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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Third prequel series to the Lemon Seed Orange Tree series. This is the fourth of seven stories…
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Falling For You
By Adrienne Lee


"God, can't I have a moment of peace?" Alex groused to herself as her phone rang. It's Friday night, and I'm home for a change. Although that's kind of pathetic…

Whoever called hung up when the answering machine kicked on. Obviously, it wasn't urgent, or work related. She sighed, and returned to her reading.

A few minutes later, her buzzer sounded. She checked the clock. It was almost eleven o'clock at night, and that was the third time someone buzzed her door. "What's with the pranksters? Full moon or something?" She slammed shut her book, and went to flip off the lights. Maybe if they thought nobody was home, they'd cut it out.

"Great, just great. Now what?" As soon as the lights dimmed, her cell phone went off. That could only mean one of the detectives needed a warrant. Without looking at the number, she answered, "Cabot."

"Hi, Alex?"

"Oh, hi, Liv." She smiled, despite herself. "What do you need?"

"Um. Are you busy?" Olivia rushed on. "Do you have company?"


"Um. I'm, uh, I'm downstairs."

Suddenly, the pieces began to fall into place. Alex laughed, while walking towards the intercom. "Have you been leaning on my buzzer? And calling my land-line?"

There was a telltale pause. "Am I interrupting… Um, do you have company?" The brunette repeated her earlier question.

"Well, I do now," Alex said, and pressed the button to release the door. She flipped on the lights again. Then the childish pink bunny designs on her pajama bottom caught her attention. Oh, shit, do I have time to change? No sooner than she thought that, she realized she had a bigger problem – she was wearing nothing but a spaghetti strapped camisole on top. It clung to her body, and left nothing to the imagination. Her normally hypersensitive nipples were standing at full attention, perhaps in reaction to her moving around. Or more likely, in anticipation of the detective's presence.

"Christ!" The blonde ran into her bedroom, flung open the closet door, and yanked at the light switch. Luckily, she knew exactly where her pajama top was. Hastily, she pulled on the shirt. Just then, she heard a knock on the door.

"Coming…" She yelled, half sprinted into the living-room. "Hi!" She said, gasping a little. "Sorry, I had to straighten up some stuff."

"Oh, okay." Olivia smiled, somewhat skeptically, her eyes focused on Alex's face.

Is that a smirk? Is she making fun of my clothes? She willed her breathing to return to normal. Or what I said? Oh my god…

If the brunette noticed her friend's blush, she didn't mention it. "Can I come in?" She asked instead.

"Sure, sure." Alex stepped aside, then saw the ladder the detective was carrying. "What's that?"

"A ladder?"

"I know that." She blushed harder. "I was wondering why you brought it with you."

"I thought I could help you with your lights tonight," Olivia explained, with a slight smile. "Then you don't have to wait for the maintenance man tomorrow."

"That's really sweet of you… but it's really not necessary."

"Oh, trust me, Alex, I'm not trying to be sweet." She picked up the ladder, and moved towards Alex's bedroom. "I'm doing this strictly for selfish reasons."

The blonde walked ahead to lead the way. Looking back, she lifted a brow at her friend. "Oh?"

"I just didn't want to sit here all morning, waiting for the man…"

"Like I told you, we could just meet up later." Alex crossed her arms. "You didn't have to wait with me."

It took the brunette everything to not look down. "I want… but I want the time with you."

"Aw… that's sweet."

"Are you making fun of me?"

"No, it's just a very sweet thought." Alex smiled, watching Olivia put on her tool-belt. Oh my. She mentally fanned herself when the brunette let the strap fall. Is this why people have construction worker fetish? She drooled at the way the leather hugged the detective's hips, low, and framing. Although it's more likely that I have an Olivia fetish…

"So, should I go ahead?" The brunette turned on the flashlight, and pointed towards the broken fixture.

"Oh. Yeah," Alex answered slowly. You can fix my lights anytime… The half raised dark brow snapped her out of her haze. "Yeah, sure, thanks. Here," she reached for the flashlight. "Let me hold it for you."

"No, that's all right," the brunette replied, sliding the tool into her belt. She placed the ladder under the ceiling light, then began her ascent. "The main power switch for the room's still off, right?"

In theory, she thought, but said instead, "I didn't touch it after you."



"Yeah, Alex?"

"Are you sure…" The blonde hesitated. She knew the detective was good at many things, but being an electrician? One false move and she could fry…

"About what?"

"Are you sure you know…" She began, watching Olivia unscrew the bolts holding up the glass globe. "I mean, should you really be doing this? Maybe we should just wait…"

"Relax, Alex, I know what I'm doing."


"My apartment was a rat hole when I bought it," the brunette explained, removing the last of the screws. "Here," she reached down. "Will you take this?"

The blonde took the glass fixture, and set it aside. She watched while her friend climbed back to the top of the ladder.

"Anyway, the Columbia kids who lived there completely trashed the place, and the guy didn't want to deal with the repair. That's why it was so cheap."

"I see."

"I fixed it up myself."


"Yep." Olivia acknowledged. Using the flash light, she checked out the wiring. With a jerk, she stopped and cast her gaze downwards. "Hey, Alex?"


"That's really not necessary," she chided gently, referring to the blonde's hand on the ladder. "You're actually making it wobble. It's kind of distracting."

The blonde pulled her hand away as if the metal were hot to the touch. "Sorry," she said, folding her arms high on her chest.

"It's all right." Olivia looked down from her lofty perch. Through the peripherals, she saw the gaping shirt, the plunging neckline of the fine cotton knit camisole, the valley of creamy skin. Briefly, she wondered if she indeed saw freckles leading into pink. Look away, Benson. Focus. Focus on the eyes. Desperately, she grasped onto her sense of honor, and managed a smile for her friend.

Valiantly, the brunette returned her attention to the job at hand. "It's really very simple," she offered with another smile. "See here?" She pointed with the flash light. "The wire's frayed. Normal wear and tear. Probably from all the years of people pulling on it when they changed the bulbs. I just need to wrap it up with a little electrician's tape, and we should be fine."

"That's it?" Alex lifted her brows in surprise. "I mean, not that I can do it even if I tried, but that sounded so simple."

"Oh, I'm sure you can, if you wanted," Olivia assured, proceeding with the repair. "But why, when I'm only a holler away."

"Yeah, well," the blonde shrugged. I doubt you'd always make time for me, at least not the way I think I want you to, she sighed to herself. Outwardly, she wore her amused little grin. "Hopefully we won't need to do this often."

Something in the ADA's tone made the detective pause. As often as you need me, she nearly said aloud.

"Are you almost done?"

"Almost," Olivia replied as nonchalantly as possible. "Since I'm up here, I should make sure all the wires and connections are secure," she decided, to stall for time. She didn't want her visit to end.

"Ah. Good thinking. Thanks."

"Cute pj," the brunette commented, making small talk..


"All the little pink hearts, A Valentine's gift or something?" The question flew out before she could stop herself. Great, can you be any subtler, Benson? Or sound any more like a jealous lover?

"Actually," Alex looked down at her slippers, seemingly oblivious to her friend's concerns. "It's from my mother. For Easter." She plucked at the rabbit design. "I think sometimes she forgets I'm not sixteen anymore…"

"I still think it's adorable on you."

Yeah. Adorable. Just what a woman wants to hear. Silently, Alex sighed again. You could've left the shirt off, Cabot. You have no one but your prudish self to blame.

Meanwhile, a shroud of silence settled over them.

Huh. She's so quiet. Did I say something wrong? Olivia wondered. Finally, she couldn't bear it any longer. Glancing down, she saw Alex standing with her eyes down-cast, her arms folded tightly about herself.

She followed the blonde's gaze, at least that was her original intent. Instead, her eyes lingered over the expanse of fair silken flesh -- an almost full view of Heaven of which she had only stolen glimpses before.

Instantly, her mind became consumed with visions of her own hands over warm, fragrant skin, gently kneading pliant flesh. Of Alex trembling, yielding to her touch. Surely Celestial choirs would pale compared to her whimpers of pleasure… Would it be soft, and keening? Or would it be deep and throaty? The detective mused, as she imagined herself kissing her way down that long, beautiful body…

"God…" she breathed, involuntarily, as a shudder ran through her core.

Towards the sudden noise, the blonde raised her head. Their eyes met an instant later. Still, there was enough delay for the blonde to connect the dots. At first, she was embarrassed; but the crimson flush darkening her friend's features emboldened her. "Yes, Liv?" She smirked, merriment sparkling in her eyes.

"I uh, uh...I was just..." Olivia struggled to explain.

"...Enjoying the view from above?" Alex finished for her, impulsively pushing her breasts higher.

Oh, my god, is that? Are those? Shocked brown eyes glued themselves to gentle pink stains. Gotta be my imagination. She craned her neck, to confirm.

With a light chuckle, the blonde uncrossed her arms, letting her front fall.

"Oh, hell..." Olivia cursed as she lost her balance, falling right along with Alex's flesh.

"Liv!" She reached for her friend, succeeding only in pushing the ladder backwards.

Fortunately, the momentum was enough for the detective to propel into relative safety. "Fuck." She shielded her face with a pillow. Why me?

"Are you all right?" Alex asked, concern filling her voice.

"Just shoot me."

"Seriously." She climbed over Olivia's prone body onto the other side of the mattress. "Are you okay?"

"Just shoot me, okay? Alex? I'm sorry…"

"For what, Liv?"

"Being an ass."

"Oh." Alex peeled the pillow away, and grinned at her friend. "Are you always this presumptuous?"


"I haven't invited you into my bed yet."

"Oh, god, I'm sorry," Olivia gasped, scrambling to her feet. Alex's hand on her arm prevented her from getting completely away.

"Since you're already here, Liv, why don't you stay." The blonde suggested. When she was sure Olivia wasn't going to bolt, she let go, and turned to light the candle on her night-stand. "You can finish with the light tomorrow."

The detective swallowed. "Alex?"

"We can talk."

She felt her heart sinking to the pit of her stomach. "Talk?"

"Yes, talk," the blonde smiled gently. "A solid foundation's built upon friendship. At least I think so."

To a relationship? Olivia found herself free falling, yet soaring through the dancing ribbons of blue. "A foundation?" She echoed.

"So what do you think?"

The brunette smiled, a smile that rivaled bright summer sun. "I think, I think we're going to have a beautiful friendship."

The End

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