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Vixen III: Femme Fatale
By VivalaB


Alex knelt at the edge of the bed, securing the clasp around Olivia's waist as she stood in front of her, hands boldly on her hips.

"Why are you standing like that?"Alex asked, smiling up at her lover.

Olivia pushed her hips forward in response, causing Alex to move her head back, lest she risk losing an eye. She moved a hand and swatted a firm buttock playfully.

"Play nice," Alex warned as she removed the control from the resting pouch at the back of the soft harness.

Olivia grinned, "Or what?" she asked.

Alex waggled her eyebrows and pressed the button.

Olivia gasped aloud and clenched her thighs together as she pushed her hips forward in surprise.

Alex held up the slim black remote and grinned, "I warned you," she said smiling dangerously.

Olivia looked at the thin wire connected to the purple vibrating, strap-on dildo and rotated her hips as the clit bumper did exactly what it said on the box. She instinctively reached a hand down and accidently nudged the large toy, sending a deeper vibration through her throbbing nub.

Alex licked her lips, she knew how good that clit bumper felt and reached a hand out and pulled Olivia closer, "It's good isn't it?" she purred, massaging the firm ass cheeks under her hands.

Olivia nodded as her face flushed with arousal, "How d'you know?" she asked teasingly, holding onto Alex's shoulders for support.

Alex smiled up at her, a feral look in her eyes, "Had to make sure you wouldn't be disappointed," she breathed out, fascinated by the movement of Olivia's hips.

Olivia moaned as she felt her centre rubbing against the padded harness in a deliciously tortuous fashion, "I can't wait to be inside you," she breathed out as the 8 inch plastic cock thrust forward.

Alex licked her lips and reached beneath the harness, gathering Olivia's wetness.

Olivia looked down and watched as Alex coated the toy with her juices and worked it with her hand, "Oh fuck," she panted as the clit bumper pushed then pulled away from her pulsing bundle of nerves.

Alex couldn't believe how erotic the sight of her girlfriend wearing a thick purple cock could be, until now.

Olivia's breathing grew shallow, she closed her eyes as she lifted a hand from Alex's shoulder and trailed it over her own taut stomach. She cupped a full, firm breast and pinched the hardened nipple roughly, thrusting her hips to increase the vibrating contact.

Her eyes flew open as Alex moaned.

She looked down and nearly passed out as Alex licked the wetness from the head then wrapped her lips around the thick dildo, sucking the length into her mouth.

"Fuck…oh my God…" Olivia groaned. She'd never worn a strap-on before, never even considered the idea of a woman giving her a blow job erotic either, unless that woman was Alex Cabot. She felt Alex sucking the dildo deep into her mouth before pushing it back against her throbbing clit. The whole experience was entirely new, yet, overwhelmingly arousing.

Alex moaned at the taste of Olivia's wetness smeared across the plastic cock, she couldn't wait to feel Olivia inside her, pushing deeply into her swollen sex and sharing in her pleasure. She released the toy from her mouth and rose up on the bed to meet Olivia's eyes, "That's the first time I've ever done that, was it any good?" she asked, licking her lips shamelessly.

Olivia lowered her head and gabbed Alex's shoulders, pulling her forward, mashing their mouths together in a desperate clash of teeth and tongues. The dildo standing proudly between them. Olivia felt her sex squeeze and hot juices slick down her thighs.

She tore her mouth away, "I'm not going to last," she panted out desperately.

Alex pressed the button and the vibrating ceased. The thrusting hips did not. She moved off the bed and stood in front of Olivia, enjoying the 2 inch height advantage immensely as the dildo bumped along her sex. She gasped as Olivia brought her closer and slipped the controller back into the pouch as Olivia crushed their bodies together. She gasped again as she rubbed her sex along the dildo as Olivia gripped her by the ass.

"I want to fuck you," Olivia whispered hotly, delighting in the sharp intake of breath Alex took as she slicked herself along the underside off the thick, purple cock.

Alex slid a hand between their bodies and grasped the dildo firmly, looking into Olivia's eyes as she held the tip against her swollen outer lips. She curled her free hand around Olivia's neck and pulled her mouth closer, "Please," she breathed out, the command barely audible.

Olivia closed the distance between them and kissed her fiercely, pouring all her love and passion into the motion. She felt the tip of the cock nudging against Alex's swollen lips and groaned into her lover's mouth. She opened her eyes as she deepened the kiss and caught their reflection in the full length mirror across the room, next to the closet. She felt her centre open and more hot wetness soak into the harness. Her eyes remained riveted on the scene in the mirror as Alex's gloriously naked backside thrust against her creating a vision of unparalleled hedonism.

Olivia tore her mouth away and turned Alex round.

Alex felt her body heave with excitement. Olivia spun her, pulling the nubile form back against her and caressing her lower belly with one hand. Olivia's hardened nipples rubbed across Alex's smooth back as the dildo nudged insistently between her ass cheeks. She closed her eyes as Olivia smoothed her hair away from her face.

"Look…" Olivia instructed, pointing at their reflected images in the mirror, "…Look how beautiful you are," she said, moving her lips to Alex's neck as she reached her other hand round to massage a high, perky breast.

Alex stared at the mirror, reaching behind her with one hand to hold Olivia's head to her neck as she placed her other over Olivia's on her belly and guided her lower. She trailed Olivia's hand down the small patch of neatly trimmed blonde hair and over the throbbing nub of nerves, pressing her fingers against her swollen, heated sex and panting heavily at the contact. She looked at their joined hands in the mirror and felt her sex clench in anticipation, "Look how beautiful we are," she said, amending Olivia's observation.

Olivia lifted her head and watched in the mirror as Alex opened her mouth and licked her lips before biting the lower one. Olivia swallowed as she pushed two fingers against the oozing opening and felt Alex's centre clench, trying to pull them inside. Olivia moved her hand from the breast and reached between their bodies, maneuvering the shaft between Alex's thighs. She felt Alex push against her as she slid her sopping sex along its length. Olivia reached behind her to the pouch on the harness and felt for the button on the controller, she pressed it and felt the vibration instantly reverberate along the thick dildo, she gasped as the clit bumper burst into life and nudged her swollen bundle of nerves teasingly.

Alex moaned loudly and closed her eyes. She stroked her sex along the cock, coating it with her abundant wetness. She felt her balance waiver and gripped Olivia's neck with her hand as she shifted Olivia's fingers to her pulsing clit.

Olivia wanted to fuck her, wanted to be buried deep inside her, needing to hear her scream in ecstasy. She pulled back, watching Alex's reaction in the mirror.

She smiled at her beautiful lover's flushed features and heaving chest. She nudged Alex's legs apart and placed a hand on her lower back, easing her forward, "Is this what you want?" she panted, looking into her shining blue eyes.

Alex placed her hands on the bed and lifted her ass invitingly, "You know it is," she breathed out, panting as she held Olivia's heated gaze in the mirror.

Olivia's breathing was harsh as she cast her eyes to the swaying breasts in the mirror as Alex leaned forward, her need painted clearly on her thighs. Olivia looked at the wetness and reached a hand down, she rubbed Alex's juices into the blonde's heated sex, watching intensely as Alex's mouth opened and closed rapidly as she fought to control her breathing. Olivia positioned two fingers at her entrance, "Look at me," she said quietly and waited for blue eyes to open.

As soon as Alex opened her eyes, Olivia thrust her fingers deep into her heated core, pushing them in as far as the webbing on her hand would allow.

Alex groaned loudly and dipped her head, blonde hair hanging loosely.

"I love you," Olivia panted as she finger fucked Alex purposefully.

Alex could only whimper her response as her hands gripped the comforter on the bed tightly.

Olivia removed her fingers and smiled as Alex groaned her displeasure, she rubbed the blonde's wetness over the thick, vibrating strap-on before adjusting her stance. The clit bumper was driving her wild, but she was determined to give Alex the fucking she deserved. She bent forward and placed a hand on a slim hip as she moved the head of the cock to Alex's dripping entrance. She teased her with it, watching Alex's face in the mirror contort with unbridled pleasure.

Olivia gripped the dildo with one hand and guided it into the clenching hole.

Alex groaned loudly, spreading her legs a little wider to accommodate the shaft. She felt Olivia pushing into her slowly and holding on to her hip for support. Her breathing was coming fast and furious as she felt herself being filled by the vibrating toy. It felt so big inside her and she could feel the head poking at her inner spongy walls. She whimpered again and opened her eyes. Olivia was gripping her hips with both hands and slowly pumping her hips, her mouth was hanging open as her breathing grew erratic. Olivia met her eyes and smiled before sucking in a ragged breath.

Olivia pushed slowly inside, then slowly out. The sensation was incredible as the vibrations tickled her clit and Alex's core simultaneously. Alex's opening gushed hot wetness onto the purple cock before sliding down and soaking Olivia's sex. She thrust the shaft in again, her entry smoother as Alex's walls slicked with want, welcomed the stimulating invasion.

"Harder," Alex panted, trying to keep her eyes focused on her lover.

Olivia nearly came at the words alone as she began to work the toy in and out, the cautious, exploratory, steady strokes soon replaced by long, deep, faster ones as Olivia's hips slapped against Alex's ass, grinding into her.

Alex was lost in a haze of erotic need and felt the dildo filling her, the thick, vibrating shaft stimulating her to climax. She looked at her own reflection, her breasts swinging with every thrust and her clenching fists, curling deeper into the comforter. Olivia's eyes were closed, her hands holding Alex firmly in place as she pounded into her, 'God, I love this woman,' Alex thought.

Olivia could feel her orgasm coming and pumped her hips faster, hearing Alex's breathing hitch as she thrust back on to the plastic cock. She released one hand and reached around to Alex's clit, stroking the throbbing bundle urgently.

"Oh Liv…yes…yes…oh fuck…" Alex growled out, thrusting and panting wildly. Her core opened and hot juices flowed like lava down the shaft, soaking them both and gluing them together. She felt her clit pulse and pushed herself onto the shaft and Olivia's fingers, screaming her lover's name as she released her mind blowing orgasm.

The exquisite sounds of her lover climaxing were Olivia's undoing as the continual pushing and pulling of the clit bumper pushed her over the edge. She groaned wantonly as she ground her hips into Alex, milking her orgasm and riding the blonde until another sharp orgasm washed over her.

Alex continued to pump the vibrating shaft as she felt her arms shaking and threaten to give way.

Olivia reached for her shoulders and carefully pulled her upright, the strap-on still buried inside her. She wrapped her arms around Alex and rested her head against her neck, trying to calm her breathing.

Alex panted, aftershocks still coursing through her and eased forward, releasing her grip on the plastic cock. She turned to face Olivia and wrapped her arms around her, kissing her reverently.

Olivia groaned into the kiss and Alex sensed something was wrong, she pulled back and searched the darkened orbs, "You okay?" she whispered, her heart still pumping furiously.

Olivia reached feebly behind her for the remote and pressed the button, stopping the vibrations against her overly sensitive clit. She smiled, "I am now," she said, breathing out slowly as her body calmed down from the incredible orgasmic high.

Alex kissed her tenderly, "Did you like that?" she asked, unable to mask her own enjoyment.

"You have to ask?" Olivia teased, rubbing her hands in slow circles across the smooth back.

Alex grinned and kissed her again as she reached behind Olivia and unbuckled the clasp.

Olivia broke the kiss as the clasp was released, arching her brows in question.

Alex grinned wickedly, "My turn," she whispered.

The End

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