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Olivia Always Wins
By lemon curry


"Hey Alex, could you go get Liv?" Elliot yelled to her over the din, "I think she's in the rec room, downstairs." He pointed at a door.

"Sure thing," Alex responded, and headed down the stairs. The sounds of the party faded a bit on the way.

Liv was indeed in the rec room, surrounded by Dickie and four other teenage boys, all eyes fixed on the screen. They were playing some racing game, and Liv, it seemed, was kicking ass. Alex smiled from the doorway, no one noticed her. She, however, caught the boys making many surreptitious glances at Liv, who was totally oblivious. The two boys who weren't playing yelled tips to the rest.

Suddenly, Liv missed a turn and the rest of the race passed her by. The cheering squad both yelled 'Ohhh!'. Alex delighted in watching Liv, with her tongue sticking out a bit on the side, fighting to regain her control.

"She's coming up on your side, Phil. Oh, never mind," he said, as her car flew past his.

"One lap to go!"

It was a bit of a fight, but Liv managed to catch up and pass each of the guys.

"Man, she's good."

"Where'd you learn to drive like that?" one of the boys asked. Liv laughed, and so did Alex. Liv looked up and winked at her, just before driving over the finish line, in first place.

"Well guys," Liv said as she stood up, "looks like my time's up." She passed the controller over and the game continued without her. A few "Later's" met her ears.

"Having fun?" Alex asked in the hallway, placing her hands on Liv's hips. Liv shrugged,

"Yeah, it's a good game," she said as she moved closer to Alex, "Good thing I've had plenty of practice," she said, her forehead resting on Alex's.

"I still can't believe you have an Xbox," Alex teased. Liv began to protest, but Alex silenced her with a kiss.

"God, I've missed you Alex."

"I've missed you too." She moved in to kiss her again, but they heard a noise. Turning, they saw all five pairs of eyes were no longer glued to the screen, but them. Clearing his throat, the boy named Phil asked,

"Um, could you just keep doing that?"

Liv and Alex just laughed and headed down the hall, Alex's hand in Liv's back pocket.

The End

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