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Game Face
By mel


Prologue – Two weeks earlier: The Night of the People v. Walker verdict

"What did Carmichael mean when she said that you owe her a song?" Elliot turned his attention to his partner who was looking at the ceiling as if she were hoping it would fall down on them and spare her whatever impending misery Carmichael was alluding to.

"Yeah," Fin and Munch echoed as they each took a small step forward so they were standing that much closer to Olivia.

Olivia sighed and resigned herself to her fate. "Okay, first of all – never, and I mean never, play Truth or Dare with that woman," she lectured her squad mates as she pointed emphatically at Abbie who had hopped the railing separating the gallery from the business half of the courtroom to give Serena a congratulatory hug. "And, second, I need your help."

"What kind of help are we talkin' about here?" Fin asked, immediately wary.

Olivia sighed and motioned for the guys to follow her off to the side of the room, away from the small cluster of lawyers. "We're talking breakfast and good coffee from that fancy place on the corner for a month if you help me out here," she pleaded.

"Wow," Fin nodded. "That's serious."

"I know," Olivia groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose as she shook her head in disbelief.

"If you have a migraine my third wife's second cousin is an acupuncturist," Munch offered.

"I'll keep that in mind," Olivia rolled her eyes at him. "So – are you in?"

"Of course," Elliot answered for the group and the other guys nodded their agreement. "Just tell us what you need."

"Okay, see, here's the thing," Olivia started to explain in a hushed whisper. The guys crowded in to hear better and she was at the tail end of explaining what she needed to happen when she felt Alex's hand on her elbow.

"You guys ready to go?" Alex asked tentatively.

Olivia looked up at the guys. "Are we?"

"Yeah," they all nodded.

Olivia turned to take Alex's hand in her own. "Yeah, we're ready."

"You're not really going to do it are you?" Alex whispered hesitantly as she allowed the brunette to lead their motley group down the aisle and out of the courtroom towards the bank of elevators that would lead to the back exit of the courthouse.

Olivia paced in the corner of the bar, oblivious to the fact that it was definitely more full than usual or that Danny behind the bar was looking rather expectantly excited about something. She also failed to notice when Liz Donnelly entered the bar with Maggie and Matt Cabot on her heels.

"Okay Liv, you got this one," Elliot tried to pump his partner up as Fin and John joined them at their usual table in the back. Olivia was standing in front of the table looking like she was about to face the firing squad and he had been left to make sure she didn't do something stupid like down a bottle of Jack while Fin and Munch disappeared to, as Fin put it, 'take care of things for our girl here'. He look at Fin questioningly, and was answered with a small nod while he mouthed the words, they all know. "Just … put your game face on and do it," he turned his attention to Olivia.

"Yeah, game face Benson, you got this," Fin encouraged as he caught the eye of a few of his old buddies from narcotics and nodded. They, in turn, grinned and started passing instructions along to those who were standing closest to them, and so on and so forth.

Oblivious to the firestorm of instructions that was flowing through the bar around her, Olivia stared at the ceiling and groaned. "You guys all know what you're supposed to do?" she double checked and was answered with three bobbing heads and three identically goofy grins. "You are all enjoying this too damned much," she mumbled.

"You got this Liv," Elliot assured her.

"Okay, yeah," Olivia bounced on the balls of her feet. "Yeah. Okay, let's go," she nodded as she led the way across the bar to where Alex was perched gracefully on a stool.

"Excuse me, miss?" she tapped Alex on the shoulder.

The bar went silent.

"Yes?" Alex swung around on the stool, a silly smile similar to the ones Elliot, Fin and Much were wearing plastered on her face.

Olivia gritted her teeth for a moment, Game face Benson – you got this, before she began to sing, "You never close your eyes anymore, when I kiss your lips. There's no tenderness like before in your fingertips … You're trying hard not to show it …"

The entire bar blew up, "BABY!"

Alex clapped a surprised hand over her mouth as her eyes grew large as saucers. "No way," she whispered as she stared out at the bar, the bar that was now enthusiastically serenading her.


By this point Alex was blushing scarlet to the tips of her ears and Olivia was grinning like everybody else in the bar. The place was packed full of raucously singing cops, lawyers and a couple random guys that Fin had pulled in from the street. Everybody was being spurred on by Abbie Carmichael, who had kicked off her shoes and was now jumping up and down on the bar, waving her arms along with the beat, and singing along as loud as she could.


Danny, behind the bar, had his video camera out and was playing amateur cinematographer, capturing the entire event on tape for posterity; and Maggie Cabot was standing on a table in the back with her own video camera zoomed in on Alexandra's face, making sure to capture Alex's expressions through the entire song.


"This is amazing!" Liz Donnelly climbed up onto the booth and hollered into Maggie's ear as she clapped and sang along.

"We are so breaking this video out at Thanksgiving!" Matt grinned up at his sister and Liz.


Maggie turned her attention away from the tiny screen on her camera long enough to share, "Abbie wants to edit the tapes together and stick them up on YouTube."


"Genius," Liz crowed. "Damn I love that girl!"


Alex laughingly pulled Olivia down onto her lap and wrapped her arms around the brunette while Elliot took over the lead vocals, "Baby, baby, I get down on my knees for you … if you would only love me, like you used to do-oooh, yeah."

The entire bar chimed in again at full volume, "WE HAD A LOVE … A LOVE … A LOVE YOU DON'T FIND EVERY DAAAAY."

Alex, who was now laughing so hard that there were tears coursing down her cheeks, tucked her chin onto Olivia's shoulder to watch the show while Abbie, who was still intent on leading her flock through the finer points of the song, began pointing emphatically along with the lyrics, "SO DON'T … DON'T … DON'T … LET IT SLIP AWAAAAAAY."

Elliot, grinning like a maniac, took a graceful bow as he handed the floor over to Fin and Munch who tag-teamed the next section rather impressively with Fin taking the lead, "Baby"

And Munch the echo, "Baby"



"I beg of you please"


"I need your love"

"I need your love"

"I need your love"

"I need your love"

"So bring it on back"

"So bring it on back"

"Bring it on back"

"So bring it on back"

They both held their hands up victoriously when they finished their little section and the crowd obligingly chimed back in, "BRING BACK THAT LOVIN' FEELING, WHOA, THAT LOVIN' FEELING, BRING BACK THAT LOVIN' FEELING … 'CAUSE IT'S GONE … GONE … GONE … NOOOOOO"

Elliot grabbed Olivia by the hand and pulled her back out with the rest of the squad for the grand finale, for which they all dropped to one knee in front of Alex and clasped their hands dramatically over their hearts, to sing enthusiastically, "BRING BACK THAT LOVIN' FEELING, WHOA THAT LOVIN' FEELING … BRING BACK THAT LOVIN' FEELING 'CAUSE IT'S GONE … GONE … GONE … WHOOOOOA."

Alex, still blushing to the roots of her hair, clapped enthusiastically once the song was finished and jumped up from her chair to pull Olivia and all of the guys into a gigantic laughing group hug. "You guys are amazing!" she yelled over the crowd's cheers and catcalls.

"Our pleasure honey," Fin smiled as he reached over Olivia's back to squeeze the blonde's shoulder affectionately.

Olivia, still laughing, leaned in close to Alex and told her, "I love you Alex."

Alex turned to look at Olivia, her blue eyes twinkling with laughter, "I love you too Liv."


Chapter 1

"Liz," Alex called out tentatively as she poked her head into her boss' office. "Got a sec?"

Liz Donnelly looked up at the wary blonde blocking her doorway and nodded quickly before returning her attention to her computer screen, the phone in her hand hanging limp from her ear as she presumably waited on hold for something. "Charlie," she nodded.

"Not you too," Alex rolled her eyes.

"It's Charlie or a return to being called the Arrogant Annoying Know-it-All – your choice," Liz drawled as she sat up and punched a few keys on her keyboard before sitting back in her chair with a grin.

"Charlie is fine," Alex groaned.

Liz held up a finger as her grip on her phone tightened. "Yes? Did you find what I was asking for? … Excellent. … No, I don't need a hard copy, you can either send me an electronic file of the jacket or fax me a copy of it – whichever would be easiest for you. … Alright, thank you. I'll keep an eye on my inbox then. Thanks again," she smiled and dropped her phone back into its cradle.

"Please tell me it's not SVU that you're looking into," Alex muttered as she dropped into one of the visitor's chairs fronting Donnelly's desk.

"It's not SVU," Liz smiled. "Your cousin is bringing a new girlfriend to Thanksgiving and Maggie wanted me to check her out, make sure she wasn't trouble."

"My cousin…," Alex murmured as she ran through the list of Cabot cousins, quickly coming to the conclusion that the only ones left who weren't married were herself, Adam, and … "Really?" she drawled.

"Indeed," Liz smiled.

"What about Luke?"

"Gone with the wind," Liz waved her hand airily. "And, good riddance – I never liked that boy."

"Who is she?"

"You will find out at Thanksgiving," Liz smiled. "I didn't tell her about your new beau, and I won't tell you about hers. So, did you need something? Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for the Stevens extradition hearing tomorrow?"

"Yeah, see," Alex shifted slightly in her seat. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Standard protocol dictates that a detective from the arresting unit accompany the ADA arguing for extradition. Mostly to take care of the transfer of the prisoner to the possession of the Marshals, but also in case testimony is needed to sway the court to our way of thinking."

"I did used to have your job, Alexandra," Liz smiled. "I don't need you to walk me through procedures."

"Yes, Liz," Alex nodded.

"Is it safe to presume from your rambling that you would like to request Detective Benson to be the one who accompanies you down to Philadelphia?"

Alex nodded. "Yes. And I know that she's not listed as fit for active duty but …"

"You want me to ignore protocol and let her go anyways," Liz finished for her.


"Why should I ignore perfectly reasonable protocol and let you take her with you?"

Alex sighed and shrugged. "Because I'm your favorite goddaughter?"

Liz pursed her lips and shook her head no. "That very well may be true, but that's not why I'm going to okay it."

"But you are going to okay it?" Alex sat up straighter and leaned forward in her chair expectantly.

Liz smiled and nodded. "I'm going to okay it because you and your Detectives have reached the half million hit mark on your YouTube video."

"Half a million?" Alex gasped. "How? Why?" she frowned.

"You've gone viral, my dear," Liz laughed. "Jessie down in the secretary pool told me that it's being spread like wildfire on Facebook. You're on Facebook, haven't you seen it?"

"Yes I have an account, but I haven't been on in a while – life got a little crazy lately," Alex replied slowly. "It's really being linked all over Facebook?" she frowned and bit her lower lip worriedly.

"Game face on Cabot," Liz admonished. "And, for the record, if the Today Show calls like the rumor mill is predicting … you and," she emphasized the word, "your Detectives are to make an appearance. That's a direct order from Branch and One PP."

"Oh god," Alex leaned back in her chair and pinched the bridge of her nose in a futile attempt to head off the headache that she knew would be coming.

"I'll call down to Captain Cragen, if you can convince him to let Benson go with you – it's fine with me. I'll expect a report from you as soon as the hearing is over."

"Yes Liz," Alex mumbled as she stood and made to leave, pausing with her hand on the door to ask, "The Today Show, seriously?"

Liz folded her hands in front of her face and grinned. "The Today Show Counselor," she nodded. "Damn I love that Abbie Carmichael."

Olivia ran a hand through her short spiky hair as she blew out a long loud breath of frustration. Goddamn desk duty, she thought to herself as she flipped closed the DD-5 file she'd just finished and tossed it onto the rapidly growing 'completed' pile in the middle of her and Elliot's desks. Just because I got freaking shot doesn't mean that I deserve to be everybody's stupid secretary, she pouted as she pulled a fresh file and opened it to the first page. She was pulled out of her mini-funk by the familiar click-clack of heels that were heading down the hall toward the squad room.

"Where is everybody?" Alex asked as she came to a stop beside Olivia's desk, her gaze automatically scanning the nearly empty room.

"Interview One trying to break Johnson," Olivia answered, unable to keep the small scowl of displeasure off her face. She wanted to be in there with them but no, she was stuck out in the squad room riding the proverbial pine.

"Liv," Alex groaned as she sat on the corner of Olivia's desk. "It's only been three weeks since you were shot – not even four full days since you got back released to come back to work. You can't expect to be running at full speed, you were shot for god's sake!"

"I know," Olivia murmured as she fought the urge to place her hand on her girlfriend's thigh. "I just hate this," she whined pathetically.

"I know baby," Alex murmured. "But at least you've got your sling off already," she tried to sound reassuring. "Your strength and range of motion is improving every day. I might have a surprise to ask you about soon, and in six days we'll be heading up to Boston for the grand Cabot Clan Thanksgiving."

Olivia was about to inquire as to what the surprise Alex alluded to was when the guys came pouring out of the interview room, all of them wearing identical grins.

"We got him!" Elliot called out victoriously, pumping a fist in the air for good measure. "Stupid prick actually thought that slipping GHB into a girl's drink wasn't illegal," he shook his head in disgust.

"So we can add possession and distribution of a controlled substance to his laundry list," Alex grinned. "Excellent."

"Hey!" Fin called out, surprised by the blonde ADA's appearance. "Charlie's here!"

"Charlie!" Elliot and Munch yelled as they clasped their hands in front of their chests and bowed dramatically before Alex.

"Angels," Alex nodded at the boys and Olivia sniggered indelicately.

"You here for us?" Munch arched a brow questioningly.

"Nope, need to speak to Bosley," Alex grinned. "He around?"

"In his office," Olivia answered her girlfriend's query. "And you know he'll freak if he hears you call him that."

"Yeah, but it's just too easy to resist," Alex smiled and hopped off of Olivia's desk. "Well, I guess I should get back to work," she announced with a dramatic sigh before she leaned in close and whispered against the brunette's ear. "Don't go anywhere Detective, this week might be looking up for the both of us very soon."

Olivia could only blush and nod at the smoky sexiness in Alex's voice, and by the time she'd managed to find her own the striking blonde had already disappeared into Cragen's office.

"What do you think Charlie needs with Cragen?" Fin asked.

"You guys do know that she's getting more than a little fed up with the 'Charlie' references, right?" Olivia chuckled.

"Yeah," Munch nodded. "But, we kind of like being known as Cabot's Angels."

"Oh, yeah," Elliot looked up as if he remembered something important. "I talked to the banner guy and he said a custom job like that would run us about seventy five. He's cutting us a deal, has a soft spot for the boys and girls in blue."

"Do I want to know?" Olivia groaned.

"Probably not," Fin chuckled. "Count me in El."

"Me too," Munch nodded. "How long does he think it'll take?"

"He said that he'd put a rush on it and we'd have it by Monday if I got the order in to him by four," Elliot replied as he needlessly glanced at his watch. "Want me to call him and set it up?"

"Set what up?" Olivia asked.

"You'll find out soon enough Olivia," John grinned. "You don't want us to tell you and ruin the surprise, do you?"

"Speaking of surprises," Olivia muttered as her mind jumped tracks back to a certain blonde ADA's earlier cryptic statement. "Have any of you heard anything…,"

Her question was interrupted by Cragen yanking his door open and bellowing, "Benson, in here. Now!"

"Oooooh," the boys all sang childishly.

"How the hell do you get in trouble riding the desk Liv?" Elliot asked.

Olivia shrugged and stood. "I dunno. Maybe I was too efficient filling out all of your fives?" she mocked over her shoulder as she quickly crossed the room and entered the Captain's office. She closed the door behind her, dampening the sounds of raucous teasing and laughter, and asked, "Something I can help you with Cap?"

Cragen nodded at Alex and the ADA turned to address Olivia. "I was just updating Don as to the latest developments in the Stevens extradition case," Alex informed her girlfriend who was still looking confused.

"Okay," Olivia nodded hesitantly.

"Detective," Cragen interrupted them. "I want you to accompany Ms. Cabot to the extradition hearing in Philadelphia."

"Okay," Olivia drawled. "Don't I have to have an active duty classification to take on such a role?"

Alex frowned and glared at Olivia. It had taken her having to practically grovel at Liz's feet to get Donnelly to okay her request for Olivia to join her on the trip and now the good Detective was trying to talk herself out of it? Never mind the possible Today Show Appearance that she was threatened with? Promised? Sworn to compliance for? What the hell?! "If you would rather stay here and process the stack of fives that seems to have grown in size even during the time you've been in this office Detective," Alex glowered, "then I will leave you to your physician imposed desk duty and take one of the guys with me instead."

Realizing that she'd just had an 'open mouth, insert foot' moment, Olivia quickly backpedaled. "That wasn't what I'd meant at all Counselor," she purposefully put a plaintive tone onto Alex's title. "I was simply …," she tried to come up with an explanation that wouldn't get her into more hot water but couldn't come up with anything. "Ah hell, fuck it. Cap, I can really go with Alex?"

Cragen smiled and nodded. "You can really go with Alex. I'm sure the guys will make sure to save their paperwork for you to do once you get back."

"Great," Olivia groaned. "When is the hearing?" she turned to Alex.

"Tomorrow morning," Alex replied, her tone serious.

Crap, I think I really screwed up just now, Olivia thought to herself. "So are we leaving at dawn or going down tonight?"

"We will most definitely be going down tonight," Alex assured the brunette, a mischievous smile tweaking her lips, the arch of her brows indicating that Olivia might be taking such a trip more than once to make up for her earlier blunder.

Ohmygod Alex, Olivia thought, Dad is like … right there! "I see," she answered calmly. "What time are you thinking we should try to leave around?"

"As soon as you get yourself packed we can go," Alex replied with an authoritative nod of her head for emphasis. "I figure if we leave now we can beat some of the traffic and I can do some work once we get to the hotel."

"Cap?" Olivia turned to Cragen to check for his approval.

"Alex already cleared it with Donnelly so I don't have a problem with it," Don smiled. "It's not like those fives are going to be going anywhere, you might as well help out our ADA."

"Yes sir," Olivia nodded, a little too enthusiastically.

"Right then," Cragen hooked his thumbs into his suspenders and smiled. "Why don't you two get out of here and pack. I'll see you Monday morning Olivia, you better not be in this weekend."

"I can promise you she will not be here this weekend Don," Alex stood and gathered her satchel. "I will make sure of it myself."

"I'm sure you will Counselor," Cragen smiled. "Good luck in Philadelphia, let me know how it goes."

"Yes sir," Olivia nodded again.

"You got it," Alex smiled. "Thank you Don."

Olivia smiled her thanks at her Captain before falling into step behind Alex who had left the office with a purposeful set to her shoulder and, if you knew what to look for, an energized bounce to her step.

"You okay Liv?" Elliot asked as she stopped at her desk to retrieve her keys and coat.

"Yeah," she looked up and winked. "Our esteemed ADA requires assistance for an extradition hearing in Philly tomorrow," she informed him. "Cap told me to go make sure she doesn't get into trouble."

"I heard that Detective," Alex admonished playfully from her position in the doorway. "Are you coming?"

"Not yet," Elliot sang under his breath as he waggled his eyebrows at Olivia.

"Perv," Olivia laughed and threw a wadded up piece of paper at him. "Right away Counselor," she assured Alex. "Your wish is my command."

"Whipped," Elliot murmured and was rewarded with a resounding smack to the back of his head.

Across the room and safe from physical retaliation Fin made a whipping sound as he pantomimed cracking one.

"You're just jealous," Olivia smiled at the group.

"Damn right," Fin grinned.

"Angels," Alex pompously addressed the three men. "Keep up the good work, I shall return on Monday. If you need me, call Liz," she winked.

"Go get some, Cabot," Elliot grinned.

Alex paused mid step and turned to glare at him. "What was that Stabler?"

Elliot held his hands up and shrugged. "I said go get 'em, Cabot."

"Uh huh, yeah right," Alex grumbled.

"See you Monday!" Munch called out merrily.


Chapter 2

Alex smiled to herself as she looked over at Olivia who was reclined in the passenger seat catching a quick nap. They still had another hour or so until they reached Philadelphia and she was glad to see Olivia getting some rest. She'd been worried when Olivia had managed to sweet talk her doctor into releasing her for desk duty, and the (admittedly shorter than usual) days at the precinct definitely seemed to wear on the Detective.

"Stop staring," Olivia grumbled without opening her eyes. "You're keeping me awake."

"I haven't made a sound," Alex retorted. "And how do you know that I'm staring?"

"Remember our conversation about the warm and tingly feeling I get wherever your eyes land on my body?" Olivia smirked, her eyes still closed.

"Oh yeah," Alex feigned recollection. "Of course. How terribly inconsiderate of me to surreptitiously ogle my devastatingly handsome girlfriend while she's sleeping."

"I'm impressed you feel I warrant the use of so many fifty cent words after my idiotic rambling in Cragen's office earlier," Olivia replied.

"Well," Alex drawled as she reached across the center console and ran the tip of her index finger down the edge of Olivia's jaw. "I was kind of hoping you'd feel motivated to make that up to me once we get to the hotel."

"I figured as much," Olivia chucked as she turned her head toward the blonde behind the wheel and finally opened her eyes. "I can't believe you broke out the 'going down' innuendo in Dad's office."

"But you will be Detective, several times if I have my way," Alex licked her lips seductively. "And vice versa."

"Well, then you should stop staring and let me get back to my nap," Olivia grinned but before she could even try to fall back asleep Alex's cell phone started ringing. "Whose ringtone is that?" she asked.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt," Alex sang along. "Give you one guess."

"Well, I would, love," Olivia winked. "But I'm sitting right here so I have to admit that I am a little concerned as to who else you would assign that tone to."

Alex laughed low and deep. "I didn't set that – Abbie did. Think we should answer it?"

"Might as well," Olivia sighed. "I haven't been mortally embarrassed yet today."

Alex nodded and pushed the handy Bluetooth connect button on her steering wheel, "Abigail," she answered dryly.

"Well fuck me twice and call me Shirley, y'all are famous!" Abbie Carmichael's distinctive voice filled the car. "Over half a million hits, sweet cheeks!"

Alex rolled her eyes. "Don't remind me," she chastised as she checked over her shoulder to make sure the left lane was clear before she zipped around a mini-van that wasn't going fast enough for her liking.

"How's Maverick treating you? Is she still doing a good job buzzing the tower?"

"Dear God Carmichael," Olivia laughed. "Can you just give up on the Top Gun allusions already?"

"Oooh," Abbie muttered playfully. "Avoiding the issue. Is there trouble in paradise? Do I need to put on my therapist thong and help you two lovebirds out?"

Alex laughed. "Therapist thong? Do I want to know?"

"Well, it certainly helps out at my house when I put it on," Abbie drawled. "Oh wait, no, Serena wears the thong and I wear the fake …"

"TMI Carmichael!" Olivia interrupted.

"Was there a reason you were calling Abbie?" Alex asked. "Don't you have work to be doing or something?"

"Or something," Abbie answered smoothly. "I called and spoke with Viper…"

"Viper?" Olivia whispered to Alex.

"… and she told me about your little field trip to the City of Brotherly Love …"

"Liz," Alex answered quietly and Olivia nodded as if that one made all the sense in the world.

"… as if that isn't the gayest nickname in all of gaydom," Abbie continued. "Anywho, if y'all are drivin' down my way anyways, whattaya say you come down to DC for the weekend and we can go out Saturday night?"

Alex looked over at Olivia who shrugged and nodded. "Sure," she replied. "Can you find us a hotel by your place?"

"Why is it that you never stay in my guest room Cabot?" Abbie whined.

"I did, once," Alex chuckled softly as she corrected her friend. "The floor show that night when I got up to pee was a little unforgettable. It's safer to stay at a hotel."

"Goddamn," Abbie swore, but Alex and Olivia could clearly hear the smile in the other woman's voice. "You knew those triplets were coming back with me – it was your own damn fault for leaving your room!"

"Triplets?" Olivia asked.

"Why couldn't you have taken them to your bedroom like a normal person?" Alex argued with Abbie as she mouthed, Yes, triplets, to Olivia.

"Because my bed wasn't big enough for all of us!" Abbie argued feigning indignation.

"Triplets?" Olivia repeated.

"Yes Benson, triplets," Abbie groaned. "It was one time Cabot – one time – and it never happened again!"

"Oh, couldn't perform for so many women at one time?" Olivia teased.

"Oh honey, I was a-fucking-mazing that night. But it was just too much damned work," Abbie laughed. "But the memory of three identical redheads passed out with sated smiles on their lips made that one time SO worth it."

"Please tell me this was before Serena," Olivia stared at Alex.

"Yes, it was before Serena," Abbie growled. "I had just started at the DA's office. I was young, dumb, and full of…"

"Okay Carmichael," Olivia interrupted the brash Texan yet again. "We get it. Find us a hotel."

"I promise to behave!" Abbie whined.

"But I don't," Olivia winked at Alex. "Find us a hotel close by your place and we'll cab it from there."

"Yes mistress," Abbie answered.

"You are bad Carmichael," Olivia laughed.

"Please," Abbie drawled. "I'm not the one with a latex corset hanging in my closet. Although Serena did want me to see if I could possibly borrow it?"

"Go buy your own Abigail," Olivia blushed.

"Yeah, thought you'd say that," Abbie sighed dramatically.

"Hotel?" Alex asked as she openly appraised the brunette who was shifting uncomfortably in the passenger's seat.

"I will make you a reservation and have them email the confirmation details to your work address so y'all can get it off your Berry, your highness."

"Thank you," Alex replied. "I'll call you when we're leaving Philly. We were planning on staying there Friday night anyways, so we'll head down your way Saturday morning."

"I shall await your call with baited breath," Abbie answered in her best phone-sex operator voice.

"Good-bye Abigail," Alex laughed as she pushed the button on the steering wheel to disconnect the call. "Latex corset?" she turned her attention to her blushing lover.

"It was for an undercover op!" Olivia protested. "I swear!"

Alex appraised Olivia for a moment before she confessed with a slightly embarrassed smile as she turned her attention back to the highway. "I don't know whether to be relieved about that or mildly disappointed. You can try and sleep again, if you'd like. We still have about forty five minutes to go – more, if there's any traffic. I'll wake you when we arrive."

Alex slowly maneuvered the car through the sweeping circular drive stopping in front of the gleaming gilded doors and expectantly popping the trunk for the as of yet unseen bellhop to retrieve their bags. She killed the engine and leaned across the console to tenderly kiss Olivia awake.

"Mmhmm," Olivia mumbled as she slowly came awake.

"Wake up sleepyhead, we're here," Alex whispered and lovingly kissed Olivia's lips when the brunette turned towards her.

"M'kay," Olivia groaned and stretched in her seat, her back arching forward and jutting her breasts out invitingly.

"Dear lord," Alex licked her lips and fought the suddenly overwhelming urge to lean in further and capture a hidden nipple between her teeth.

"Hmm?" Olivia hummed, still not entirely awake.

"Let's go get checked in. I'm thinking we can just order some room service and enjoy spending the evening together?"

Olivia opened her eyes and smiled. "Sounds heavenly Alex," she replied before she looked around at their surroundings. "Where are we?"

"The Four Seasons," Alex answered as she climbed out of the car.

"You can't tell me that this place is on the DA's expense budget," Olivia frowned as she too exited the car and took in the opulent hotel.

"It's not," Alex shrugged. "It's on mine."

"Alex," Olivia groaned.

Correctly interpreting her lover's mood, Alex quickly tried to explain herself. "Liv, I've seen you what – two nights this week? And you're not even back to full duty getting called out in the middle of the night. What's it going to be like when you are? Am I ever going to see you between your job and mine? I wanted to do something nice. For you. For us. You know this isn't a big deal for me, just … let me treat us to something special."

"I'm sorry," Olivia sighed. "It's just, I was kind of expecting a Holiday Inn – not the Four Seasons."

"Ma'am?" the patient bellhop queried.

Alex turned to the man and nodded that she did, in fact, know that he was waiting on them. "Yes, one moment please," she held up a finger. She waited for him to back off to stand just inside the front doors to await further instructions before she rounded the car and wrapped her arms around Olivia's waist. "Are you mad?" she asked hesitantly.

"No," Olivia assured her. "I'm not mad sweetheart. I appreciate the fact that you thought to do this for us."

"You're sure?" Alex double checked. "Because there is a Holiday Inn down the street if you'd rather stay there," she offered, not mentioning that they were already past the cancellation time for the Four Seasons and that her card would be charged for the night regardless.

"I'm sure," Olivia kissed Alex tenderly.

"Okay then," Alex beamed. She turned her attention to the bellhop and nodded as she offered the car keys to the valet. "Thank you," she smiled up at Olivia as she took the brunette's hand in hers and led the way inside the hotel.

"I think I should be the one thanking you," Olivia chuckled as she looked around the opulent lobby, noting the fountain out the rear window and the antique Queen Ann chairs upholstered in a rich butter colored fabric dotting the sitting area in front of the fire. "I mean, wow."

Alex paused mid-step to look around the lobby that she'd traversed more times than she could count. "It is pretty nice, isn't it?" she observed as she actually paid attention to the marble floors, custom woodwork, opulent hand woven oriental rugs and antique furniture.

"Ya think?" Olivia mumbled under her breath. "I'm just going to have a look around while you check us in?" she smiled.

Alex nodded. "Okay. I'll be back in a jiff."

Olivia wandered around the lobby, peeking out windows overlooking rapidly darkening courtyards and pausing to critique the surprising amount of original artwork dotting the walls. She was lost in a landscape had a distinctively surrealist undertone to it when Alex reappeared at her elbow.

"Ready?" Alex asked softly.

"Mmm," Olivia smiled and took hold of the blonde's hand, easily twining their fingers together. "Ready."

Olivia wandered around the suite while Alex graciously thanked and tipped the bellman who had brought their bags upstairs for them. She was in complete awe of her surroundings, from the plush carpet beneath her shoes to the beautiful fabrics framing the French doors that led to the suite's small balcony.

Alex saw the young man out and closed the door behind him, making sure to flip the latch and the deadbolt before focusing her attention on Olivia who had meandered over to the granite fireplace in the corner of the living area and was running an appreciative finger over the elegant mantle. "Is it too much?" she asked hesitantly from her position by the door, not really but still kind of afraid of what Olivia would think of it all.

"It's amazing," Olivia turned and smiled. "It's nearly as beautiful as you are."

Alex tipped her head and blushed. "I'm pleased you like it," she murmured. "Would you like to see the rest of the suite?"

"If you'd like to show me," Olivia replied. "I could be coerced into taking the nickel tour. Please tell me this room comes with at least a queen sized bed?"

"Mmm, even better – a California King," Alex purred. "But the real treat is the two person Jacuzzi tub in the en suite bathroom."

Olivia arched a brow and smirked as she quickly crossed the room and gathered her lover in her arms. "Now that does sound amazing," she murmured against the shell of Alex's ear before she began laying a seductive line of kisses down the blonde's throat. "Show me."

Alex moaned softly and tilted her head to the side in a silent offering of skin as she took hold of Olivia's hips and began carefully steering the brunette backwards through the bedroom toward the spacious bathroom, only veering off course once when Olivia nipped gently at her pulse point.

Of course, that one time was smack into a wall.

"Damn," Olivia grunted as her hip slammed into the doorframe.

"Sorry," Alex murmured and quickly took advantage of not having to pay attention to where they were walking by deftly untucking Olivia's shirt and sliding her hands over the brunette's abs before finally reaching her intended destination hidden behind thin satin.

"Aaaaalex," Olivia moaned as she felt the blonde's thumbs begin rubbing over her already hard nipples.

"Hmm?" Alex mumbled and captured Olivia's lips in slow sensuous kiss as she dipped her hands around the brunette's sides to unsnap and lift up the offending bra before again cupping and fondling the detective's gorgeous breasts, skin to skin.

Words and arguments were lost for a time as the kiss fluctuated from hot and wanting to slow and reverent and back again; the need, the love, the desire they were each feeling growing hotter and hotter with each brush of lips, with each gentle nip, every stroke and suck against tongues sent slow rolling waves of desire through them both to settle at their very cores. Their hands began to undress the other between languid kisses, all intentions of getting the other naked lost as their kisses again turned deep and hungry and of so fucking demanding causing their hips to crash together with pure animalistic need.

Somehow, even through the all encompassing haze of desire that surrounded them, they managed to stumble their way away from the wall and across the spacious bedroom to tumble in a tangle of arms and legs onto the oversized bed.

"Mmm," Alex moaned appreciatively as Olivia rolled them over and easily straddled her waist, effectively pinning her to the bed.

"I think," Olivia murmured as she sat back on her heels and ran her fingertips down Alex's torso, openly appraising the flushed blonde beneath her, "that you have on too many clothes."

"Do you now?" Alex smiled coquettishly.

Olivia slipped her hands inside the center seam of Alex's button-down shirt and nodded. "I do," she husked as her grip tightened and her arms flexed.

Alex could only stare as the buttons from her shirt went flying. "I liked this shirt," she frowned.

Olivia, though, ignored her – quickly removing the blonde's ruined shirt and bra, carelessly tossing them aside without a second glance. "Much better," she smiled and leaned forward to capture one of Alex's nipples between her lips.

"Oooooo," Alex moaned softly at the wonderful feeling of Olivia's lips, teeth and tongue teasing her. Wanting more, needing more, she lifted her head up enough to see what she was doing as she began to try and work Olivia's shirt off.

"Nuh-uh-uh," Olivia nipped at the nipple captured between her teeth.

"Fuck," Alex gasped in surprise before moaning plaintively, "Liiiiiv."

Olivia released the nipple she'd been teasing to a rigid point and looked up at Alex, her eyes dark and hungry, her smile wolfish and predatory. "I believe it was agreed upon earlier that I have some … making up to do, Counselor," she murmured as she moved her mouth to Alex's other breast, teasing the previously ignored tip to attention as she trailed a single fingertip down the blonde's side. That teasing, taunting finger deftly uncovered the zipper hidden in the side of Alex's skirt, and it was with a long deep suck against the nipple between her lips that she began to slowly, so slowly, so incredibly, maddeningly, slowly work the zipper down on the blonde's skirt.

One. Tooth. At. A. Time. To Alex, it felt like it took forever and she whimpered softly in protest.

"Patience, love," Olivia murmured as the zipper finally, finally, opened completely.

Alex could only watch as Olivia carefully grasped the sides of her skirt and slid backwards off the side of the bed as she began to slide it down her body. Alex eagerly lifted her hips to allow the garment room to be removed and a wave of pure lust and desire settled between her legs at the low, long, deep, appreciative moan that escaped her lover's lips when her garter belt and thigh high stockings were exposed.

"God, Alex," Olivia whispered reverently as she dropped the skirt she'd removed onto the floor and took a moment to savor, to appreciate, the beauty that was spread out before her.

Alex's breath caught in her throat at the look of pure, unadulterated desire that crossed Olivia's face as the brunette openly and unabashedly stared. "Liv," she murmured, and when Olivia looked up into her eyes her sex clenched needfully at the raw hunger she saw there. "Let me see you," she pleaded softly.

Alex watched as Olivia's eyes snapped shut, fascinated with the way the brunette's shoulders dropped and relaxed as her head fell back in silent supplication.

Brown eyes focused on blue as Olivia rasped, "Need you," as she quickly reached down to take hold of Alex's white lace panties and quickly guide them down long, long, legs.

"Liv," Alex moaned softly as she watched the flimsy material drop from strong tanned fingers. "Please?"

Olivia nodded jerkily and quickly shucked her shirt and bra, entreating, "Move up to the pillows?", as she began working open her belt and sliding her trousers down past her hips, and allowing gravity to help them finish their trek to the floor where they were unceremoniously kicked off and sent flying into the far corner of the room.

Never taking her eyes off her lover, Alex did as requested and moved so that her head was resting on the pillows at the head of the bed and her legs, those long glorious legs, were stretched out toward the foot. She sighed happily when Olivia, now wearing nothing but a smile, climbed back onto the bed and settled herself between her stocking clad legs.

"God Alex," Olivia groaned as Alex's hips began slowly undulating beneath her.

Alex's only response was to twine her fingers into Olivia's shorn locks and pull her in closer for a deep, hungry, searing kiss, her tongue immediately seeking out and receiving entrance to the brunette's mouth which she proceeded to plunder with damn near reckless abandon.

When the need for air overtook her Olivia pulled back with a gasp and used her jaw to forcefully turn Alex's head to the side revealing a graceful column of unblemished alabaster skin for her devour with long heavy licks, hard deep sucks and sharp playful nips. She paid special attention to the base of Alex's neck, sucking greedily against the racing, throbbing pulse she found there – not caring in the least that she left a mark, in fact quite enjoying the idea that she was marking Alex as hers, claiming this fair skinned angel as hers. She rocked her hips into her lover as she kissed her way across a proud clavicle before dragging her breasts and her tongue down Alex's torso as she unerringly made her way down, down, down; pausing to dip her tongue into a quivering navel before sliding over a neatly trimmed patch of golden curls and settling herself between Alex's legs.

"So incredibly beautiful," she murmured as she rubbed her cheek against a stocking clad thigh. She leaned in and blew softly onto Alex's sex and was rewarded with a strangled cry and a half frantic plea.

"God Liv!" Alex practically sobbed as Olivia moved slowly, purposefully, deliberately between her thighs. "Please," she moaned, her hips rocking up toward her lover, seeking, beseeching, pleading for contact. Contact that was refused as Olivia moved to instead massage the blonde's other inner thigh with her cheek. Alex growled her displeasure and desire and reached down to attempt to forcefully guide her lovers mouth to where she was literally aching for her touch.

"Patience, love," Olivia smiled as she swatted the blonde's seeking hand away. "I have amends to make, and I intend to make them," she teased as she wrapped her arms under and around Alex's thighs, gripping and pulling them open in front of her before she again teasingly, tauntingly, puckered her lips to blow gently, ever so fucking lightly onto the copious pool of wetness at Alex's opening before moving up to settle the maddening stream of air onto the blonde's pulsing clit.

Alex whimpered as her hips bucked again. "Liv!" she screamed, sobbed, pleaded, the plea turning into a long, loud, throaty moan of relief as Olivia's tongue slowly traced through her lips to flick softly across her clit. Her right hand twisted itself into Olivia's hair, not in an attempt to hold the brunette in place or to offer directions but rather as a means of trying to assure herself that she possessed some small measure of control (which she so didn't), while her left hand reached blindly for something to hang-on to, something to ground herself with, anything, anything to use as an anchor; eventually settling for a handful of the expensive duvet she was writhing upon.

Olivia set to her task with a single-mindedness that, had it not been so incredibly pleasurable, could have been frightening. She teased the pulsing bundle at the apex of Alex's sex with short quick flicks and long broad licks, stoking Alex's need higher and higher, so much higher; winding her tighter and tighter until she was close, so incredibly, blissfully close to release before backing off and keeping her there, right there on the edge, on the edge where pleasure and pain and need and want and GODDAMN IT JUST MAKE ME COME ALREADY meet.

"Jesus!" Alex gasped as she felt Olivia's tongue plunge deep into her. God, so deliciously, delightfully deep, before she pulled out to lap greedily at the pool of arousal that that action brought forth. "Liiiiiiv," Alex moaned as the brunette seemed content to stay there, teasing, promising more but refusing to push inside again.

Olivia smiled and moved her attention to that sensitive bundle once more, wrapping her lips around the nub and sucking against it, delighting in the half pleasured half anguished cry that escaped Alex at the more forceful touch. She sucked again gently and reveled in the way Alex's entire body responded to her. She could tell that the blonde was primed and ready to let go. She was moaning, writhing, bucking, begging, seeking, searching, begging, begging, fucking begging for release.

Finally, finally taking pity on her love Olivia positioned three fingers at the blonde's opening and pushed into hot velvet with one slow, sure stroke as she sucked on and flicked her tongue against the nerves still held captive between her lips.

"Fuck yesssssssssssssss!" Alex screamed as the release she'd been seeking finally hit her. Her entire body seized and it was only Olivia's strong arm over her hips that kept her on the bed as her body arched off the mattress with the force of her orgasm.

Olivia slowed her touch to draw out Alex's release, working to ensure the waves of pleasure that were rippling through the blonde's long toned frame continued for as long as possible, wanting to extend this moment of ecstasy for Alex for as long as humanly possible. When the last racking tremor subsided leaving Alex boneless and weak she carefully withdrew her fingers, wincing sympathetically at the ragged moan the maneuver brought, as she kissed her way back up over trembling abs, and through the valley of Alex's heaving chest before claiming the blonde's mouth with her own.

Alex moaned loudly at the taste of herself on her lover's lips. "Liv," she rasped once the kiss broke.

"Hmm?" Olivia smiled as she nuzzled Alex's cheek.

Alex was quiet for a moment, seemingly searching for the right words before settling for, "Fuck. Just. Fuck."

"Mmm," Olivia chuckled. "So am I forgiven?"

"Uuuuuhhhhh-huhhhhhh," Alex nodded clumsily. "Love you Liv," she smiled goofily.

"Love you too Alex," Olivia murmured against the blonde's cheek.

"Micnmvurgnagtit," Alex mumbled incoherently.

"What was that sweetie?" Olivia laughed.

"Hmm," Alex licked her lips. "When I can move you're gonna get it," she repeated herself.

"Oh really?" Olivia arched a brow challengingly.

"Yup," Alex licked her lips again and nodded.

"I can't wait," Olivia teased.

"Good," Alex's goofy grin turned feral in a heartbeat as she flipped the surprised brunette onto her back.

"Whoa," Olivia breathed appreciatively.

"Oh, just you wait Liv," Alex purred. "We haven't gotten to 'whoa' yet."


Chapter 3

Alex and Olivia awoke the next morning to the oh-so-melodic tones of the phone beside the bed ringing with their wake up call. Which was, in itself, quite impressive because to have gotten to the hotel's wake-up call meant that they'd managed to either turn off or ignore two cell phones and the travel alarm that Alex had set up on the nightstand.

"Fuck is it?" Olivia grumbled as she reflexively shied away from the ear-splitting sound.

Alex, not much more coherent than her lover, searched blindly for her glasses. A victorious "aha" accompanied their placement upon her face and a loud "shit!" echoed through the room as she spotted the time. Knowing that the annoying ringing would continue until somebody answered the damned phone, she climbed on top of Olivia – who had hidden her head under a pillow – to answer the phone.


"Ms. Cabot, good morning," an annoyingly perky voice answered. "This is Lindy at the front desk with your requested wake-up call."

"Mmm, thank you," Alex mumbled as she slammed the phone back down in its cradle.

"Whosit?" came Olivia's muffled query.

"Front desk," Alex sighed as she maneuvered herself so she was laying completely on top of Olivia. "Wake up call," she extrapolated as she assumed, quite correctly, that the brunette wasn't functioning at full speed yet.

"Don' wanna wake up," Olivia mumbled. "Comfy," she explained as she wiggled her ass up into Alex's crotch.

"Mmm," Alex moaned as she pushed up enough to run her tongue across the width of Olivia's shoulders. "Then I guess I'll just have to get in that big shower all by myself," she sighed dramatically before delivering a playful nip to the brunette's scapula.

Olivia's response of, "Have fun," was, to say the least, not what Alex was expecting or desiring; so, in hopes of changing her lover's mind, she began placing slow sensual kisses down the detective's back until her mouth hovered above a perfect globe of flesh.

"Please?" she murmured against the cheek, adding a light circular lick for emphasis.

"Nuh-uh," Olivia wiggled under her.

"Then you leave me no choice," Alex replied as she bit down on what she considered to be the most luscious ass on the planet.

"Hiyeeeeee!" Olivia yelped, her body bucking hard enough to lift Alex off of her for a second – which was all the time she needed to flip over and wrap the blonde in a strong embrace. "What was that for?" she demanded.

Alex, who was laughing hysterically, fought to control her breathing enough to choke out, "Motivation," before succumbing to another round of giggles.

"To do what?"

"Let me eat you?" Alex purred, a playful smile tweaking her lips as she slipped a hand between their bodies to run an exploratory finger through Olivia's slit . She tilted her head to the side, her smile growing – if possible – even larger as she heard Olivia's breath catch and felt her heartbeat pounding double time under her breast.

"We gotta get in the shower," Olivia finally husked as she released the blonde and moved to climb out of bed.

"That's what I was sayin'!" Alex laughed loudly. "Uh oh," she muttered as Olivia stood up beside the bed.


"Nothing," Alex replied quickly, a little too quickly. "Nothing at all."

"Damn Alex," Olivia grumbled as she walked across the room towards the bath, her left hand dropping to massage her wounded glutei. "My ass really hurts where you bit me."

"I bet it does," Alex murmured to herself, wincing slightly at the bruise that was already growing.

Alex stood in front of the floor length mirror, already rushed and mildly frantic about being late for court due to their incredibly erotic extended shower, and frowned as she tugged at the collar of her shirt. "Dammit Liv, couldn't you have marked me in a less conspicuous place?"

Olivia poked her head out of the bathroom and grinned. "Po'ly," she mumbled around a mouth full of toothpaste. "Ho on," she waved her toothbrush at the completely flustered blonde as she ducked back into the bathroom from which the clear sounds of spitting and running water spewed forth before the brunette reappeared wiping her mouth on a towel. "Sorry," she apologized.

"Liv," Alex whined as she turned an waved at her throat. "Really? I look like I got into a fight with a Hoover and lost."

"Nah," Olivia shook her head as she leaned in close to examine her handiwork. Damn, I really got her good. "Definitely not a Hoover. The one down by your collarbone is more of a Hoover mark, that one," she gently touched the darker bruise just under Alex's jaw that the blonde seemed most upset about, "is too dark. That's more of a Dyson," she offered with what she hoped was an adorable enough smile to get her out of trouble. "Better suction."

Alex scowled and turned back to the mirror as she began to once again attempt to readjust her collar to hide the mark. "I will get you back for this," she mumbled petulantly.

"Alex," Olivia laughed. "Did you not notice the scratches down my back when we were in the shower earlier? Or the rather impressive bruise growing on my ass that just so happens to be a perfect match to a certain ADA's dental pattern?"

"But nobody else can see those!" Alex argued. "This," she waved at her throat once more, "this is insane!"

Olivia had to fight to keep from laughing because, really, Alex was right. It was a damned impressive hickey. Abbie was definitely going to have a field day with this one. "Do you want to try and swing by a store on the way to court to buy a turtleneck? You could change in a bathroom at the courthouse," she offered by way of a peace offering.

Alex checked her watch. "Don't have time. And," she glanced at her reflection, "a turtleneck would so not go with this suit."

"Well, you know what the guys always say …," Olivia sighed.

"Game face?" Alex groaned, knowing that she didn't have any other options.

"Game face," Olivia nodded encouragingly. "And, I mean, hey! At least you don't work with these people every day. You're just some New York City hotshot coming down to steal their prisoner away."

"Not helping Liv," Alex pursed her lips as she, yet again, tried – and failed – to adjust her shirt to cover the mark.

Alex rolled her eyes as she caught the smirk the security guard at the door flashed their way as she and Olivia shuffled through the metal detector and she quickly retrieved her satchel from the x-ray machine and set a furious pace to Courtroom B – which the smirking guard had informed her was at the end of the hall on the left. She wanted to think that his interest in them was due to the protective hand Olivia had placed in the small of her back, but her better judgment theorized that it was most likely due to the gigantic hickey on her neck.

"Everybody's staring at this ginormous mark on my neck," she grumbled under her breath at Olivia who was keeping pace right behind her.

"No they're not," Olivia assured her.

"Hey! Aren't you the woman from that YouTube video?" the guard positioned outside the courtroom asked loudly, too damned loudly judging by the number of heads that whipped around to focus on them.

Olivia smiled politely as she leaned in to whisper into Alex's ear, "Told you it wasn't the hickey they were staring at."

Alex turned to stare at Olivia. "Really? You think nobody noticed…"

"Wow!" the guard cried out. "That hickey is HUGE!"

"Told you," Alex muttered.

"Oh, hey! You are the women from that video," he continued loudly as he pointed a beefy finger at Olivia. "You're the one who started the song!"

"Yes," Olivia rolled her eyes. "Detective Olivia Benson," she flashed her shield. "I'm here to escort ADA Cabot to the extradition hearing that is to be held inside this courtroom, do you think you could let us by?"

The guard's eyes flicked back and forth from Olivia's shield to her face and then back again before he asked, almost breathlessly, as he dug a notebook from his pocket, "Can I have your autograph?"

"Fine," Olivia snapped as she grabbed the pad from his pudgy hand and took the pen that Alex offered. She quickly scribbled her name and handed the notebook back to him. "There, now can we go?"

"Can I get her autograph too?" he asked, indicating Alex with an almost reverent nod of his head.

"Charlie?" Olivia turned to smile at Alex. "Would you care to sign Officer," she turned to read his nametag, "Peabody's makeshift autograph book?"

"Of course," Alex smiled regally as she took the book and signed with a flourish, To Officer Peabody, Lots of hugs and hickeys, Charlie.

"Oh thank you," Peabody beamed as Alex handed him his book back. "Good luck with your hearing!"

"Uh huh, yeah," Olivia grumbled as she ushered Alex into the courtroom before her.

"He was certainly friendly," Alex leaned back and whispered to Olivia as the brunette guided her down the narrow corridor bisecting the courtroom. Just as they reached the dividing banister the bailiff bellowed court into session.

"Good luck," Olivia smiled as she took a seat in the first row behind Alex.

Alex smirked her usual Like I really need luck smirk before she turned to set her satchel onto the table and stand at attention as the presiding judge entered and took her seat at the bench.

Olivia let her attention wander as the judge walked the counselors through the expected protocol for the hearing that morning, focusing instead on the quiet chatter from the other people sitting in the gallery.

"No, dude, I'm telling you! The smokin' hot blonde that just walked in is the girl from the video!"

"Isn't that the woman who was serenaded in the bar in that YouTube video?"

"Wow, did you see the size of the hickey on her neck? She looks like she got up close and personal with Mister Dyson."

"The handsome Detective over there sure looks like that Butchy McFabulous cop who serenaded the blonde – do you think the blonde she walked in with is the one from the video?"

"Oh dear lord," Olivia muttered under her breath.

"Excuse me," a quiet voice to Olivia's left whispered.

"Yes?" Olivia turned to face a woman who was looking rather excited about something.

"I just had to tell you that I absolutely love you in your YouTube video," the woman gushed. "And I would be so much better for you than that skinny blonde. Can I have your autograph?"

Judge Preston, from her position high above the court had a clear line of sight to Detective Benson who she saw was being accosted by an energetic woman with a notebook, banged her gavel sharply three times. "Ladies and Gentlemen," she called out authoritatively. "This is a court of law. I strongly suggest you remember that and conduct yourselves accordingly."

Alex, who had been feigning interest in the yada-yadas and the whosits-whatsits, turned to find Olivia trying to evade a strange woman's advances. "Your Honor," she turned back to address the bench, "May I approach?"

Judge Preston tented her hands in front of her face and nodded so Alex and the State of Pennsylvania's representative counsel made their way up to the bench. Alex had to fight to ignore the leering smirk on the other attorney's face and she silently vowed to herself that she would kill Abbie Carmichael.

"Ms. Cabot," Judge Preston nodded at Alex. "Wow, that is quite a hickey."

"Ummm, thank you?" Alex frowned before trying to steer the conversation back onto topic. "Your Honor, It would appear that the Detective who's escorted me to court today is drawing an undue amount of attention from the other persons in the gallery and I was wondering if, perhaps, a slight breach of protocol might be warranted in this instance by allowing Detective Benson to sit second chair?"

"Is she a member of the bar?"

"No, Your Honor," Alex replied. "But by the gaggle of women queuing up behind that rather forward redhead I am thinking it would be more expedient to the proceedings we are here to discuss today if we could separate Detective Benson from her admiring throng."

"Why does she have such a following?" Judge Preston inquired looking genuinely interested.

Game Face Cabot. "A … friend of ours posted a video of Detective Benson and the rest of her squad serenading me in a bar on YouTube. Apparently the video is quite popular."

"So you are the blonde from that video!" the state of Pennsylvania's counsel shouted, his words echoing through the courtroom and igniting a firestorm of 'see I told you's and started another rush of women, and men, toward Olivia asking for autographs.

"This is a fucking circus," Alex muttered under her breath.

"Language, Ms. Cabot," Judge Preston chastised.

"Sorry, Your Honor."

"Although I do agree with you," Judge Preston nodded. "I shall allow Detective Benson to sit at your table, don't make me regret it."

"We won't, Your Honor," Alex nodded. "Thank you."

"Oh, and Ms. Cabot?"

"Yes, Your Honor?"

Judge Preston winked. "Next time pack a turtleneck."

Alex nodded quickly, an embarrassed blush tinting her cheeks, before turning to face the gallery. She motioned Olivia closer and muttered, "You can come sit by me."

A look of pure relief crossed Olivia's face and she eagerly stood and walked through the swinging doors to take the empty chair beside Alex's. "Jealous?" she leaned in and murmured.

"I can send you back to the wolves," Alex threatened with a smile.

"Dear god no," Olivia groaned.

"Alright," Judge Preston's voice rang out. "Now, in order to keep these proceedings moving, in what I hope will be an appropriate manner, I have allowed Detective Benson to sit by Ms. Cabot who is here representing the state of New York. In return for this favor…"

"What?!" Alex's eyebrows shot up.

"…in return for this favor they will both stay after this matter is settled and court is adjourned to sign autographs. Now, Mister Randall," she nodded at the dark haired schmuck who was still leering at Alex, "what say you in the matter of the State of New York's petition for the extradition of Mister Stevens?"

Randall made a strong case, but in the end Alex's argument that Stevens was charged with four Class B felonies –including an illegal firearm possession charge – in New York which, in the matter of public safety, should trump the single Class D felony he was arraigned on in Philadelphia was enough to win her the extradition motion. Olivia stood and followed Stevens and the court security through the doors leading to the corridor behind the courtroom and supervised the transfer of the prisoner from custody of the State of Pennsylvania to the US Marshalls who were to make sure that he made it up to Rikers by the end of the day.

"You guys are going to run him straight up there?" she inquired as she flipped through the paperwork on the clipboard containing Stevens' transfer authorization.

"Yup," the younger Marshall nodded. "He'll be making new friends by dinner."

"Lovely," Olivia nodded as she signed off on the paperwork and handed it over to the older looking Marshall.

"That's quite a hickey your ADA has on her neck," the man smiled as he tore the sheets he needed off the clipboard and slipped them into a file he was holding.

"It is, isn't it?" Olivia answered noncommittally with a smile. "Thanks boys."

Alex followed Olivia, who was following the maître d', through the crowded restaurant to a secluded table in the back, doing her damndest to ignore the excited whispers and pointing fingers that their presence seemed to beget. She smiled her thanks to the tuxedoed woman, who thankfully treated her with the appropriate level of pompous disregard that the menu prices in this particular establishment warranted, and daintily lowered herself into her chair as she took the proffered wine list from the woman and set it down on the table.

"Oh my god," she groaned when the maître d' had left them alone with the promise of 'your server will be right with you'. "Seriously? Almost an hour signing autographs?!"

"My hand hurts," Olivia grumbled as she flexed her fingers. "Can I shoot Abbie?"

"No," Alex shook her head as she picked up the wine list. "That would be too fast of a death for her. We need to come up with something that is more … tortuous."

Olivia was about to respond when a twenty-something blue blood in a black Armani suit and a predictable red power tie came up to their table. "I'm sorry, but my friends and I were wondering if you are the women from the YouTube video? With the Top Gun song?"

Alex turned to look at the young man and nodded. "Indeed we are. Is there something we can help you with? We are trying to enjoy a relaxed lunch here."

"Wow," the young man gaped. "Nice hickey!"

Alex rolled her eyes and Olivia jumped in, "Look, bud. Do you need something?"

The young man fumbled in his pockets for a moment before presenting a pen and a wrinkled up receipt. "Can I have your autograph?"

"Oh fuck me," Alex grumbled as Olivia took the pen and prepared to sign.

"I could do that," the young man perked up.

"Alright," Olivia dropped the pen onto the table as she stood and flashed her gun at the young man. "You know what, you need to go back to your table buckaroo."

"But you have my pen," he whined.

"It's an imitation Montblanc," Alex told him. "Go away before I have the good Detective here arrest you for assaulting an officer of the court."

"Fine, sorry," he grumbled as he quickly reached in to snatch his pen off of the white tablecloth before beating a hasty retreat to his table where three identically clad young men were laughing and pointing at him.

Seventy two minutes, fifteen autographs, and a handful comments about the 'size of that hickey' later Alex and Olivia left the restaurant and headed directly to the nearest Saks. Alex practically bought the department store out of their entire stock of turtlenecks and could only offer a tight smile that resembled more of a grimace to the fiftyish woman who rang up their purchases when the older woman commented about turtlenecks being a great way to hide 'love bites'.

"Don't you think this is going a little overboard?" Olivia laughed as she hefted the two heavy bags of clothes into the trunk of Alex's car.

"I bought some for you too," Alex informed her as she slid behind the wheel. "And we needed clothes for tomorrow night with Abbie too since neither of us packed for that."

"I stand corrected," Olivia surrendered.

Alex was about to respond when her phone beeped with an incoming email. She slid the key into the ignition and started the car as she glanced at the screen to see that the email was a hotel confirmation for the following night in Washington. "Have you ever heard of the Scenic Vistas hotel in DC?" she asked with a frown.

"Nope," Olivia shook her head. "But, it's not like I'm making a lot of trips down that way."

"Hmm," Alex murmured as she tossed her phone back into her bag. "Whatever," she shrugged as she made to exit the parking structure and head back to their hotel.


Chapter 4

"Do you realize," Alex asked as she walked into the bedroom half of their suite and kicked her heels off in the general direction of the armoire, "that this has been perhaps the longest day ever and it's not even dinner time yet?"

Olivia dropped the bags she was carrying onto a chair in the corner of the room. When she turned around to face her exasperated sounding lover she found Alex standing with one hand on her hip and the other tangled in her hair making the usually perfectly coiffed strands looked adorably mussed. Alex's eyes, which were normally so full of fire and passion were quite noticeably dulled by the exhaustion the blonde was finally allowing to show.

"Would a nice hot bath help make things right in the world again?" she asked, the guilt of being the one to cause Alex's distress breaking her heart and making her want to find a way, any way, to make it go away.

"That sounds absolutely divine," Alex smiled softly at Olivia's suggestion, a shadow of a thought flashing through her mind as her hand dropped from her hair to curl around the back of her neck. "Would you join me?"

Olivia bit her lip and nodded as she crossed the few feet separating them and gathered Alex into her arms, pulling the blonde in close and nuzzling Alex's cheek. "I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon," she murmured, delighting in the way the blonde's lithe body curved into her.

Alex let loose a soft sigh and buried her face in the crook of Olivia's neck as the brunette's fingers began gently tugging her shirt free from her slacks. She felt her body relax even more when Olivia's hands slid under her shirt, the detective's hands cradling her waist as if she were a rare and fragile treasure to be protected. She moaned softly when she felt Olivia's fingers begin a soft, gentle massage that made her heart warm, her knees weaken and a slow familiar burn ignite low in her belly.

"Liv," her lover's name escaped on a breath as she cradled the brunette's face in her hands and lifted her lips to brush them gently, ever so gently, against Olivia's. She pulled back slightly, far enough to gaze into darkening chocolate eyes and the love she saw so plainly in their depths took her breath away. "I love you," she murmured, the declaration no more than a whisper as she leaned in to repeat that soft, barely there caress of a kiss that had Olivia's hands on her sides flexing, squeezing, pulling her in closer.

Alex's touch grew more firm against Olivia's jaw and her nose brushed the brunette's cheek as she extended her tongue and used it's very tip to tease the seam of Olivia's lips, poking, stroking, tasting, softly thrusting in a search for permission to deepen the kiss. Permission which was granted with a low rumbling moan as Olivia's lips parted for her. Her thumbs caressed Olivia's cheeks as she tilted her head, her own lips parting and melding perfectly with Olivia's as she slowly, reverently, indulgently pushed her tongue into her lover's welcoming mouth to tenderly stroke, massage, and tangle with the brunette's.

"I love you Alex," Olivia breathed when the need for air forced them to separate. No other words were needed, no other words were desired as they reveled in the silent power of the moment. Foreheads fell forward, cream against olive, and mahogany eyes stared into the depths of stormy blue. The look, the touch, speaking silent volumes as to their surprisingly powerful and all-encompassing love they had for the other. A lick of lips and a smile were enough of a confession of want, need, and desire to initiate another slow, sensual kiss.

Olivia swallowed the approving moan that escaped Alex when her fingers began to slowly, deliberately, purposefully, unbutton the blonde's shirt, the backs of her fingers ghosting over warm waiting skin as her hands moved higher and higher, slowly, so slowly higher one pearlescent button at a time. An easy pattern of one slow sensual kiss per button developed which only served to increase the need, feed the want, intensify the desire building between them. When the last button was released and the shirt fell open to reveal proud pale breasts encased in cerulean blue satin Olivia leaned in to lay a soft adoring kiss to the swell of each mound before lifting her lips to murmur against Alex's, "I'll be right back."

Alex could only groan softly in disappointment as she watched Olivia slowly step back, the brunette's eyes conveying her reluctance to move away, as she walked backwards into the bathroom and out of sight. Alex drew a ragged breath as she deftly unbuttoned the cuffs of her shirt to the sound of water running. She smiled to herself as she imagined Olivia leaning over the tub, carefully tending to the gushing stream, waiting for it to reach the right temperature. She shucked her shirt and tossed it over the shopping bags on the chair before making quick work of her tailored slacks and knee-high stockings which joined the shirt in the corner.

Olivia perched on the edge of the tub and so completely focused on drawing their bath, did not notice when Alex entered the bathroom wearing nothing but a matching satin bra and panty set and a soft adoring smile. She jumped in surprise when Alex's lips brushed over her neck, shivered in anticipation when throaty smoky words danced over her ear, "I want you."

"God Alex," she murmured as she turned to face her lover, her hands automatically lifting to grasp Alex's hips and pull her in closer. Close enough to nuzzle trembling abs and to press a soft kiss to a protruding hip bone.

"Is the water hot?"

Olivia reached back under the stream and nodded against Alex's stomach. "Mmmhmm."

"Good," long thin fingers massaged Olivia's scalp. "Then I can help you undress while the tub fills."

Olivia moaned softly as she placed one last kiss to Alex's stomach before leaning away from the blonde and over the tub to close off the drain. She used the far ledge to push herself back up to a sitting position, allowing Alex to guide her back to her feet as she obediently lifted her arms to allow her sweater and undershirt to be pulled off over her head.

"Beautiful," Alex murmured as she ran her fingertips over Olivia's breasts, the pads of her thumbs brushing ever so gently against the hardened tips poking up into the material of the brunette's bra.

As Alex set to work opening Olivia's belt and pulling down her trousers, the brunette reached around Alex's narrow back to deftly unhook the blonde's bra. "Gorgeous," she murmured appreciatively as she guided blue straps down alabaster shoulders, exposing proud firm mounds to her ever adoring gaze.

Alex hooked her thumbs under the waistband of Olivia's underwear and trousers and pushed the garments down over trim hips and firm thighs, down past toned calves as she pulled at the back of the brunette's right knee indicating her wish for that foot to lift so she could remove the clothes completely. Once they were removed, she tossed them into the corner of the room and leaned in to nuzzle soft dark curls before kissing her way up Olivia's stomach, making sure to rub her own body against her lover's as she ascended.

Olivia bit her lip in an attempt to hold in the moan that threatened to escape at the sensations Alex's nipples tracking over her body were evoking. She tangled her hands in blonde silk in an attempt to guide her lover higher, in an attempt to pull her up to where she could recapture those kiss swollen lips that were driving her mad with each and every kiss they placed upon her body.

Alex's moved higher and higher, slowly higher, her ascent stopping when her mouth came into line with Olivia's magnificent breasts. She raked her teeth over a straining nipple as she reached around Olivia's back and unhooked the brunette's bra, her hands sliding up Olivia's back to lightly grasp the straps and pull them down dark powerful arms as she kissed, licked, and sucked each inch of flesh revealed to her.

Alex sucked and nipped teasingly at Olivia's left nipple before switching her oral attentions to the right, only stopping her ministrations when Olivia's pleading moans grew more and more incessant, as the hands in her hair started pulling harder and harder in an attempt to force her mouth upwards. So, it was with one last kiss to the valley between the detective's breasts that Alex rose to her full height and eagerly claimed Olivia's desperate lips with her own, gasping in surprise when the brunette's tongue thrust forcefully into her mouth. She sucked hungrily at the invading muscle eliciting a loud moan from its owner before she released it and began trailing kisses over Olivia's cheek to her ear, her body moving around the back of the brunette's as she turned their bodies toward the full length mirror beside the sinks.

"I want you," Alex murmured as she rubbed herself against Olivia's back and her hands came up to cup and fondle the brunette's breasts.

"Alex," Olivia groaned.

Alex looked up at their reflection in the mirror, noticing that Olivia's eyes had closed as she succumbed to the pleasure Alex was giving her. "Watch me love you?" she pleaded softly.

"Hmm?" Olivia murmured, not understanding, not comprehending what Alex meant until she opened her eyes to find Alex staring intently at her through the mirror.

Long thin fingers flexed over firm olive mounds. "Watch," Alex commanded softly as she purposefully pinched and rolled Olivia's nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

"Fuck," Olivia hissed at the pleasure, at the sight of Alex's hands expertly playing her body.

Alex smiled and, never looking away from Olivia's eyes in the mirror, began to slowly trail one hand down her lover's stomach, her path random, her course casual, her route irregular as she moved lower, slowly lower until she was able to lightly run her fingers through the neatly trimmed hairs covering Olivia's mound.

Olivia moaned loudly, her gaze focused on the pale hand resting so temptingly, teasingly, agonizingly close to where she was literally aching for it. "Alex," she pleaded softly as she reached down to guide the blonde's hand lower.

"Mmm," Alex moaned against Olivia's neck as she took her hand away from the brunette's mound to deflect the intruding hand. "No touch," she warned with a smirk.

Olivia bit her lip and nodded her understanding, sighing happily as she watched Alex's hand return to her body and move down, past its earlier position to cup her between her legs.

"God you're so wet," Alex observed approvingly as she pushed her body into Olivia's back and tipped her middle finger up to rake her finger through the brunette's sex before taking that collected arousal and using it to help her slide over and around the straining bundle she found at the front of Olivia's slit.

Olivia moaned loudly at the feeling of Alex's body pushing into her, at the feeling of the blonde's breasts pressing hard into her back, at the pleasure shooting from her nipple that was still being teased with reckless abandon, at the sensation of Alex's satin-covered hips rubbing, rocking, thrusting against her ass as that finger, that goddamn talented finger rubbed and massaged her while she watched. Stared. She was transfixed by the sight of Alex's hand between her legs, riveted by the gentle rocking motion of the pale wrist covering her mound and the sensations that motion was evoking. Alex was expertly stroking her higher and higher, impossibly, maddeningly higher but never with enough force, never with enough pressure to do anything but push her right up to the edge of release and hold her there, right there on the precipice of ecstasy.

"Nononononono," Olivia gasped when she felt and observed the blonde's hands abandon her straining, needy, desperate body.

"Shhh," Alex soothed. "I just need to turn off the water," she explained as she quickly turned and flipped off the taps. "See," she smiled at Olivia's reflection as she slid her hands around the brunette's hips, drawing their bodies closer together once again.

"Alex," Olivia whined as Alex's hands remained on her hips and the blonde made no move to return them to their earlier positions, seemingly content to simply gaze upon their reflection.

"Hmm?" Alex smiled as she held Olivia's eyes and ran her tongue over her lover's throbbing pulse.

"Alex," Olivia tried again, this time rocking her hips forward in a silent plea.

Alex nipped at the pulse under her lips and murmured, "M'kay," as her left hand tightened its grip on Olivia's hip and her right slid back into position between her lover's legs.

"God yesssss," Olivia hissed as she watched and felt Alex's hand again bury itself between her legs and her fingers again resume their teasing, rocking massage against her.

Knowing by the increased movement of Olivia's hips that she was getting close, so incredibly close, Alex slid her left hand up from the hip she'd been hanging onto to palm Olivia's right breast. Her pale arm cut a distinct line across her lover's tanned body as she squeezed the captured breast at the exact moment she unerringly slid three fingers deep into hot wet velvet.

"God Liv," Alex groaned at the feeling of her lover's sex flexing, clenching around her, drawing her in deeper.

"Aaaaalex," Olivia moaned long and low and she fought to keep her eyes open under the unrelenting onslaught of Alex's knowing thrusts. Fighting valiantly, and failing, her lids snapping shut under the increasing weight of her oncoming orgasm. "Alex, god Alex, yes," she grunted as Alex thrust into her slow and deep, god so amazingly deep, the heel of the blonde's hand rubbing firm knowledgeable circles against her clit at the end of each thrust and skilled fingers curling to rub against the spongy patch inside her that had her seeing stars.

"Mmm. Open your eyes Liv," Alex purred, smiling radiantly when she saw Olivia acquiesce to her request. "That's it baby. God, you're so beautiful Liv. Let go for me baby, let it go," she encouraged her lover as she continued to stroke her long and slow and oh so fucking deep.

It was those words, those smoky sexy, so goddamn fucking sexy words, the fingers rubbing, thrusting, massaging her inner walls, and those dark blue eyes staring into her very soul that combined to drive Olivia over the brink into release.

"That's it baby," Alex encouraged, her left arm flexing to support her spasming lover as her right continued to stroke and massage and coax wave after wave from Olivia's trembling body. Her movements slowed with the intensity of the brunette's contractions and once Olivia's body was still and spent she carefully removed her fingers to, still holding brown eyes captive, lift them to her mouth to decadently lick them clean.

"God," Olivia grunted as she turned to capture Alex's lips in a deep hungry kiss, moaning loudly at the taste of herself on her lover's tongue. "Wow."

"Mmm," Alex smiled as she kissed Olivia soundly. "I needed that."

"You?" Olivia chuckled.

"Yup," Alex smiled. "And now I'd love that bath you were so sweet to draw for me."

Olivia shook her head and laughed softly. "As you wish," she conceded as she kneeled before Alex and hooked her thumbs into the blonde's panties, drawing them down and off before tossing them in the general direction of the sink. Reverting to her original plan of how she'd like their encounter to occur, she stood and lovingly guided Alex into the still steaming bath – letting the blonde settle into the hot water with a smile and a sigh before she carefully climbed in behind her.

After Olivia had settled in behind her, Alex smiled contentedly to herself as she pushed herself back into her lover. "Mmm, better than I had imagined," she observed softly as she brushed the backs of her fingernails up the strong thighs surrounding her.

"You imagined this?" Olivia inquired curiously, her plan becoming more fluid and open to the possibility of change as she ran her hands up Alex's torso to palm her breasts beneath the water.

"Mmhmmm," Alex confessed quietly. "Whenever I have a bad day at work … if I lose, or I get ripped by Liz or Branch, or I fight with you," she pinched the inside of Olivia's thigh, "I like to go home and relax in a nice hot bath with a big glass of wine and try to forget about the day."

"You said you'd imagined this though," Olivia noted as she brushed her thumbs over already hardened nipples.

Alex drew a deep breath and leaned back harder into Olivia as she closed her eyes and murmured, "Can we just leave it with the fact that I'd imagined this?"

Olivia slid her hands down Alex's stomach, her touch heavy as she pushed onto firm abs and down around the inside of toned thighs and her voice soft as she pleaded, "Please?"

Alex groaned. "I would think about sharing my bath with you. How you would feel pressed up against my back, your nipples brushing against me, your legs cradling me to you."

Smiling to herself, pleased that Alex was playing along, Olivia asked, "Did you fantasize about me touching you?"

Constantly. "Yes," Alex breathed.

"Where?" Please tell me and let me fulfill your fantasy.


Oh. Dear. God. "How."

"I'd imagine your hands cradling my breasts, massaging them, your fingers playing with my nipples."

Olivia slid her hands back up Alex's body to do exactly as the blonde had described. "Like this?"

Mmm. "Yes."

Olivia had to bite the inside of her cheek to hold in the moan that wanted to escape her as she felt Alex's body arch up into her hands. She leaned in to drop soft adoring kisses to the side of the blonde's neck. "I like this," she whispered.

"Me too," Alex smiled.

Olivia squeezed Alex's breasts and asked, "Is this all you imagined."

I don't think I'll ever have the courage to tell you everything I'd imagined you doing to me. "No."

"Tell me Alex," Olivia implored, her thumbs brushing over Alex's nipples as encouragement. "Where else did I touch you?"

Oh. Dear. God. "Between my legs."

Olivia was helpless to stop the soft moan that escaped her as she slid her right hand down to cradle Alex's sex. "Here?"

Alex's confession escaped on a breath. "God yes."

Olivia nodded and dipped two fingers into the generous amount of heat and arousal, the movement eliciting a long low moan from Alex, easily gathering the blonde's essence on her fingertips as she asked, "Where?"

Alex's eyes rolled back in her head as she answered softly, "My clit."

Twin moans marked the moment Olivia's fingertips brushed over that already swollen and straining bundle of nerves.

"Fuck Liv," Alex ground out as her hips bucked into her lover's touch.

"Mmm, baby," Olivia moaned against Alex's ear as she rubbed, flicked, and stroked that sensitive point. Occasionally dipping back down to the blonde's opening to gather more arousal before resuming her attentions on Alex's clit, enjoying the way Alex's left hand tangled itself in her hair and pulled her mouth in for a deep probing kiss.

"Ooooh," Alex moaned, her right hand tightening upon Olivia's thigh in as her hips bucked again wildly.

Delighting in the blonde's reactions, Olivia suddenly remembered the breast that lay forgotten in her left hand. She pinched the nipple hard as she pushed up into Alex's clit, pinning it between her fingers and the blonde's pubic bone.

"Shit!" Alex jumped, her hips reflexively rocking back, away from the pressure, before recovering and grinding down into it. "Liiiiiiiv."

"Did I touch you anywhere else?" Olivia asked as she lightened her touch and resumed lightly rubbing small circles with the sensitive nub.

Alex nodded.

"Where baby?" Olivia asked, already sure of the blonde's answer but wanting to hear her say it. Wanting to hear her describe what she'd imagined as she touched herself.

"Inside me," Alex husked, her hesitance and embarrassment disappearing in the shadow of her growing need.

Dear God that voice, Olivia thought to herself as she again followed Alex's directions and positioned two fingers at the blonde's opening. Pressing gently, teasing the opening before finally, finally, pushing inside with one slow, sure, stroke.

Alex whimpered at the feeling of fullness. "Please Liv," she gasped, her hips rocking onto her lover's fingers, seeking movement, seeking friction, that glorious friction that would bring her release.

Olivia bit her lip as her eyes rolled back in her head at the desperation in Alex's voice. "Tell me how baby."

Alex practically sobbed with need before she commanded, "Harder … faster … god Liv … so close … just … fuck me!"

Olivia groaned loudly at that, her own sex convulsing spastically at Alex's words, as she pulled her fingers out and slammed them back in as hard and as deep as she could.


Olivia moaned, her own hips rocking forward so that she was pressing into Alex's back, as she began a fierce rhythm in and out with hard, deep strokes, curling her fingers and dragging them over that spot inside Alex that never failed to elicit gasps, moans and mewls.

"God Liv," Alex cried out, the heat spreading throughout her body, radiating out from her center with each and every thrust, every gloriously powerful deep thrust inside her. "So … close," she grunted, her words punctuating two particularly forceful thrusts.

Determined to bring Alex to climax sooner rather than later Olivia pushed harder, faster, deeper, her forearm beginning to burn with exertion, Alex's cries, gasps, and moans spurring her on until with a great shuddering breath Alex's body locked up – muscles clamping down hard before relaxing and tensing again as wave after wave rolled through her.

"Mmm, that's it baby," Olivia murmured as she slowed her fingers, stroking slowly in and out, helping draw Alex's orgasm out for as long as possible, her own body trembling with a smaller, less powerful, sympathetic orgasm.

When the last tremor left Alex pliant and relaxed against her, Olivia pressed a soft kiss to Alex's cheek as she gently withdrew her fingers and moved her hand to lovingly cup Alex's sex.

"God Liv," Alex moaned, her head tilting to the side as the woman behind her nuzzled her neck.

"Mmm," Olivia smiled as she laid a soft kiss to the hollow behind Alex's ear. "Thank you."

"Hmm, for what?" Alex purred.

"Telling me," Olivia answered softly. "Sharing that with me."

"Oh Liv," Alex turned her head so she could kiss the brunette tenderly. "Thank you. I love you."

"I love you too Alex," Olivia smiled and leaned in to capture the blonde's lips in a passionate kiss before settling back in the tub with a contented sigh.

Alex smiled and shifted back into her lover, taking Olivia's hands and wrapping them around her waist, content to sit and soak in the warm water and revel in the feeling of being in the arms of the woman she loved.


Chapter 5

"So what time do you think we'll get into the city?" Alex asked as she fiddled with the radio, eventually giving up on finding a station and flipping over to her iPod that was jacked into the aux port. She sat back in her seat with a smile and casually regarded the brunette behind the wheel.

Olivia frowned thoughtfully at the sparsely populated highway and shrugged. "I dunno, we left the hotel around – what? Noon? It's about one now, so somewhere around three would be my best guess. Why?"

Alex shrugged. "Just trying to figure out how much time we'll have to settle in before we're supposed to be at Abbie's place. I told her we'd get there around seven, she said our dinner reservations are for eight."

"Hmm," Olivia murmured absentmindedly as she slipped a finger under her sweater and rubbed at the reddened skin just above her hip bone.

Noticing this action, Alex asked, "Did you put some of my lotion on that like I'd suggested?"

"Wha?" Olivia looked over at Alex and frowned for a moment, the blonde's short nod in the direction of her lap enough of a hint as to what she was talking about. "Oh. Yeah. Might need to do it again when we get to the hotel though. I can't believe it chaffed like that."

Alex laughed. "Baby, I think that's because you're not really supposed to fall asleep with it still on."

"First of all," Olivia argued good-naturedly, "I didn't fall asleep so much as I passed out from sheer exhaustion. And second of all, if I hadn't – as you allege – fallen asleep with it on then a certain energetic blonde who shall remain nameless," she reached over and tickled the inside of Alex's thigh, "wouldn't have had as much fun waking us up this morning."

"I would have found some other way to have you ringing the day in with a scream," Alex smirked. "Give a girl a little credit, huh?"

Realizing that they still had another two hours left on the road and that now was not the time to engage in such playful banter, Olivia simply smiled and took hold of Alex's hand – squeezing it gently as she answered, "I love you."

Alex's eyes soften and she smiled. "Love you too Liv. You know that's cheating though, right?"

"Yup," Olivia smirked. "So, what kind of hotel do you think Scenic Vistas is?"

Alex groaned. "I'm a little afraid to find out."

Olivia whistled appreciatively as they crossed the marble and mahogany foyer of the hotel Abbie'd arranged for them. "Impressive."

"So far so good," Alex muttered, afraid to commit to the hotel yet until she saw the room. Worst case scenario was they'd be checking out immediately and heading down to the Hilton on Embassy Row.

Alex set her purse down on the counter at the front desk and smiled at the kid behind the counter. "Reservation for Cabot?"

"Cabot," the young man behind the desk repeated as he began punching at his keyboard. "Ah yes, I have your reservation right here Ms. Cabot," he smiled as he punched a few more keys. "Room twenty twenty four," he nodded to himself as he read the room number aloud. "The room was reserved on a card, so I just need you to sign here," Alex scribbled her name where he had indicated. "Thank you. Just take the elevators located behind you," he waved gallantly, "up to your floor and your room will be down the left corridor."

"Thank you so much," Alex smiled as she took the proffered key card. "We're supposed to meet a friend at her apartment this evening for dinner, how far is it to Dupont Circle from here?"

"Fifteen minutes by foot, a few minutes by cab. If you'd like a cab called for you when you're ready to go out for the evening, please just ring us at the front desk here and we'll order one up for you."

"Thank you," Alex nodded as she turned to follow Olivia toward the bank of elevators.

"I'm a little scared," Alex confessed quietly as they waited for the elevator.

"Mmm," Olivia leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to Alex's cheek. "Me too. So far this place has seemed fairly normal – what vistas do you think the name refers to?" she asked as the doors pinged open.

"Only one way to find out," Alex shrugged as she walked into the waiting car. "Onward and upward Jeeves."

"Oh. My. God," Olivia breathed as she paused in the doorway to their room, effectively blocking Alex's view as to what Abbie had done.

"What?" Alex asked as she nudged past Olivia only to stop and stare herself once she saw what had frozen her detective. "Holy shit."

"This place is seriously a themed hotel?" Olivia muttered. "Seriously?"

"And apparently Abbie felt we would enjoy the jungle room," Alex observed dryly as she walked further into the room to be able to really take in the jungle-y vistas that were painted on the walls. And the ceiling. And the doors. Armoire, nightstand, draperies too. All of which was enhanced by the green shag carpet on the floor that she assumed was to represent a mossy jungle floor and a couple of stuffed monkeys suspended from vines in the far corner of the room.

"Seriously?" Olivia repeated herself as she kicked the door shut.

"The monkeys are a nice touch," Alex pointed out with a laugh.

"Oh god. Seriously?" Olivia's voice carried out of the bathroom.

Alex groaned softly to herself before calling out, "What is it Liv?"

Olivia's head poked out as she asked hesitantly, "You're not afraid of snakes are you?"

"I'm not a big fan," Alex frowned. "Do I want to know?"

"Well," Olivia frowned as she looked back over her shoulder. "I don't think it was ever alive…"


"I think that's our new word," Olivia observed.

Alex looked around the room, a small smile tweaking her lips and an evil glint lighting her eyes as she turned to face an uncertain looking Olivia. "Detective?" she drawled.

Olivia, taken aback by the look on Alex's face, could only muster a weak, "Hmm?"

"Me Alex," she pointed at herself. "You Liv," she crooked a finger and beckoned Olivia to her.

Olivia laughed and crossed the room reaching out once she was close enough to grab Alex's hips and pull the blonde in to her forcefully. "Hi Alex," she smirked.

"Hi," Alex purred, her gaze dropping to Olivia's full lips as she licked her own. "Kiss me."

"So what did you think of the hotel?" Abbie laughed as she opened the front door to her apartment wide and beckoned her friends inside.

"It was definitely a surprise," Alex commented dryly as she shrugged out of her coat and hung it up on one of the hooks under a large black framed mirror.

"How much trouble is she in?" Serena asked as she strolled out of the kitchen, her heels clicking with a hollow sounding tock on the wood floors. "Hey girls."

"Southerlyn," Alex grinned as she moved out of the way to allow Olivia room to hang up her own coat. "Abs didn't say you were going to be here this weekend."

"She called me after she spoke with you guys yesterday and I jumped the train down this morning," Serena explained. "Couldn't miss a chance to double with my favorite couple! So, I've been dying to know – what do you think about the fact that you've been booked for the Today Show on Wednesday morning."

"What?" Alex and Olivia chimed together.

"It got set up yesterday," Serena frowned as she stopped beside Abbie. "Didn't you get the voicemail Liz left you Alex? I was standing in her office when she called you yesterday afternoon."

"Mmm, yeah," Alex nodded, a light blush tinting her cheeks. "We were busy yesterday afternoon."

"Crazy wild monkey sex?" Abbie grinned.

"Nope," Olivia smiled as she clapped the prosecutor on the back. "That was right before we came over here tonight. Jungle room, you know," she waggled her brows suggestively.

"How long until we need to leave to make our reservation?" Alex asked in an attempt to change the conversation to a slightly less mortifying topic.

"We got like forty five until we need to head out," Abbie answered as she glanced at her watch. "Can I interest you ladies in a drink?"

"Sounds good," Olivia smiled. "Whatcha serving?"

Abbie grinned and winked at Alex. "Tequila."

Forty minutes, two extremely strong margaritas, and one shot of tequila each later Abbie announced that they were going to have to start getting ready to head out.

Alex smiled as she stood. "May I use your restroom?"

"Me too," Olivia echoed.

"Sure thing," Abbie nodded. "Alex, you know where the master is so why don't you take that one. Olivia, you can use the guest bath in the hall. I'll just go rinse out these glasses and set them in the sink," she offered as she began collecting glasses.

Alex nodded and motioned for Olivia to follow her down the hall. "Here's the guest bath," Alex pointed into the room.

Olivia had just shut the door to the hall bath when she heard Alex begin to laugh hysterically. "Alex?" she asked as she opened the door and poked her head out to look into the master bedroom where Alex was standing at the foot of a particularly messy bed and laughing. Intrigued as to what could have possibly elicited such a reaction from the blonde, she abandoned the bathroom to see what was so funny. She came to a stop beside Alex, who by this point had tears running down her cheeks, and was only able to muster a semi-awed "Wow" when she spied what had captured Alex's attention.

Alex reached out and picked up the decidedly sparkly dildo by its more utilitarian black leather harness as she bellowed over her shoulder, "Abigail Reese Carmichael! You have a Twilight fetish!"

"That harness doesn't look very comfortable," Olivia observed.

"Fuck!" Abbie yelled before there was the distinct sound of running feet heading toward them.

Alex chuckled as she turned to face her lover. "Says the woman who fell asleep with one on last night."

"If I remember correctly Ms. Cabot," Olivia grinned. "You weren't complaining."

"Mmm, definitely not," Alex agreed throatily.

"Give it back Cabot," Abbie demanded as she slid to a stop beside the laughing blonde.

Alex spun away from Abbie, making sure to hold the toy an arm's length away from her friend, as she turned to Olivia and asked, "So which vampire do you think Abbie fancies herself to be? She's not cute enough to be Alice. And we all know she's not innocent enough to be Bella."

Olivia laughed as she flashed through the characters from the movies Alex had made her watch and offered helpfully, "Maybe Rosalie? She's kind of a bitch."

"Hey!" Abbie protested.

"Nah," Serena drawled as she sashayed into the room and snatched the strap-on out of Alex's grasp. "She's Victoria. Big and bad and all sorts of trouble," she extrapolated as she opened a dresser drawer and shoved the toy inside.

"I'm not trouble," Abbie pouted petulantly as she collapsed onto the foot of the bed.

"Yes, you are," Alex, Olivia and Serena all replied. Serena continuing, "But it's okay baby, I've always liked the bad girls."

This got Abbie out of her funk as she smiled devilishly. "I can be bad," she offered with a smile.

"Mmm," Serena smirked. "I know."

"Oh god," Alex groaned. "Let's get to dinner before this gets completely out of hand."

"What is this place?" Olivia asked as she climbed out of the cab. The building was clad in a façade of faux aged brick and there weren't any windows facing the street, only a single heavy-duty looking red wood door. "I thought you said we were going for steak?"

Abbie grinned as she climbed out of the cab. "We are," she assured Olivia as she leaned in the front window to pay the driver. "C'mon, we need to get in there before they give away our table."

Alex leaned into Olivia to whisper in her ear, "Why is it that I'm mildly concerned right now?"

"Probably because you're smart," Olivia whispered back with a smile. "C'mon, it's steak – how bad can it be?" she asked as she walked through the door Abbie was holding open.

"Have you been here before?" Alex asked Serena as the two blondes followed Olivia inside.

"Nope, but I've heard about this place," Serena replied. "Abbie was telling me about it the other day. I guess it's gotten some really good reviews."

"Doesn't look too bad," Alex observed as she pulled to a stop in front of a bright blue leather sofa. "What's this place called? I didn't see a sign out front."

"Sakura," Abbie answered as she pushed by their little group to speak in hushed tones with the hostess for a few moments before the older Japanese woman nodded and smiled as she waved her hand for them to follow her. "Our table's ready," Abbie announced unnecessarily.

"This is strange," Alex observed as they were led down a narrow corridor and through an even more narrow archway into a large room full of tables and chairs. "Oh my god Abbie," she laughed with obvious relief. "You had me worried there for a minute – this is great!"

"I knew you'd like it Cabot," Abbie winked as she pulled a chair out on the edge of the U-shaped table for Serena, carefully tucking it back under the blonde before settling herself into the empty seat beside her.

"God," Alex grinned as she sat down next to Serena, "I haven't been to one of these places since that one time…"

"At the crim law convention in Minneapolis three years ago?" Abbie finished for her questioningly.

Alex nodded. "Yeah."

"You really haven't been back to one of these places since then?"

"Not really part of my standard social circle, unfortunately," Alex shrugged deprecatingly.

"We'll fix that," Abbie told her.

"What is this place?" Olivia asked as she took in the thick slab of wood they were sitting at and the giant metal, was that a grill?, in the center of it.

"It's a hibachi steak house Liv," Serena laughed. "Nothing kinky. Just lots and lots of good food."

"Yeah," Abbie pouted playfully. "Unfortunately the Nyotaimori place was booked out solid for like the next six months."

"Do I want to know?" Olivia whispered in Alex's ear.

"Naked sushi," Alex explained softly.

"Why is it that I'm not at all surprised that Abbie knows the location and phone number of a place like that?" Olivia murmured.

"It's an art form," Abbie groaned. "God, I'm almost glad they were full – you would have walked out and left me with the two thousand dollar tab."

The group stopped their discussion as the hostess returned with another four women on her heels. They all smiled politely at each other as the newbies took their seats and conversations became separate and much quieter as they all perused their menus and placed their orders with the hostess.

After the hostess had left with their orders, the group exchanged another round of self conscious smiles and Abbie decided to take it upon herself to break the ice. "Kanpai!" she grinned at the group as she held her bottle of Kirin aloft.

The woman at the other end of the table with short black hair smiled and echoed the toast, "Kanpai!", with a smile as she took a swig of her drink.

"I'm so glad there's somebody else here who knows how to drink," Abbie grinned at the other group. "I'm Abbie, this is my girlfriend Serena and these are our friends Alex and Olivia," she introduced their little group to the other half of the table.

The dark haired woman who had toasted Abbie back smiled and introduced her foursome. "Nice to meet you all. I'm Lucy, this," she put her hand on the arm of the brunette next to her, "is Janet. Next to her is Emily," she pointed at the dark haired woman in the center of their group, "and the blonde next to her is JJ. Are you all from DC?"

"I am," Abbie drawled as she took another swig from her drink.

"Liv and I are visiting from New York," Alex smiled.

"And I kind of split my time between here and the City," Serena shrugged. "How about you all?"

Lucy laughed. "We're all from here."

"Ah," Abbie nodded, slipping into the role of grand hostess. "So what do you all do?"

Lucy smiled and shrugged, "I own my own business. I guess you could call it a consulting firm. How about you?"

"Lawyer," Alex, Abbie and Serena raised their hands.

"Well, at least if things get a little wild you all will be able to get us out of trouble," Lucy smiled.

"Uh, we're more in the business of making sure trouble goes away for a very long time," Abbie grinned. "I'm a prosecutor here in town, and they," she flipped her thumb at Alex and Serena, "are ADAs in New York."

Seeing the other groups attention shift to her Olivia offered a crooked smile as she supplied, "I'm a Detective."

Janet smiled and offered, "FBI."

Taking advantage of the law enforcement tie-in the dark haired woman who Lucy had introduced as Emily spoke up, "JJ and I are profilers for the BAU. We do a lot of contract work with different departments across the country."

"Do you know George Huang?" Olivia asked.

JJ smiled and nodded. "I do. We worked together for a time before he left DC for New York. How do you know George?"

"He's our resident forensic psychiatrist and profiler," Olivia answered.

"We love him," Alex smiled. "He's been a great help to us up in SVU."

"What's SVU?" Janet asked.

"Sex crimes," Olivia answered. "I'm one of the detectives for the unit and Alex here is our prosecutor."

"The good old work connection," Lucy laughed, the statement garnering chuckles all around as each pairing thought of their own work connection.

"Exactly," Alex, Olivia, Abbie and Serena nodded.

"I would like to offer a toast, to new friends," Lucy smiled at Alex, Abbie, Olivia and Serena who all raised their glasses as well. "Kanpai!" the group toasted with a laugh.

"You ladies ready for a fun dinner?" A smallish Japanese man asked as he pushed his little trolley full of supplies over to the business side of the table.

"Absolutely," Abbie grinned.

"Very good," the chef smiled. "My name is Ken and I'll be your chef this evening."

"Oh god, I am so full," Olivia groaned as she leaned back away from the table. "I can't believe those three are still going at it," she muttered to Alex.

Alex looked over to where Abbie, JJ, and Lucy were trying to one-up the other with how many shots of tequila they could drink. "On the bright side, I got my camera," she offered with a smile.

From the other side of the large room there was a sudden explosion of clapping as a troupe of servers walked over to a table with a little Buddha statue that had a candle sticking out of his folded hands and a bowl of ice cream. Bringing up the rear of the mini-procession was one of the hostesses from the front of the restaurant with a Polaroid camera. The staff burst into an energetic rendition of 'Happy Birthday' and when the song was over the entire restaurant applauded, which of course only served to make the poor woman who'd become the center of attention blush more furiously.

"Where are they going?" Alex asked Olivia as she watched the shot-slamming trio exchange a sloppy group high five with identical shit-eating grins as they weaved their way through the crowded restaurant toward the staffers with the Buddha and the camera.

"Oh shit," Emily gasped as JJ broke away from the pack to hip check a chef away from his grill and steal his spatula right out of his hand. They watched as she bowed dramatically to the stunned people surrounding the grill she'd just commandeered before she began copying the movements their own chef had made earlier. "Wow, I didn't know she could do that," Emily noted as JJ began chopping and flipping like a pro, completely oblivious to the slices of onion and pieces of zucchini that were falling to the floor around her.

"Alright, you ready?" the blonde's voice carried over the restaurant which had grown silent as everybody watched the three wild women.

"Hit me with it!" Lucy held her hands up from two tables away where she and Abbie were gaining ground on the birthday celebration posse.

"You got it! Here it comes!" JJ laughed as she used the spatula in her right hand to flip a piece of shrimp into the air towards Lucy who expertly caught it with her mouth.

"Impressive," Alex observed as she clapped politely with the rest of the restaurant.

"You learn all sorts of skills at Quantico," Janet and Emily laughed as they watched Lucy take a bow before hurrying to catch back up to Abbie – who, apparently, had some grand master plan to accomplish.

"Oh, this can't be good," Serena groaned as she spied Abbie and Lucy cornering the hostess with the camera and the poor busboy who was holding the Buddha statue.

"Alex, gimme your camera," Olivia asked hopefully, letting out a small whoop of excitement when the blonde handed over a small silver camera.

"Oh god," Janet moaned as she watched Lucy smile at the hostess with the Polaroid before taking her camera. "Her Aunt is going to kick my ass."

"Did Abbie just steal the Buddha guy?" Alex asked Olivia, who had stood up to see better.

"Yeah," Olivia nodded as she looked down at the little camera she was holding. "Does this thing have a video mode?"

Alex grinned. "Indeed it does Detective. Here you go," she took the camera and flipped it into video mode before handing it back to Olivia.

"Payback Carmichael," Olivia grinned as she lifted the camera and trained it onto Abbie, making sure to not miss one second of the action.

"I can't believe they threw us out!" Abbie complained loudly as their group huddled together on the sidewalk.

"I know!" Lucy laughed. "They looked like they'd never had anybody take their little statue and their camera and go around the restaurant serenading people!"

"They probably haven't," Serena pointed out.

"I know I haven't," Emily chimed in.

"Everybody seemed to be enjoying it!" Abbie argued as she wrapped her arms around Serena's waist and nuzzled the blonde's cheek.

"Yeah," Olivia laughed, because everybody did seem to be enjoying the impromptu floor show – which is probably why the restaurant management let it go on for as long as they did.

"Right up until the moment you decided to abandon the more tame songs like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Walk Like an Egyptian and decided that I Want Your Sex was somehow an acceptable choice," Alex drawled.

"The dancing on the chairs so everybody could see you better probably wasn't the best idea either. Sorry babe," Janet added.

"That song's a classic!" Lucy grinned. "It's freaking George Michael for God's sake!"

"Did you see that old woman's face when you guys were … um … performing?" Emily asked as she pulled JJ in close.

"I got a picture of her," Janet smiled as she waved her camera at Lucy, who had been the one to give the old offended woman a lap dance.

"I'm a little more concerned with the fact that the three of them all knew the lyrics well enough to sing it a cappella," Olivia chuckled.

"I plead the fifth," Lucy laughed.

"Following it up with Like a Virgin probably wasn't the best choice either," Alex continued her critique of their performance.

"Again, another classic," Lucy laughed. "Hey, it's a little cold to stand out here reliving what will most likely be the highlight of those boring peoples' lives in there, we're going to head over to a little jazz bar by my place if you guys want to join us."

Abbie exchanged a look with Alex who shrugged. "I was looking forward to going dancing, but we can do something else," she offered.

Abbie shook her head as she turned to Lucy, "I promised Alex we'd go dancing, so I think we're just going to stick to our original plan. It was really great meeting you all, this was a lot of fun."

"It was," JJ smiled. "Very nice meeting you," she shook each of their hands. "Maybe we'll run into you around town again."

"Maybe," Abbie smiled. "That would be fun."

"Yeah," Serena laughed as she shook hands with each of their new friends. "Abbie will be the one with the little Buddha statue."

"I'm never going to live this down, am I?" Abbie sighed.

"Nope," Olivia grinned. "I got it on video. I especially liked the little bump and grind routine you did with the Buddha statue. It's time for your YouTube paybacks Carmichael."

"Hey," JJ pointed at Alex and Olivia. "Are you the two from that viral Top Gun bar scene vid?"

"That would be us," Alex smiled.

"Ohmygod," JJ laughed. "I love that – you guys were awesome! I think I've watched that clip like twenty times!"

It was on that note that farewells were exchanged and the two groups split into their waiting cabs. Abbie rattled off the address of the club for the driver and they settled in for the short drive over to Lace, taking the time the ride afforded them to watch the video Olivia had taken of Abbie, Lucy and JJ's impromptu performance.

"Damn," Abbie muttered as the video finished just as their cab pulled to a stop outside the club. "I was hoping you'd've gotten Luce and JJ in the vid so that way you wouldn't be able to post it."

"Nope," Olivia winked. "Kept it trained on you the whooooooole time."

"I noticed," Abbie groaned.

Alex handed a few bills over to the driver as they poured out of the cab. "Alright," she clapped. "I'm ready to dance. Liv?"

"As you wish," Olivia answered with a mock bow as she took Alex's hand and tucked it in under her arm. "After you milady."

The foursome passed easily through the door and, after checking their coats and bags and agreeing that if they weren't able to find the other they'd meet up at Abbie's place for brunch the following morning, made their way out to the dance floor where they paired off and separated – Alex and Olivia hovering around the edge of the floor while Abbie and Serena cut through the mass of bodies towards the center.

"You having fun?" Alex smiled as she grasped Olivia's hips and pulled the brunette in close.

"I always have fun when I'm with you," Olivia answered honestly as she brushed her lips against Alex's cheek. "You know, this is the first time we've been dancing since that night."

"It is," Alex agreed as she moved in closer, slipping her right leg between Olivia's, her fingers gripping and relaxing, massaging the brunette's hips as they moved.

Olivia moaned softly at the pressure, her hands dropping to Alex's hips as she leaned in to kiss her tenderly. "I wanted to kiss you like that so badly that night," she smiled after she'd pulled back.

"Me too," Alex confessed, her hands sliding up Olivia's torso to frame the brunette's face as she leaned in and returned her lover's kiss with a longer, more heated one of her own. When the need for air forced them to separate Alex laid her forehead against Olivia's and smiled. "Dance with me Liv."

Part 6

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