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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Third prequel series to the Lemon Seed Orange Tree series. This is the third of seven stories…
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Falling For You
By Adrienne Lee


As agreed, for their third weekend together, the ADA got to plan. Everything had gone well so far, at least Olivia thought so. She picked up Alex at her apartment. They stopped for a cup of quick coffee, and walked to the Met. There they spent the morning checking out the latest special exhibition. She found out it was something the blonde did religiously, and invited herself to future trips. Score another for Benson's attempt to insinuate herself into Alex's life.

For Alex, she was surprised at the depth of Olivia's knowledge in art. She was equally surprised that the brunette would want to accompany her on all her future visits. She couldn't possibly mean 'all' of them, could she? That could be a long commitment… Nah, you're being too literal, Cabot, she reminded herself and focused on the present.

Presently, they were getting ready to return the boat they rented. The entire morning, Olivia had been a picture of perfect chivalry, starting from the moment Alex walked down the steps of her apartment. The brunette took over carrying their lunch -- cold sandwiches that the blonde had prepared. She bought their coffees, paid for their admission to the museum and the boat rental, and held the doors open for Alex. If the blonde had any prior doubts about Olivia's concept of perceived roles in their relationship, she now had none.

There was something old-fashioned about the detective that she didn't expect, and she found it charming, and utterly desirable. She definitely wasn't going to complain about Olivia managing the oars. That left her free to watch the smooth movements of brunette's shoulders and arm muscles. The way she paddled, it was almost lyrical.

Their time on the boat was sadly coming to an end. "What do you want to do next?" Alex asked. "Because, to be honest with you, this is all I have planned."

"Oh. I suppose, we can call it an early day, if you want. If you're busy…"

It was obvious that Olivia was disappointed. So, Alex provided in a hurry, "That's not what I meant, Liv. I thought, well, I was originally going to suggest a movie, but it's too beautiful a day to spend in the dark. I made dinner reservations for us, so we just have to find something to do for the next five hours."

"In that case." The brunette was grinning again. "Whatever you want to do! I'm easy."

So I heard. Alex shook her head. Whoa! Don't go there, Cabot.

"Something wrong?"

"Oh, no. I thought I felt a bug landing on my face. I hate bugs." The blonde recovered quickly. That didn't sound too lame, did it?

"I see."

"Are you laughing at me?"


"Then what's so funny, Benson?"

"You prosecute violent creeps everyday, yet you're afraid of little creepy crawlies."

"So? I hate bugs. Sue me."

"No, that's okay. I'll lose my pants."

WHOA! Changing the topic quickly, Alex asked, "So, what do you want to do?"

"Anything, anything you want to do."

You don't want me to answer that truthfully. She decided, "Why don't we get out of the boat, go find a bench, and…"

Olivia jumped in, "People watch?"

"Sure, if that's what you want to do. And we can talk."

"As long as it's not about work."

"You've got yourself a deal, Detective."

"Very funny, Alex," Olivia muttered as she climbed out of the boat. "Here, let me give you a hand," she offered, extending her arm.

The next series of movements occurred so quickly, neither woman could explain what exactly happened. Alex suspected she was the cause either directly or indirectly. Meanwhile, the brunette was sure it was her own doing. Either way the result was the same – Olivia landed in the water.

"Oh my god!" Alex fought her laughter and looked to the attendant for help.

"Are you okay?" The man asked. "Can you get out by yourself?"

"Yes!" Olivia snapped.

He tried again to be helpful, "It can be slippery, with the algae and all."

"I can manage. Thank you," she dismissed the man, and scrambled up, only succeeding in slipping again and landing hard once more, sending a plume of lagoon water all over herself.

"Liv! Are you sure you don't need…"

"I'm fine, Alex." She said, wondering if she could dive into the water, and just stay there. Under any other circumstance, it might be hysterically funny, but now she was cold, soaked to the skin, and embarrassed as hell. With her luck, she'd find herself on a candid tv special, "What happens when New York's Finest tries to impress a girl."

The blonde stifled a giggle when the detective finally stood before her. "Are you all right? Olivia?"

"I'm fine," she repeated.

"We need to get you into some dry clothes, you're shivering!" Alex peeled off her own sweater and draped it around Olivia's shoulders.

Great, just great, like my ego needs any more battering. Olivia thought, as she hung onto the blue argyle. Still it was kinda sweet.

"Do you want to sit here, while I go get you a souvenir tee-shirt?"

"Forget it, Alex. If I'm going to be wet, I might as well go all the way."

The blonde paused. No, she didn't mean that. I'm sure she's not in the mood for her little word games, she decided. "Look, I'm not that far from here, why don't I run home and get something for you to change into. I'm sure I have something you can wear."

"And what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Wait in a public bathroom? Or just sit here and get gawked at? I don't think so." Petulantly, Olivia turned down her friend's offer.

"All right… How about Plan C?"

"Which is?"

"We'll grab a cab back to my place. You can clean up while I put your things in the washer. What do you say?" She tried to soothe the brunette's ruffled feathers.

No cab driver in their right minds would allow Olivia into their cab, the two women discovered quickly. Alex was sure they could be bribed, but the brunette was adamant against the idea. Principal, she claimed.

"Let's just forget it, and walk," Olivia announced crossly. "It isn't that far," she said and sped down the sidewalk. Every step she took, her shoes made a loud squelching noise, adding to her indignity.

Why me? Why do shit like this keep happening? The brunette thought angrily to herself. How do I let these things happen? All she did was touch me, just one little touch. She couldn't believe she was actually walking down the middle of the street, soaking wet. God, I need to get laid. Whatever possessed me to promise myself I wouldn't sleep with anyone but her?

At that moment, Alex caught up with the detective. "Did you say something?"

"Nothing. Never mind." She hoped and prayed that the blonde would just let it drop. How could she be so stupid, to have said that aloud. Was she losing her mind? Or was her hypersensitive body just making her clumsy?

Finally, they made it to Alex's condo. Outside the apartment door, Olivia hesitated. "I'm wet."

Ahem. What's with you today, Cabot? Suddenly you're full of cheesy thoughts, she chided herself and cleared her throat. "I have wood floors, they'll dry. Just wait for me in the bathroom, I'll see what I can find for you to wear."

While rifling through her closet, she imagined how different items of clothing she owned might fit the brunette, and what color might looked best on her. Finally, she just grabbed a plain black baby-tee and a pair of yoga pants.

These should hug nicely… Yep. Happy with her decision, Alex went to the bathroom, and knocked. Without waiting for a reply, she opened the door. "Wow." Her jaw dropped.

Olivia had just pulled off her sweater. She looked up, standing in her jeans and tee-shirt. A very, very wet white tee-shirt that clung to her like a second skin.

"Wow..." Alex exclaimed again, staring through the shirt to the white unlined-bra.

"What?" The brunette asked, embarrassed again. Still, the flush on Alex's face was encouraging. "Do I have seaweed hanging from my boobs?"

"You're just um...well... No."

"Yes, Alex?" She smirked.

"I've always thought you, uh, you know?"

The more flustered and tongue-tied the blonde got, the bolder Olivia became. "Had help?"

Alex just nodded, still gawking.

"Nope. All me."

"Really? I mean, yes, I can see. You're so, uh..."


"Sure. Yeah. Here. Here's something for you to wear." Alex all but threw the clothes at Olivia, and backed out of the bathroom. "Sorry!" She exclaimed before closing the door, missing the string of amused chuckles.

With her back against the wall, the blonde buried her face in her hands. How could you? She chastised herself. Can you be any more obvious? Staring and drooling like you've never seen a woman's bust before? God, Cabot, how are you ever going to live this down?

Still, her mind wandered back to the scene permanently imprinted in her memory. There Olivia was, looking so ruffled and so absolutely luscious and seemingly naked. Everything was so clearly out-lined -- her firm round breasts, her nipples hard and erect in the cold wet clothing…

"Now what?" She whispered, hoping her voice would silence the deafening pounding of her heart. "Tea! She'd want tea. To warm up. Yes, tea! Definitely!" She hung onto that thought like it was a life raft. Or maybe a barrier preventing her from barging in again, and throwing herself at the detective.

"Yes, let's go make tea." The ADA needed something to occupy her mind, to get her friend's body out of her head. "Sure, Cabot. Like that's ever going to happen…"

Just as she gathered her wits, she heard sounds of the shower door sliding open, of water coming on. Before images of a naked Olivia Benson could flood her mind, she fled, to find safety in her kitchen.

The End

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