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Just Friends
By morningafter

Between the dinner dates, the hushed conversations over the phone, and the sexual tension that was clearly present whenever they were together, even the most clueless human being alive could tell that something was going on between Detective Olivia Benson and ADA Alex Cabot. So of course the good detectives of the Special Victims Unit had their suspicions.

Both women, however were either wonderful liars or unbelievably deep in denial. Whenever someone questioned their antics, the answer was always the same: "We're just friends."

After a hard case, when the press hounded Alex, Olivia would place a hand on her back and lead her away from the crowd. Alex would smile and nod her thanks, warming the detective's heart in the process. And when Alex walked closer to her than necessary, explaining that the weather was too cold, Olivia would smile and agree, though with anyone else she would have been uncomfortable with the lack of personal space. But they were just friends.

Olivia rushed through her paperwork at the end of the day in order to be ready for dinner with Alex, and she knew her partner would be going through it later, making sure it was done properly. And she knew that at least half of it wouldn't be. She also knew that she didn't care, as long as she could be out the door in time. But they were just friends.

As they sat on Alex's couch that evening, the ADA's head resting on Olivia's shoulder, neither woman payed much attention to the movie playing on the television in front of them. The line between friends and lovers was slowly blurring, and neither woman noticed, both just glad for the company.

When she felt Alex's lips on her own, however, Olivia noticed. She noticed the line becoming more blurry by the second, and wondered which side they stood on. Soon, though, instinct took over and she returned the kiss.

But that night, as Olivia held Alex's body to hers, the ADA preferring the detective's body to the infintely more comfortable pillows of her bed, there was no doubt in either woman's mind that they had crossed the line.

They were no longer "just friends".

The End

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