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Anything Goes
By Babydykecate


Chapter 8

Olivia smells of gin, espresso, and allspice, Casey muses as she slowly awakens from a lovely dream about Olivia. She turns gently in Olivia's arms to find Olivia looking straight at her.

"Good morning Casey," Olivia says with a smile. "Any regrets?" she asks slightly hesitantly.

"You're joking, right?" Casey says as she leans in for a kiss. Mid-kiss, the telephone by the bed begins to ring.

"You're not answering it," Casey mumbles into the kiss.

"I had no intention of doing so," Olivia says as she runs her hands along Casey's muscular back. The phone soon relents.

As the kiss ends, Casey flips Olivia on her back and straddles her.

"Did you forget about our bet?" asks Casey, her eyebrow raised.

"Most certainly not," Olivia replies quickly.

"Good," Casey replies. She runs her tongue between Olivia's breasts, and then goes to teasing Olivia's nipples. While Olivia is completely distracted, Casey hooks her fingers in Olivia's boxers and yanks them off.

"Hey, you don't play fair," Olivia mock whines, thoroughly turned on by Casey's assertiveness.

"I never play fair in the bedroom, Liv."

Casey slowly traces the path to Olivia's center. As she hits just below Olivia's belly button, the phone rings again.

"Fuck off," Olivia laughs as she knocks the phone off the bedside table. Casey has been doing her part to convince Olivia not to answer, her tongue darting lower and lower, yet not quite…

There… Casey's tongue flicks the bud hard. Then Casey raises her head, locking her eyes with Olivia. A sexy smirk crosses her face.

"Casey… Please?"

"If you insist," She replies. Her tongue once again finds Olivia's throbbing clit. She twists it in circles, pressing deep into Olivia. She goes faster and faster… Her teeth drag roughly over the bud, as Olivia begins to convulse at last. She continues circling Olivia's clit until Olivia's eyes stop fluttering and her breathing slows again.

"Damn, Casey."

"I know," Casey says smugly. Olivia laughs and pulls Casey against her. Bare skin against skin, melding into one.

The women walk casually into work, as if they just stopped for coffee before work. They have a new ease in their banter, unnoticeable by all but the closest of observers.

"I'll see you later, Liv. Have a good day."

"Alright, you too, Casey. Remember, no more subpoenaing Hoover."

"You tell a girl one small thing about you and she never lets you forget it," Casey says with a laugh. "Be safe. Bye."


As the day goes on, Casey is never far from Olivia's mind. Olivia is just finishing paper work at her desk, when a flash of crimson catches her eye. Silk ripples and swirls around Marquesa's ankles as she strides into the squad room.

"Oliv-via. I haven't been able to get a-hold of you," whines Marquesa, "Where you with that colorblind flirt?"

Olivia forcefully leads Marquesa away from her colleagues' prying ears.

"What the hell Marquesa?" Olivia fumes. "You can't just show up at my work whenever I don't answer the phone."

"I'm sorry, 'Liv-via," Marquesa says in a little girl voice, batting her eyes. Before Olivia realizes it, Marquesa has her hands all over Olivia.

"What can I do to make it up to you, Oliv-via?"

At that perfect moment, Casey comes through the door.

"Liv?" Casey half-yells; shock, anger and hurt playing in her voice.

Olivia breaks away from Marquesa and follows the fleeing Casey.

"Casey, I promise it's not what you think... Casey, please?"

Olivia finally grabs a hold of Casey's shoulder, "Casey, listen to me, damn it."


Chapter 9

"What, Olivia?" asks the furious Casey, "Do you honestly think anything you say will change my mind?" 

"I can only hope so. Casey, I told her to leave, and before I knew it her hands were all over me," Olivia pauses, trying to see if anything has sunk in. "She means nothing to me Casey; you're the one I want. Please believe me."

"You promise?" Casey asks her voice breaking.

"Yes, I do Casey," Olivia responds firmly. "Now help me figure out how to get rid of her."

"Liv, I have an idea…" Casey says deviously.

Olivia walks back into the hallway where Marquesa is waiting impatiently. 

"Sorry about that doll. Some girls just don't know their place," Olivia tells Marquesa.

"I do, Oliv-via," Marquesa says as she touches Olivia's arm and presses her body against Olivia's.

"That's what I like about you. Say, would you like to have dinner tonight? I could make a reservation at Javert's, 7pm."

"I'll be there. I'll be the one who makes your heart stop," At that Marquesa struts to the exit.

"We'll see about that," Olivia mutters.

That night, the snow looks vaguely dirty. As Marquesa steps out of the cab, she is careful to avoid getting any snow on her black stain pumps. She is 10 minutes late, of course, because that's the best way to be the center of attention. As she waits for the doorman to open the door to the restaurant, she looks around for Olivia. She can't see her yet, but she is certain Olivia is there. She walks into the grand dining room, the city lights filtering in through the long windows framed by velvet curtains. The walls and ceiling are covered in delicate painted flowers with an ornate gold trim around them. 

"Hi, I have a reservation, 'Benson'?"

"Yes, Miss. This way, please."

As Marquesa nears the table, Olivia is nowhere to be seen. Instead, a cocky looking man sits at one of the two chairs.

"Who the fuck are you?" Marquesa asks, as she sits down across from him.

"I'm Trevor Langan, and I'm your blind date."

"I don't date men," She replies coolly.

"Well you should, homosexuality is disgusting. God made women to be with men. If you get to know me, you'll find out what you're missing."

At that, Marquesa loudly gets up from her chair and throws Trevor's expensive wine in his face. Trevor jumps from his chair and grabs Marquesa's arm roughly.

"Get your hands off of me, you pig."

"Bitch." Trevor raises his arm to slap Marquesa briefly before he is tackled by a tall, raven-haired woman.

"Police. Detective Nina Cassady. What the hell did you think you were doing?" the woman asks furiously, as she wrenches his arms behind his back. She then turns to Marquesa, "Did he hurt you, miss?"

"Pig wasn't man enough to," Marquesa retorts.

Trevor's arms fight Nina's, as he attempts to lunge at Marquesa. He is no match however for the detective.

"Apologize to the lady," growls Nina. He stands mute for a minute, so she twists his arm. "Now," she orders.

"I'm sorry," he says insincerely, with a slight pain in his voice.

"Thank you," she replies, echoing his insincerity. She then releases him. "Now, I don't expect you'll be bothering the lady anymore, will you?"

"No," he replies, his face red and his eyes fuming. He throws 10 dollars on the table, and turns sharply to the door.

"Thank you," drawls the moll, "May I be reminded of my knight's name?"

"Nina Cassady, and your name m'lady?" Nina asks, while extending her hand.

"Marquesa Di Agostino."

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Marquesa," she says as she takes Marquesa's hand and leads her to the dance floor.

"I hope you have a loose definition of friendship," Marquesa jokes as their bodies interweave to the beat.


Chapter 10

Olivia snuggles into Casey, as they doze on Christmas morning. It is softly snowing outside as the sun rises, but the women refuse to acknowledge the new day. They are still tried from the party they'd had the night before. They'd invited all the girls over: Marquesa, her girlfriend Nina, Christina Finn, her girlfriend Alex Cabot, and Serena Southerlyn and her girlfriend Alexandra Borgia. They'd ended up sitting around the fire, chatting about ex-girlfriends, politics, and making fun of the guys… which turned into impersonations of them. Everyone agreed Casey did the best Munch. We'd finished many glasses of wine as they laughed and cuddled with their girlfriends. When the party was finally dwindling down, the merry women piled into taxis while singing endless good wishes for the holidays.

As Casey and Liv closed the door they laughed endlessly at the silly good cheer of the women. They could only stop by kissing each other. Satisfied that the living room was in good in enough shape, they headed to bed. Exhausted, they quickly stripped to their undies, and dove under the sheets. Curled tightly around each other, they coved each other in thousands of tiny kisses until they feel asleep.

Now that morning had come, they are hesitant to leave each other's arms. Olivia takes a deep breath, enjoying the soft ginger smell of Casey's hair. After an hour more of dozing, Olivia is starting to get anxious for the Christmas gift giving. She carefully slips out of Casey's arms, puts on the lime and cream plaid flannel pjs Casey bought her and pads her way to their living room. She lights the fire and turns on the Christmas tree lights. Then she heads into the kitchen. She starts making French toast, crapes with lemon and sugar, and hot cocoa. As she finishes, she grabs a few leaves of the mint plant growing by the stove, and uses it and cocoa as a garnish. She then arranges them all on a tray. She goes back into the living room, and grabs a small wrapped box and a card, adding them to her arrangement. She opens the cupboard under the sink, retrieving the bouquet of ranunculus, lilacs, chrysanthemums, and two calla lilies that look remarkably like hearts. She ties a light lime velvet ribbon around the delicate vase and sets the bouquet on the tray. She makes sure everything looks perfect, before carefully balancing the tray and heading to the bedroom.

She finds Casey sleeping like a cat on their bed, legs stretched out and her upper body curled tight. Casey is so peaceful, so fearless, so happy… that Olivia hates to wait much longer, but she's not sure she can stand the wait. She sets the tray on the chair near the bed, and gets back into bed. She starts covering Casey with the lightest, softest kisses. As Casey, stretches and fidgets, fighting waking up, Olivia kisses Casey nose. As Casey begins to open her eyes, Olivia kisses Casey on the lips.

"Good morning, sweetheart. Sleep well?" Olivia asks.

"I sleep wonderfully, as I always do in your arms," Casey says with a smile, "So, it's Christmas morning…"

"It is, and…" Olivia grabs the tray from the chair, "Merry Christmas, Casey."

"Liv! That's so sweet… hey, what's this?" Casey asks.

"Just a little gift for you."

Casey quickly unwraps the box, uncovering a beautiful leather case. She opens the box quickly, her face full of excitement. She gasps as she finds a simple silver band. As she examines the ring in the light streaming from the window, she realizes there is an inscription.

"my life, my heart, my strength, my weakness, my love, my angel. (which is followed by etchings of fluttering wings) my Casey. always yours, Olivia," Casey reads softly, with great amazement. "Liv!!!" Casey says with tears in eyes, trembling slightly.

Olivia pulls Casey into her arms, and rocks her gently. "I love you with all my heart, Casey. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, no matter what. Will you be mine?" Olivia asks as she brings Casey to face her.

"Yes," says Casey, her voice breaking. "I love you so much, Liv."

"I know," Olivia says, brushing away Casey's tears, "That's why you're my angel."

The women kiss, falling back against the pillows. As they cuddle, Olivia slowly feeds Casey breakfast in between kisses. When they finish, they put the tray back on the chair, and cuddle. They had soon forgotten about the rest of presents under the tree, too happy to think of anything but the safety of each other's arms.

The End

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