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Creation Instead of Destruction
By katie_drake


John Munch had a theory (yes, for once he wasn't trying to dismantle one). This theory, like all theories, was well-calculated and tested. Granted, testing was limited in this instance; he pushed on as best he could though. His theory had first surfaced when Elliot had told him about Casey's small eruption towards that jackass after that kid had been raped and beaten and Olivia's quick handling of the situation. Then he had heard about how Liv had 'comforted' Casey. True, the rumor mill was usually spicy in terms of one single, slightly work-obsessed detective and one very alluring, strong and independent ADA; but calling Casey's apartment one morning and receiving a very groggy "Hello?" from Olivia was enough to make anyone curious.

After that he started to notice the sideways glances and the light, very brief, touches between the two. He saw the brief looks of love Olivia would have whenever someone mentioned Casey's name. He noticed Olivia's readiness to drop paperwork off at Casey's office (4 times in one day?). He enjoyed watching Casey the most, he decided. She was harder to notice in terms of the glances and gestures, but John Munch was a detective. He noticed things that most people didn't; like Casey's frequent late nights which always coincided with Olivia's late nights, like Casey's random appearances in the squad, though most noticeable was when they came in together yesterday morning. Of course, that was before both had called in sick today…now Munch was certain of his theory being fact. The problem was if he told anyone Casey would probably kill him; she really could swing that bat. Plus he didn't want anyone to know he was now creating theories instead of challenging them…that would be SO embarrassing.

The End

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