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An ADA Funeral
By Tab5109


Detective Olivia Benson took a deep breath before exiting her vehicle. She grabbed her uniform cap and slowly got out of the car.

She had worn her uniform out of respect, the tell tale black mourning band covered her gold shield. Placing the cap on her head she shivered slightly from the biting wind. She should have worn an overcoat.

She hated funerals.

The service had just begun as she took her place in the third row of the already lined up officers. It was funny how cops, even if they did not know each other tended to group together.

She shivered again.

From her place behind two of the burliest officers she'd ever seen she scanned the crowd but could not find who she was looking for.

Olivia hoped that perhaps the one she was looking for was not there. Perhaps the information was false, that's why she hadn't gotten a call.

In Olivia's mind-that was the only explanation.

There was no other way that Alexandra Cabot would have come home without letting her know.

The service was relatively short, and the mourners cleared out quickly.

Detective Benson however remained frozen in place. She saw her.

Alex Cabot looked as beautiful as ever, wind blowing her blonde hair that looked just as she remembered it. She was alive and okay.

Relief at that fact turned to anger in an instant.

Alex was talking to a group of people. They hugged and consoled each other.

Funny; Olivia never received such consolation.

Olivia sniffed slightly. She rubbed her hand across her throat, her fingers lightly brushing the matching pendant she and Alex possessed.

Olivia closed her eyes and a tear slipped out. A passerby squeezed her shoulder in comfort. The small gesture made her feel worse. Her sorrow was not over the loss of one ADA…it was over the loss of another.

She wiped the moisture off of her face with her white gloved hand and took a shuddering breath.

She couldn't do this.

She took one last look at Alex Cabot and turned away to face the long walk back to her car.

She sent a silent prayer to whoever might be listening. She was thankful Alex was alive and unhurt…and she hoped that she was happy.

Olivia got into her car and started the engine. Unfortunately she was blocked in. She placed her hand on her forehead and sighed. She wasn't surprised at her luck.

Olivia closed her eyes briefly and remembered happier times.

Her eyes jolted open as she felt the distinct jerk of another vehicle striking her car from behind.

"Damn it!" She yelled to no one in particular.

Olivia jerked the car door open fully prepared to unleash the anger and frustration of the day on the poor mope who hit her car.

"Did you not see me!?" she yelled out loud as she turned to face the driver.

She met a familiar set of blue eyes.

"Olivia?" Alex said in confusion. The detective looked more beautiful than she'd ever seen her. The longer hair pulled back slightly accented her features and the uniform was a compliment to the figure she worked so hard on maintaining. The sight made her mouth water and become dry all at the same time.

Olivia couldn't speak.

Alex approached the detective cautiously.

"Why didn't you…?" Alex began.

"Why didn't you?" Olivia said with a little more force. If anyone deserved her anger it was the blonde in front of her. "How could you not tell me? After everything?"

"I-I didn't know how."

Olivia looked down at the ground.

Alex reached out and touched the uniform covered forearm.

"I'm sorry." She said quietly.

Alex noticed the small crowd of her new protégés watching the reunion in confusion.

Olivia looked up and Alex saw the depth of pain in her eyes. She saw something she never once before noted in Olivia's eyes; defeat.

Alex knew that this was neither the time nor the place to do this. She spoke with her most commanding of courtroom voices.

"I'm not done with you yet Detective."

The defeat slowly faded from Olivia's eyes and was replaced by hope.

"When?" Olivia asked.

"I'll be at your place by 8. I promise."

Olivia gave a small grin. To Alex it was the most beautiful thing she'd seen in 3 years.

"I'll be there." Olivia said.

Alex squeezed Olivia's forearm.

Olivia stepped forward and hugged Alex.

It was the welcome home she was looking for. It was the welcome home she needed.

"I missed you." Alex said into the shoulder of Olivia's police coat.

"Me too." Olivia responded.

They broke apart reluctantly at the sound of someone's throat being cleared.

Olivia looked over Alex's shoulder.

"They yours?"

Alex nodded…slightly embarrassed.

"I'll see you tonight Olivia." Alex said softly.

Olivia nodded.

As Alex turned, Olivia called out to her.

"I never thought the place you'd be resurrected would be at another ADA's funeral."

Alex stopped in her track but remained facing away from the detective.

"Unfortunately neither did I." she responded.

Both the Detective and ADA got into their respective vehicles and drove away from another ADA funeral.

The End

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