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By ralst

Olivia turned her back to the squad room before mumbling discreetly into her phone. "Hi, I'd like to book two tickets on your..." muffled, "please."

She hunched her shoulders and attempted to sink further into her seat. "I said your Sun and..." more muffled speak, "weekend, please."

Elliot looked over at his partner, who seemed to be attempting to melt into the floor, before turning to Fin. "What's up with Liv?"

The other man shrugged.

"No, not golf! Se..." Olivia's voice stopped as abruptly as it had started, before she again began mumbling into her phone.

Elliot and Fin took two steps closer.

"The trip to St. Lucia," she enunciated, "for Easter."

"Kathy always wanted to go there," Elliot said wistfully, "but we could never find anyone to baby-sit the kids that long."

"Don't be looking at me," Fin warned. "Anyway, since when has Benson taken vacations?"

Elliot shrugged. He remembered a time two years ago when Olivia had taken a trip to Canada, but it turned out she was on the trail of some perp who'd jumped bail.

"No, not golf!" Olivia's hand slammed onto her desk. "Do I look like the kind of woman who gets off on wearing pink shirts and hitting a stupid white ball with a stick?"

"Perp, yes, golf ball, no." Elliot chuckled.

"I don't care if you can't see me," Olivia ground out, "I am not that kind of woman!"

Elliot turned to Fin, "Do you think we should step in before she shoots the phone?"

"Nah," he smirked, "ain't nothin' finer than a riled up woman."

"Listen to me, you moron, all I want is two tickets to your Sun and, erm, weekend in St. Lucia for Easter." Olivia threw down the phone and reached for her gun.

"Excuse me," instructed a new voice, as Alex pushed her way past Elliot and Fin, "let me handle this."

"Alex?" Olivia let her gun remain holstered. "I thought you were in court this morning?"

"Seligman excused us early." Reaching past Olivia she lifted the phone. "Hello, to whom am I speaking?"

"Shouldn't that be 'who'?" Elliot questioned, but no one bothered to answer.

"Well, Shirley, I'd like to book two tickets for your company's Sun and Sex Easter Extravaganza weekend," she looked at Olivia, "and no, we won't be requiring the complementary golf or scuba diving lessons." She nodded twice. "I'm sure they are, but I have no intention of leaving our bed for anything other than a moonlit walk along the beach or a sighting of Elvis. So they won't be necessary."

Fin poked Elliot in the ribs. "Munch said he saw him last month at Burger King."

"Book them under the name of Benson," she handed the phone back to Olivia. "You need to give her your credit card details."

As Alex strode out of the squad room the two men turned their attention back to Olivia, before Elliot posed the question they'd both been thinking. "So, Alex is an Elvis fan?"

The End

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