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In Case of Emergency
By Heathers

"Isn't this is a fire hazard?"

"Only if there's a fire."

Alex anxiously looked up the fire escape and then down through the grating under her feet. "So how is this going to work?"

Olivia grabbed the stairs above her head and swung her legs across the gap, hanging there. "Ever play on a jungle gym?"

Alex stared blankly at the detective's feet dangling perilously above the street below.

"Oh, right. Private school." Olivia lifted herself up and jumped back onto the grating. "So what did you do for fun?"

Alex smirked. "Homework."

"You lie." She pointed at the ADA. "I know that look."

Alex fingers curled around the railing as she leaned against it. "I studied the female form."

"A twelve year old temptress?" Two steps and her hands were squeezing the other woman's hips. Olivia lowered her voice conspiratorially: "Alex Cabot, were you a bad girl?"

"Some would say I was very good."

Olivia pressed her against the railing. "And the others?"

"Never had the pleasure of my company," she said, threading her fingers through the detective's short hair.

Her brown eyes closed at Alex's touch. "You were that good, huh?"

"What do you mean were?"

Olivia opened her eyes. "I don't know… I'd say you're above average…" she teased.

"You've had better?" Alex leaned away.

Shit. "It's a stupid fantasy. Let's just forget I said anything about it."

"No." Alex crossed her arms across her chest. "Tell me."

Damned if you do, damned if you don't, jackass. "You're just a little… vanilla."

"I am not vanilla."

"Alex you are so vanilla it's not even funny."

"We had sex at Elliot's."

"In the bathroom."

"We had sex at the station house."

"In the bathroom."

"… at that restaurant-"

"In the bathroom."

"Well, maybe I just really like bathrooms." Alex considered the thought momentarily. "We've never had sex in my bathroom…"

"No, that's because we always have sex in your bed."

"Okay, where have you had sex, then?"

"A department store, movie theatre, taxi cab, Central Park, the Bronx zoo-"

"The zoo. You've had sex at the zoo?"


"With a person."

"Ew, Alex. Yeah, with a person."

"But never on a fire escape?"

Olivia shook her head, eyes trying to gauge the other woman's mood. Alex's expression had remained the same: her jaw set, eyes fixed unnervingly on Olivia, arms crossed defiantly. The scenario did not bode well for the completion of their appointed mission.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," she said finally, obviously deflated. "Let's just go back inside." Olivia squeezed Alex's arm, unable to muster a proper apology and turned toward the open window.

When Olivia had turned away, Alex exhaled. A sigh of relief, Olivia assumed. She knew Alex wouldn't go through with it. She'd been prepared for that. Alex was a woman who liked to control the variables. And fucking her outside on the fire escape for God and all of New York City to see was clearly outside the realm of her control. The challenge – her fantasy – had pushed the proverbial envelope.

Olivia's mind was already switching gears, moving swiftly to damage control when the blonde rushed her. Alex's body pressed hard against her back, pinning her against the building. The brick scratched her cheek. Alex's hot breath filtered through her hair, into her ear. She wasn't quite sure how the blonde had gotten the upper hand, but there she was, shirt being ripped from her jeans, a hand slithering up her stomach as another jerked her belt open with a violent need.

Olivia swallowed hard. "You don't need to do this."

And then her pants were around her knees, the arm across her hip flexing as the fingers swirled between her legs, slipping through her slickness slowly, thoroughly. Olivia gripped the railing as Alex kicked her legs further apart, pressing a thigh between them.

"You have had better, haven't you?"

Olivia was sure she'd never heard that particular inflection in Alex's voice before. Her head fell back against Alex's shoulder. As sure as she could be of anything at the moment Alex filled her with such savage force.

Alex's fingers twisted within her depths, her mouth falling softly to the nape of Olivia's neck. The contradiction of her actions – from the delicate kisses along her throat to the sharp edge of teeth scraping against her pulse, the brutish squeeze of her breast to the silky circles around her clit – culminated in the numbness of her confusion.


"It's okay," Alex sucked the spot behind her ear. "You can tell me."

"I don't-" She tried hard to focus as lithe fingers pressed her nipple between their tips. "-think that's a good idea."

"Sure it is," Alex slid down her body and sunk her teeth into the curve of her ass.

"Why do you need to know?" Olivia choked.

"I don't do above average," Alex dragged her tongue up Olivia's spine before she spoke again, hot lips against the curl of her ear: "And neither do you."

And then she was face to face with the woman who was playing her body like a concert pianist. Fingers drumming steadily between her legs, pressing all the right keys, keeping perfect tempo with her burgeoning need. Her knuckles grew white as she grappled with the railing, holding on for dear life as the wall gave way to sticky mid-summer air heavy with humidity.

Her back arched, her hips lifted, as the blonde continued to assail her senses. She was at Alex's mercy, if there was mercy to be had. Her body wavered, the railing bruising her back as she teetered on the edge of the fire escape. She was lost – disoriented – everything around her pulsed with the same intensity as the woman dangling her over the edge of that very real precipice.

The only clear thought she could muster was that at any moment she could be lifted from her feet and fall to her death and that was totally acceptable if it meant feeling what she did at that moment. She felt like chum, muddying the clear waters, just waiting to be gobbled up from below. The pull of her hips as Alex pressed on – her body flush with Olivia's – was too great to resist. The slick sounds of her arousal crackled in her ears, head bobbing back in air as thick as mud.

Her knees trembled, her body shook, and then the euphoria hit. The numb joy of shattering into a million pieces, like glass raining down on the sidewalk below as she cried out, too lost to care that she'd wake the baby in 4B or disturb the widow Tanner in 6C.

Alex reeled her in, pulling her back over the side. Spared, but suddenly empty. Her head throbbed as blood redistributed itself throughout her body. She crumpled, knees too weak to hold her weight. When she was able to open her eyes she saw Alex leaning against the building arms crossed again, a sanctimonious sneer carved into her features.

"You've never had sex at the zoo."

Olivia shook her head. "No," she croaked.

"You want to?"

The End

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