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Drinks with Trevor
By ralst

Olivia watched as Trevor Langan made his move on Alex, draping his arm over her shoulder and smiling right into her face as he asked a question Olivia couldn't decipher. Whatever it was it garnered a small smile from Alex before her face closed down and she shook herself free of his hold. He looked baffled for a moment; unaccustomed to rejection he hadn't prepared himself for her refusal and now found himself at a loss as to how to act.

Depositing her empty beer glass on the cluttered table, Olivia made her way towards the bar, wanting to be close in case Langan made a scene. She didn't know much about the man outside the confines of the courtroom, but he'd been drinking steadily since the party began and she wasn't too confident of his ability to take rejection well.

By the time Olivia was close enough to overhear their conversation Alex had put a little distance between herself and the defence attorney, her arms crossed over her chest in a classically defensive manner.

"...someone else?" Trevor was saying, his arm stretched along the edge of the bar to brush up against Alex's back.

Moving forward an inch or two, Alex discreetly looked at her watch, calculating how much longer she'd have to stay. She hated these things; birthday drinks that turn into pissing contests between the lawyers and the cops; the defence and prosecution; all fighting to prove their machismo; with the lawyers falling far short, yet again, to the boys in blue.


Alex bulked at the sound of his voice. "What?"

Trevor blinked slowly, the alcohol having slowed his reactions and confused his senses. "I asked if you were seeing someone else?"

Before she could form an answer, Alex's gaze was captured by the sight of warm brown eyes regarding her intently. She'd barely managed to say more than 'hello' to the detective since she'd arrived but she had been acutely aware of Olivia's presence throughout the evening. "Yes," she said, her eyes locked with Olivia's, "I am."

Trevor appeared to come out of his fog, his brow furrowed in annoyance. "Why didn't you tell me that before?" He grabbed Alex's arm, shaking it slightly. "I thought we..."

"Hey, Trevor, Alex," Olivia intervened, her arm reaching up to smack Langan on the shoulder, her fingers pushing into the sensitive flesh surrounding his clavicle. "Are we having fun yet?"

"Hey!" Trevor moved out of Olivia's reach, only to move in closer once he got an eyeful of the detective's snug wardrobe. "Benson, right? How you been?"

"Give it a rest Trevor." Alex took Olivia by the arm and pulled her away from the increasingly obnoxious defence attorney. She didn't mind putting up with Langan's flirting but there was no way she was going to stand around while he tried out his own special brand of charm on the detective. "Thanks for the save, Liv."

"I didn't do anything," Olivia demurred. "In fact I should be thanking you, if you hadn't pulled me away when you did I'd be up for aggravated assault right now." She looked back over her shoulder towards Langan. "That guy really bugs me."

Alex nodded but didn't say anything, a smile lighting up her features. Pulling on Olivia's arm she moved them towards the door, eschewing all attempts to engage her in conversation. "Do you want to get some fresh air?"

Olivia had been pulled halfway through the door before she managed an "Okay." She didn't mind being manhandled by the blonde although it would take some convincing to persuade Elliot that she wasn't totally whipped; for some reason he'd taken to referring to Alex as her girlfriend, at least when no-one else was within earshot, and it was getting harder and harder to convince him that they were only friends.

It was cold outside, the lightly falling rain forcing them to take shelter beneath the bar's awning.

"How romantic," Alex sighed, "sharing the wind and the rain with four days worth of garbage and what I'm pretty sure is a dead rat."

Olivia looked down at the unmistakable sight of a dead rodent, vowing never to eat at that particular bar ever again, no matter how drunk she became. "I didn't realise we were trying for romantic, if I had I'd have laid on a horse-drawn carriage and thirty piece orchestra." Olivia's smile faltered as she saw the light go out of Alex's face; she hadn't meant to upset her friend. "Hey, I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it."

"That's okay." Alex's arms encircled her body in a manner similar to her earlier conversation with Langan. "Maybe we should go back in?"

"No." Olivia rested her hands on Alex's upper arms as she stepped in closer to her friend. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to be flippant." Her hands began a slow caress of Alex's biceps, warming and comforting in one touch. "It's just not always that easy to know where I stand with you. One moment it's like we're connecting and the next it's back to being work colleagues again. I don't know..." Olivia's arms dropped and she took a step back as a couple left the bar and brushed past them on their way to the sidewalk.

Alex watched the couple disappear down the street their drunken familiarity spurring her on. Stepping closer to Olivia she took her face in her hands. "Maybe this will make things a little clearer." The kiss was slow and undemanding, a question as much as a caress.

As their lips parted Olivia smiled. "Oh, yeah, things are a lot clearer now."

The second kiss brought forth a moan from deep within Alex's chest, her fingers raking through Olivia's short cropped hair in an attempt to bring their mouths closer together. When they finally broke for air it was to be met with equally silly grins. "And to think I didn't want to come to this thing," Alex said between kisses, before her powers of speech were conquered by the feel of Olivia's hands caressing the bared skin along her back.

With an 'umph' Trevor banged into the door frame, his ability to remain upright vanquished by the sight before him. "Thank you God."

Olivia turned to look at the man, a murderous glare directed his way for disturbing their peace. "Go away Trevor."

His smile remained fixed, his eyes swimming in pools of alcohol. "Do you wanna go back to my place?" Pushing away from the door, he tried to put his arm around Olivia, before falling sideways into Alex's steadying arms. "Thanks, Al."

"If we dump his body in a landfill it will be years before anyone finds him," Alex said, pushing the drunken man away from her.

"That's no good," Olivia disagreed, "someone in his office is bound to report him missing and from there we're only a loose lipped conversation away from one of his buddies explaining how he left to follow his 'dates'."


Trevor looked up at Olivia before swivelling his gaze to stare first at the guttering and then at Alex. "Wha'?"

"Go away Trevor," Olivia repeated, praying the man would leave before she was forced to bash his brains in with the dead rat. Grasping the back of his jacket she began to propel him towards the entrance, the urge to bang him face first into the wood thwarted as Alex opened the door.

As Trevor tripped towards a table full of homicide cops, his indignant "Hey!" reverberated around the bar. All eyes turned to stare at the entrance but they were met with nothing but the sight of rain hitting the sidewalk.

Rushing down the street towards an idling cab, Olivia prayed that Elliot would think to pick up her jacket; she didn't fancy having to explain to the captain how she'd lost her cell phone and badge; she was only thankful that her gun was at home, because there was no way she'd waste time returning to the bar, not with that look in Alex's eyes. She had her priorities.

The End

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