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It's Gotta Be Love
By Katherine Quinn & Adrienne Lee


I can't believe we're actually doing this. You with your hand in my pants, your warm breath teasing my neck. God, I wish I could touch you, kiss you, wrap myself around you…

Instead, I'm biting the inside of my lip, and keeping my eyes closed, and trying so hard not to scream, or even make any noises.

You're making it so difficult. The way your fingers slide all around me. The confinement of my jeans adding to the pressure and the friction…

God, Liv… I fight to take even breaths, through my nostrils, when all I really want to do, is gasp my pleasure, and voice my needs. God, I can't even do that, although I'm not sure it really matters. You know my body so well, almost a little too well. Just when I feel my body slipping into ecstasy, you ease your movements. Making slow, expanding circles that make me want you more.

I shift in my seat, forcing your hand deeper down my pants.

"Patience," you whisper, and resume your gentle teasing.

"Please?" I sigh, and rest my forehead against your shoulder. If anyone walk by, I'd still look like I'm asleep. At least I hope so.

You just chuckle, and switch from the slow circles I was growing accustomed to, that I was beginning to enjoy. I can feel the tip of your index finger lifting the hood of my clitoris and your middle finger sliding, pressing into me.

As my body goes into hyperdrive, my teeth find your shirt, and I bite down, to keep from screaming.

What are you trying to do to me?

Is this payback for earlier?

My heart races in panic as you slide all around me, as I try to stay still, to keep from jerking my hips and arching against you.

God, you're going to so get us caught.

Somehow the realization of that risk makes me hotter. Somehow you know this, too, as you choose this moment to push back inside. The subtle yet firm movements of your fingers sending shockwaves of pleasure through me.

God, I swear I can hear the obscene wet noises you're making, drawing intense circles inside me. I really hope it's just my imagination.

Meanwhile, I can only close my eyes, and pray that you won't decide to stop. God, yes, touch me, take me, I chant silently, holding my breath.

So close, I'm so close…

And I'm completely helpless, held captive by your fingers, all my nerve endings hanging onto your every move. Waiting and wishing for you to push me over. Praying that for once, you won't keep me on edge, until I'm crazy with need for you…

602 Closer

You're close, I can tell. In my mind, this is much more romantic: holding you down, running my tongue over you, but here on this plane, it can only be my hand. At least here.

I love the warmth coming from you, the wetness. The slickness that my fingers find that I know I inspire in you. I love you, I love you so much.

I smile as you push your head into my shoulder, and I can hear the forceful way you breathe, trying to keep it even, especially when I change tempo, which I do with just enough frequency to keep you guessing, keep you struggling to be in control of your body.

Your hand reaches out and clasps into my thigh, your nails digging into my skin while I continue my slow ministrations. My fingers slide inside you and you sigh sweetly, or is that just my imagination?

Small circles, bigger ones, forced to be closer and tighter because of your jeans. I wish I could let you stand up, ease you into my lap and let you lay down in front of me, letting me do this right.

Your hips are starting to grind against my hand, just slightly, just enough to let me know that you're ready for me to drive you over the edge. With another few strokes, I feel your body contracting around my fingers, and I smile even wider. I love you, I love you, and I whisper it gently in your ear.

You smile and nod slowly. Your breath catching in your throat, and you slowly release it, whispering you love me to.

"You okay?" I whisper into your ear.

"Mmmm…" you sigh back, snuggling closer into me.

I laugh and you tighten your fingers around mine. I know you must feel your wetness on them. You smile shyly, sweetly. "What brought that on?"

"I don't know…you wanted to join the club."


"Mile high?" I smile, looking around the plane.

"Oh," you smile.

"Breaking all the taboos."

"Well you didn't break it," you smile.

"Not yet." I smile back.


God, I can't believe we actually did this. Here on the plane. I never thought you would, never in a million years. Yes, the danger of getting caught was seductive, but the way you whisper your 'I love you''s...

It's thrilling to know you want me so much.

"Are you okay?" You say gently, the same way you always do.

I can hear the joy, the caring in your voice. More than okay, I would tell you, had I been capable of speech. As it is, I'm still trying to find my breath. Instead, I smile, and snuggle in closer to you, hugging your arm around my body. Somehow, the feel of my arousal on your hand is comforting, in a sexy sort of way.

I bring your other hand around me, and play with the rings on your finger. My rings. I still can't get over that. Sometimes I see you, in the squadroom, and I find myself staring at your hand, captivated by the glint of the metal and stones. More than once, I had to remind myself those are mine.

You are mine.

And I'm yours.

"So what brought that on?" I whisper, blushing, wanting some form of verbal confirmation that you want me. It's silly, I know.

You shrug. "You want to join the club? Breaking the taboos?"

"Well, you didn't break anything." I tease you with a smile.

"Not yet," you purr in my hair. I can feel your grin widening against my ear.

"Excuse me?" Did you just say 'not yet'? I swallow, hard. "What others do you plan on breaking?"

"Oh sweetheart," you chuckle, "That's for me to know and you to find out."

I turn in your arms, to look into your eyes. "Come on, Liv."

"You'll find out, sooner... or later..."

Great. You won't tell me. I can already feel my mind working and my body buzzing with excitement and anticipation. I'm falling right into your trap. Quite happily, I might add.

Just what would you consider taboo? I would have said 'everything' before, but now, now I'm not so sure, after the toybox... and especially after this...

I'm not sure I even know what a regular person would consider taboo. I can speculate, I suppose. But what's taboo to a sex crime detective?

"Excuse me, would you like a snack?" I hear a man's voice, and I look up to our steward's friendly face.

"Sure." I peel myself off of you and sit up.

He hands us each a small box. "Oh, here," he reaches into his pocket. "Welcome to the friendly sky," he whispers with a giggle, and deposits something on my tray. Before I can ask, he winks at you, then flits down the aisle.

"What's that?" You ask, while picking up one of the plastic packages.

I stare at the little pin they usually give out to little kids, and feel my cheeks turning hot. I'm going to die of sheer embarrassment...

604 Busted

I can't help but laugh as you stare blankly at the pin on your tray, the little plastic airplane wings next to your peanuts. Your face is priceless. I wish I had a camera. I would definitely put that picture on my desk so I could tell the story over and over again. This is Alex on the plane, right after she realizes she gave the steward a great show.

"Liv?" You ask questioning me, asking without saying it if I had something to do with the new trinket you've acquired.

"Don't look at me, I didn't do anything." I say, trying not to smile so wide. I know you're not going to find this anywhere near as funny as I do.

Your face turns a dark purple as a furious blush crosses your cheeks. "He knows."

"Maybe he just thinks you're cute. Trying to strike up a conversation."

"He knows."

"Maybe he thinks this is your first time in the air?"

"It was."

"No, well, I mean, yeah, I meant flying though."

"I know what you meant," You say with irritation flush in your voice.

"He's probably just trying to strike up a conversation. He thinks you're cute or something."

"And you're what? My sister?" You ask. "We're lying all over each other."

"Maybe he's into lesbians, maybe he wants to watch?" I say, my smile breaking into a laugh.

"He just did," You whine.

"Well at least he got a good show."

"Shut up."

"What? You're hot when you're…"

"Shut up," You say, this time sliding an elbow into my rib.

"Ow. It's not my fault you can't…"

"Shut up," you say again, slightly louder. Loud enough that the guy in front of us turns around to look at you making the blush all the worse.

I love it when you blush…



"Yes, Alex?"

"What happened to your jealous streak?"

"What jealous streak?"

"You had a cow with the kid at the pet shop," I remind you. "Meanwhile, you think this is funny. When he's, he's…" I can't even complete the sentence.

"Seen you?"

Yes! "Shut up."

"This is different." You smirk.

"How so?"

"The kid in the store was leering down your shirt."


"You had a blanket over you just now."

"But he saw us, Liv!"

"Maybe he didn't. Maybe he just knows."

"How? Do I…" Oh, my god, I do, don't I? Oh god.

"Do you what, sweetheart?"


"C'mon, you can tell me," you say gently, pulling me to you.

I try to break away, but your arms keep me close. "Do I look, I mean," I lean in and ask in a hushed whisper. "Do I have that look, you know, on my face?"

"What look?" You feign ignorance.


You give me an innocent smile. "C'mon, Sweetie."

"You know, that look, the, the, you know…" God, why is it so hard? I'm a frigging sex crime prosecutor, dammit. I've said more explicit things in court. "Like I've just been…"

606 Blush

"Are you referring to the fully satisfied freshly fucked look?" I ask you with feigned innocence. "The one that you have on your face right now? The one that says to me, 'God Liv, you're such an animal and I love it?"

Your face gets redder. God this is fun. "Jesus Christ Liv, what are you, a loudspeaker?"

"No, but I am the one who gave you that freshly fucked…"

"Shut up!" You demand again before I can finish the sentence.

I laugh and pick up my magazine, flipping it open. "You know, you're taking all the fun out of this." I mutter as you continue taking deep breaths to calm your nerves.

"There's no fun in this. God, do you realize that we are going to be on this plane another," you check your watch quickly and do the math, "almost three hours."


"And that guy is going to be…"

"Watching us. They probably are all talking about it too."

"That helps, thanks." You say, your hands covering your face.

"No problem," I say with a smile.

"I'm going to crawl under this blanket and die." You mumble as you pull it in front of your face and scrunch down in your seat.

"Sweetie," I say, finally taking pity on you, "It's all right. Even if he does know…and you don't even know that he does know, what was going on, it's a perfectly beautiful expression of our love for each other."

"In a terribly inappropriate place."

"It could be worse."


"I could take you at Thanksgiving on your mother's dinner table."

"Okay, that would be worse."

"See?" I say with a smile like I've solved the secrets of the universe.

You sigh and lean into me again. "You're such a bad influence," you whisper as you cuddle into me.


"Are you going to eat that?"

You chuckle, closing your magazine and picking up your peanuts. "Here. You can have it."

"Thank you!" I say happily, pressing a kiss to your cheek, while ripping open the bag. "I'm not sure why I'm suddenly famished."

"Well... We just..."

Oh, right. "Shut up."

That only makes you laugh harder. Have I told you lately how much I love your laughter?

"If you'll get off of me for a sec, I have a surprise for you."

"Yeah? What kind?"

"You'll see." You grin, and wait for me to move. Then you reach under the seat for your bag. "Here."

"You bought munchies!" I show my appreciation with another kiss. This time, you turn, and our lips touch. I flick my tongue into your mouth, as a promise for more.

"Mmm..." You moan softly.

I can feel your body responding, and slowly, I pull back. "Later," I whisper, and give you a small peck on the nose. One show was enough, thank you very much. Then I hug the bag of snacks in my hand, snuggling back against your side. "You're so nice to me."

"Just trying to take care of my girl," you say, and settle once more with your magazines.

I'm so happy, I could burst.

Ever since we exchanged rings, ever since that long night, things have been different between us. We still have our little spats now and then, but that's all they were. For the most part, we've been getting along, and not like the Cleavers. We're happy, like we were during the six weeks we spent at my mom's house. Except this time, you're sober. Soon, you'll be sober for almost a year. I'm so happy for you, and so proud of you.

I'm so happy for us.

It'll probably sound silly to you, but this trip almost feels like a honeymoon…

"So, what do you want to do after we get there?" I ask, checking my watch. We'll land in less than an hour. Another hour after that, we'd be at the hotel.


"Besides that!"

You wiggle your brows. "Me?"

Oh, you bet. "After that!"

608 In Love

You cuddle against me and take my peanuts. "Can I have these?" You ask smiling, opening them before the statement is even out of your mouth. You're so beautiful, so adorable. And I know it's not something that you let everyone see, just me. No matter what happens, this is always for me. If all it takes to make you smile is to give you my seven peanuts, well, it's worth it just to see the beautiful smile crossing over your face.

For the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm fully in love. Nothing else matters right now, but seeing you smile and listening to your laugh. Each time you smile at me, I feel more and more alive.

And it's not a phony happy, a forced happy, but a real happy. We bicker like kids, but at the end of the night, I'm holding you in my arms and loving you and you love me and I finally feel complete.

"I have better stuff," I say with a bigger smile as your eyes get wide.


"Yep," I say opening my bag to reveal all of your favorites and you squeal with delight. You reach in the bag and pull out a handful. You lean in and kiss my cheek, but I turn my head, catching your lips. They touch and fire goes off between us.

For a second, I feel your tongue slipping between my lips, the same warm heat that just passed between us passes through me again as my body sends off it's mental signal, reminding me again how only you have made me feel.

And then you pull back.

I laugh silently to myself, knowing that you'll never be part of any mile high experience again. I guess there goes my chances. And watching the flight attendant still watching us intently I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

You smile at me, and ask me what I want to do when we get there... and I want to explain, explain that I don't care what we do, what we see, because we'll be there together.

It's cheesy, it's horribly cheesy, but I can't help it.

I can't help but be happy.

Under the blanket I draw little hearts on your thigh, and you rip open tiny travel packages of cookies, pushing them into your mouth and offering me some of everything you try. Before we know it, the flight attendants are walking up and down the aisles, reminding us to put our seat backs up, and to close our trays.

We're on our way to our tropical adventure, together…


"Oh, my god." I turn and hide behind you and the field backpack. "What was that?"

"I'm not sure." You furrow your brow towards the scurrying animal. "A goat maybe?"

"A goat? On the beach?"

"And a horse, apparently." You point at the animal grazing in the shade.

"That's just so weird. I wonder what else is running around loose on this island."

You wave your arm over the stretch of pristine, empty beach. "Definitely not people."

"I wonder where the rest of the tourists go…" I ponder out loud as we resume our walk to the resort.

"Maybe they're hanging out in the indoor pool."

"That's funny, ha-ha." I shake my head, and laugh. "Maybe they're all at the local…" Bar, I was going to say. "Restaurants, or something."

"Or maybe they're all in their room, fucking." You smile your crooked smile, and wag your brow. "Which is what I'd like to do…"

Suddenly, I see us underneath the palm tree, with nothing covering us besides the deep blue sky. That would be a taboo, right? I wonder… No, don't go there, Cabot. At least not right now. I clear my throat and the vision out of my head. "Let's go check-in." I say, and pull you along by your hand.

You laugh, no doubt thinking I'm just being impatient. You have no idea…

Soon, we're only a few feet away from the entrance to the resort. You still our steps, and turn back towards the ocean. "Say, Sweetheart?"

I look at you, fighting the urge to throw my arms around your neck and kiss you. "Hmm?"

"Wouldn't it be cool if it were just the two of us on this island?"

"Yeah, but then what would we do for food?" I ask, giggling lightly. "Catch a goat and milk it?"

"You're such a hopeless romantic, Alex."

"I'm just a realist, Liv."

"I still think it'd be cool…"

"It would," I readily agree. "It would be wonderful. Just the two of us." If that's all it takes to stop your pout, and make you smile like this, I'd willingly spend my life marooned on an island with you...

610 Misunderstanding

I stare at the passing landscape with what I can only assume is a goofy grin on my face. This is going to be great, amazing. I feel your hand squeezing mine, a happy squeeze, a reassuring one. I'm happy to be here, to feel the warm air against my skin compared to the cold fall in New York.

We giggle to each other, stripping down to our t-shirts, as we watch things pass by us, slowly realizing we're getting closer and closer to some kind of civilization as small buildings start to pop up on the otherwise clear horizon. Slowly, we find our way down the row of hotels that create the entire tourist center of this small town. We pull up in front of the hotel and the car stops; you pop out and hand foreign money to the driver and grabbing me out of the car.

"Come on," you say, handing me your bag which I accept.

We walk inside together, and you smile a friendly greeting to the clerk behind the desk who looks at us and our reservation with a raised eye. It never really occurs to me until later, when we open the door to the room which contains two small twin beds instead of the king-sized one we planned on.

I watch your face fall, and then watch you turn to me desperately.

"We could push them together?" I ask, trying to let you know that I'm okay without saying it. I shrug my shoulders, determined not to make this a big deal. Determined not to let this bother me as much as it already does.

You fake a smile, "I'll fix it." You say slowly, turning on your heel.

"Alex," I call after you gently, and when you don't turn around, I call again louder.

"It's not okay, Liv." You say quickly.

"It's not…"

"No, this is supposed to be…perfect." You say, as you stalk down the hallway to the elevator.

You slam the key down on the counter and I wince, hearing the anger teetering in the tone of your voice.

The clerk tries to explain, but you cut her off. "I thought you would be more comfortable," she manages in broken English which is quickly getting worse as you hover over her, anger seething from your pores.

She looks at you, and then she looks at me, and horrified understanding crosses across her face, while she quickly sticks her head down and changes the rooms. She hands you a key, which you take and stalk back towards me. I'm still awestruck when you grab my hand and pull me back towards the elevator mumbling the whole time about equal rights and ignorant people…


"This is more like it." I open the door to the new room, equipped with a king-sized bed. The nerve of that woman. 'More comfortable'.

"Look at the view!" You yelp from the window.

I put my bag down, and join you, the incident at the front desk quickly forgotten. "Wow. I didn't realize you can see the ocean from here. Nice."

"Uh huh." You respond, looking dazed. Sometimes you're like a little kid. That's so cute. You're so cute.

"So…" I move behind you, and pull the backpack off your shoulders. My fingers quickly find the tight spots on your muscles, from the plane ride, and probably from the luggage. I don't know why you insisted on getting camping gear. Carryon-sized suitcases with wheels work just as well.

A little moan escapes your lips, and you sigh. "That feels good."

I continue on the massage a little longer, enjoying your proximity. Gently, carefully, I work down your back, to your waist. Then I reach around to unbutton your jeans. You don't protest. Pressing my fingers firmly against you, I unzip your fly, and ease the denim from your hips. The soft whoosh of fabric hits the carpet, and I move away slightly to give you room.

You step out of your jeans. Before you could turn around, I throw my weight against you, pinning you to the window.


I answer by sliding a hand up your shirt, and the other down your underwear.

"Sweetie," you protest weakly as I squeeze your nipple through the soft cotton of your bra, as I tease your wetness with my fingers.

God, I love how you react to me.

"Can we… Bed?" You gasp, while I draw your earlobe into my mouth with the tip of my tongue.

For your reply, I slip my foot between your feet, nudging your legs apart. Your body willingly cooperates while your mind's still torn.

"People? Outside?" You try again. "Watching us?"

There's no one outside; and if there were, they can only see you from the waist up. Besides, you made me give the steward a show. Now it's my turn to break some taboos…

I remove my hand from your underwear, and you sigh. In relief? Or disappointment? I wonder. Guess we'll find out. Sensually, I let my palm graze the firm cheek of your ass, stroking and caressing. This entire time, you hold your breath.

You hold your breath when the tips of my fingers skim across your center. Then you inhale a short sharp breath, your mind makes one last effort, and protests, "Alex?"

"Love you," I whisper, and slide home…

612 You

From the window, I can see the whole world. The beautiful gem like ocean and the mixing colors swirl in the sunlight. Tiny people lying on the beach, cars moving below us, while we're high above civilization. I lean into the window, staring down the building to the street below, watching the street and taking a quick check around for safety. Even on vacation, I'm staring for perps.

I feel you walk up behind me, your smell, the sound of your voice gently asking me what it is that I see that's so fascinating.

You slip my back pack off my shoulders and I vaguely hear the thud as it hits the ground. It must weigh fifty pounds. Of course, it's not all mine. You insisted on a mini-carry all, and then started packing your extras in my bag too. Not that I minded really, I knew you would, why do you think I picked the biggest bag I could find?

Your fingers knead small circles against my back, and I feel my body relaxing. I never know how tense I am until I feel your gentle massage against the sore muscles, kneading knots out of my flesh easily and quickly. It surprises me how your innocent touches cause my body respond. I can feel your body pressing into me as you reach around my stomach. Your fingers press against it, pulling gently at the button on my jeans.

I smile knowing you feel the same way I do. The warm tingling between my legs only increases as you slide your fingers there, pressing me into you and tighter against the window. Your hands slide up and down my body at the same time, warming and teasing.

And then suddenly I'm aware of pressing into the glass, the glass that all those people down there can see through.

"Bed?" I moan, and I can hear your laughter in my ear.

"No," You say, as you slide my legs wider.

Your fingers slide away, and I hear myself moan. Don't stop, I want to beg, but you don't leave me long, I feel you behind me sliding onto your knees.

And then your tongue, pressing into me, against me.

Moaning, my knees are weak.

I'm going to fall over, my body leans into the window.

You press against me, into me.

My knees are weak, my body shakes at the force of the sensations surging through me.

All the teasing, for the last few hours, the plane, the sheer arousal flashes through my head in a quick series, complimented by your warm wet tongue against my flesh.

Your name falls from my lips in relief as I let my mind forget that I'm pressed into a window and focus on you…


Have I told you how much I love the sound of my name coming from your lips? I do. I look forward to it when we get up in the morning, when I walk into the station or pick up the phone in the middle of the day. When you kiss me goodnight, when you wake me up from a bad dream, your voice soothes me, reassures me that when the sun comes up, everything will be all right.

When you gasp my name, when you come, I feel… I feel this surge of energy. It's like arguing in front of a jury who's hanging onto your every word. No, it's more like getting a guilty verdict after an hour of deliberation, and you know it only took an hour because they decided to go to lunch first.

Except this is even better. Much better.

"Alex…" You whisper, grasping my shoulders, trying to pull me up.

I open my eyes and arch my brow at you.

You gasp as I flick my tongue against your swollen flesh. Then you whimper, "Please?"

Yes, that's wicked of me, I know. "Mmm?"

"Legs… not working," you manage.

Ignoring your plea for now, I continue to make slow circles, around and around, teasing you, keeping you aroused, making you want more.

You're close, so close. Your fingers contract against my shoulders, conveying your needs and your indecision.


Oh, all right. With a loud 'pop', I let go, and sit back on my heels.

You take in a shuddering breath and snap your eyes open. "You're not…"

I smirk at your panic, and pull myself up by the windowsill. Your hips jerk involuntarily against me when I graze your skin.

"No, I'm not done with you yet," I tell you, grabbing your face, and kissing you. I mean what I said in a 'forever' kind of way, too. "Bed." I say, and watch you scramble to peel off your socks and the rest of your clothing, and tumble onto the comforter.

I watch you watch me, your eyes lidded with passion, as I slowly remove my own clothing, one agonizingly slow item at a time, touching myself along the way. As I inch closer to the bed, I watch you spread your legs further apart, and I wonder if you're even aware.

And I imagine my body sliding along yours, enveloped by your warmth and softness… and your strength, which you relinquish… to me.

And I imagine burying my tongue once more in your velvet heat, tasting you, lapping up your pleasure…

It's taking me everything to not just fall on top of you, and ravish you. To hear you scream out my name over and over again…

614 Waiting

Each button on your shirt is an agonizing moment. My clothes, discarded in seconds are scattered around, as you tease me with your slow movements. My body is alive, on fire as I lie exposed on my back waiting for you to fall on top of me. Waiting for you to ravish me and make me yours.

But you're determined to make me wait, your eyes stare at me with love, intent, and possibility. I watch you, watching me. You let your hands slide over your own body as you drop the shirt, making my heart pound a few beats faster. You tease me as you let your fingers graze against your breasts, I watch as they respond to your hands like they respond to mine. Slowly, you let them drop, licking your lips slightly as you pull at the button on your jeans, which you let hit the floor an inch at a time. I hear my own voice begging you to hurry. I watch your sly smile as you take your sweet time.

I need you to touch me, need you to love me. My own hands explore my body as you watch for a second. You smile, and gently lean into the bed, letting our tongues meld, letting our bodies touch.

Your kiss is deep, as you let our bodies safely meld together.

Your weight on me is reassuring. Loving. Safe.

Your kiss is fire, your hands explore my body, each glancing touch leaves a warm memory trail, my body is alive.

You kiss me, and whisper "I love you," into my ear, before you slide back down my body, leaving a trail of kisses.

I want you, want you to make love to me.

Want you to give me release.

Your name lingers on my lips, a chant, a promise as you gently kiss my inner thigh teasing me, caressing my delicate flesh that comes alive only for you.

Your breath is warm, and I feel each gentle kiss, as each cell comes alive screaming for your touch.

You finally coalesce, giving me what I want, you press into me, gentle flicks of your tongue, gentle caresses with your fingers. A teasing tempo that gets faster and slower, teasing me to the edge, then stopping.

My hands reach out for you, desperate. I let my fingers lace in your hair, begging you not to stop.

I love you.

I love this feeling.


Your moans are more and more audible now. Now as I kiss you breasts, toying with your nipples with my fingers, your hard, erect nipples. Your hands are in my hair, pressing me down while your body arches up, pushing your delicious flesh into my mouth.

You're hot under me, seemingly getting hotter as I trail kisses up and down and across your chest. Soon, I feel the pounding of your heart, I scent the warm aroma from your skin. Maybe it's a combination of you and the perfume you wear. Sweet, and comforting. Almost like fresh pastries, straight out of the oven. Golden, and perfectly edible.

I skip from your chest to your throat, nibbling on the sensitive spot where your neck meets your shoulder, keeping you guessing, wanting.

I feel your breasts pressing against me, your heart beating into mine. "I love you," I murmur next to your lips. God, I love you.

I touch your tongue with mine, slowly at first, then deeper. Vaguely, I'm aware of my teeth against your skin. I'm going to bruise you, mark you, and I don't have to worry about our colleagues teasing either one of us the next day. I increase the urgency and depth of my kisses, wondering if I can make you come just by kissing you…

"Please." You finally pull away, gasping. "Alex."

Guess you're not going to let me find out, at least not right now. Oh well, we have time. I smile when our eyes meet. Yours sparkle your need, your lust, your love…

There's also something else in that mix in… Worry? Are you worry that I'm going to leave you hanging? Or leave you, period?

"I love you," I whisper again.

"You, too." You whimper, "Please, Alex?"

The great Det. Benson, reduced to a whimpering puddle. I wonder if you know what that does to me. Taking your hands in mine, I bring your arms over your head. "Keep'em there," I half order, half request.

Please, Alex, you ask again with your eyes, while I settle my body between your legs.

Without another word, I take your engorged nipple in my mouth, and slide my tongue over you, sucking on it greedily. I feel your body tensing against mine, and I press my fingers to your center, helping and distracting you at the same time.

Almost immediately, you begin to writhe under me, your body quivering. I vary my touch, and your whimpers grow more keening, more urgent. To your credit, your hands are still above your head. When I would ease my caresses, your hips jerk towards me, as if reaching for me, to welcome me inside.

You beg for me to come inside with your voice, with my name on your lips.

Do you feel my smile against your skin while I continue to lavish attention on your breasts? I know what you want, now, this moment…

I'm determined to make this moment last.

You moan loudly as I dance my tongue, my fingers, across your delightful, beautiful body...

616 Hot

My hands don't want to stay over my head. They want to touch you, want to press you into me, want to make you stop teasing me and force you to finish what you've started. I lock them behind my head, giving me enough leverage to watch you. My eyes flutter closed as I focus on the sensation, but open again to garner the full effect of watching you work gently on my pleasure.

Your kisses are gentle, caring, caressing. Warm and caring, you take your time. Your sensual teasing combined with intense quick flicks across my warm and pounding center.

My moan fills my ears, the room echoes with the sounds emanating from my lips.

You still tease me, merciless, your ice blue eyes staring at me, reflecting the beautiful blue swirls of the ocean outside our window, as you continue your ministrations. Gentle kisses, small circles, light flicks of your tongue that cause my back to arch hard and my breath to come quicker.

You play my body like an instrument, a violin that only you can get to make the sensuous sounds that come from my mouth. Your touches cause the moans, your touches cause the feelings. The warm pounding that takes my breath and makes my heart pound hard in my chest.

I let my hands slide down, and you stop, smiling up at me and issuing me a warning with yours eyes. A warning I heed quickly, forcing my hands back over my head, afraid to let you stop.

Even after a year, our lovemaking remains this intense. Our attraction didn't die out, hasn't died out. Our problems make us stronger, happier. More in love, not less.

You take pity on me, fingers slide inside my body creating a familiar loving careful rhythm. Your tongue plays out a tempo you know will send me crashing over the edge of orgasm.

I hold my breath as I feel the contractions starting, a wave of pleasure ripples through my body as you continue your pressure, the tempo.

My breath comes in gasps, your name escapes one last time as I collapse into the bed, beaded with sweat and suddenly exhausted.

You stay where you are, letting me breathe a quick recovery, as you assault me again.

The second time takes far less than the first as I'm snatched again to the edge of ecstasy, I whimper your name, as I gasp for air.

You slide up my body, kissing me, letting me taste myself on your lips. I stare into your eyes and wonder if you can see the love reflected in mine…


Your lips are so very, very kissable. I kiss you gently, letting you taste yourself in my mouth, on my tongue. Gentle, tender, is the way we touch, the way we press our lips, our bodies together. I never really understood the concept of afterglow until you, until I see the soft light that dances off your deep brown eyes onto your golden skin.

"I love you," I whisper, my head pillowed against your heart, listening to your breathing return to normal. "Happy vacation to us."

You chuckle, a soft rumble next to my ear, beautiful music to my soul. Your happiness makes me smile.

God, I have it bad for you, don't I?

You know what though? I hope this feeling never changes.

"So…" I sigh contentedly, and wrap my body tighter around yours, luxuriating in your warmth. "What time is it?"

You chuckle again, and crane your neck to look behind you. "Almost dinner time," you say, then add with a teasing smile, "You could've just lifted your head."

"Ah, yes, and give up my pillow?" I speak into your breast, while my index finger trace lazy circles around your nipple.

You capture my hand, and press it to your lips. "Breather."

"You're no fun."

"Oh, well. Too bad, so sad." You grin. "But you're stuck with me though."

"So what would you like to do for dinner?"

"I don't know. What would you like to do?"

"You want to wander a little bit, and see what we can find?" I suggest, now tracing circles around your navel. "Or do you just want to order in."

"Why don't we wait and see how you feel after…" you trail off.

"After what?" I ask automatically, before my mind fully registers your statement, and its implications. I yelp in surprise when you shift our bodies. Before I can protest, not that I'd really want to, I find myself laying on my stomach, trapped between your hot, luscious body and the mattress.

"After dessert," you hiss into my ear, your voice full of danger, and want.

I can feel my heart thudding into my throat, your breasts pressing into my back, your hands snaking around to cup my flesh.

"Well?" You ask, just for the heck of it, I'm sure.

Nevertheless, I whimper…

618 Massage

I flip you quickly onto your back. "Stay," I hiss as I sit up and reach for my bag.

"What do you?" You ask, pushing off the bed gently, looking at me questioningly.

"Stay," I warn again, giving you a devious smile. Quickly, opening the bag and pulling out the tiny bottle of massage oil that I slipped into my suitcase before we left, I jump back onto the bed and straddle your legs..

You work so hard, your muscles are always tense, especially in your neck. It's rare that you let me take care of you, let me spend time relaxing those muscles. But right now, with nothing you have to do, you let me love you, let me take care of your tightened muscles.

I open the bottle and let the cold oil drip onto your back, the warm smell of rosemary filling the air. I smile as it runs in tiny trails down your creamy white back.

"Mmm..what's that?" You mumble.

"Oil," Is all I respond to you, as I slide my fingers gently over your back, pushing at your muscles, spreading the warming oil over your shoulders.

"I know that," you sigh.

"It's supposed to relax you," I smile, as I lean into your small frame with the palms of my hands. "Is it working?"

You moan approval and I smile, as I straddle your back and making loving circles on the muscles of your shoulder.

"That feels so good," you moan, and I smile. It feels good for me too, I want to say, but I continue my circles, pushing at the knots and letting you relax.

I slide down your body to the backs of your thighs, continuing the warm circles. Your moans continue—and I wonder if I'm imagining the arousal in your voice. Carefully I let my hands brush against your inner thighs.

"Flip over," I whisper into your ear, and you do, willingly.

I pour more of the oil into my hands and rub them together, warming the oil carefully before sliding my hands over your breasts…your face is priceless.

"Liv," you moan.

"Yeah Alex?" I ask with a smile.

"Make love to me," you whisper quietly…

619 LOVE

For a moment there, I thought it was an ambush, the way you pressed your weight down on me. I thought you were going to ravish me until I scream your name, and beg you to stop. Instead, you turn me over like I'm a little rag doll, kiss me, tell me to stay, and scramble off the bed.

I see you bend down, and I hear your luggage zip open, and I wonder what you're doing. Are you going to tie me up with socks or something?

You come back with a small bottle in your hand, and you roll me over again, quickly, straddling my legs. I was about to ask when I feel droplets of moisture dripping down my skin. Then I feel your large hands on my back. Your firm but gentle and loving hand kneading my muscles, pushing away the tension I carry around me all day, every day.

And I sigh, and relax into your careful ministrations.

And I remember the many spats we've had about my massages. When we get home, we're often both tired, and there are other ways I'd much rather spend in bed with you. Equally therapeutic ways.

Sometimes, once in a great while, I give in to you, without protest, like I'm doing now. You seem to derive pleasure from it, from taking care of me. It's a strange dynamic, now that I have time to think about it. Why do we fight about you wanting to take care of me, to pamper me?

It's also interesting that you're the first person besides my mom, who's ever insisted on taking care of me, and making sure I take care of myself.

Is this what love is about?

"It feels good," I moan into the pillow. I swear I can hear your responding smile. This isn't so bad, letting someone care for me. It's not like I'm really giving up my independence. Besides, we're a unit, and you let me, you…

And your smile's worth it… Maybe I won't fight you so hard in the future…

Your hands drifting down my torso interrupt my thoughts. An involuntary moan escapes my lips as you smooth over my buttocks, then stroke along the insides of my thighs.

Slowly, you glide up my body, pressing the swell of your curves sensually along my back. Then I feel your warm breath against my neck, I hear your whisper in my ear, "Turn over."

I do so willingly, turning around, and meeting your eyes. Dark with love, and passion.

I hold my breath while your rub your hands together, while you rake your gaze over my body, my lips, my eyes, then settling on my breasts. I feel my body tensing in attention. Those little movements fail to escape you, and I see a smirk growing on your face. And I blush.

Why do you have the power to make me feel so naked? So vulnerably naked?

Your hands slide across my chest. I arch, pushing myself into your palms, and I moan. "Liv?"

"Yes, Alex?"

"Make love to me?" I plead, my voice now a strangled whisper.

"Thought you'd never ask," you smile, now massaging the points of my breasts, your touch somehow both therapeutic and arousing.

"Didn't realize I had to," I smart back, looking up at you, my eyes no doubt betraying my need. My need to feel your body, your hands, your mouth on me, reminding me, claiming me yours…

620 Sleepy

Slowly, I work my way down your body, slowly teasing you, slowly giving in to what your body wants from me, what I know it needs. In a warm rush, I feel your body contract around me, your orgasm silent, as you hold my head into you, pressed against you.

Your body collapses back onto the pillow, with deep gasps. I slowly kiss my way back up your body, savoring the taste of your skin, admiring it's creamy white beauty. We share a gentle kiss as we wrap ourselves together, twisting our legs together, pulling each other into a warm embrace.

I kiss you gently, "I love you," I murmur.

"Me too," you sigh, the smile grows on your face.

I push hair away from your face and smile at you, kissing your forehead, the tip of your nose, the curve of your neck. I kiss you on the lips, gently.

"Mmm.." You smile, and close your eyes.

"Sleepy?" I ask gently.

"Uh huh." You say, pulling into me closer.

"But we just got here," I say, smiling at you, knowing that there's no way I'm getting you to go anywhere until you've had a nap.


"But Alex," I protest.

"Just hold me," you whisper, and I happily comply.

You sigh a sigh of contentment, happiness as you snuggle up next to me, into me, pressing closer so that our bodies meld. Your head gets heavy on my shoulder as I hear your breathing change tempo, slowing, gentle, as you slip into sleep.

I turn onto my back, and stare at the ceiling. Sex makes you sleepy, but it makes me feel alive. I love holding you like this, holding you while you sleep, while we're pressed together.

I have time, time now to think, time to relax, while I wait for you to wake up, wait for you to come back to life.

I wonder what people do here, on this island. What we'll do, besides lie together in this bed and stare at this ceiling. Not that I'm complaining…

Part 621

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