally unstable victims and perps before. Why was he suddenly so insistent on getting Dr. Hendrix's help?

Olivia tried to shake it off, she couldn't concentrate on what Mathers was saying. To be honest she didn't really care what he was saying, all that mattered is what the DNA results would prove. But Olivia tried her hardest to focus on Mathers. Instead, her gaze kept being drawn back to Dr. Rebecca Hendrix. The way the doctor hung intently on every word Mathers was saying, as if he was the only other person in the world, the only one who mattered. But Rebecca had a way of making everyone she spoke to feel like that, it made Olivia want to scream.

Olivia was actually relieved when the DNA didn't match. Hendrix had been wrong, maybe now Stabler would leave her alone, leave her out of their lives. But instead he came to Hendrix's defense, going against science. Olivia could not believe it.

She saw them talking in the hallway and it made her even more furious. They obviously had come to some sort of agreement as Elliott walked away. Dr. Hendrix turned around and met Olivia's stare. Olivia glanced down to her desk trying to pretend she hadn't been watching.

Dr. Hendrix came up to her.. "Olivia, I think we need to talk."

"No," Olivia replied, shuffling through paperwork on her desk. "We have nothing to talk about."

"That isn't true, Olivia." Dr. Hendrix reached out a hand to Olivia, but stopped short of patting her arm. "It's obviously affecting your work. And your relationship with Detective Stabler."

"I don't have a relationship with Detective Stabler, other than one of work," Olivia replied defensively. "And that's just fine. And quiet honestly I absolutely don't care if you two jump in the sack, it would probably do a world of good, because then maybe he'll be able to move on and actually look at the evidence."

"Olivia, lower your voice." Elizabeth glanced around the room to see if anyone had heard Olivia's allegations. "You know I have no desire in sleeping with Detective Stabler.."

"Believe me, darlin'. I don't have any way of knowing that. Who knows what drives your fancy now a days." Olivia began to walk away.

"Detective Benson, your personal feelings towards me are obviously affecting you ability to do your job," Elizabeth replied quite loudly trying to incite Olivia to confront the hostility between the two.

Olivia got close to Elizabeth's face and said quietly, but firmly. "The only thing affecting my work is your wild insinuations getting in the way of an actual investigation. Your inability to accept the facts of science, because you're too proud to admit when you're wrong. Good to see that something's never change."

"Olivia, you've been hostile with me since the beginning of the case. My perspective on the DNA results have only heightened your animosity. All I'm doing is trying to help your case. Why are you treating me like this? "

"Because you walked away. You walked away from the force and now you think you can just come back in here on your high horse and enlighten all of us common folk?" Olivia, dropped her voice, her honestly of her next words even shocked herself. "You walked away from us. I loved you and you just threw every thing away.."

With that Olivia walked away, leaving a shocked and speechless Dr. Hendrix behind.

Olivia couldn't believe what she had just seen on the video tape from the library. It had obviously been Mathers, but his DNA hadn't matched. Had Stabler's theory been correct in the fact that he had had an accomplice? But all the victims had been so sure there had only been one rapist. Either way, even though she had been relieved that Dr. Hendrix had been wrong, she was happier that she would be able to tell her that she was actually right. She'd be able to prove that she was the bigger person who would be able to admit when she was wrong.

Olivia wasn't surprised to see Dr. Hendrix at the arraignment. Even though the good Doctor had done her best to avoid her since their latest confrontation, she had an emotional investment in the case.

"Olivia," Dr. Hendrix lightly took hold of Olivia's arm as she tried to walk past. "Olivia…. Margo Sanders is dead."

Olivia stared at her in disbelief for a second. Margo had promised her that she would keep taking her meds. Olivia had been so sure, so sure that the women didn't need Hendrix, didn't need some shrink to monitor her every move, to tell her how to live. If she had just taken her medicine, Olivia was sure she would be able to live a semi normal life all on her own.

"What, you've come to shove that in my face?" Olivia said in a mixture of shock and anger. "You saying I drove her to this?"

"No, no, Olivia. It's not your fault." Dr. Hendrix pulled Olivia close to her as the detective tried to hold it together. She didn't want to break down in front of her, but the gentle cooing of the doctor did her in. "Relax, Olivia. There was nothing you could do. The voices in her head just got too much for her."

Olivia didn't even know how they left the courtroom. All she could feel was the gentle rub on her back and the safe, warm embrace of the Doctor. Before she knew they were seated in the doctor's living room sharing a cup of tea. Olivia never knew tea could taste so comforting.

Olivia had a sly smile on her face, which led Elizabeth to ask, "What is it?"

"This is my couch you know."

Elizabeth studied the couch Olivia was sitting on.. "I don't think so."

"Yes, we moved it to your storage room after we graduated from the academy. If I remember correctly you said it was shabby and didn't go with your curtains. I still have that abhorred orange monstrosity you talked me into buying."

"Hmmm." Was all Elizabeth said, still studying the couch. She then moved over to sit next to Olivia. "You know it wasn't an easy decision, Olivia." Olivia didn't say anything so Elizabeth continued. "I just knew I wasn't meant to be on the force, I didn't feel like I was helping anyone. The more I got to see, the more it seemed like we locked up people who needed help and let people go who would go on to commit more crimes. It wasn't justice."

Olivia set her tea down on the coffee table, which she noted in the back of her mind was also hers. "Why didn't you tell me? You were just waiting there for me one day and said you wanted out. That you wanted to change your life. I never saw it coming, you just blind sided me."

"Olivia, I wanted to tell you from the moment I first had my doubts, but at the time I just didn't think you would understand. You were so committed to being a police officer, it was your life, and really it was our life; what held us together. I was so scared of loosing you. I thought it would be easier for us both if I just ended it." Elizabeth sighed, ringing her hands together nervously. "I thought that it would end up pulling us apart. I just wanted to spare us the long process of breaking up."

"That is so unfair, Elizabeth. We could have worked through it." Although looking back, Olivia could see where Elizabeth's concerns came from. Back then all they thought and talked about was work. They'd ride to work together, eat lunch in the squad room, drive home together, and rehash each other's day, offering advice and support on their daily activities. Olivia had loved it and never thought for a moment that Elizabeth had been unhappy.

"Perhaps. I just didn't feel like you would still want me if I wasn't on the force. I'd thought you'd see me as a quitter." Elizabeth chuckled sadly. "Ironic, huh. Because that's exactly what I was in the end."

Olivia couldn't stand it any longer. The rehashing of all the negative times, she just wanted to remember the love they had shared, the good times. Olivia reached across, pulling Elizabeth's face close to hers and gave her a long passionate kiss.

It seemed to last forever and when they finally broke apart, Olivia kept her hand on Elizabeth's neck so that their foreheads remained touching. Elizabeth moved her hands to Olivia's thighs steadying both women.

"The love I feel for you could survive anything, Liz." Olivia reached a hand up and ran it down Elizabeth's cheek. "The only thing that mattered was waking up next to you. The smell of your perfume that lingers on your pillow long after you've gotten up. Your coffee mug that sits next to the sink all week that you always plan to wash, but instead keep filling with tea. Your towel next to mine, your make up strewed about the sink, your…"

"Shhh, Olivia, you're making me sound like a slob."

"Well, if the shoe fits…" Olivia was silenced by another long kiss from Elizabeth, which was followed by several more which were more urgent.

Never breaking their rhythm or intensity of kissing, Elizabeth moved to straddle Olivia. Olivia pulled her closer, never wanting to let go, wishing she could just meld their bodies together. Elizabeth felt so good and Olivia knew that her love for her had not diminished in anyway.

Olivia was briefly frustrated as Elizabeth pulled her head back, but the feeling flew away as Elisabeth began to suck and kiss her neck as she pulled Olivia's jacket off. Olivia tossed her head back, wanting to take in every movement Elizabeth made, wanting to remember every second.

Quickly, Elizabeth's hands found her hands under her shirt and bra, massaging Olivia's breast and rolling her nipples. Olivia let out a moan. In another move that surprised them both, Olivia pulled Elizabeth's hands away from her body. Then leaned them back on the coach so she lay on top of Elizabeth.

While, Elizabeth was still trying to figure out what was happening with their new positions, Olivia unzipped Elizabeth's pants and slipped her hand into the other woman's panties.

Elizabeth gasped as Olivia slipped a finger into Elizabeth's folds. Elizabeth was so wet, which rekindled Olivia's memory on how much she had loved making love to this woman.

Olivia added another finger and began to circle Elizabeth's clit, bringing her near the brink of orgasm. And as soon as Olivia new Elizabeth was close, she withdrew her hand, leaving them to lightly pet the other woman's folds.

"God, Olivia.' Elizabeth rasped in desperation.

Olivia lightly kissed Elizabeth's neck and whispered in her ear. "Not until you say you'll come back to me, Elizabeth. I can't do this with you until I know that you're mine. That you're mine emotionally and that you won't leave me again."

Elizabeth took several deep breaths, tried to calm down, taking Olivia's face in her hands. "Olivia, I've always loved you, nothing has ever changed that. I'm just so happy that you'll give me another chance. I'd never be able to leave you again." Elizabeth smiled, kissing Olivia, which was interrupted by a grunt as Olivia entered her again.

Elizabeth grabbed onto Olivia's back as an intense orgasm wracked her body. Her body arched up off the coach, pushing their breasts together, molding their bodies into one another. Olivia marveled at how beautiful the woman underneath her was.

As Elizabeth began to settle down, Olivia slowly began to withdraw from her. Reluctant to leave the warmth that held her hand. Elizabeth kissed Olivia's neck, "Who in their right mind would walk away from that? I must have been crazy."

"They say that people tend to stay with their own kind," Olivia teased.

Elizabeth's hands glided across Olivia's torso to return to her previous administrations on Olivia's breasts. "Mmmm. And what does that say about you?"

Olivia could only let out a laugh gleefully in reply as Elizabeth flipped their positions.

The End

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