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Art Imitates Life
By sunsetwriter


Alex had just settled down on the sofa, remote in hand, when she heard the key in the lock. She looked at the clock. Five after ten. The stake-out must have gone well for her detective to be arriving this early. The door opened and Olivia stepped inside. Alex still got a rush every time she saw the leather-jacketed woman.

"Hey." The detective stopped and removed her jacket and hung it on the rack by the door.

"You're earlier than I expected. Success, I take it?" Alex hit the mute button on the remote.

Badge, cell phone, keys, and holstered gun were all deposited on the table behind the sofa in the usual routine. Olivia then came around the sofa and planted a kiss on Alex's mouth before flopping down beside her. The corners of her mouth then turned up into a grin. "We nailed the son of a bitch!" A small pump of her fist accentuated the statement. "This one was so easy, there's got to be something wrong." The ADA in Alex cocked one eyebrow. "Don't worry, it was a clean bust – everything by the book. I just wish they were all that easy."

Alex leaned over and gave Olivia another kiss and said, "Congratulations on a job well done – as usual."

Olivia looked at the TV. "Whatcha watchin'?"

"I caught the last half of this show a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked kind of interesting. You might like it too. There's this almost butch, but not really, detective."

Olivia smirked. "What's it called?"

"Truth and Justice."

"You don't get enough of that at work?"

"Yeah, but it might be fun to see if art really does imitate life. Or is it the other way around? Whatever…" She pressed the mute button again and some unknown gavel-type sound echoed through the room.

"What was that supposed to be?"

"Beats me."

Alex pointed at the screen. "Those two are partners and that's their captain."

"She does look almost butch." Olivia watched the scene unfold. "Kinda hot too…"

"There's speculation that she's really gay, but she's apparently engaged to another actor on the show."

"And you know this, how?"

"Latest issue of People when I was getting a haircut last week."

Olivia nodded and continued to watch the screen. "Who's he?"

"Another detective. Strange guy from what little I've seen so far."

The scene changed and the gavel sound struck again. "What the hell is that?"

Alex shrugged and pointed to the screen again. "She's the ADA."

"Mmm. She's definitely hot… And you don't have to keep pointing at the screen. I'm a detective, you know, I can probably figure out which one you're talking about."

Alex elbowed Olivia. "Smartass detective is more like it."

"Damn right. It's one of my more endearing qualities." She snuggled closer to Alex and turned her attention back to the TV. After a few moments, Olivia smiled. "OK, she wants the ADA."

"Who does?"

"The almost butch detective."

"You know that from watching one scene?"

"It's obvious. Didn't you see the eye shag?" Olivia pointed at the screen and wagged her finger between the two characters. "Watch her watch the ADA."

"Now who's pointing?"

"Yeah, well, you're not a detective. Just watch her."

"I'm watching."

"See? She did it again."

"Oh yeah. I saw it that time."

"Ooh, did you see that? She definitely checked out her ass."

Alex laughed. "You are enjoying this way too much."

"Hey, it was your idea to watch it. Wait, what did she just say? Her old boyfriend did whatever?"

"That's what she said."

"Gimme a break!"

"There's never been any proof on the show that the character is gay."

"Oh, yeah, right. Have you looked at her? She is not straight. In fact, I'd bet the actress playing her isn't either."

Alex scoffed. "Just because she has short hair and dresses like you, doesn't necessarily mean she's gay."

"That's not what I'm talking about. Check out her body language and the way she carries herself."

"Maybe she's just a fabulous actress."

"Maybe, but body language and mannerisms are usually more instinctual. And she screams dyke to me. Oh, and check out the hands." Olivia gestured to the screen again when the camera closed in on the TV detective's hands holding a piece of evidence.

Alex laughed again. "They look kind of like your hands to me."

"I rest my case, Counselor."

"I'm not sure you've met the burden of proof enough to rest."

Olivia flexed her long fingers. "Oh, I'll show you proof." She slid her hand beneath Alex's shirt.

Alex swatted the hand. "You've proven yourself to be quite handy – I'm talking about her." She pointed at the screen again.

"No, you're ogling her." Olivia glanced at Alex and then looked back at the TV. "And so is her ADA. Check out that smoldering look she just gave her."

"Probably because she's asking the ADA to call in a favor to get the warrant she needs."

Olivia gave Alex a sarcastic smile. "That was not a 'You've got to be kidding, not in a million years' look. Believe me I've seen that one enough to know."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. That was a 'Meet me in my office for an afternoon quickie' look."

Alex scoffed. "Like that would really happen."

Olivia lowered her voice as she sunk a little lower on the sofa. "It could if you'd fix the lock on your office door."

"What did you say?"

"I said, you don't know what goes on behind her office door."

Another swat to the wandering hand. "That's not what you said before."

"If you heard me the first time why did you ask me to repeat it?"

"I'm a lawyer. It's what I do. You don't honestly want to have sex in my office do you?" Alex shuddered.

Olivia looked at Alex with a gleam in her eye. "Could be fun…"

"What if Liz or, worse, Branch, walked in?"

"That's why you need to fix the lock."

"OK, I have an idea." Olivia sat up and took notice. Alex laughed. "You look like a puppy waiting for a treat."

"Hey, I'm not too proud to beg… What's your idea?"

"Next time I come to the squad room, we'll steal away to the crib and you can have your way with me."

"Ewww, no way!"

"My office, your office. What's the difference?"

"Have you ever been in the crib? We have bunk beds and scratchy army blankets and it smells like dirty socks…"

"OK, OK, you win. If we were to have an 'office rendezvous', my office would be the better choice." Olivia gave her the puppy look again. "Down, girl. I said if not when."

Olivia cocked an eyebrow. "I can go down if you'd like…"

Alex's cheeks reddened and she gave Olivia another swat. "God, Olivia, you have such a dirty mind."

"Only when I'm around you." She smiled and snuggled back down to her original position leaning against Alex. The gavel-type noise drew their attention back to the TV screen. "There's the chung-chung thing – they're back. Oh, and look, now they're in court – your turn to critique."

They watched the ADA question the defendant on the witness stand and Alex provided the commentary. "Not too bad. A little on the dramatic side. I can't believe his attorney and the judge allowed that line of questioning."

"Hey, I just realized that's… what's her name? The one who played in that movie I can never remember the name of… you know the one."

"Yeah, that's her. They apparently have some big-name guest stars show up pretty regularly on this show."

"They've got the wrong guy. She's the murderer."

"How do you know that? Wait, nevermind, I know – you're a detective."

"No. Because she's the big-name guest star."

"You can't go by that."

"Just watch. I'll bet you a backrub there's a twist ending."

Alex glanced at the clock. "You're on."

Olivia smiled. "There's the dashing detective, watching the object of her desire do her thing in court. Look, she's fantasizing about asking her out for drinks and then taking her home afterwards for a night of passion." Alex looked down at Olivia, who had migrated lower on the couch so that her head rested in Alex's lap. Olivia looked up and saw the questioning look on Alex's face. "Trust me, that's what she's doing."

Alex chuckled and shook her head. "We should watch this more often. It's been a learning experience."

"Too bad it's not on cable. We might learn a lot more."

"Shhh. The jury's back." They directed their attention back to the screen. "Guilty!" Alex pumped her fist.

"Not so fast, it's not over yet…"

Alex took another look at the clock. "There's not enough time for another scene."

Olivia pointed to the screen. "Just watch."

"I'm watching, but there can't be anything left but the credits-" Alex let out a small gasp. "What's that?"

"A bloody knife." Olivia smirked. "And do you see whose hand it's in?"

"It's not in anyone's hand, because what's her name from that movie just threw it in the river." Alex huffed in exasperation.

Olivia laughed as Alex dislodged the head from her lap and stood up. "Where are you going?"

"I believe I owe you a back rub." She moved toward the bedroom. "Don't tell me you forgot already."

"I win? Just like that?" Olivia thought back to the last bet she had won. Alex had argued for days that the detective had inside information that had given her the advantage. "You're not planning on appealing or something?"

Alex turned around and looked at Olivia as she seemed to ponder her answer. "Actually, the thought of the big, strong, not to mention gorgeous, detective becoming putty in my hands is one I find very appealing." She let her eyes travel the length of Olivia's body and back to her face. "Don't you?"

Olivia practically jumped off the couch to follow the ADA.

The TV screen faded to black and the announcer's voice echoed through the room: "Stay tuned for scenes from the next, all new, Truth and Justice."

The End

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