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Vixen IV: Cake
By VivalaB


Olivia lay on her back, legs splayed and arms wide with her eyes closed, a picture of total relaxation. She enjoyed the cool air of the bedroom as it blew across her sated skin aiding her descent from another orgasmic high. She smiled and breathed out slowly as images of Alex on top of her, thrusting deeply into her core, whilst wearing the plastic cock, flashed behind her eyelids. Alex had pushed them both to earth shattering climaxes, denying their spent bodies the rest they were screaming for.

Olivia opened her eyes and ran a hand over her breasts and stomach, not stopping until she was gently cupping her throbbing, swollen sex. She smiled with satisfaction before looking towards the bedroom door and then to the bedside clock. She frowned, realizing Alex had been gone for almost five minutes, she was only going for some water. She shifted and flinched as her ass came into contact with wetness, she rolled out of bed and snapped on the bedside lamp, looking down at the patches of evidence, marking their lovemaking on the once pristine sheets. She shook her head and smiled as she removed the pillows and stripped the bed before replacing the soiled sheets with fresh ones.

She glanced at the clock again and decided to go in search of her lover. She looked at the purple dildo sitting proudly on the night stand at Alex's side of the bed and considered surprising her, but quickly dismissed the idea as the pleasant ache in her belly reminded her of how badly she needed to replace lost fluids.

Olivia stood at the open kitchen door, her eyes darting round the room.

The kitchen was large, the polished black granite surfaces shining in an ethereal glow created by the dozen candles strategically placed on various surfaces. Her eyes stopped on the blonde leaning over the large island that dominated the room, her blonde head resting casually on both hands as she gazed at the cake in front of her.

Alex was wearing Olivia's discarded and ruined black shirt, she had retrieved it from the floor of the hallway as she had padded naked to the kitchen. She smiled as she looked at the cake and the single long stemmed, birthday candle in the centre, she wondered what her girlfriend would wish for as she lost herself in memories of their incredible night of shared passion and unrestrained desire. She shifted her gaze as movement caught her eyes and she beamed instantly at the sight of her naked lover and leaned back, waiting for her to enter the room.

Olivia moved slowly, her eyes fixed on Alex as she stepped around the island and placed a loving arm around her, "What's this?" she asked, unable to hide her smile.

"Your birthday cake," Alex replied, leaning into the embrace.

Olivia brought her closer and kissed her tenderly, "I meant the shirt," she teased as she pulled back, plucking at the material.

Alex snorted, "I was cold," she answered, wrapping both arms around Olivia and sighing happily.

"Then let me heat you up," Olivia husked, moving her hands to cup Alex's naked ass and pull her tightly against her.

Alex laughed, "Your cake, don't you want to blow out your candle and make a wish?"

Olivia loosened her hold and turned her attention to the cake on the counter. She smiled at the chocolate creation, topped with a pair of silver icing handcuffs, "Very creative," she commented. She scooped a finger into the chocolate butter icing and placed it in her mouth, sucking the tasty treat slowly.

Alex swallowed as she watched Olivia's finger disappear between her lips and felt her mouth go suddenly dry.

Olivia released her finger and licked her lips, "That is the best cake I've ever tasted," she stated, scooping more of the chocolate on to her finger. She noticed Alex's eyes darken and follow her movements.

Alex saw the finger rise and move towards her mouth, she parted her lips instinctively as Olivia placed her finger on her bottom lip. Alex flicked the tip with her tongue and closed her eyes at the sweet sensation. She moved her head and captured Olivia's finger, licking the chocolate icing slowly from the slender digit.

Olivia felt her stomach clench as Alex suckled her finger sensuously with her skillful tongue. She pulled her finger back and waited for Alex to open her eyes.

"I already got my wish," Olivia said quietly.

Alex shook her head, "You haven't even blown out your candle yet," she replied softly.

Olivia gazed at the blonde, her love for this woman overwhelming her and rendering her momentarily speechless, "I got my wish the day you agreed to go on a date wit me," she whispered as emotion filled her voice.

Alex felt a surge of happiness radiate throughout her body as she beamed back at the brunette.

"Though, I should blow it out before we need to call 911," Olivia teased, indicating the candles around the room.

Alex grinned, "Flame retardant candle holders," she responded, waggling her eyebrows.

Olivia shook her head at her ever logical girlfriend and looked back at the cake. She moved one hand to the counter, lifting one of the glasses filled with iced water and handed it to Alex before reaching for the other one. She held her glass up, "Thank you for being in my life and giving me the best birthday I can remember," she said honestly, clinking their glasses together.

Alex smiled, "And thank you for sharing your birthday gift."

Olivia smiled as she took a long pull of the cool, refreshing water and placed the glass back on the counter. She reached for Alex's and repeated the motion, "I'd like to eat my cake now," she said.

Alex took a backwards step, heading towards the utensil drawer. A hand on her arm stopped her. She looked into the dark brown eyes and shook her head questioningly.

"I don't need a fork," Olivia whispered, pushing the black shirt down the slender arms. She pulled Alex gently towards her, admiring her beauty in the gentle glow of candlelight.

Alex felt her inner temperature rise, unsure of what was to come, but eager to find out what her lover had in mind. She watched as Olivia scooped more chocolate on to her finger and moved her hand slowly towards her breasts.

Olivia painted the perky, rose tipped breasts with the tasty icing, reaching for more until both nipples were completely covered with a generous coating of the dark brown fondant. She lowered her mouth and began to lick gently, her tongue lapping at the soft butter icing. She moaned as she sucked as much of Alex's right breast into her mouth as possible, feeling the blonde tangle her hands in her hair, holding her in place as she pushed more of her breast into the hungry mouth.

Olivia released the nipple, licking her lips and moaning with delight. She was about to move to the other breast when Alex forced her head upwards, capturing her lips in a searing kiss, plunging her tongue deeply into her mouth and tasting the sweet treat for herself.

The move caused their bodies to press together, chocolate butter icing smearing across Olivia's right breast. She gasped into Alex's mouth at the slippery sensation across her nipple and pulled her head away, panting heavily.

Olivia licked her lips and swiftly captured Alex's left breast, sucking greedily. She tugged the nipple roughly between her teeth and felt her stomach flutter as Alex growled with lust above her. She panted around the nipple in her mouth, feeling her clit pulse excitedly in response. She slid her hands around Alex's body, kneading the firm cheeks of her ass and pulling her towards her.

Alex thrust into the touch, moving a hand between their bodies and cupping Olivia's swollen centre. She felt the pleasurable pain in her breast intensify as Olivia suckled her harder and used her free hand to grip the counter.

Olivia released her, her lips shiny with saliva and chocolate and looked at the cake beside them. Alex followed her gaze and moved her hand from the counter to the chocolate creation. She used two fingers to trace around the circumference of the cake and watched Olivia's eyes follow her movements. She lifted her fingers back to her body and painted a chocolate line form her breasts down to the neatly trimmed patch of fine blonde hair.

Olivia swallowed as her tongue traced a wet trail along her lower lip, "Who says you can't have your cake and eat it?" she husked. She was about to dip her head when an idea struck her, she reached across the counter and lifted the glasses, moving them to the counter underneath the cupboards to her left and turned back to the wide, granite surface of the island. She pushed the cake to the side and placed her hands on Alex's hips, guiding her back against the island before gently lifting her.

Alex gasped as her ass made contact with the cold surface and looked down into the heated gaze of her lover.

Olivia smiled and pulled her closer, resting her hands on Alex's slender thighs. Alex crossed her legs loosely behind Olivia's lower back and held on to her shoulders. Olivia smiled as she dipped her head and licked the trail of chocolate from her nubile body. She moved her hands and held Alex by the hips as her tongue removed every trace of the sweet treat. She reached the fine, blonde hair and kissed her hooded clit gently, using her chin to tease the parted, puffy lips. She felt Alex shift and push into her as she moved her hands and leaned back, offering herself to Olivia.

Olivia lifted her eyes and viewed the long, lean body, arching on the black, shiny surface and felt her own bundle of nerves throb with excitement. She shifted slightly and trailed her chocolate covered breast along Alex's sex, sliding her large, swollen nipple across her engorged clit.

"Fuck," Alex gasped in surprise and opened her eyes to watch her lover trail her breast teasingly along her clenching sex. She thrust her hips to meet the sensual caress, eager to feel the hardened nipple against her most sensitive nub again. Her breathing grew shallow as she tried to contain her need and make the moment last, but she needed more.

Olivia watched her lover struggling for control and felt an increased sense of wonder and awe for the woman she held. She eased back, looking into dilated blue eyes as she moved and smiled lovingly at her girlfriend. She ran her hands up Alex's body and gently eased her on to her back, smiling as Alex gasped as the coldness connected with her shoulders. Olivia reached for her thighs and placed them over her shoulders, pulling Alex closer. She shifted her stance and lowered her head, swiping the flat of her tongue along the dripping folds and moaned in delight.

Alex whimpered wantonly as Olivia lifted her hips off the counter and drank from her flowing centre. Alex arched towards the questing tongue, offering more of herself to her talented lover as she braced her hands against the cold surface of the solid counter.

Olivia suckled her clit, tormenting the tip with her tongue and feeling the shocks pulsing through the bundle of nerves. She slid her mouth lower and looked up to meet the flushed gaze of her beautiful lover and smiled.

"This is definitely the best cake I've ever tasted," she husked, removing the traces of chocolate from the top of her lip with her tongue. She smacked her lips together and groaned, enjoying the combined flavor. She rested her chin between the slippery, puffy folds and tilted her head, kissing a smooth, creamy thigh, "Touch yourself," she whispered, watching Alex closely.

Alex moved her hands from the cool surface to her over heated breasts and began to knead them urgently, her eyes never leaving Olivia's face. She licked her bottom lip as her palms teased her hardened peaks and pinched them tightly between her fingers and thumb. She gasped and pushed herself towards Olivia's unmoving mouth.

"Please Liv…I need you inside me…please…I want to come in your mouth," she choked out, her fingers twisting her nipples harder.

Olivia felt wetness slick down her thighs at the passionate plea and squeezed her legs together tightly, trying to relieve the growing ache tugging between her legs. She blew cool air lightly across Alex's clit and watched the body in her hands arch higher. She parted her lips and drove her tongue straight into Alex's clenching opening, tensing her tongue and thrusting in as far as she could. She felt the walls immediately grip her rigid muscle and draw her in deeper, she ignored the ache in her mouth as she strained in further, desperate to feel her lover climax. She felt fingers brush her hair and realized Alex had moved a hand and was rubbing furiously at her clit, she moaned as she opened her eyes and slid her tongue out. Alex was lost in a haze of pleasure as her hands simultaneously milked her breasts and clit with abandon.

Olivia plunged her tongue in and sped up her thrusting, feeling the walls grip her once more. Her own hips were thrusting in time with her tongue and she felt more hot juices flowing down her thighs. She lifted Alex higher and pumped her tongue in earnest.

Alex thrust wildly, feeling her inner muscles coil, begging for release. Her chest heaved with the harshness of her breathing and she cried out raggedly as her climax was ripped from her throat.

Olivia held her tightly as she felt Alex's body stiffen. She welcomed the sweet nectar that gushed over her tongue and slid deliciously down her throat, hot wetness soaking her chin. She lapped at Alex, drinking every drop of pleasure she had to offer and felt gentle fingers smooth away her hair. She lifted her head and panted loudly as she sucked in some much needed air. She lowered Alex to the counter top and rested her head on her thighs, regaining her breath.

Alex lay back on the counter, her fingers idly running through Olivia's hair as she enjoyed the feeling of bliss enveloping her sated body. After a few calming minutes, she lifted herself on shaky arms into a sitting position and leaned over Olivia, cradling her gently.

"God Liv, I love you so much," she breathed out.

Olivia lifted her head, causing Alex to pull back. She smiled up at her, "I love you too," she whispered before wiping her wet chin along a slender thigh.

Alex shook her head at the gesture, "I think we should get some sleep, before it gets any later," she said, shifting her eyes to the clock on the wall.

Olivia nodded as she looked between their bodies, noticing the sheen of sweat, tinged with streaks of chocolate, "After we've showered," she said, smiling wickedly.

The End

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