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By mel



"I can't believe Maggie managed to talk the doctor into discharging both of us this morning," Olivia gushed as she pulled the duffle full of clean clothes that Elliot had dropped off for her up onto her bed. "I can't wait to get out of here."

"She's definitely one of a kind," Alex agreed as she watched the brunette carefully for any signs of severe discomfort. "I think her little white lie that we lived together probably didn't hurt matters either though."

"Yeah," Olivia nodded.

Alex appraised Olivia, noting the way the brunette held herself so stiffly and compensated for her injured shoulder with the rest of her body. "Do you need help getting dressed?" she asked.

Olivia looked at the folded clothes in her bag and realized that she wouldn't be able to get dressed by herself. "Would you mind?" she blushed.

"Not at all," Alex smiled reassuringly as she stood and went to close the door to their room. That done, she crossed the room to stand in front of Olivia and pulled the sliding curtain around them, effectively separating them from the world. "How do you want to do this?" she asked.

Olivia just smiled and rolled her good shoulder out of her hospital gown before gingerly guiding it off her injured one, leaving her standing in front of the gobsmacked blonde in nothing but a pair of black cotton boyshorts. A bra would have to wait until her shoulder was a little less tender.

"Hello," Alex breathed as her eyes took in the magnificent sight before her. It was all she could do to keep from drooling over the sight of the brunette's toned abs and marvelous breasts. She didn't think it'd be possible for the reality to better her fantasy, but for once in her life she was more than happy to have been wrong about something.

Olivia smiled as she watched Alex ogle her, her ego bolstered and her nagging fears of what if she doesn't find me attractive soothed at the blonde's obvious appreciation of her body. "See something you like Counselor?" she chuckled.

"Sorry," Alex apologized quickly, realizing that she'd been staring. She forced herself to look into Olivia's eyes which, she noticed, were twinkling with amusement. "Here's your shirt," she murmured as she held the top out and did her best to keep her gaze focused on Olivia's face as the brunette slowly maneuvered herself into the shirt.

She watched Olivia's face as the brunette slipped her injured arm inside its sleeve, noting the tightening of her eyes as she manipulated her injury and managing to only look down twice at the most marvelous breasts on the planet that were swinging slightly with the brunette's movement. Once Olivia's bad arm was in Alex moved herself around behind the brunette, licking her lips appreciatively at the sight of the detective's gorgeous well muscled back and imagining how wonderful it will feel to finally be wrapped in the strength and safety of that glorious body, stopping behind Olivia's left side and holding the shirt up so Olivia could slide her good arm inside.

Olivia, having heard Alex's soft moans as the blonde surreptitiously ogled her, quickly worked her good arm into its sleeve and pulled the flaps of the shirt over her breasts, leaving the middle of her torso exposed behind the unbuttoned top. She took half a step back as she turned to face the blonde and held her good arm out to her side, seemingly offering herself up for inspection.

Alex let her gaze rake the detective's semi-covered body and concluded that flannel had never looked so fucking sexy in its entire existence.

"Alex," Olivia murmured playfully.

Alex once again had to force her eyes northward to find the brunette's amused gaze leveled on her. "Sorry," she murmured.

"I meant for you to look at me," Olivia chuckled and kissed the tip of the blonde's nose.

"So you're a tease," Alex noted, pleased to hear that her voice didn't crack when she spoke.

"Mmm," Olivia leaned in and captured the blonde's lips in an adoring kiss, reveling in the fact that she actually could kiss Alex just because she wanted to. "Think of it as a sneak preview for when we're finally alone."

"Good lord," Alex groaned.

"You ready for the rest of the show?" Olivia laughed, enjoying the visual of Alex's obvious arousal. She couldn't wait to get the blonde in bed and see what she really looked like after a long night of love-making.

"Huh?" Alex breathed, desperately fighting her increasing arousal so she could focus on the seemingly schizophrenic conversation they were having.

"I would really love to put on a clean pair of underwear," Olivia grinned as she held a new pair of blue boyshorts aloft.

Sweet Jesus, Alex thought as she openly considered the situation before her, her still concussed mind working clumsily through everything that had happened until she came to the most viable end result of the little scenario that was taking place. She might have been momentarily taken aback, momentarily knocked off her game by the cunning Detective's opening gambit with her surprise disrobement, but she was Alex Cabot – and Alex Cabot was notorious for thinking fast on her feet for a reason.

She arched a perfectly sculpted brow and smirked playfully as she reached out and snagged the underwear out of the surprised detective's hand. Alex carefully lowered herself to her knees in front of the brunette, blue eyes holding brown captive as she slowly ran her fingertips up the front of Olivia's thighs.

"Ready?" Alex murmured as she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of Olivia's underwear.

"God," Olivia groaned, realizing and accepting the fact that she'd just managed to lose the little game that she'd started.

Both of them realized that Olivia's answer wasn't really an answer to Alex's question, but neither could really be bothered to care enough to draw attention to the fact.

Alex moaned softly as she slid the boyshorts over Olivia's hips exposing a neat patch of dark downy curls, groaned loudly when she felt the brunette's fingers tangle themselves in her hair as she worked the fabric down past her knees. She closed her eyes and fought the nearly overwhelmingly powerful urge to bury her face in the tempting, oh so tempting, juncture of Olivia's thighs as she helped the brunette out of the black pair before she slid the blue ones on and made the return trip up the brunette's muscular legs, finally pulling them up into place. Once they were on, Alex allowed herself a moment's weakness as she leaned in and nuzzled Olivia's mound through the cotton, earning a loud hiss of pleasure and an even louder whimper when she pulled away to stand.

"And you called me a tease?" Olivia groaned, shifting slightly where she stood before Alex.

Alex smiled and began buttoning the brunette's shirt, making sure to trail the backs of her fingers over the delicious swell of the detective's breasts as she worked. She left the top two buttons undone and chuckled as she captured Olivia's mouth with her own, her tongue immediately seeking entrance and deepening the kiss. When the need for air forced her to pull back she murmured, "Think of it as a sneak preview for when we're finally alone."

"Oh good lord," Olivia groaned.

Alex just laughed. "Ready for your jeans?"

"No," Olivia laughed.

"C'mon Liv," Alex cajoled. "I'll be good this time, promise."

Olivia smiled and stepped into the jeans that Alex held out for her. "I don't know if that's a good thing or not at this point," she muttered.

Once she'd gotten Olivia dressed and ready to go Alex turned her attention to herself, anxious to get dressed and get the fuck out of Dodge. A quick glance at the clock showed her that Maggie would be returning shortly with Abbie to help them back to Alex's apartment.

"Oh hell no," Alex murmured as she dug through the bag of clothes that Abbie had dropped off for her.

"What?" Olivia asked, more than amused at the flustered expression on the blonde's face and curious as to what was causing the blush that was slowly creeping up Alex's neck.

"Nothing," Alex growled, digging deeper into the black bag, obviously searching for something. "Should have known better than to ask Carmichael to swing by my apartment to pick me up some clothes. You're so lucky you asked Stabler to grab yours."

"Alex," Olivia chuckled. "It can't be that bad, what did Abbie pick out for you?"

"Jeans," Alex pulled the pair of denim out of the bag.

"Well, that's nothing worth having a fit over," Olivia observed.

"They have a giant hole in the ass below the pocket," Alex held the pair up and turned them around to show Olivia the glaring absence of fabric below the left back pocket.

"Oh," Olivia couldn't help but laugh. "I know this is probably a stupid question, but why do you have a pair of jeans with a hole in the butt?"

"They're my lucky jeans," Alex explained. "They're the ones I wore when I passed the bar and I keep them around for when I'm having trouble with a case."

"Makes sense," Olivia nodded.

"Yeah," Alex threw them aside. "But apparently my ass hanging out of this hospital gown for the last twenty four hours wasn't enough for Ms. Carmichael – now I need to walk out of here with it hanging out of my jeans as well."

"They'll make us ride out in wheelchairs," Olivia told the irritated blonde.

"Great," Alex groaned. "Abbie will probably want to push me and she'll run us into the wall as she's racing some geriatrics patient down the hall."

"Are you regretting agreeing to letting her stay at your place to help out for the next couple days?" Olivia asked, her tone conveying her genuine concern over their situation.

"No," Alex answered honestly. For as much as she groused over the boisterous Texan's antics she loved her dearly. "She's always entertaining and her heart is in the right place. Are you regretting agreeing to staying at my place with her?"

"No," Olivia smiled. "They wouldn't let me out of here if I didn't have somebody to stay with me. I'd much rather be with you than over at Elliot's place."

"Glad I rank higher than KinderCare," Alex chuckled self deprecatingly.

Olivia just smiled. "What else did Abbie pack for you?"

"A shirt and a jacket," Alex answered as she pawed through her bag.

"Again, that doesn't sound like anything to be embarrassed about," Olivia replied.

"Maybe I'll just wear this stupid gown on top of my jeans," Alex murmured thoughtfully as she fingered the material of the tee shirt inside the bag.

"It can't be that bad," Olivia grinned. "You're always impeccably dressed Alex. I doubt there's anything in your closet that could possibly make you this embarrassed."

"It was a gag gift that I forgot to throw out," Alex rolled her eyes as she explained.

"Show me."

"No," Alex crossed her arms over her chest.

"Please," Olivia batted her eyelashes.

Alex glowered at the playful brunette. "That's cheating."

"I know," Olivia laughed. "Just show me the damned shirt Alex."

Alex closed her eyes and pulled a navy-blue tee shirt out of the bag. Resigned to her fate, tossed it onto Olivia's lap. "Here," she huffed. "Happy?"

Olivia held up the shirt with her good arm and tried to keep from laughing as she read the slogan on it. She tried. She really did. And she failed. Miserably.

"Wow," she gasped. "Yes, yes I am. Very happy. This is very good to know," she hefted the shirt indicatively as she read the writing on the front aloud, "I listen to the voices in my briefs," in a mock-serious voice before succumbing to peals of laughter.

"Oh God," Alex groaned.

"What exactly do the voices in your briefs say?" Olivia squeaked as tears of laughter rolled down her cheeks.

Alex just covered her good eye with her hand and shook her head, refusing to answer and provide the brunette with any more ammunition to humiliate her with.

"Gah!" Olivia gasped as she fought to control her laughter. "Okay. Okay. Sorry. Hmmm. Okay. I'm better now," she giggled. "No. Never mind. No I'm not," she broke off into another gut-busting fit of giggles.

Alex smiled to herself as she watched the brunette laughing hysterically, amused and heartened at the sight of Olivia's joy in spite of the fact that it came at her own embarrassment. When she felt that the brunette was close to regaining control of herself she asked, "Are you done yet?"

Olivia nodded and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Sorry."

"It's alright," Alex smiled.

"I never pictured you as a briefs kind of girl," Olivia giggled.

"Do I want to know what kind of girl you imagined me to be?"

Olivia sucked in a deep calming breath, steadying herself before she answered. "Some of my more impure thoughts centered around black lace and … crotchless."

"Fuck," Alex breathed.

"What else did Abbie pack for you?" Olivia changed the direction of their conversation.

"I dunno," Alex shrugged and pulled the bag onto her lap. "Let's see," she reached in and pulled out a pair of blue and purple argyle socks.

"Wow – those are hot," Olivia teased.

"They're comfy," Alex replied as she tossed them onto her bed. "Oh god," the blonde groaned as she looked back into the now nearly empty bag. "She didn't."

"Knowing Abbie, she probably did," Olivia surmised. "What else did she pack for you?"

Alex bit her lip as an embarrassed blush lit up her face.

"Alex," Olivia sang.

"I'm going to kill her," Alex murmured. "I will. I will kill Abbie Carmichael. It will be slow … and painful … and I will kill her."

"Christ Cabot," Olivia laughed. "What is it?"

Alex sighed, resigned to her humiliation, as she reached into the bag to pull out a thin scrap of lingerie. "Panties. Black. Lace. Crotchless. Panties," she enunciated slowly as she held them up to show the inquisitive brunette.

"Fuck," Olivia breathed, her body responding immediately to the sight of the risqué lingerie dangling from Alex's index finger.

Alex watched Olivia suck her lower lip between her teeth and noted the way the brunette's chocolate eyes darkened with arousal just from seeing the underwear hanging off her finger. Hmm, interesting. Can't wait to see what she looks like when I'm actually wearing them, Alex though with a smirk as she reached back into the bag, all embarrassment gone with the brunette's obvious approval of the panties.

Olivia watched as Alex dropped the panties onto the bed and reached back into that magical, magical bag on her lap; completely captivated by the possibilities of what could be pulled out of there next.

"With the matching bra," Alex held the garment aloft.

"Oh sweet Jesus," Olivia groaned. "God I love Abbie."

"So, are you happy to be free of that place?" Abbie turned around in the passenger seat to look at Alex and Olivia who were holding hands in the back.

"Yes," Alex nodded.

"Yeah, I bet," Abbie grinned before she turned around. "You both seemed a little flushed when we came up to your room this last time, bet it'll be nice to get to an appropriately climate controlled apartment."

Olivia put her hand over her mouth to stifle her giggle and Alex stared daggers at the back of Carmichael's head. "I still haven't decided if I'm going to kill you or not Abs," Alex growled.

"Now that's not nice Alex," Maggie admonished, looking up at her niece in the rearview mirror. "Abbie has volunteered to help you two out for the weekend, why would you be so mean?"

"Yeah Cabot," Abbie chuckled. "What's got your panties in a twist?"

Olivia tried not to laugh. She really did. "Sorry!" She squeaked as she burst into another fit of laughter.

"I hate you all," Alex grumbled and shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

Abbie roared with laughter, not even trying to hold it in, and Olivia just shook her head, tears rolling down her cheeks as she fought to contain her laughter.

"Can we just pretend to be adults for the rest of the drive?" Alex muttered.

"I hope to God what I packed you was for a grown up," Abbie crowed.

"What did you pack, dear?" Maggie asked.

Abbie sucked in a deep breath to help gain control of herself so she could answer. "Um, nothing," she lied.

"I don't believe you Abbie Carmichael," Maggie chuckled. "You forget that I know how that devious little mind of yours works."

"Sorry," Abbie offered.

"Not buying it Counselor," Maggie grinned. "Now, what did you do to Alex to have her blushing so badly?"

"I plead the fifth," Abbie answered with a grin.

Maggie pursed her lips as she thought through Abbie's sense of humor and the things most likely to embarrass her niece. Finally she think she hit upon what was happening. "You packed some clothes for her. Did you do something mean like slip in a pair of edible underwear or something?"

"Um, no," Abbie stared, amazed that the elder Cabot had figured her out so completely. "They weren't edible. God, edible would have been great. I so wish I would have thought of that."

"So, crotchless then?" Maggie nodded knowingly.


"Did you pack the matching stockings?"

"No," Abbie frowned, unsure as to where Maggie was going with this. "I couldn't find them."

"Oh god," Alex groaned.

"Shame," Maggie turned and grinned. "You missed a real opportunity there."

"Aunt Maggie!" Alex yelled from the backseat.

"I did pack the matching bra though," Abbie offered.

"That's good," Maggie nodded her approval. "A nice touch. It's really too bad that you missed the piece de resistance though."

"Sorry Maggie," Abbie murmured, properly abashed.

"Don't worry young Carmichael," Maggie reached over and patted the younger woman's leg reassuringly. "You still have plenty of time to learn secrets of the Force."

"I'm so fucking hosed," Alex groaned as she dropped her head back onto the seat and closed her eyes. "So. Fucking. Hosed."

Alex was laying on her bed, staring at the ceiling when a tentative knock on the door drew her attention back to the room around her.

"Who is it?" she called out, propping herself up on an elbow to better look at the door. If it was Abbie on the other side there was no way she was letting her in.

"It's me," Olivia's answered. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah. C'mon in Liv."

Alex watched Olivia slowly open the door to her bedroom and step inside before quietly closing it behind herself. She laid back down, nestling her hands back under her head as she resumed staring at the eggshell paint covering her ceiling.

"What's going on?" Olivia asked softly as she lowered herself onto the edge of the bed beside the blonde.

"Just hiding," Alex murmured. "You can hide with me if you want."

"Well, thank you. But why are you hiding?"

"You were watching TV and when I came out of the kitchen I overheard Abbie and Aunt Maggie discussing the comfort level of different brands of edible underwear and decided that I've suffered enough because of them today."

"Oh," Olivia nodded, understanding the blonde's discomfort while being simultaneously disappointed that she missed Abbie and Maggie's conversation. "I see."

"I'm sorry I just left without telling you," Alex murmured. "I can only handle so much of those two together."

"They do make quite the pair," Olivia agreed.

"They're like long lost twins from different mothers separated by a few decades," Alex replied.

Olivia laughed. "That doesn't even make sense, but I get what you're saying. Scoot over so I can lay down too," she playfully pushed at Alex's hip.

Alex obligingly slid into the middle of the bed so Olivia could lay down beside her. "Comfy?"

"Almost," Olivia whispered. "Can I hold you again?"

Alex smiled and moved to lay her head on the brunette's shoulder. "Better?"

"Mmm," Olivia murmured as she wrapped her arm around Alex's waist and pulled the blonde in tight. "Much," she continued through a yawn.

"Naptime?" Alex offered.

"Sounds heavenly," Olivia answered, her voice giving away the fact that she already halfway to dreamland.

Alex awoke to the sound of her bedroom door opening and a quick glance at the alarm showed that they'd been sleeping for nearly three hours. She lifted her head to see Abbie framed by the glow of the hall light. "Whattaya want Carmichael?" she whispered.

"Sorry to wake you," Abbie whispered, looking genuinely apologetic as she took a couple quiet steps into the room. "But Serena's here and she really needs to get your statements. She held off as long as she could, but she needs to get it done."

"Yeah," Alex groaned softly. "I understand. Can you help me up? I don't want to wake Liv."

"You don't want her with you when you do this?" Abbie asked softly as she gently lifted Olivia's arm off of Alex's waist so the blonde could roll deftly out of the bed.

"No," Alex murmured as she slowly got to her feet. "She doesn't need to hear what happened in that alley."

Abbie frowned and nodded as she followed Alex out of the room, carefully closing the door without a sound after them. "You know she's heard and seen worse, right?"

"Yes," Alex ran a hand through her hair. "But I don't want her worrying about me."

"She's gonna worry about you Cabot."

"I know," Alex sighed. "But she doesn't need to hear this like this," she waved indicatively toward the dining room table where Serena was waiting. "I'll tell her, but I don't want it to be with an audience."

"Gotcha," Abbie nodded. "So, when you're done you can wake up Olivia so she can give her statement and maybe you and I can go and pick up some dinner for the four of us?"

"Where's Maggie?" Alex looked the living room, realizing that her aunt was nowhere to be seen.

"She left about an hour ago when Serena showed up."

"Oh," Alex's brow scrunched with concentration. "So, what were you and Serena doing out here for the last hour?"

"Um, I plead the fifth."

"You better not have been on my new couch Abs."

"Don't you worry your pretty little head over that Cabot," Abbie drawled playfully. "Your couch wasn't defiled. The rug however…"

"You know what, I don't want to know. You can clean it later. How long have you two been together?" Alex waved at Serena, not surprised that Abbie was with her because Abbie always did have a thing for smart blondes but surprised that Carmichael hadn't shared the fact with her.

"About a month, so go easy on us, okay? It's still new and I don't want to scare her off."

"Yeah right," Alex laughed. "Go easy on you. You mean like how you were with me and Liv?"

"That's different," Abbie grinned her Cheshire cat grin.

"How, pray tell?"

"You two have been in love with each other for the last two years," Abbie explained in her best I can't believe you're this stupid tone of voice. "So, I'm just helping you slide on home partner."

"You did not just use a base analogy for my relationship with Olivia," Alex groaned.

"You will be so much more fun once you finally get laid Cabot," Abbie grinned.

"So once he dragged you down into the alley what happened?" Serena asked, pen held ready above her yellow legal pad.

Alex sighed and closed her eyes. "He threw me onto a trashcan so I was bent over it," she murmured. "One of his hands was on my back, up between my shoulders, and he was trying to get my jeans down with his other hand."

"Was he saying anything?"

"Yeah," Alex nodded.

Serena sighed. "I know you don't really want to do this Al, but I need the specifics."

"He was ranting, going on and on about how my 'little cunt bitch whore of a girlfriend' wasn't half the man he was and that he was going to 'fuck me straight' and how all I needed was 'a good deep dicking' to make me 'better'," Alex whispered, doing her best to keep her mind from returning back to that alley.

"What a sicko," Abbie muttered from her position on the couch where she was pretending to watch television while Alex and Serena talked. "You better nail his ass Serena."

"And at some point during all this he struck you, knocking you unconscious," Serena prompted Alex, ignoring Abbie's comments.

"Yes," Alex nodded.


"Apparently he didn't like me telling him that the tampon in his pants wouldn't be enough to fuck anybody properly let alone straight."

"You seriously fucking mocked the goddamn rapist?" Abbie yelped.

"I was mad," Alex murmured, not sounding apologetic or sorry in the least.

Serena just shook her head. "Why Alex?"

"I bought me enough time for Elliot to catch up to us and stop him," Alex murmured. "I wasn't strong enough to protect myself, I had to do something," she looked at the blonde attorney across from her stubbornly. "Worst case scenario was that I wouldn't be conscious while he, well, you know…," she let her voice trail off.

"Oh Alex," Serena murmured and reached out to hold her friend's hand.

"Worst case scenario was that he'd shoot your ass," Abbie grumbled.

"It's okay. I'm okay," Alex stated, her voice solid and calm, as she pulled her hand out from under Serena's and ran it over the uninjured side of her face. "What time is it?" she asked, noticing how she was beginning to feel itchy which was a definite sign that her pain medications were wearing off.

Serena glanced at her watch. "Four thirty."

"I need to take my meds and I'm going to have to take Olivia hers," Alex pushed up from the table. "Doc said to make sure that we don't let them wear all the way off because then we'll never get the pain back under control. Is there anything else you need from me?"

Serena flipped through her notes. "I think I got everything I need. From the other victim's statements, plus DNA, plus the fact that he shot a police officer – this one is a slam dunk. I can't believe the idiot's lawyer actually let him plead not guilty and didn't try and plead it out."

"Don't jinx it," Alex warned as she turned to go into the kitchen for their pills. She knew how easy it was for a slam-dunk case to become a Did that really just happen? case.

"Yeah, I know," Serena leaned back in her chair and stretched. "I am going to need a quick statement from Olivia though."

"I know," Alex nodded. "Just, give her a few minutes to wake up and let her meds start working. I don't want her pushing it, she really should still be in the hospital."

Alex quietly opened the door to her bedroom and quickly moved inside. From the light filtering in from the hall behind her she could see Olivia on the bed, could see the way the detective's brow was furrowed with distress. As she got closer she could see the way Olivia's hand on her uninjured arm was flexing and could make out the faint whimpers falling from the proud woman's lips.

She quickly closed the distance to the bed, almost dropping the glass of water she was holding onto the bedside table in her rush to comfort Olivia.

"Liv, baby," she cooed, running a hand over the sleeping woman's jaw. "Honey, wake up."

"Alex, no not Alex," Olivia moaned, still stuck in her dream.

"Oh Liv," Alex murmured, tears springing to her own eyes as she realized what Olivia was dreaming about. "Baby, wake up," she leaned in and kissed the brunette tenderly. "I'm okay baby," she kissed her again. "Wake up Liv, come back to me."

"Alex," Olivia groaned, her voice still sleepy but the tenor changed enough to indicate that she was no longer trapped in her nightmare.

"Right here baby," Alex nodded, running her fingertips across the detective's forehead. "I'm right here. It was a dream, just a dream."

"Dream," Olivia echoed. "Nightmare," she whispered as brown eyes focused onto worried blue.

Alex closed her eyes and leaned in to capture the brunette's lips in a tender adoring kiss. "Yes Liv. But I'm right here. I'm okay."

"I was so scared," Olivia whispered, blinking rapidly to try and hold back her tears as scenes from her dream flashed back to her. Not that it was a fantastical dream, just a replay of the events they'd managed to live through. And she hated herself for being so weak, for letting it weaken her – but reliving the feelings from that night, the fear and the agony that roared through her like a hurricane at the thought that she'd never get to hold Alex, to kiss Alex, to love Alex was enough to break her.

"Me too," Alex murmured, smoothing Olivia's hair reassuringly. "You want to talk about it?"

"No. Just, kiss me," Olivia answered, her voice rough, her eyes soft and pleading.

Understanding that what the brunette needed, physically and mentally needed, at that moment was reassurance that they were okay, reassurance that they were together, reassurance that they were alive, Alex complied to her soon-to-be lover's request and captured Olivia's lips gently with her own.

Alex had intended for the kiss to be soft and reassuring. Intended for it to be brief and tender. But the way Olivia opened her mouth to her and moaned appreciatively at the way she delicately stroked the brunette's tongue with her own drove all coherent noble thoughts right out of her mind. That moan was her undoing. That low, deep, throaty moan that sent a jolt of electricity through her body and settled at the apex of her thighs. She was helpless to contain her own growl of pleasure as she felt Olivia's hips roll up into her, helpless to contain her rising arousal at the feeling of the brunette's hard swollen nipples pressing up into her.

"God Liv," Alex gasped when the need for air forced her to pull away.

Olivia just smiled and licked her lips before lifting her head off the pillow to recapture Alex's lips with her own.

"Is that your phone?" Serena looked up from her papers to get Abbie's attention.

"No," the brunette looked confused until she heard the ringtone. "That's Alex's phone."

"Well, should I answer it?" Serena held the Blackberry up questioningly.

"Yeah, go for it," Abbie drawled.

Serena shrugged and answered the phone. "Alex Cabot's phone."

"Alex?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Um, no. This is Serena."

"Sorry Serena dear, I didn't recognize your voice. It's Maggie, I was calling to see how Alex was feeling."

"She's doing okay," Serena reported as she watched Olivia's phone start vibrating across the coffee table. "Might as well get that Abs," she called out.

"Yeah, yeah," Abbie muttered as she checked the caller ID on Olivia's phone and grinned as she answered. "Thank you for calling Madam Heather's House of Handcuffs. This is Abbie, how may I direct your call?"

Serena gaped. "Oh my god," she murmured, forgetting she still had Alex's aunt on the phone.

"What did Abbie do now?" Maggie laughed.

"You don't want to know," Serena closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose.

Abbie laughed. "Of course I wouldn't answer her phone like that for just anybody Stabler! You showed up on the caller ID. Did you know your ringtone is Man I Feel Like a Woman?"

"Alex is doing okay," Serena returned her attention to the phone in her hand. "She's just taken another dose of meds and we're going to have dinner soon."

"Sounds good dear, tell her I'll call in the morning to check in again," Maggie chuckled, noticing the other woman's obvious distraction.

"Of course. See you soon Mags," Serena mumbled and hung up as she watched Abbie chatting amiably with Elliot.

"No, El, it really is!" Abbie laughed. "You want to talk to Liv? Yeah, she should be awake. Alex went back a few minutes ago to get her up, hold on."

Abbie kept the phone at her ear as she padded over to the hall that led to the bedrooms and stopped as she caught sight of what was happening on Alex's bed.

"Goddamn," she stopped and stared.

"What?" Elliot asked.

"That is the single fucking hottest thing I think I have ever seen," Abbie cocked her head appreciatively as she watched Alex and Olivia making out. "Serena, c'mere!" she waved her girlfriend over.

"What is it?" Elliot asked.

"Wow," Serena murmured. "That is hot."

"You don't want to know what your sister is up to El," Abbie licked her lips as she watched Alex's left hand slide up Olivia's stomach to palm her breast through her shirt. "Fuck," she breathed as she noticed the subtle rocking movement of the blonde's hips against Olivia's leg.

"Tell him she'll call him back," Serena murmured as she tugged on Abbie's arm, forcefully steering the brunette back toward the living room to give their friends some privacy.

"She'll call you back," Abbie husked into the phone and tossed it onto the couch, not bothering to see if it landed safely before she turned and gathered Serena in her arms and kissed the surprised blonde soundly.

Alex groaned as she felt Olivia's hand slide under her shirt, teasing the strip of skin at the top of her jeans. It felt so good, so incredibly good, that she knew if they didn't stop soon she wasn't going to be able to – injuries and other people in the apartment be damned.

"Liv," she murmured, nuzzling the flushed and panting woman's cheek adoringly.

"Mmm," Olivia smiled as she easily flipped the button open on Alex's jeans and slid her hand inside. "God Alex," she moaned as she felt the heat radiating from the blonde's core.

"Fuck," Alex hissed as she felt Olivia's hand slide over her mound to cup her gently through her panties. The more noble half of her nature was happy she'd had an extra clean pair of real underwear in her bag so that way she wasn't wearing the crotchless ones that Abbie'd packed for her. If she'd actually been able to feel Olivia's fingers against her decidedly wet and throbbing center, there was no way she'd ever be able to say what she knew she needed to say.

Taking the blonde's exhalation as encouragement, Olivia slid her hand in deeper so that the heel of her palm pressed into Alex's clit.

"God Liv," she groaned as her hips rolled up into the brunette's touch.

"Hmm," Olivia hummed as she traced a finger over Alex's slit through her thoroughly ruined panties.

It took all of her self control, but she was able to utter the three words she knew, knew in her heart she needed to say. "Liv, baby, stop."

Surprised lust darkened brown eyes flashed open to gaze into twin pools of hazy blue desire. "Huh?"

Alex groaned and gently reached into her pants to guide Olivia's hand away from her sex. She did not want to do this. But she knew she needed to. Knew that in the long run it would be better to wait. "Not like this. I don't want our first time to be like this."

Still struggling to follow the blonde's train of thought, Olivia flicked her eyes down their bodies to their now joined hands onto of her stomach before returning them to Alex's steady, albeit heavily aroused, gaze. "What? You don't want to…," her voice trailed off.

"No, Liv, no," Alex murmured, kissing the confused brunette softly. "I want. Dear God, do I want. I've never wanted anything more."

"Then why?"

Alex sighed and leaned in to rest her forehead against Olivia's, taking a few seconds to find the words to best explain what she was thinking. "When I do get to finally make love to you," she murmured, "I want to take my time enjoying every facet of your amazingly sexy body. I want to focus on how you respond to my touch, luxuriate in the sounds you make as I kiss every inch of you. I want to revel in the sounds that fall from your lips as I stroke, lick , and suck that most intimate part of you."

"Fuck," Olivia whimpered, her sex clenching needfully at the blonde's smoky description.

"And I want you to take your time as you touch me, taste me, love me," Alex continued. "I want to savor the feeling of your hands, lips, teeth and tongue on my body. I've dreamed of this for so long Liv, I don't want our first time to be a quickie snuck in while there are other people in the front room waiting for us. I want our first time to be slow, passionate, and thorough – none of which we have the time for right now," she finished softly. "Is that okay?"

Olivia bit her lip and nodded slowly. She did understand. And for as much as she wanted, needed, physically needed Alex, she knew that the blonde ADA was right. "We better get out of bed then," she grinned. "Because with the way I'm feeling and the picture you just painted in my head – if you don't get off me soon, you better be planning on getting me off soon."

Alex's brows shot up in surprise and she chuckled softly. "Trust me baby, when the time is right – I will definitely be getting you off … frequently."

Olivia smiled and kissed the blonde quickly. "I'm counting on that Counselor," she murmured.

"Well, hell," Abbie drawled as she spied Alex and Olivia walking hand-in-hand down the hall toward the living room. "Look what the pussy dragged in."

"I don't think that's how the saying goes, even down in the South," Alex chuckled.

"Eh," Abbie grinned. "Whatever. You guys got some phone calls while you were, erm, busy."

"You saw," Alex stared at the grinning lanky Texan. Not a question, just a statement of fact.

Abbie at least had the grace to look mildly abashed.

"You're such a pervert Carmichael," Alex chuckled.

"With a show like that," Abbie waved back toward the bedroom. "Even the straightest straight woman on the planet would have had serious thoughts of joining the festivities."

"Oh god," Olivia blushed, knowing that Abbie wasn't likely to let them live this one down anytime soon. At least they'd kept their clothes on.

"You ready to give me a quick statement Liv?" Serena asked as she made her way over to the dining room table.

"Um, yeah, sure," Olivia nodded.

"Abbie and I will go and pick up some Chinese," Alex offered.

"Are you okay to do that?" Serena asked Alex, concern tinting her voice.

"It's two blocks," Alex shrugged. "I'll be fine. It'll be nice to get a little fresh air. Liv, you want your usual?"

Olivia smiled and nodded. "Thank you."

Abbie clapped her hand together. "Alright. You two get the work stuff done so once we get back this is officially a work-free zone."

Alex, Olivia and Serena collectively rolled their eyes at the Texan's mock enthusiasm. "Whatever Abs," Serena chuckled. "Just go get food, I'm hungry."

"Yeah," Abbie nodded thoughtfully. "Need you to get your energy up for later," she winked as she turned to grab her jacket off the rack by the door and slid it on.

Alex just shook her head in disbelief at her friend's antics. "We'll be right back," she told Olivia, leaning into the brunette and kissing her softly.

"I'll be here," Olivia assured her playfully.

"What made you think that the rapist would attack on Thursday night?" Serena asked Olivia as she flipped her notepad to a clean page.

Olivia sighed and shifted in her chair. "All of the previous victims were blonde and had been to Sugarland for their Blonde Bombshell night."

"So, knowing that he had a preference for a certain aesthetic you asked ADA Cabot to assist you in trying to find him."

"Yes," Olivia nodded.

"Why ask ADA Cabot?" Serena asked, curious as to Olivia's reasoning. "Surely there are blonde female police officers you could have used."

"The three priors all wore glasses, so we thought that using Alex as bait would be the most beneficial."


"Because she's absolutely breathtaking in her glasses," Olivia answered softly, her eyes glazing over as she pictured her favorite blonde looking at her through those delicious black frames.

Serena cleared her throat.

"Sorry," Olivia blushed. "We just figured that if we wanted a blonde in glasses to draw his attention that Alex would be our best shot."

"So the squad decided this?"


"Who sought ADA Cabot's assistance?"

"I did," Olivia answered. "Cragen thought she'd be more receptive to the idea if I presented it to her."


"We've always had a special kind of rapport," Olivia smiled. "And as nobody knew for sure if she was gay or not, they thought it'd go over more smoothly if it was a woman asking her to 'pretend'."

Serena's pen slipped out of her fingers as she listened to Olivia talk about how nobody knew if Alex was gay or not. "You didn't know?" she asked softly.

Olivia smiled and shook her head. "Not definitively. I knew what I felt for her, but all of her flirting until that night was always just this side of inappropriate – it could have easily been classified as either flirting or just playful banter."

"So what happened after she agreed to assist you and your team?" Serena returned their focus to the task at hand.

"She asked me to go as her date," Olivia grinned.

"Um, and that wasn't like being hit with a clue-by-four?" Serena chuckled.

"More like a one-by-clue," Olivia grinned. "I didn't really know how she felt until we were dancing at the club."

"Alex can certainly dance," Serena smiled.

"Ummmhmmm," Olivia smiled at the memory of the way Alex's statuesque body molded to her own, the way the blonde watched her with those stormy blue eyes as she ground herself onto her thigh.

Serena laughed. "By the look on your face right now Olivia I think you two need to go dancing again once you're both all healed up."

Olivia licked her lips and nodded thoughtfully. "I think you might be right."

"Okay, enough girl talk," Serena chuckled. "What happened after you left the club?"

Alex and Abbie dropped their bags of food onto the kitchen island and were on their way back to the front door to hang up their coats and kick off their shoes when Olivia noticed the distinct aura of barely restrained anger emanating off of Alex.

"Hey," she grabbed the younger woman's arm as she passed, pulling her up next to her. "What's up Alex?"

"Nothing," the blonde shrugged, not meeting Olivia's eyes.

"Hey," Olivia murmured, cupping the uninjured side of Alex's face tenderly. "Talk to me."

"People are stupid, that's all," Alex muttered as she shrugged Olivia's hand off her arm and went back to the kitchen.

"Abigail," Olivia turned to Carmichael.

"I didn't do it," Abbie held her hands up defensively. "She didn't lie either, people are fucking idiots."

"What happened?"

"Pointing, whispering, some not-so-quiet comments about the 'poor girl who was abused'," Abbie ran a hand through her hair as she tried to explain. "I've gotten used to her bruising so I didn't think anything of going out to get food. Apparently we should have ordered in."

"I see," Olivia nodded. "You two clear off the table, I'll go help Alex with the plates."

"Okay," Serena nodded as she elbowed Abbie into action.

Olivia entered the kitchen to find Alex studying her reflection in the side of the toaster. It broke her heart to see the normally elegant blonde who never gave a thought to what other people thought of her so upset over her appearance.

"You're beautiful," Olivia murmured as she crossed the room and wrapped her one good arm around the blonde. "You're still beautiful."

Alex sighed and set the toaster back down on the counter. "I know I shouldn't care what people say, but it just …," her voice trailed off as she tried to figure out how to put what she was feeling into words. "I know this is going to sound conceited but, I'm used to people looking at me, I'm used to the occasional comment – but they've always been complementary. It was just a little shocking to see how rude and inconsiderate people could be to a perfect stranger."

"People are stupid," Olivia kissed the back of the blonde's neck affectionately. "Just ignore them."

"Two people wanted to call the cops on Abbie for beating me so badly and having the gall to go out with me in public looking like this," Alex shared, leaning her head back onto Olivia's shoulder.

"Now that," Olivia chuckled, "I would have loved to've seen. C'mon sweetheart," she squeezed Alex gently. "You get the plates and I'll send Abbie in for the food. After dinner we'll pop in a movie and just cuddle up and relax, okay?"

Alex nodded and did as she was told, carefully gathering four plates and carefully placing four sets of chopsticks on top of them to take out to the table.

"Um, Alex," Olivia smiled as she leaned in and pulled one set of chopsticks off the stack and replaced it with a fork. "While I am extremely talented with some of the things I can do with my left hand, eating Chinese with chopsticks isn't one of them."

Alex looked over at Olivia and grinned. "What talents does that left hand of yours possess Detective Benson?"

Olivia leaned in and captured Alex's lips in a searing kiss. "They mostly revolve around more, carnal activities," she murmured teasingly as she turned and left the kitchen and the shell-shocked blonde without a backwards glance.

Alex sighed as she lowered herself onto the couch; turning so that her back was resting against the arm, one leg was bent and pressed against the back cushions, the other dangling over the edge with her toes lightly brushing the floor. One hand rested on her bent knee, her arm hanging loose over the gap, with her other laid carefully across the crown of her head. She closed her eyes, taking a moment to relax, to disappear into her own mind, to try and forget everything bad that had happened to her in the last forty eight hours.

My god, has it only been two days?, she couldn't help but think as she ran through everything that had happened from the club, to her and Olivia's confessions, to now. I've always laughed when people told me that life could change in the blink of an eye, told them that they were being melodramatic. But they were right. Damn were they right. I just never imagined mine would, or even could, change so quickly.

Olivia stood frozen in the doorway separating the kitchen and the living room, oblivious to the clink and clatter of dishes being rinsed and set into the dishwasher behind her as she studied the beautiful blonde stretched out on the couch in front of her.

My god she is beautiful. So incredibly beautiful.

Her eyes started at Alex's feet, noting the red polish that contrasted so beautifully with her perfect alabaster skin, before moving on, higher, past a bent knee and over a trim and deceptively powerful thigh. Her mind wandered to her memory of how that thigh felt pressed up against her while they danced, how it fit so perfectly between her own. Sliding higher, stopping for a moment on the juncture of her thighs to imagine the moment when she'd finally, finally be able to kiss those sensitive folds, before moving on, still moving higher. Up over her flat stomach, pausing to reflect for a moment on the subtle definition that those muscles showed when Alex was without a shirt before continuing her trek up the blonde's body. Her eyes lingered for a few heartbeats to truly appreciate the proud and pert mounds straining against the material of the blonde's shirt, enjoying their shape which was emphasized by the way Alex was resting her arms atop her head. Olivia's tongue slipped out, unconsciously wetting her lips as the desire to capture the pert nubs hidden under Alex's clothes between her lips and suckle, nip, and tease them to attention rolled through her.

So beautiful.

Olivia's gaze moved higher, still higher, over the graceful column of Alex's exposed throat to focus on her lips. Those perfect, perfect, soft kissable lips that made her feel things that no other lips had ever come close to making her feel. Moving on, higher, still higher, past scrumptiously defined cheekbones – cheekbones somehow made more beautiful by the glaring contrast between them, one bruised and swollen and the other pristine and unharmed – to focus on her glasses, those ridiculously sexy glasses that framed the most beautiful blue eyes she'd ever seen. Eyes that were closed for the moment, but that when open made her feel as if they could see into her very soul. Twin pools of bottomless blue. Eyes that she could get lost in forever.

Eyes that suddenly flashed open to capture her own.

"Are you going to just stand there and look or are you going to come over here where you can actually touch?" Alex grinned.

"Busted," Abbie chuckled as she carefully slid past Olivia on her way into the living rom.

Olivia blushed and fell into step behind the brash Texan, slowly making her way over to where Alex was reclined so gracefully upon the couch. "Hey," she murmured.

"C'mon," Alex smiled and opened her arms wide, inviting the brunette to join her. "Let me hold you for a change."

"Are you sure?" Olivia asked.

Alex just smiled. "More than sure."

Olivia smiled shyly as she lowered herself to the couch, gritted her teeth to hold in the grunt of pain that wanted to escape as she shifted and leaned back into Alex's body.

"There," Alex murmured, and Olivia would swear that she could hear the blonde's contented smile in her voice. "Now, isn't this better?"

"Mmm," Olivia nodded and shifted so that she could lay her head on Alex's chest. She smiled softly at the sound of Alex's heartbeat, so steady and sure beneath her ear.

Alex smiled and leaned her head in to press a soft adoring kiss to the top of Olivia's hair. "I could get used to holding you like this," she murmured.

Olivia burrowed deeper into Alex's embrace and sighed. "I could get used to you holding me like this," she admitted softly, for the first time in her life actually enjoying being held.

"So, what did Elliot say when you called him back?" Alex asked, her breath warm on Olivia's cheek and her touch light on the brunette's stomach.

Olivia shivered at the sensations roiling through her courtesy of Alex's touch. "You know, the usual. Just checking in, seeing how we're doing. He said he wanted to try and stop by tomorrow, so I told him I'd check with you and let him know."

"Liv, why would you need to check with me?" Alex asked softly. "He's your friend, and he's worried about you."

Olivia just shrugged again. "It's your house Alex, I'm not going to just invite people over without checking with you first."

Alex rolled her eyes. "Liv, you can invite anybody over that you'd like. I don't care. This," she squeezed the brunette carefully, "is all that I care about. As long as you're here with me, nothing else matters."

Olivia smiled and took a deep breath, holding it in for a few seconds before letting it out. "Okay," she breathed on the exhale. "Okay," she pulled her phone out of her pocket. "I'll text him back and let him know to just call first to make sure we're awake."

"Might want to phrase it as something other than you might still be in bed," Abbie chuckled.

"What did you tell him when he called earlier?" Olivia turned on Abbie.

"Yeah Abs," Alex joined in. "What, exactly, did you tell Elliot when you answered Olivia's phone?"

Abbie grinned mischievously. "Nothing. Just that you were busy and couldn't get to the phone at the time. Oh, and I might have said something about you two looking incredibly hot together."

"I'm never going to live this down," Olivia groaned and closed her eyes, turning her head into Alex's chest.

Alex, despite her building annoyance with Abbie, had to admit that she rather enjoyed having Olivia's face nestled between her breasts. If only there were no clothes in the way and her lips were wrapped around my…

"Why is his ringtone Man I Feel Like a Woman?" Abbie asked, effectively interrupting Alex's train of thought before she could get herself too worked up.

Olivia groaned. "Please, please, please tell me you didn't tell him that."

"Okay. I absolutely did not tell him that," Abbie replied, the shit-eating grin on her face negating her words. "Why is that his ringtone?"

Olivia sighed. "He lost a bet to Fin a couple years ago and had to sing Fin's choice of song at the Karaoke bar down by the station. Fin chose Man I Feel Like a Woman. El did such a good job of it that he got phone numbers from like five different men and it's kinda been our little joke ever since."

"Why didn't I hear about that?" Alex laughed.

"God I would have paid good money to see that," Abbie crowed.

"Munch got it on video," Olivia chuckled. "He really was pretty good."

"We gotta get our hands on that video," Abbie murmured, evil plans already beginning to take shape in her mind.

"Just leave me out of it," Olivia laughed. "I don't need a pissed off partner. So, what movie are you putting in Carmichael?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

Abbie looked back down at the open cabinet in the entertainment center. "Well, let's see. What do you want, comedy or drama?"

"Comedy," Alex, Olivia and Serena – who had just entered the living room after finishing the dishes – all answered.

"Alright," Abbie chuckled as she selected a movie and slid the disc into the player before grabbing the remote and moving over to where Serena was sitting.

"What did you choose?" Serena asked as Abbie settled into the loveseat beside her.

"You'll see," Abbie grinned.

The four women watched the screen, and Alex couldn't help but groan when the previews started playing.

"Ohmygod Abbie, you didn't!" she buried her face in Olivia's short spiky hair.

"What is it?" Olivia asked.

"DEBS," Alex groaned.

Olivia sat up so she could look, really look, and the blushing blonde behind her. "I did not expect this movie to be in your library," she laughed.

"It was research," Alex argued weakly.

This got Olivia, Abbie and Serena all laughing. "How is DEBS research for anything you might come across in the DAs office?" Olivia grinned.

Abbie held her hands up, effectively calling court into session. "Allow me," she grinned. "See, much in the same way Elliot was forced to embarrass himself by singing – our dear Alex here lost a bet of her own last year."

"Who did you lose a bet to?" Olivia looked up at Alex who looked like she was torn between wanting to laugh with everybody else and run off and hide under the blankets and many pillows on her bed.

"That would be me," Serena grinned and high-fived Abbie.

"Do I want to know what the bet was?" Olivia chuckled.

"Let's just say it involved lots of tequila, chocolate syrup, balloon animals, and a Catwoman suit," Abbie waved her hand dismissively, as if that explained everything.

Olivia kept her eyes on Alex, surprised to see that it was actually possible for somebody to blush all the way to the roots of their hair. "You know what," Olivia thought aloud. "I really think that I don't want to know."

"Thank god," Alex groaned.

"Anywho," Serena laughed. "Because she lost I got to choose her costume for the annual DAs Halloween Costume Party."

"You hate dressing up," Olivia looked at Alex who just nodded and waved at Serena to hurry it up and get her humiliation over with already.

"I made her dress up like Amy Bradshaw," Serena laughed.

Olivia's jaw dropped at the mental picture that popped into her head of Alex wearing the short plaid skirt. "Wow," she breathed appreciatively.

"She was perfect!" Abbie declared proudly. "It was awesome! We won first prize in the costume contest!"

"We?" Olivia asked.

"I was Lucy Diamond," Abbie grinned.

"Yeah," Serena laughed. "But you guys didn't win because of you rocking the cargos or Alex in the short little skirt."

"There was more?" Olivia asked.

"Mmmhmm," Abbie drawled. "We got Donnelly to dress up as Ms. Petrie."

"You didn't," Olivia stared.

"They did," Alex groaned. "And, she has the picture in her office to prove it."

"She does?" Abbie looked over at Alex, obviously surprised at that tidbit of information. "Who took the picture? I really need to talk to her about getting a copy of that."

"Now you two be good," Abbie grinned at Alex from the doorway to the blonde's guestroom as she watched Olivia turn the corner into Alex's master. "Don't do anything," she waved a finger for emphasis, "anything, that I would do. You know, if I were alone with Serena at either her place or mine and not sequestered away in your guestroom."

Alex laughed. "I hardly see the point of that statement as you've already admitted to defiling my rug."

"Yeah, well, you know how it is – she just can't keep her hands off of me," Abbie chuffed.

"You are so full of it Carmichael," Alex laughed.

"Don't worry Alex. Your rug is still the pristine virginal piece of floor covering it was this morning," Abbie assured the blonde. "I'll leave the defiling of it to you two," she waggled her brows and waved at the air between Alex and her bedroom where Olivia was.

"You're such a sweetheart," Alex shook her head amusedly.

Abbie just smiled and placed a concerned hand on the blonde's shoulder. "Seriously though – you two don't have to share a bed if you're not comfortable with it. I can always sleep on the couch, and Serena was serious when she said she could go home for the night," she offered, dropping her act and showing her genuine concern for her friend. "Whatever you guys need and we'll do it, okay?"

Alex smiled softly and pulled her friend into a hug. "Thank you, but we'll be fine. I think the cuddling is helping both of us deal with what happened."

"Call me if you need me," Abbie gave the blonde a soft squeeze before letting go. "I'll keep our door open so I can hear you."

Alex wanted to dismiss the brunette's offer as not needed, but she knew that Abbie – in spite of her relentless teasing – was worried, so she just nodded. "Alright. If I need something you'll be the second person I call."

"Good enough," Abbie chuckled. "Good enough."

"Alex," Olivia said softly as she watched the blonde finished getting changed for bed.

"Hmm?" Alex mumbled as she pulled her top over her head and turned to face the grinning brunette in her bed. "You need something Liv?"

"Just you," Olivia smiled sweetly and held her arms out.

"Well, that can certainly be arranged," Alex replied as she went to turn off the light.

Olivia sighed as she felt the bed shift under the blonde's weight and moaned softly as she felt Alex's hand slide over her stomach as she settled in atop her.

"So," Olivia murmured, stroking her fingers through the blonde's hair.

"What's on your mind Detective?" Alex chuckled.

"Do you still have that skirt?

Alex smiled and lifted herself up to kiss the inquisitive brunette softly. "Yes."

"Sweet Jesus," Olivia breathed, her breath dancing across Alex's lips that were still mere millimeters from her own.

"Goodnight Liv," Alex whispered, leaning in and capturing Olivia's lips again with her own. "Sweet dreams," she murmured as she pulled away, nuzzling the brunette's cheek softly.

"Oh, I most definitely think they will be," Olivia groaned and felt Alex smile against her neck as the blonde placed a quick kiss on her pulse point. "I just hope they're aren't too sweet."

Part 4

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