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By Megs


The only sound in the mostly empty squad room was the rhythmic tapping of Olivia's foot against the leg of her chair. It was 7:30pm. It was Friday at 7:30pm. It also happened to be the only Friday night she'd had off in over three months, and she was sitting at her desk, alone. Olivia sighed and pushed her hair out of her eyes. "Benson, you need a life." She'd been telling herself that for hours. It was Friday night; she could go anywhere. She could see a movie, or go out dancing. She could go to the bar and try to find someone to make her pathetic night off seem like less of a waste. She let all this run through her mind, knowing full well that the only place she would go once she left her desk was home.

She heard the door to the Captain's office open and tried to make herself look busy. Maybe he wouldn't say anything if he thought she was getting somewhere with the Dobson case.


"Crap." She sighed inwardly, turning to face the only other person in the room.

"Olivia," Cragen said sternly, "I did not give you the night off so you could sit here and go over case files. It can wait until tomorrow. Leave." He turned back to his office. She sighed audibly this time as she began stuffing her belongings into her pockets. "Fine" she thought "I'll just take the file home and…."

"Oh, and Liv?" Cragen interrupted her train of thought, his back still to her. "Leave the paperwork here."


She was a block from her apartment when she realized she was starving. She pursed her lips, thinking, trying to remember what was in her refrigerator. There was beer, she knew that much. Possibly some cheese, a handful of different condiments and half a gallon of milk she was afraid to open. That didn't exactly sound like a reasonable meal. She glanced around, her eyes lighting on Max's, the pub on the corner. Max's was a good place. She liked the atmosphere, it was friendly and comfortable and not too crowded. It also just happened to have the best steak tips in the known universe. Olivia's stomach grumbled at the thought of a whole plate of Max's special. "That decides it." she thought "Max's it is."

"Garret, you're missing the point!" Jordan exclaimed, adding with a grumble "I thought you were supposed to be on my side anyway."

"I am on your side Jordan, I just don't agree with you." Garret said, taking a slow pull from the bottle in front of him. "There is no question that Manny is one of the best outfielders in the game. But," he continued, holding up his hand, "he's no good to us if he wants a trade. If he doesn't want to play for the Red Sox anymore, he isn't going to put his all into it. If he isn't putting his all into it, it behooves us to get another left fielder. Preferably one who doesn't suddenly forget how to work his feet." he finished sarcastically.

Melinda Warner laughed at them from her spot across the table. "This is what's wrong with you Boston fans. You're so used to fighting about your team that now you do it amongst yourselves!" She watched Jordan gather herself to deliver a stinging retort, but the brunette stayed uncharacteristically silent. Her brown eyes locked on something by the door, the Bostonian let out a breathy "Oh my….."

Melinda turned her head to see who had caught her friend's eye. Her face split into a grin when she saw a familiar figure clad in a leather jacket making her way through the small pub. She turned back to Jordan with a grin. "Good taste, Cavanaugh." she commented, getting up. "Now if you'll both excuse me for a moment." She winked at Jordan as she moved away, chuckling to herself as she heard her friend groan.

"Steak tips, right Detective?"

Olivia laughed, nodding her head. "And a Blue Moon" she added "With lemon." She settled herself into a stool at the bar, draping her jacket across the back. The bartender brought her beer, putting it in front of her on a napkin. "What are you doing here on a Friday night anyway?" he asked. "Shouldn't you be out having fun, or at least catching the bad guys?"

"Night off." Olivia replied, squeezing the lemon into her beer bottle.

"I didn't know you got any of those Detective," said a familiar voice to her right. Olivia turned her head and grinned at the woman standing next to her.

"Hey Mel. What are you doing in this neck of the woods?" Olivia asked with a smile. "In fact, what are you doing here at all? Cragen said you had an ME's conference to attend this weekend. We're supposed to go to Rodgers if we need anything."

"I do, but it's at a hotel a few blocks over, so I didn't have to leave the city. I'm actually here having dinner with some colleagues." Mel waved her hand in the direction of Garret and Jordan, who were trying not to look like they were watching. "Care to join us?"

Olivia looked at the ME in amusement. "You picked a tiny pub on a little side street to have dinner with colleagues? Very classy."

"They just got in this afternoon." Mel said. "They didn't want to wander too far from the hotel." "Plus," she added in a conspiratorial undertone, "this place has the best steak tips." Bringing her voice back to a normal volume she continued, "They are really more friends than colleagues anyway. C'mon Olivia, please? They're rabid Red Sox fans! I need someone to side with me!"

Olivia took a deep breath, trying to find a way to politely decline. Discussing the upcoming weekend series didn't actually sound too bad, but she was perversely trying to deny herself any fun. "I don't.." she began, but was interrupted by the bartender.

"Go sit down." he said. "I'll bring you your dinner when it's ready."

Olivia sighed in defeat. "Alright" she conceded, "I'll at least stay for a beer or two."

"Here comes your leather jacket." Garret said in an undertone as he looked up from his beer.

Melinda was returning to the table accompanied by the most captivating woman Jordan had ever seen. She was tall, slim and muscular. Dark blue jeans that fit low at the hip left little to the imagination, and a russet colored sweater fit perfectly over a white t-shirt. Reddish brown hair was cropped short, with pieces hanging just around her eyes. Her eyes. Jordan unconsciously bit down on her bottom lip as she nearly stopped breathing. This woman's eyes were something to behold. Warm chocolate pools drew her in, she was barely conscious of someone saying her name until she felt a sharp pain in her shin. Garret was looking at her strangely.

"Jordan, are you OK?"

Jordan shook her head and blinked. "Sorry, I..uh.. zoned out for a second."

"Uh-huh." Melinda chuckled to herself. "Olivia, these are my friends, Dr. Garret Macy and Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh. They're with the Boston ME's office. Garret, Jordan, this is Detective Olivia Benson."

"Detective, huh?" said Jordan as Olivia shook her hand. Olivia was surprised by the husky quality of Jordan's voice. "Homicide?"

Olivia shook her head, "SVU, actually. Dr. Warner is our ME."

Jordan's eyebrows rose almost into her hair. "SVU? Sex crimes? That's tough work Detective."

Olivia slid into the seat next to Melinda. "This from a person who pokes around in dead bodies for a living?" When no one replied, she sighed. "Wrong crowd. Yes, being part of the SVU is tough, but it's what I do. Now, I believe my arrival interrupted a discussion about how New York is going to kick Boston's sorry ass this weekend?"

Two and a half beers later Jordan was regaling them with tales of her dramatic and dangerous attempts to pick up where the Boston PD left off. Olivia laughed to herself as she watched Garret shake his head. "He must have his hands full with her" she thought. Despite her obvious tendency to get involved in things she shouldn't, Olivia found herself warming to Jordan Cavanaugh. The Bostonian was warm and open and had a throaty voice that Olivia couldn't help but find a little bit enticing. It certainly didn't hurt that Jordan was a far cry from unattractive, and Olivia hadn't, well, had any company in a lot longer than she would like to admit. She watched the ME as she spoke, using her hands to describe the scenes she related. Her face was animated and enhanced by a pair of beautiful, soft, brown eyes; her hair was long and dark, curls cascading down her back. Olivia's hands twitched against her bottle as she thought about what it would be like to tangle her hands in Jordan's hair.

Olivia hadn't realized that her pulse was racing until Melinda laid a hand on her arm. "Liv, are you alright?" she asked, "You look a little unsettled." Olivia took a deep, shaky breath. "I'm fine" she replied, catching and holding Jordan's gaze. "I just zoned out for a second."

Jordan was drowning in Olivia's eyes. She could feel her heart hammering in her chest. She knew she was biting her bottom lip again, but she couldn't seem to stop. Olivia was looking at her with a strong steady gaze, absently running her tongue along her teeth. She was wrenched out of her reverie when Mel cleared her throat. Jordan tore her eyes away from Olivia's mouth, looking guiltily at her friend.

"It's almost 11:00" Mel commented quietly. "I have a discussion group at 9am."

"Meeting room J?" asked Garret.

Melinda nodded.

"Me too." he said with a sigh. "I should probably be getting back to the hotel."

Jordan frowned. "You're both spoilsports. I don't have to be in the meeting rooms until 11:00" She gave Olivia an apologetic smile. "I guess we're leaving."

Olivia ran a hand through her hair and cleared her throat. "Ah, actually, I don't really have anywhere to be… if you wanted to stick around I'd be glad to walk you back to the hotel later." She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, unable to meet Jordan's eyes.

"Take the offer Jordan. You couldn't have any better escort than one of New York's finest." Melinda smiled wickedly at her friend. "I trust Olivia to take care of you."

"Uh, I mean, um, yeah.. I'd love to stay." Jordan stammered. "If you're sure you don't mind."

"I don't mind."

Olivia was starting at her again. Jordan didn't know if she could take this much longer. She was watching Olivia's hands; they were absently shredding the label from her bottle of beer. She wondered what those hands would feel like against her skin.

Garret cleared his throat. "Alright then. We're just going to be going."

Melinda leaned over and kissed Jordan lightly on the cheek. "Have fun." she whispered.

Melinda and Garret said their goodbyes and made their way towards the door, leaving the two women alone at the table. They sat there in silence for a few minutes, neither meeting the other's eyes.

"So." Olivia said finally. "If you're so interested in police work, why did you become an ME?"

"Sometimes I'm not sure." Jordan admitted with a smile. "My father was a cop."

"Was?" Olivia arched an eyebrow.

"Was." Jordan replied. "Not anymore. He owns a bar in downtown Boston now. He's usually the one who helps me wrap my head around the cases though. It's something we've been doing since I was a kid. Between the two of us, we can usually figure out what happened at any given scene." She smiled and sighed. "What about you? Your dad on the force too?"

Something darkened in Olivia's expression. Jordan watched a shadow flicker across those chocolate eyes, and her shoulders hunched with sudden tension. She had said something wrong and she knew she had to fix it now, before the mood was ruined. Jordan reached across the table and touched Olivia gently on the arm.

"Olivia." she said softly. "Hey, Olivia, look I'm sorry. Whatever it is, you don't have to tell me. Forget I asked."

Olivia shook her head briefly and placed her hand over Jordan's. The touch made her stomach drop suddenly. Exhaling shakily, she ran the tips of her fingers over the other woman's knuckles. "It's ok." She smiled wanly and squeezed Jordan's hand. "My mother didn't exactly know who my father was."

"Ah." said Jordan thoughtfully. There was clearly more to it than that, but she wasn't going to press the detective to tell her anything she didn't want to. She felt a slight pressure on her fingers and she realized that Olivia hadn't moved. Slowly Jordan turned her hand over and began to run her fingers along the underside of Olivia's palm.

Olivia smiled, a beautiful, sexy lopsided smile that made Jordan's breath catch in her throat. "I became a cop because I wanted to help people." Olivia said finally. "I didn't go to college and it seemed like a good idea at the time. I didn't realize I'd end up a detective, but I'm glad I did. I don't think I would have been happy being a beat cop forever. Plus, I can't imagine my life without the squad."

Jordan grinned. "I know what you mean. The people you work with become like family. You heard all about our crew earlier though, but what about yours? The only thing I know about your crew is that you work with Mel."

Olivia glanced at their intertwined hands thoughtfully before she replied. "Actually," she said, as she began massaging the tips of Jordan's fingers, "I'm only just starting to get to know Dr. Warner. She keeps to herself a lot. Aside from her and Casey, our ADA, it's just me and the boys."

Olivia told Jordan a little bit about everyone on the squad, and the next forty or so minutes passed easily as they compared Garret to Don Cragen and traded stories about the conspiracy theorists in their midst.

"I should bring Nigel with me the next time I come to New York." Jordan mused thoughtfully. "He and this John Munch character would be quite an interesting pair."

Olivia raised one eyebrow at her. "You want to come back to New York?" she asked. "I thought you didn't like being this deep in Yankee territory."

Jordan looked away and Olivia thought she saw a faint blush creeping up her neck. "Well, I don't," Jordan mumbled, "But the company is nice."

Olivia sat still for a moment, thinking. "Do I want this? If I take this any further it's going to be very uncomfortable to walk away from if I change my mind." Then the thought of her empty apartment with its condiment filled fridge floated across her mind. With that steeling her resolve, Olivia lifted Jordan's hand to her lips. Pressing a kiss to the inside of a slender wrist, she smiled when she heard the brunette gasp.

Jordan turned back and found herself staring into eyes so dark with desire that the irises were blurring into the pupils. In a strangled voice she managed one word. "Hotel."

Olivia nodded wordlessly, standing and reluctantly letting go of Jordan's hand to shrug into her jacket. They made their way through the emptying pub, paying the tab on the way out. The temperature had dropped noticeably since the early evening and Jordan shivered as the night air hit her skin. Suddenly warm, leather clad arms slipped around her waist.

"Cold?" Olivia's breath was warm against her ear, her voice a growl that sent a different kind of shiver through Jordan's body.

"A little."

"Well then," Olivia said, moving to Jordan's side and tucking an arm through hers, "let's get moving."

The two women walked quickly through the New York streets. Jordan was surprised at how many people were still out and about; at quarter to one in the morning she expected less hustle. "Back in Boston all the bars and clubs would be letting out by now, but here people seem to be just heading in."

Olivia watched Jordan's face as she took in the people coming and going around them. She was nibbling at her bottom lip in a way that made Olivia want to take that mouth over with her own.

Suddenly Olivia realized that she'd been hearing the same footsteps follow theirs for the past half a block. A prickle that she recognized all to well began to climb up her spine. With a slight pressure on Jordan's arm, she slowed their pace a bit. The person behind them slowed as well. Under cover of nuzzling the other woman's ear, Olivia spoke quietly.

"Do not turn around. Follow my lead, and do exactly what I tell you."

Jordan made a small sound of assent. They picked up their pace again and headed unerringly towards the hotel. This time even Jordan could hear the tap of someone else's feet picking up the pace behind them. She began to breathe a sigh of relief as she saw the hotel coming up on her right, except Olivia wasn't slowing down. They walked straight past the entrance to the hotel, and took a hard right on the next street.

Suddenly Jordan felt herself flattened up against a wall, Olivia's full weight pushing against her, that beautiful mouth inches from her own. "Shhh." Olivia barely made a sound, but Jordan could feel the air whisper past her lips. Nodding, she took stock of their hiding place. Olivia had chosen to stand behind one of the large stone columns on the side of the hotel. It was a good spot because whoever turned the corner wouldn't see them, but Jordan couldn't see anything either. She was going to have to trust the other woman completely.

Olivia moved her right hand towards her gun, her left hand holding Jordan against the wall. Very slowly she craned her head back so she could see the entrance to the street while keeping her face in the shadows. A figure in a dark hoodie came around the corner casually, looking from left to right. Olivia held her breath, her hand tightening around her glock. Time slowed to a crawl, she was counting every beat of her heart. After what seemed like an eternity whoever it was shook their head and walked back out onto the main road.

The detective gave it another thirty seconds before she turned around, still holding Jordan against the wall. After slowly surveying the street, Olivia released her hold on the other woman. She stepped away from the wall, still holding her gun.

"What the hell was that about?" Jordan exclaimed quietly.

Olivia didn't know, and she really hadn't wanted there to be an issue. She didn't want to play the cop just then; she had better things on her mind.

"Not sure" she replied in a low tone, "but I think we're ok. Let's use the side entrance anyway."

Olivia hustled Jordan down the street towards the side door, cursing the fact that some random prick had managed to break the mood. She was tense, on alert, and she hadn't missed the frightened look on Jordan's face. She put her gun away as she reached for the door, still eyeing the street nervously.

She relaxed minutely as they entered the well lit lobby, but that didn't stop her from scanning the area for the person in the hoodie. Sighing, she turned to her companion, still seeing fear etched on her face. It was going to take effort to get Jordan relaxed again.

"Look, Jordan…. maybe this isn't a good idea." Olivia ran a hand through her hair. "You should get some rest. You're in town all weekend, right? Maybe we could have dinner tomorrow night?"

"Please say yes, Please.. don't let this scare you off." Olivia was silently begging every god she could think of.

"Uh, yeah, sure." Jordan replied, shrugging "That'd be nice." "I'd rather have dessert with you tonight though." she added silently.

"Good." Olivia smiled "Well…"

"I guess I…"

Both women laughed sheepishly.

"Let me walk you to your room." Olivia said suddenly. "I'll make sure you get there ok."

Jordan nodded, and turned towards the elevators, pushing the up arrow. Silently she thanked providence for the offer. She felt a lot safer with the detective around.

They rode the elevator in comfortable silence, each woman appreciating the presence of the other. When the doors pinged open, Olivia stepped out first, reflexively checking the hallway for danger. Jordan chuckled to herself.

"I think we're safe up here Detective." She brushed Olivia's body with her own as she went by, noting with a small smile how the taller woman suddenly stiffened at the contact. Jordan stopped in front of 11F and pulled a key card out of her pocket.

"This is me."

"Oh, um, ok." Olivia looked around awkwardly. "Well, why don't you ask Mel for my number? I know she has it… will you see her tomorrow?"

"Yeah." Jordan nodded as she fiddled with the card in the slot. The lock clicked and she turned the handle, pushing the door open a few inches.

"Alright then," Olivia smiled. "I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow?"

Jordan smiled back as she tilted her head. "Ok. Night."


Olivia turned and began to walk back towards the elevators. "You're a fool, Benson. Just go back there and knock on the door. You can relax her Olivia, that's your job." She continued to argue with her inner voice as she walked, sternly telling herself that she wasn't going to comfort Jordan just so she could take advantage of her.

"Olivia?" The other woman's voice called out from behind her. Olivia turned to see Jordan still standing uncertainly at the door to her room.

"Would you like to come in for awhile?" Jordan asked with a smile, "I'm pretty sure I could make us some terrible coffee." Holding Olivia's eyes with her own, she silently willed the other woman to return to her side. She had spent too much of the night keyed up to give in this easily.

"That's an invitation if you've ever heard one, Olivia. Don't make her ask you twice." Not dropping Jordan's gaze, Olivia strode back down the hall, only stopping when she was inches from the ME. "Black." she said, her voice a growl. "No sugar."

"Great job, Jordan. You got her in here and now you're clueless. She probably has no idea you've never done this before." Fussing with the coffee maker was giving Jordan the perfect excuse not to look at Olivia. She didn't want the beautiful detective to know she was nervous. It wasn't that she'd never been with a woman before, she had. It was just that they'd been friends first, women she knew from living in a small city, not an incredibly sexy near stranger who, for all intents and purposes, she'd picked up at a bar.

Olivia had settled herself in the armchair, basically the only seat in the room other than the bed.

"Here," Jordan said, handing Olivia a mug of black coffee. "I can't promise it'll be any good, but it's something."

Olivia raised her eyebrows. "It's hotel coffee. It's never good." She winked as she took the cup, deliberately brushing the other woman's fingers with her own.

Pouring her own cup, Jordan took sip and settled herself on the edge of the bed. "Oh God!" she nearly spat out the offending liquid. "That's awful!" She looked at Olivia with near panic on her face. "I'm really sorry! I knew it was going to be bad but I didn't…uh…." she trailed off as the heat in the other woman's gaze derailed her train of thought.

Olivia stood up slowly, putting her mug down on the dresser. With sure, practiced movements she removed her jacket, her eyes never leaving the beautiful brown ones in front of her. She let the leather garment drop to the floor and placed her badge and gun next to her mug before crossing the room to take Jordan's drink and put it on the dresser with her own.

Jordan realized she was barely breathing as the detective moved closer. She couldn't take her eyes off Olivia, those chocolate brown eyes, full lips, hips that moved with a perfect sway. Suddenly she was divested of her coffee and pulled to feet. Olivia's body was only millimeters from hers. She could feel the heat radiating off the other woman, smell the faint scent of vanilla on her skin. Those beautiful lips were so close to hers she could almost taste them. As Olivia cupped her face with her palm Jordan heard a sound she almost didn't recognize, until she realized it was coming from her.

At Jordan's moan, Olivia couldn't hold back any more. She closed the space between them, pressing her mouth to the lips that had taunted her for the past five hours. Giving over to desire, she wound her hands in the other woman's curls, pulling her closer. She felt Jordan press against her, slipping her arms around her waist, hands gripping at Olivia's back. Despite the beer and the coffee, the other woman's mouth tasted faintly of strawberries. She dragged her tongue along Jordan's bottom lip and was rewarded with a gasp. Olivia took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, silently begging for entrance. The mouth beneath hers opened, and she felt her grip on reality slipping away. Their tongues were dancing, swirling against each other, pressing harder and harder until they both broke away, gasping for air.

"Wow." Jordan regarded the detective in her arms for a moment before dropping her hands to the hem of Olivia's sweater. "You know," she mused thoughtfully "I was wondering earlier tonight how well this t-shirt fits you. I think I'd like to find out now." In one swift movement she pulled the sweater over Olivia's head, tossing it in the general direction of the chair.

At the sight of the detective in a tight white t-shirt Jordan was near speechless. A second "Wow" stuck in her throat. The muscles in the detective's arms stood out clearly in the low light as she supported a suddenly weak kneed medical examiner.

"See something you like?" Olivia smirked. When Jordan didn't respond Olivia gently pushed her into a sitting position on the bed. Placing one knee between Jordan's legs for balance, she brought her lips back to strawberry heaven. Moving her hands to the other woman's chest she slowly began to undo the buttons on her shirt.

Jordan nearly moaned out loud again at the feel of Olivia's hands ghosting down her chest. Suddenly she felt her shirt being pulled open and pushed firmly down her arms. She tried to wiggle out of the sleeves without losing her balance but Olivia's nearness was making her lightheaded. As she started to topple backwards a firm arm slipped around her waist and held her up. Jordan barely had time to pull the shirt off and toss it aside before she lost herself in the feel of Olivia's lips wandering across her neck and shoulders.

"Oh..God." Jordan gasped. She lifted one hand from the mattress and ran it up the back of Olivia's neck and into her cropped auburn hair. Olivia took a deep breath, inhaling the slightly musky scent of perfume and pressed her lips to the hollow of Jordan's throat. Relaxing the tension in her arm, she slowly lowered the other woman until she was lying on her back and hovered mere inches above her.

Moving suddenly, Olivia crushed her lips to Jordan's, allowing the full extent of her desire to be communicated by the bruising touch. Just as suddenly she pulled away and began to run her hands down Jordan's nearly bare torso, a wicked smile playing at her lips as she dallied briefly over the black satin bra before dragging her fingertips further down the beautiful body beneath her. Exerting gentle pressure she splayed her hands across the very slight curve of Jordan's belly, using her thumbs to trace a line from her belly button to the low waist of her jeans. She heard Jordan's quick intake of breath and chuckled slightly as she slid off the bed and continued to run her hands down towards the floor. She could feel firm thighs beneath the worn blue jeans as she continued towards her destination. Reaching the bottom of the pants, she paused to admire Jordan's taste. Olivia rather liked the black boots the ME was wearing. Bringing her mind back to the task at hand, she slipped both hands up one pant leg until she found the top of the soft leather.

Jordan almost laughed when she realized what Olivia was doing. "Right." she thought with a sigh "I'm still wearing shoes." She felt warm hands on her calves as Olivia found the zipper on the side of her boots. She felt the leather being pulled from her legs and heard the soft thunk of the shoes hitting the floor, one after another. Suddenly Olivia's hands were back on her legs again, massaging the muscles of her calves as she pulled off the black socks she was wearing. Jordan let out a groan; she had no idea how good someone massaging her legs could feel. She propped herself up on her elbows as Olivia withdrew her hands and watched the detective rise slowly to her feet.

Without breaking eye contact Olivia quickly divested herself of her own boots and socks, tossing them to the ground behind her. She climbed back onto the bed, straddling Jordan's legs and slipping her arms around her waist. Pulling the other woman against her she captured Jordan's bottom lip with her mouth, gently sucking and nibbling, while letting her hands travel along the smooth skin under her hands.

Jordan could barely form a coherent thought. Every nerve ending in her body was on fire and she couldn't get enough of Olivia's hands on her skin. Her hands found the waist of Olivia's jeans and she tugged frantically at the

t-shirt, trying to remove the fabric that was between her and the body she so desperately wanted to touch. She got the stubborn garment loose, but let out a small whimper when Olivia moved away to pull the shirt over her head. The whimper died in her throat as she took in the vision in front of her. Dear Gods, the woman was stunning. She was, somehow, both strength and softness, her perfectly sculpted arms and shoulders offset by the swell of breasts confined by thin white cotton. Before Olivia could return to what she had been doing Jordan sat up, grabbing the detective around the middle and dragging her lips across the other woman's collarbone, gently nipping at her shoulder. She was rewarded by the sight of Olivia throwing her head back at the feel of lips on her skin and the pinch of fingernails digging deeply into the flesh on her back. Jordan kept Olivia's attention with her mouth, licking, sucking and occasionally biting every spot she could reach. Keeping one arm around her waist, she used her free hand to unhook the clasp on the front of the white cotton bra. She pushed a cup away, deliberately letting her hand brush across the hardened peak of Olivia's nipple. She grinned openly at the detective's sharp intake of breath, moving her hand around the pull the bra down Olivia's arms and toss it to the floor.

Jordan allowed herself a brief moment of sheer appreciation, gazing at the exquisite woman on her lap. Before Olivia could use the break in momentum to take charge again she began to run her fingers lightly over one perfect breast, slowly circling closer and closer to the puckered flesh in the middle. She watched with rapt attention the changing expressions on Olivia's face and was delighted with the low growl the detective emitted as she rolled a sensitive nipple between her fingers.

Olivia's back arched and she nearly cried out loud as Jordan began to roll and tug lightly at one nipple. "Jesus." She groaned deeply, a sound that quickly changed to an outright moan as she felt warm lips close over the other. Spots swam before her eyes and she knew she needed to taste Jordan again. She needed the feel of the other woman's lips pressed against hers, needed to feel the full length of her body against her. She brought both of her hands to the sides of Jordan's face, gently pulling herself away from the mouth at her breast. She ducked down quickly to stop the sounds of protest with her own mouth, pushing the body beneath hers back to the mattress. Jordan's mouth opened easily as Olivia sucked at her lips, her tongue twirling around her lover's. Olivia's arms began to shake from holding herself at such an awkward angle, and Jordan took the moment to break the kiss and move back onto the bed, motioning the detective to join her against the pillows.

"Those pants" Olivia purred, with a gleam in her eye, "have got to go."

Jordan raised one eyebrow in response, motioning to her jean clad legs. "These pants?"

Without responding, Olivia pounced. She tugged at the button impatiently until it popped open, her hands already moving to the zipper. In a flash she was sliding the ME's jeans down beautiful, shapely legs, grinning in appreciation as she noted the black satin bikini bottoms, partner to the bra. The jeans were quickly tossed aside like everything else, as she was more interested in running her hands up Jordan's bare legs, reveling in the sensation of silky skin under her hands. She didn't stop until she was lying fully atop the other woman, having captured her mouth again, one hand tangled in curly locks, the other caressing a satin clad breast. Jordan moaned against her mouth, digging her fingernails into Olivia's shoulders. Olivia shifted to press her thigh between the other woman's legs.

Jordan felt a bolt of heat shoot down through her center, felt herself throbbing as her hips bucked against a jean-clad thigh. She used the momentum to roll Olivia over onto her back, settling herself across the detective's lap. Reaching up, she ran her hands over still hard nipples, and then dragged her fingernails down across washboard abs. She let her fingers curl beneath the waistband of Olivia's pants, drawing her fingers outwards along the sensitive flesh above her hips. The body below her arched upwards again straining against Jordan's hands. She made short work of Olivia's belt and the button fly of her jeans, tugging them forcefully from her hips. Dropping the jeans on the floor Jordan turned to Olivia with a raised eyebrow.


"Cute. God what an understatement." Beneath Olivia's jeans Jordan found the detective clad in a feminized version of men's briefs. White cotton, complete with the blue and yellow stripes along the elastic waistband, she had never seen anything so sexy.

"Glad you approve." Olivia chuckled, sitting up. She reached out, drawing the other woman against her body as she slipped one hand around to fiddle with the clasp on Jordan's back. She was a little rusty, and it took her a few tries to get it, but she kept the curly haired woman's attention by tracing a continuous line from shoulder to jaw and back again with her lips. Pulling the black satin from Jordan's body Olivia let her eyes roam over the goddess straddling her. Slowly, almost gently, she cupped Jordan's breasts in her hands, raising her head to look the other woman in the eyes.

Holding Jordan's gaze, she applied pressure to the flesh firming beneath her fingers. She watched brown eyes go dark, arousal spreading a pinkish stain across her cheeks. Jordan pushed against her hands, grinding her wetness against Olivia's thigh. The detective moved to take the dark buds of flesh in her mouth, wanting to hear Jordan moan again. She flicked her tongue against the flesh between her lips, sucked forcefully, grabbing the other woman's sides to pull her closer.

Jordan clenched both hands in Olivia's hair, pulling the wonderful mouth hard against her breasts. Her arms and legs were covered in goose bumps, but her insides were on fire. She could feel arousal spreading to every corner of her body as she continued to thrust her hips against the gorgeous detective. A whimper escaped the back of her throat and her voice came out in a choked whisper.

.".Liv.. Olivia…. Please..I need you. Please."

Not waiting to be asked twice, Olivia practically threw Jordan down on her back. Covering every inch of her neck and shoulders in long lingering kisses, she used one hand to slip the satin panties off her lover, raking her fingers over a well sculpted ass as Jordan raised her hips off the bed to ease the process. Olivia took the other woman's mouth with her own as her hand began a languorous journey back up Jordan's leg. She teased, running her fingers along a smooth inner thigh, up through a well-manicured triangle of short dark hair, ghosting a touch over the wetness that tempted her so. Jordan's hips rose of their own accord, seeking contact with Olivia's wandering hand and she finally gave in, slipping two fingers between her folds, finding the little bundle of nerves that made Jordan cry out with pleasure. She ran the tips of her fingers in circles around Jordan's clit, watching the brunette's face contort as sensations rushed through her. Slowly she let her fingers drag a path further down, pleased when her lover moaned deeply at the feel of Olivia's fingers at her entrance.

"Yes, Oh God, please.. Olivia.."

Olivia smiled as she slipped two fingers inside of Jordan, delighted by the wetness, the need. Slowly she began a rhythm, pushing her fingers deep inside of the other woman and drawing them out again, curling the tips slightly to brush the spot she knew would make it more intense. Jordan began to shake slightly beneath her, muttering a string of nonsense under her breath. Her hips matched pace with Olivia's hand, her thrusts quickly becoming more insistent. Not wanting the opportunity to pass her by, Olivia moved down the bed and lowered her head to run her tongue firmly across Jordan's clit, swirling it in circles around the throbbing flesh.

Jordan's world was reduced to the sensations careening through her body, and the colors crashing across her mind. She heard her voice yelling things that she didn't understand and tried to focus on the one thing she could grasp. The woman between her legs, the woman who was making her feel like this. She opened her mouth, but no words came. Suddenly she felt Olivia hum, deep in her throat, and it pushed her over the edge, tearing an exclamation from her, a moan that became the word on the tip of her tongue.

"ooooo..OLIVIA!!!" she screamed, as her universe exploded into a million points of light.

Jordan was floating, her ears ringing loudly as sensation returned to her limbs. She opened her eyes to see a face hovering inches above hers, deep, bottomless brown eyes watching her with tenderness and desire.

"Hello." Olivia said huskily as Jordan's eyes began to refocus. "Enjoy your trip?"

She never got an answer. In a flash the detective found herself on her back, Jordan's lips pressed firmly against her own. She let one hand snake up into tangled curls, using her other arm to hold Jordan against her body. She felt fingers gripping the top of her briefs, the only covering she had left, and she realized suddenly that she desperately wanted to feel this woman's touch.

Jordan used one hand to support herself, the other trying franticly to rid Olivia of her underwear. Her fingers encountered damp cotton and she smiled against Olivia's mouth, glad to know she was having an effect on the seemingly unshakable detective. She finally succeeded in moving the briefs over Olivia's hips, letting the detective kick them the rest of the way off while she ran her fingers against wet heat.

Olivia let out a strangled moan when she felt Jordan's fingers brush against her sex. Her hips bucked upwards, straining for more contact and she almost cried out when Jordan moved away. A cool hand slipped under her and her hips were being tilted upward, supported from below. Suddenly she felt the warm, firm muscle of Jordan's tongue slip inside of her and she lost any semblance of conscious thought. Her hands flew out and gripped the comforter, knuckles turning white as she arched upwards, guttural moans escaping her lips.

Jordan held Olivia to her mouth, her tongue having moved to the incredibly sensitive bundle of nerves at her apex. Alternately licking and sucking, she worked the beautiful woman beneath her into a frenzy, stubbornly easing up each time she felt Olivia begin to crest. Finally she felt a hand tangle in

her hair and firmly but gently apply pressure to the back of her head. Jordan took the swollen nub between her lips and sucked hard, Olivia's shouts of pleasure urging her on, not slowing until she felt the spasming of muscles and tasted the nectar of release on her tongue.

Olivia shook her head to clear it of the buzzing, trying hard to refocus her eyes. Reaching out, her hands encountered only empty air, and she raised her head confusedly, sure she wasn't alone. Jordan was returning to the bed, offering her a cup of blessedly cool water. The liquid soothed her throat, sore from what she guessed was probably very loud shouting. Putting the cup on the bedside table, something suddenly occurred to her.

"Jordan," she began, a hint of a chuckle under her voice, "Who has the room next to yours?"

The brunette's eyes widened in alarm, and her cheeks began to glow pink again.

"Garret." She squeaked, looking horrified.

Olivia was having a very hard time not laughing. Struggling to maintain composure, she raised one eyebrow.

"Is he a heavy sleeper?" She couldn't help herself. Jordan was absolutely adorable when mortified, and the situation was just so damn funny. The corners of her mouth tugged up, and she bit her lip as she stifled a laugh.

Jordan glared, and opened her mouth to reply, but the sight of Olivia laughing was just too much for her. A giggle escaped her too, and suddenly they were both laughing hysterically, clutching their sides trying to draw breath.

A few minutes later they had calmed down a bit, both lying on their backs on the bed. Olivia let out an audible sigh. "That felt good." she stated.

"What did?" Jordan asked "The laughing, or the raging orgasm?"

Olivia looked at her companion for a moment. "Both." she growled and pulled her in for another kiss. As they pulled apart, Olivia noted the slow, drowsy blink of Jordan's eyes.

"Do you, um, mind if I stay?" she ventured, "I mean, only if you want me to.. I can go."

Jordan looked at her quizzically. "I'd mind if you left." she said firmly, shaking her head. "I want you to stay."

Olivia grinned, and moved to pull down the covers, watching Jordan's spectacular body move as she threw some of the excess pillows on the floor. Slipping under the sheets, she reveled in silky feel of them against her body, holding one arm up as an invitation for the other woman to cuddle close.

Jordan slipped into the bed, ridiculously happy that someone else was sharing it with her. She nestled her head on Olivia's shoulder, pressing a quick kiss to her neck. She felt a strong hand rubbing her lower back, and she reached out and took the other one in her own, lacing their fingers together.

"Olivia?" Jordan said tentatively.

"Mmmmm?" came the drowsy reply.

"Would you still be interested in having dinner with me tomorrow?"

Olivia opened her eyes to look down at the woman whose body was entwined with her own. Smiling, she pressed a kiss to Jordan's forehead before answering.

"I'll make the reservations in the morning. Pick you up at 6:00?"

She felt the brunette nod into her shoulder. Sighing happily, she drifted off to sleep, her last coherent thought a mental note to thank the captain for the night off.

The End

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