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By ncruuk


"I was the staring champion in 3rd grade..." commented Alex with just a hint of smugness.

"When did you get contacts?" asked Olivia, concealing her amusement behind her existing look of scepticism which had been firmly in place since Alex had started trying to convince her that she would enjoy the party they'd been invited to.

"Law School...why?" Still the gazes were locked.

"That's got to affect your staring prowess..." declared Olivia thoughtfully. As soon as Olivia said that, Alex noticed exactly how dry and scratchy her eyes were starting to feel as, just as Olivia had predicted, her contact lenses began to become uncomfortable...

"Cheat!" It was an infantile taunt, but then it was an infantile game they were caught in.

"How? I haven't blinked..."

"But you've made me notice my lenses...not fair..." Olivia hadn't realised it was possible for Alex to pout and stare simultaneously, not to mention looking sexy at the same time...

"You could always blink..."

"Then I'd lose..." pointed out Alex reasonably.

"True..." agreed Olivia easily, knowing Alex's blink of defeat was only seconds away.

"What do you win if I lose?" asked Alex, wanted to clarify the terms of their impromptu competition before she conceded through contact lens related injury avoidance.

"You, naked in bed with me in as long as it takes to get out of here..." declared Olivia immediately, wondering how Alex would react.

"And what do you lose if I win?"

"The ability to get naked with you before midnight...cos somehow I don't think Marjorie James intended lesbianism on being 'that' visible at her society do when she invited you to bring me as your guest..."

"Ah..." It really wasn't a difficult decision for Alex to make...

"You blinked!" exclaimed Olivia when she saw the blonde's eyelids move.

"Tactical loss to prevent serious eye damage..." decided Alex, trying not to gather her papers and briefcase with undue haste.

"Oh..." smirking as she watched her lover attempt to appear calm and leisurely in her tidying of case files, Olivia made a big show of blinking hard before gallantly offering,

"We could have a rematch if you like, with you wearing your glasses..." only to suddenly find herself being pulled towards the door.

"One condition..." agreed Alex, liking the idea immensely...

"Yes?" Olivia's earlier confidence was fading...what was Alex's condition?

"Rematch is in 20 minutes..." Olivia's face fell at that, only for Alex to continue, "...We're playing naked...."

"I'll go hail a taxi...."

The End

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