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By mel


Alex Cabot was exhausted. Too exhausted for a Monday, but that's what happens when the case she's prosecuting stretches on for over a week and includes weekend case law and evidentiary cram sessions to make sure that the sick fuck who raped and murdered five little boys got what he deserved. Namely, a cell in Rikers with a burly fucker named Killer. The case was handed off to the jury for deliberations earlier in the afternoon, and even though she knew that in the little chamber down the hall from the courtroom the jury had only really worked through their hierarchy and who would be the foreperson for the group – she'd still hoped for a swift verdict.

And, of course, because she'd worked herself into oblivion prosecuting the sick bastard the verdict wouldn't be handed down until tomorrow – at the earliest. She sighed happily as the elevator stopped and she was able to walk the short distance to her front door. She was exhausted. The last week had kicked her ass seven ways to Sunday. And, for good measure, kicked it a few more times on Sunday for what she hoped was good luck.

She slid her key into the lock and felt a small measure of the weight of the world lift from her shoulders, smiling in spite of her fatigue as she heard the lock tumble over. She dropped her briefcase onto the floor beside the door as she kicked it closed behind her, willing to forego her usual OCD nature about everything being put away properly in deference to just getting comfortable.

Damn she was tired.

She shrugged out of her coat and let it fall atop her briefcase, pausing briefly to set the deadbolt before she kicked off her killer heels and padded down the hall to the bedroom to slip into something more comfortable. The pencil skirt slipped off her trim hips, pooling at her feet before she lifted it up with her toes and dropped it into the dry cleaning hamper. The silk shirt she was wearing followed. She slipped out of her bra before pulling a ribbed tank out of the drawer along with a pair of well-worn yoga pants.

Damn she was tired.

She shuffled down the hall to the kitchen where she could hear Olivia busy cooking. She stopped in the doorway and watched the powerful brunette move purposefully around the kitchen, noting the piles of chopped veggies on the cutting board and the open bottle of wine on the island beside one glass that was half full and another that was empty.

"Hey," she smiled as she settled onto a barstool.

"Hey yourself Counselor," Olivia turned from the stove with a smile. "How'd it go today? Sorry I couldn't make it down, we picked up a new case that ended up to be bullshit."

"It went well," Alex murmured as she concentrated on pouring herself some wine. "Jury got the case this afternoon so I just hung out at the office for a bit to see if we'd get a quick decision or not."

"You look beat," Olivia observed.

"I feel beat," Alex offered a wan smile as she reached up and massaged the back of her neck. "Or, more precisely, I feel like somebody's beaten me."

Olivia watched the blonde and nodded knowingly – Alex carried all her stress in her neck and shoulders. "Want me to rub you down?"

"Mmm," Alex smiled, not too tired to appreciate the offer. "I'm afraid I'd fall asleep on you."

"I don't mind if you do," Olivia smiled as she wiped her hands off on a dishtowel. "Come on baby, let me take care of you."

"But you're in the middle of dinner," Alex argued weakly, because, really, who the fuck turns down an offer for a massage from Olivia Benson? Certainly not her.

Olivia leaned in and kissed the back of the blonde's neck. "Your objection is noted and overruled Counselor. Now get that tight ass to bed."

Alex groaned softly, taking one last sip of wine before doing as she was told and padding back down the hall toward the bedroom as Olivia putzed around the kitchen turning off the oven that was in the middle of warming up and sliding the cutting board full of veggies into the fridge.

Olivia's eyes softened with her smile as she took in the sight of Alex laid out on their bed waiting for her. The blonde attorney had worked herself harder than usual on this case, something about it all having lit a fire inside her that was indomitable.

"Let's get this off," Olivia murmured as she came up beside the bed and ran a fingertip down the back of the blonde's shirt.

"M'kay," Alex acquiesced as she felt the brunette's strong fingers tap dancing along the hem of her tank. She sat up and lifted the top over her head, noting even through her exhaustion fueled haze the way Olivia's eyes darkened as the brunette took in her exposed torso. The quick tongue that darted out to wet the Detective's full lips also did not escape her attention.

"Now lay back down on your stomach and get comfortable," Olivia instructed before turning on her heel to get the massage oil out of the bathroom.

Alex climbed off the bed and pulled the duvet down before resuming her position in the middle of the bed. She smiled as she felt the bed dip under Olivia's weight, moaned softly as she felt the brunette straddle her and settle gently atop her ass, hissed in surprise when the Detective's strong hands slid over her upper back to gently massage her nape.

"God, you really are tense," Olivia observed quietly as she rubbed and kneaded the blonde's taught muscles.

"Mpft," Alex responded, torn between the searing pain from the brunette's touch and the relief that was slowly working its way into the very same muscles that were currently aflame.

"Just relax baby," Olivia purred as she poured a little more oil into her hands and rubbed them together to warm the liquid. "Let me take care of you."

Alex sighed as Olivia's hands returned to work on her back, sliding, pushing, rubbing her traps – kneading each and every knot she came across until it was gone. Alex groaned softly as she felt those knowing fingers work down her spine, thumbs digging in against the vertebrae and fingertips spread across the width of her back caressing every inch of skin.

She was tired, but this was heaven. And, as tired as she was, the brunette's tender touch was doing a damn fine job awakening other desires – desires that always trumped exhaustion whenever she was with Olivia.

Olivia bit her lip to try and contain the small moan of pleasure that was threatening to escape as she felt Alex's hips shift beneath her, pushing the blonde's ass up teasingly tight against her embarrassingly wet center. Embarrassingly because she wasn't doing this to get a rise out of the blonde, she was doing it because Alex, strong, forceful, Ice Queen Alex needed somebody to take care of her tonight. Alex needed Olivia to take care of her tonight.

Alex smiled as she felt Olivia's hips shift away from her and knew that the brunette was getting as turned on as she was from the touching.

"You have amazing hands baby," Alex purred as she shifted slightly on the bed.

"And you are sounding much more relaxed," Olivia smiled as she ran a finger down the blonde's spine.

"Mmm," Alex moaned. "Almost," she smiled.

"Did I miss a spot?" Olivia asked, concerned as she ran the flats of her palms up the blonde's lean back.

"Not on my back," Alex played.

Olivia sat back on her heels and grinned. "So, where," she ran her fingertips up the blonde's sides, "else do you need me?" she stroked up and down the sides of the blonde's breasts that were pressed into the mattress.

"Oh god Liv," Alex moaned and arched up off the mattress allowing the brunette's hands to slide under her and cup her more fully.

"Mmm," Olivia leaned in and purred against the blonde's ear. "Here?"

"Fuck yes," Alex groaned.

Olivia smiled and let go of the blonde, pushing herself up enough to allow Alex to flip herself over - wasting no time returning her hands to their previous position even before the blonde was completely settled.

"I didn't realize that you carried stress here as well," Olivia smirked as she massaged Alex's breasts, her thumbs brushing over rapidly hardening nipples.

Alex smiled up at the brunette through lust heavy lids and shrugged slightly. "Hmm," she hummed noncommittally.

Olivia smiled as she leaned in and pulled a pert nub between her lips, sucking slightly and flicking her tongue over it lightly.

"Christ Liv," Alex groaned, arching up into her lover's touch.

Olivia's only response was to bite down tenderly against the captured nipple before releasing it and delivering the same treatment to the blonde's other breast.

Alex's hands tangled themselves into the brunette's hair, simultaneously massaging Olivia's scalp encouragingly and holding her close.

Fuck, the things Olivia could do with that mouth.

Just as that thought crossed her mind, her eyes crossed in pleasure as she felt Olivia begin to lay hot wet kisses down her abs before stopping to dip that talented tongue of hers into Alex's navel.

"You seem tense here, too," Olivia observed softly as she kissed her way around Alex's stomach. "I know a surefire way to get rid of the tension if you'd like."

"Umpf," Alex's hips bucked.

"Is that a yes?" Olivia breathed against wet flesh.

"Yes," Alex groaned. "Fuck yes. Please Liv."

Olivia smiled and pressed one last open-mouthed kiss against the blonde's toned stomach before murmuring, "Okay."

Alex moaned softly as she felt Olivia's fingertips work themselves inside the waistband of her pants and panties, lifted her hips eagerly to allow the brunette to remove the clothing.

"Fuck," Alex hissed as she felt Olivia taking her sweet ass time sliding the clothes down her legs. "Liv, please," she begged again for good measure.

Taking pity on her lover Olivia quickly yanked the blonde's clothes off and tossed them carelessly aside as she slid her hands up the inside of Alex's legs, gently guiding them further apart the higher she went, her body dropping slowly to the bed to fill the space vacated by their movement.

Olivia looked up at her lover as she settled herself between her legs, trying to read the blonde's mood to figure out what, exactly, was needed tonight. Some nights it was a hard fast fuck that Alex so desperately needed; but, as she appraised the blonde spread out before her, she decided that what Alex most needed tonight was for it to be soft, slow, and thorough.

With this thought in mind Olivia closed the distance between her lips and the blonde's wet swollen folds, slowly running her tongue up the length of the blonde's slit before brushing ever so gently over the still hidden bundle of nerves at the apex.

"Fuck Liv," Alex groaned at the soft, intimate caress.

"Just relax baby," Olivia breathed before running her tongue through the blonde again, this time dipping slightly into her.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhit," Alex hissed as her head dropped back and her eyes closed as her hands blindly sought out something to hang on to, eventually working themselves into the sheets.

Olivia hummed happily to herself as she repeated her movements, once, twice, ten times; pushing her tongue a little further into the blonde on each stroke, flicking her tongue over Alex's clit a little more forcefully each time.

"Oh god Liv," Alex moaned after her hips bucked particularly hard. "Please baby. Please. So close."

"Mmm," Olivia breathed and repeated her movements with her tongue.

"Fuck!" Alex yelped. "Liv," she begged.

Olivia slid one hand around Alex's leg to lock her hips in place as she maneuvered her other hand under her chin to push decisively into the blonde, earning a scream of pleasure as she began pumping in and out slowly, holding Alex right on the edge as she ran the tip of her tongue around the blonde's now fully engorged, fully exposed clit.

"Goddamn," Alex practically sobbed as she teetered on the edge of orgasm, the release building stronger and stronger inside her as Olivia held her there, on the edge, not letting her fall. "Fuck Liv," she cried, her hips straining to work against the brunette but held firmly in place by the Detective's arm.

Olivia held her rhythm, slowly thrusting in and out of the blonde, curling her fingers to hit the one spot that never failed to make the blonde gasp and moan and plead for more on every down stroke, her tongue continuing to dance carefully around Alex's clit – teasing, promising more but … just … not … delivering.

Alex writhed on the bed, her hands grasping and pulling against the sheets tangled in her fingers as she felt her body practically vibrating with the orgasm that was still just out of reach. She needed to come. She needed to. She needed it so bad it hurt. She was so lost to the building sensations inside her that she was oblivious to the tears leaking out of the corners of her eyes, oblivious to anything beyond the feeling of Olivia playing her body like a finely tuned instrument, eliciting sounds that she would vehemently deny even being able to produce.

And then, when the room was beginning to spin and the sounds of her own gasps, moans and screams were lost to the growing static in her ears she felt Olivia's mouth latch onto her clit, sucking hard against the nerves and throwing her into release – her orgasm crashing into her like a freight train as every muscle in her lithe body tensed and relaxed more forcefully than she'd ever imagined would be possible.

Olivia watched with awe as the blonde above her let go, stared entranced at the play of emotions on Alex's face as she rode out the orgasm that had her practically arching up off the bed. She watched, besotted, as the blonde's features relaxed, a silly sated smile tweaking her lips as her body relaxed and settled back into the mattress. She tenderly removed her fingers, quickly wiping them off on the sheets before shedding her own clothes and sliding up beside the blonde, finally allowing herself to revel in the beautiful silken friction of skin gliding against skin as she tenderly gathered Alex in her arms and held her close, pressing soft adoring kisses to every inch of exposed ivory skin she could reach as she waited for the blonde to come down from her high.

Alex smiled as she again became aware of her surroundings and turned around into her lover's warm embrace, her lips finding their way up Olivia's throat and over her jaw to capture the brunette's lips in an adoring kiss.

"You are amazing," Alex murmured, running her tongue over Olivia's lips and tasting herself.

"I love you," Olivia murmured, squeezing Alex tighter for emphasis.

"I love you," Alex breathed, pushing up into Olivia as she reclaimed her lips and pressed the brunette back into the mattress, easily moving over her.

"Hi," Olivia smiled as she felt Alex's breasts press into her own.

"Hi," Alex murmured as she ran her tongue down the column of the brunette's throat.

Alex Cabot's mind was still exhausted, but her body was now incredibly awake and determined.

The End

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