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First Time
By Athena

Part Two

Present Day

Alex leaned back in her chair and glanced around her new office. It reminded her of her mentor's office at Harvard. She made a mental note to ask someone if she could paint it. She absentmindedly tapped her pen against the case file that lay open on the desk. She had spent the last hour reading it, and yet she could remember nothing about it. She sighed in frustration. "Olivia", she mumbled as she pressed her thighs together under the desk. Her mind had played games with her for the last hour with certain memories from her time with Olivia, one in particular.

New York City, 1990

It had been late august; she and Olivia had been together almost three months. Alex had never been happier in her life. The worry about what would happen once school started again in September had not yet set in; they lived in the present, just enjoying being in love.

Olivia unlocked the door to her apartment and quickly stepped inside.

"I'm home," she announced cheerfully. There was no answer. She frowned. As she reached out to put her badge and keys in the bowl on the table her eyes fell on an object that normally did not reside there. She grinned and in her excitement dropped the keys on the floor. She took a step into the room and then stopped dead in her tracks at the beautiful sight that met her. Alex was stretched out on her stomach on the bed. She was completely naked. The smile she gave Olivia made her toes curl. Her eyes narrowed slightly and she smiled at Alex. "Come here Ms. Cabot," she said.

Alex unhurriedly got out of bed and slowly walked towards Olivia. "Yes officer?" she said huskily.

Good lord! Olivia swallowed and took a step back until she bumped into the table in the hall. She was turned on beyond belief. She pulled herself together and quickly grabbed Alex by the wrists and pushed her against the wall in the hallway. As gently as she could she spread Alex's legs with her foot. She ran her hands down Alex's arms, then reached around and cupped her breasts. She smiled when she heard Alex moan. Olivia continued her caress of Alex's body down her flat stomach and her legs. As she slowly moved her hand up the inside of Alex's thigh she cupped her sex and gently ran her fingers through Alex's wet folds. Alex hissed and tossed her head back.

"Oh, what do we have here?" she whispered in Alex ear. She spread Alex's juices over her sex and then positioned her fingers right at Alex's entrance. She felt Alex push against her hand, but she moved it just out of reach. "You left me a present Ms. Cabot."

"Liv, please," Alex moaned softly.

Olivia reached for the strap-on and quickly put it on. She pulled Alex closer and rubbed the toy against her sex. Alex moaned loudly as it pressed against her sensitive center. When Olivia pushed inside of her she cried out. Olivia stilled her motion.

"Did I hurt you honey?" Olivia asked concerned.

Alex shook her head.

Olivia reached around and put her hand over Alex's sex. She caressed her as she started to move within Alex. She could hear Alex getting closer. Olivia suddenly felt a need to look into Alex's eyes as her climax hit her. She pulled out of her.

"Liv!" Alex cried out in frustration.

"Hush honey," Olivia said softly as she turned Alex around. She grabbed Alex by the waist and lifted her up. Alex wrapped her legs around her and Olivia pushed the dildo back inside of her. She pressed Alex against the wall. "Alex. Look at me."

She held Alex's gaze as she brought her closer and closer to release. Olivia knew Alex needed more and carried her over to the bed. She put her down on the bed and picked up the rhythm again. Alex grabbed the sheet, her body shaking with need for release.

"Please Liv," she begged.

Olivia unhooked the dildo and left it inside of Alex. She pressed her lips against Alex's soft folds.

"Oh God Liv!" Alex cried out.

Olivia quickly found the spot that was the focus of Alex need, she flicked her tongue over it a couple of times. It did not take long before Alex cried out her name in ecstasy. She stayed with her until the last tremor went through Alex's body. She curled up next to her, watching the beautiful woman. After a moment Alex's eyelids fluttered open and she smiled at Olivia.

"Honey, I'm home," Olivia whispered to her.

Alex rolled her over and laughed in joy. "I think it's time for you to get out of your uniform officer."

Olivia laughed out loud and kissed her. "I love you Alexandra Cabot."

Present Day

Alex Cabot wrapped her arms around her knees and sighed. It was just a little after ten. She had left the office around seven and headed straight home. After dinner she had curled up on the couch with a book. She did not have to be in court tomorrow so she could allow herself the luxury of some time to herself. After half an hour she realized that she had not remembered a word she had read. With a sigh she closed the book and put it down on the table. The memories of Olivia were still vivid. She glanced over at the phone. She knew her call would be answered. Still she could not get up the courage to actually dial the number. Alex jumped when suddenly the ringing phone echoed in the quiet apartment. She crawled across the couch and reached for it.


For once Olivia was glad that a new case had come up. She did not know what she would have done had she been forced to spend the remainder of the day in the squad room. Her heart skipped a beat as she relived the moment that was the cause of her internal turmoil. If you had known what waited inside Cragen's office, would you have dared to enter? Alex had looked so beautiful, standing there in the captain's office. Had her jaw hit the floor when Alex looked at her? She did not know. She had spent years training not to show emotions. Alex had smiled at her as they shook hands. Her hand was so incredibly soft, yet there was strength in the handshake. She had sensed Alex confusion. Olivia decided in that instant that no one needed to know that she had met their new Assistant District Attorney in the most pleasant of ways years ago. Alex had released her hand and the moment was gone.

Olivia sighed and glanced at the piece of paper in her hand. The handwriting was beautiful, yet playful, a young woman's handwriting. She traced the wrinkles on the note. Olivia did not need to read it; she knew the content of the message by heart.

Call me.


She had dialed this number so many times. It was the Cabot's number in New York. Suddenly it occurred to her that it was strange that no one but Alex had ever answered the phone when she called. Maybe it's her private line? Olivia did not really care. It was the only number she had for Alex. She reached for the phone and quickly punched in the number before she could change her mind. She listened to each ring. Finally someone answered.


That voice. Olivia closed her eyes and could not help but smile. "It's Olivia."

Alex paced in front of the fireplace. After her short conversation with Olivia she quickly straightened up the living room. Her files were neatly piled up on the desk in the corner. She looked down at her bare feet and cursed. She had forgotten that she had changed into her lounge pants. She put her wine on the coffee table and crossed the room heading for the bedroom when the buzzer startled her. She sighed and changed direction.

"Who is it?" she said into the intercom.

"Are you expecting someone else Ms. Cabot?" came the amused answer.

"Very funny Off..." she cut herself off and took a deep breath. "Detective. Come on up. Apartment C," she said and pressed the buzzer.

"I know," Olivia mumbled to the silent Intercom. Granted she had never been to the Cabot apartment while she was dating Alex, but that didn't mean that she didn't know where she lived.

A moment later there was a firm knock on her door. Alex quickly glanced through the peep hole before unlocking the door. After all, this was New York City and you could never be too careful.

"Hi," she said and smiled at Olivia.

Olivia cocked her head and returned the smile. "Hi yourself. Can I come in?"

Alex stepped aside. "Of course. I'm sorry," she said and looked down in embarrassment.

Olivia gently touched her arm. "Relax Alex. It's just me."

Alex nodded quickly. She locked the door and followed Olivia into the living room.

"Nice place. It's smaller than I expected. I sort of thought your family's place would be much bigger."

Alex nodded. "I never told you the whole truth about this apartment," Alex confessed. "I was young, I was afraid that you wouldn't like me if you knew certain things about me."

Olivia frowned. "Things like what?"

Alex made a sweeping gesture. "Like this apartment. It's mine. It's always been mine. My parents bought it for me when I was little."

Olivia nodded. "I see. You thought that a trust fund baby would not fit into my world?"

The words, even though true, made Alex flinch. "Something like that."

"Did it ever occur to you that I knew?"

"About the apartment?" Alex asked confused.

Olivia chuckled. "No, about your family, about you."

Alex shrugged. "I knew that you knew some things about my family of course. Most people tend to form an opinion about me when they hear my name. You did too, the first time we met. Still you never asked anything about my family. I simply thought that you weren't interested in them - only me. I didn't want you to know so I tried to keep you from them as long as possible. I could have brought you here any time. It's my apartment. But I chose not to. I thought you might start asking questions I wasn't prepared to answer."

"I'm a cop Alex. I was young too, and I was captivated by you. I wanted to know every single little mundane detail about you. I ran your name through every system I could access. I might even know more about you than you do."

Alex felt cold. She wrapped her arms around her and walked over to the window.

Olivia got a sense of deja vu seeing Alex standing by the window. The lights of the city caressed her beautiful features just like they had that first night. She walked over to her and put her arms around her. Time might have come between them, but Olivia knew this woman. She knew how to touch her, how to make her feel safe.

"What happened to us Liv?" Alex asked softly.

"Life Alex. We were young and our paths went in different directions."

She felt Alex nod. "And now they have crossed again."

Olivia sighed and rested her chin against Alex's soft hair.

"Is it too late for us?"

Olivia felt her heart skip a beat at the softly whispered question. She slowly pulled away from Alex until she could look her in the eyes. "Is that what you want?"

Alex trembled. Millions of questions raced through her mind while pondering Olivia's question. They finally settled into one. "Do you still want me?"

"Oh Alex, Alex, Alex," Olivia said softly and smiled at her. "I've tried to purge you from my heart for almost a decade." She looked Alex straight in the eyes. "And every attempt has been unsuccessful." She let go of Alex and faced the window. She put her hands against the cold glass and sighed. She had tried to have steady relationships with other girlfriends, but they always failed. She had blamed it on the job, but the truth was that she had subconsciously compared each of them to Alex. No one could stand up to that measurement. Slender arms circled her waist. She put her hand on top of the soft hands clasped over her stomach

Olivia turned around and faced Alex. Ever so slowly she leaned in and placed a kiss on her soft lips. It was gentle and without commitment. Alex sighed and closed her eyes.

"So many times I wished that I had known which would be our last kiss, just so I could savor it forever. Looking back it didn't happen. Instead our last kiss was somewhat hurried. You were late for work. I had a train to catch. You kissed me and then you were gone," Alex said with a sad smile.

"Alex, I can't promise you that this will work. We have both changed a lot. I'm not the same person. "

Alex gently put her fingers on Olivia's lips. "I know that Olivia. I might have changed more than you. I was a kid when you knew me last. I've done a lot of growing up since then. Let's just see where this will lead us. Okay?"

Olivia nodded against Alex's fingertips. She watched Alex bite her lip and then felt her caress her lips. She took Alex's hand and turned it over. She kissed each of Alex sensitive fingertips before she placed a soft kiss in her palm.

"Oh, Liv," Alex sighed.

Afterwards neither of them could say for certain who took the first step. All Alex could remember was the incredible feeling of Olivia's mouth on hers. She slipped her hands inside Olivia's leather jacket. When Olivia grabbed her behind and pressed her against her body she moaned loudly against her lips.

They had talked and tried to catch up on the enormous gap. Alex sat with her legs folded under her, facing Olivia. Olivia noticed her bare feet and smiled. There was still something left of the young woman she had known ten years ago.

"What's so funny?" Alex asked.

"Your feet. You always walked around barefoot. I'm glad you still do."

Alex smiled and stretched out her long legs and gently rubbed her foot against Olivia's thigh. She giggled when Olivia took her feet and placed them in her lap.

"I've missed this," she said impishly. Without thinking she started to rub Alex's feet.

Alex sighed and stretched. "That feels so good. You know I used to love when you did that. These days I wear uncomfortable shoes even more often. I could get used to this."

"This won't be easy Alex."

"Rubbing my feet?" she teased.

Olivia tickled her foot causing Alex to shriek. "You know what I mean."

Alex nodded. "Liv, I've missed you," she said softly.

"I know sweetheart, I've missed you too."

Alex smiled and her whole face lit up. "I've waited eight years to hear you say that to me again."

"Come here," Olivia said softly and held out her hand to Alex.

Alex crawled across the couch until she was kneeling next to Olivia. Without a word Olivia pulled her onto her lap. She let her hands slip under Alex's t-shirt and they both sighed when Olivia's strong hands touched Alex's bare skin.

"You're the most remarkable woman I've ever known," Olivia said softly more to herself than to Alex.

"I'm not the same person Liv," Alex said seriously.

Olivia looked up at her. "I look forward to getting to know the new Alex Cabot. There is no doubt in my mind that I will find her equally amazing, maybe even more so."

"I hope you're right."

"I won't lie to you Alex. I'm extremely attracted to you and this," she said and gestured to Alex on her lap. "is not exactly helping."

Alex moved on her lap. "Then I shouldn't do this?" she said huskily and kissed Olivia.

Olivia ran her hands up Alex strong back. She was skinnier than she remembered. When Alex finally pulled away, Olivia grinned at her. "No I suppose you shouldn't, but I'm not complaining sweetheart."

"I want you to stay Liv."


"I don't want to make love Liv, just sleep next to you."

Olivia arched an eyebrow. "You don't want to make love?"

Alex sighed. "Okay, I do, but I think it would be better if we took it slow this time."

Olivia nodded seriously. "I know. I was just joking."

"So, will you stay?"

Olivia smiled at her. "How could I say no? I never could in the past."

Alex chuckled and extracted her body from Olivia's. "Come, let's go to bed."

Olivia put her arm around Alex's body and pulled her closer. She burrowed her nose in Alex's soft hair. She smelled of summer. "Sweet dreams love."

"I love you Olivia."

"I know. I never stopped loving you either."

Outside the sounds of the city continued to change oblivious to the two women sleeping peacefully in each other's arms.

To Be Continued

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