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The Take Down
By Berg

Part 12

Something about the song made Alex gulp the last of her wine. 'Since we've been together. Loving you forever is what I need. Let me be the one you come running too. I'll never be untrue. Let's stay together. Loving you whether times are good or bad, happy or sad.'

"God who wrote this song?" Alex said wiping the tears. "And why am I crying?" she asked no one.

No one.


Always alone.

It was choice…partly. At the same time she'd never met anyone she wanted to be around. Anyone who made her feel the way she was feeling right now. Anyone…till Olivia.

'We ought to stay together; loving you whether times are good or bad, happy or sad. Let's stay together.'

Alex picked up the remote and shut the stereo off. "Okay enough Al Green for tonight I think," she said softly and stood from her sofa. Tomorrow was the Ball. Olivia wouldn't be able to avoid her there. They needed to talk and talk now. She shook her head.

Olivia looked at Elliot. "Her tox screen came back positive for speed."

"Speed?" Elliot repeated her confused. "Why?"

"I don't know. It was a trace amount."

"Could she have taken it accidentally?" he asked rubbing his chin.

"No…I don't think. Though anything is possible I guess," Olivia said. "The thing is Lang could have had a million and one enemies. The trick here is going to be breaking down who ranks highest on the list."

"Good point," Cragen agreed. He looked at Alex. "Can we get a search warrant for Lang's financial records. Something that might have been over looked."

"You might not need the warrant," Olivia spoke up. "I think Lang will be much more cooperative this time with us. At this point…he's lost his wife, his child…I don't think he has much left."

Alex nodded. "I agree. Lets try that avenue before we attempt this one."

"The finger prints we were able to lift were not in our database. And given the assault, and sloppiness of the attack…this could easily be a first time attempt," Munch said.

"Someone going after Lang like he got them."

"Going after his child," Olivia spoke the unanswered question.

"Okay so lets cover this and get back to me on his records. Since he's no longer practicing maybe we can get our hands on his patients records."

"I doubt it…but who knows," Alex spoke up. "Even though he's not practicing anymore, his patients would still be protected."

"Well at this point anything is worth a shot," Elliot spoke up.

"Okay then…that's it. And let's not forget…I expect you all to show up tonight for the charity ball. No excuses. No exceptions. Understand?" Cragen said looking around the room. He paused and looked at Munch. "And no hookers."

"Ahh, come on Captain…you're taking all the fun out of it," Munch mumbled.

Olivia, Fin, Elliot, and Alex laughed.

"Olivia can I speak with you a second," Alex asked grabbing Olivia's arm and pulling her into the other room.

"What?" Olivia asked.

"Why didn't you return my phone calls?"

"Alex…I've been busy. It's nothing personal. Besides…we wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea about us right? I just figured it'd be better to stay low key at work. It's okay, really." Olivia smiled though inside she was dying. She was doing what was best for Alex and Alex's reputation.

"Olivia…I said I was sorry…it's just that…"

"Alex," Olivia held up her hand. "It's okay. I said not to worry about it. Let's just forget it happened okay?"

Alex tried to read her friend but at this particular moment she was having a hard time. "I was wondering if the offer for the ball was still on the table?"


"Just because," Alex looked up and held Olivia's gaze. "Is it?"

"Sorry," Olivia said softly. "I have a date."

"Do I know him?"


"Oh. Her?"

"No…you two have never met. Look…I got to get this stuff for Cragen done. I'll see you later tonight though…okay?" Olivia smiled and touched Alex's arm. "Have a good day."

"You too. Bye," Alex said watching Olivia walk down the hall.

"Wow," Mel smiled and looked Olivia up and down. "You sure do dress up nicely."

"Yeah- don't get the chance to wear dresses all the often," Olivia laughed. "You look amazing Mel."

"Thanks," Mel smiled. "This is the first time I've had a date since…"

"I know," Olivia nodded. Mel took her hand in her own.


"As I'll ever be," Olivia smiled looking down at their locked hands.

"I'll be expecting a dance," she smiled.

"Jonathan," Alex smiled and opened her door. "Come in please," she smiled.

"I'm glad you called and invited me," he smiled and handed her roses. "These are for you."

"Oh Jonathan they're sweet," she smiled. "You didn't have to."

"I wanted to," he said softly and kissed her lips quickly. "You look breathtaking."

"Thank you. You look wonderful yourself."

"I love black tie affairs," he smiled.

"Well then…let's get out of here, huh?"

"Sounds wonderful," he said taking her hand in his own.

"You're stag?" Fin asked Elliot as he came through the doors.

"Yeah. The twins are sick."

"Oh…I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I don't think Kath likes these social events anyways. She'd rather just have a beer with all of us at the bar," he smiled.

"I agree," Munch said coming up from behind with a glass of champagne. "Gentlemen," he said raising his glass. He sipped it and let out a relaxed sigh. "So where's our better half?" he asked looking around for Olivia.

"She should be here soon," Elliot smiled. Munch, Fin and he were all very aware of Olivia's talent, but at the same time admired her so much as a person. It almost felt like a family.

"Wow," Fin said looking up. Elliot and Munch followed his eyes to the set of stairs. "Liv's here."

"Wow is right…" Munch smiled. Olivia took the stairs dressed in a black evening gown. Her hair and make-up was perfect. She was wearing just enough to not look like she was wearing any. A secret her mother had taught her in high school.

"Who's that with her?" Munch asked.

Elliot smiled. "Her date."

"Nervous?" Mel whispered in Olivia's ear.

"No. You?"

"You're making a big statement here. You sure you're ready for this?"

"It's not a big statement. Not to those I care about at least. But thanks," she smiled and held Mel's hand. Mel leaned in and whispered something amusing in Olivia's ear as a big smile formed on her face. She laughed and led the way to the guys.

"Mel this is Munch, Stabler, and Fin."

"Interesting names," Mel smiled knowing full well Olivia had introduced them as she called them…their last names. "So what is it with cops and last names?"

"There are too many Tom's and Dick's" Munch smiled and winked. Fin rolled his eyes as Olivia chuckled.

"Munch is a real ladies man Mel…so be careful or you might just end up with your dress at the foot of his bed."

"Charmer huh?" Mel smiled.

"Always," Munch smiled back.

"Where's Kath?" Olivia smiled asking Elliot.

"Kids are sick."


"Yeah," Elliot laughed. "Legit excuse."

"Give her my best then."

"I always do," Elliot smiled and hugged Olivia. "You look wonderful tonight Liv."

"Thanks. Contrary to popular belief I can pretty up when needed."

The group laughed and Mel smiled at the easiness she felt around these strangers. She could see why Olivia cared about them so much. They were her family.

"Wow…that's my second wow for the night," Fin said glancing up again when he saw the beautiful blond escorted on the arm of the tall dark stranger unknown to them all…all except Olivia and Elliot who recognized him from the restaurant weeks before. "Cabot is looking damn fine. Damn fine."

"I'd love to be cross examined by her," Munch snickered as Elliot hit him. "What? What did I say?"

"It's okay," Olivia smiled as Elliot's protectiveness.

Alex looked down and caught sight of Olivia and her date immediately. They weren't hard to spot. Most of the people in attendance this evening were the men of power from the city and their cocktail dressed wives. Olivia and her gang stuck out like a sore thumb. She held Olivia's gaze and smiled warmly. Olivia returned it and brought her attention back to Mel and the guys.

"You going over to say hello?" Mel asked whispering.

Olivia looked shocked. "Why should I? She can come here."

"True. But you've always been the better person."

"True…but tonight's not about Alex or work or anything. It's about you and me," Olivia smiled and took Mel's hand. "I believe I promised you a dance."

"Indeed you did," Mel said as they made they way out on the dance floor.

Alex was shocked and slightly caught off guard when she saw Olivia take the dance floor with another woman. She glanced around expecting to see people pointing or making faces. But no one did. No one seemed to care really. In fact, Alex was sure she saw a few people applauding. She looked at Richard and back to Olivia.

"It could have been me," she said softly.

"Excuse me dear?" Richard asked.

"Nothing," Alex said sadly and brought her attention back to the conversation at hand.

Part 13

Olivia laughed as Mel said something amusing in her ear about tight people, coal and diamonds. Alex…from a distant…couldn't keep her eyes off of the pair. She kept trying to stay in the conversation at hand but with each passing minute…each second she saw Olivia in the arms of another woman…she grew jealous.


'Jealous? I can't be jealous? This is simply ridiculous,' she thought to herself.

"Alex?" came the soft voice from behind.

"Serena," Alex smiled. "How are you?"

"Good. And you?" Serena asked with a smirk as she glanced down to where she noted Alex had been staring so intently before.

"Fine. Fine thanks," Alex smiled. "Richard this is Serena, she works with me in the DA's office."

"Pleasure to meet you," Richard said holding out his hand.

"Likewise," Serena smiled back. "Well I better get back to Jack. God knows who he's getting into it with on the death penalty."

"You're here with Jack?"

"Yes…we're friends…see," Serena said this last part softly and amused, "we can come together as co-workers…that's what friends do. People are going to think what they want to think no matter whom or what I do it with. It's a big lesson I've learned."

"Right," Alex nodded. "Well goodnight."

"Olivia looked lovely this evening," Serena said as she began to walk away. Alex held her gaze and if looks could kill, Serena would be dead twice over.

"Bye Serena," Alex said through gritted teeth.

"I'm beat," Olivia said as she and the other SVU gang sat around a table.

"Me too," Mel sighed. "And to think I have a 1:30 flight out of here tonight."

"1:30 in the morning?" Fin asked out loud.


"Wow- you're one hell of a friend you know that?" Munch laughed.

"I try," Mel smiled. "Or at least we're getting there again," she said leaning against Olivia, placing her head on Olivia's shoulder and closing her eyes. "I think that forth wine might have been a little too much."

"Oh really?" Olivia asked smiling. She tilted her head and caught a whiff of Mel's shampoo. She closed her eyes and smiled, enjoying the sensation of being out with someone who cared about her as much as she cared about them. Sharing closeness…and not worrying about who or what people were thinking was a welcome relief to Olivia.

"She looks beat," Elliot smiled to Olivia. "Time to take your woman home."

"I'm not her woman," came the smile though closed eyes of Mel. "I'm my own woman."

"Sounds kinky," Munch smiled. "can I watch?"

"God," Olivia rolled her eyes. "I can't even bring a date without you hitting on her."

"Oh come on…like you wouldn't try right?"


"Don't think we didn't catch the way you gawked at Cabot's ass…not just the other day…but every day-" Munch chuckled as he gulped the last of his wine. Alex, who had been walking behind the group stopped when she heard her name mentioned. She felt her cheeks pink with the thought of Olivia watching her. Olivia shook her head.

"You cheating on me?" Mel winked as she picked her head up off Olivia's shoulder. "Not enough satisfaction at home?"

"Ask her when the last time she had a real kiss was," Fin piped in teasing Olivia.

"Okay... this conversation is over and done with…" Olivia spoke up.

"Come on Liv…" Mel laughed. "When was the last time you had a good old kiss?"

Olivia looked at Mel, "Don't play along with them," she rubbed her temples.

Elliot just sat back and watched it unfold. He noticed Alex come up behind the group, but she didn't interrupt. It seemed the ADA was just as curious as to what Olivia's answer would be.

"Awhile okay? Can we leave it at that?"

"No…" Munch and Fin both laughed.

"Well…I've heard your virginity can grow back…let's just put it that way," Olivia chuckled. The group all laughed as Olivia looked at Munch. "Whatever Munch- you're just as much a virgin as I am!"

"Give give," Munch held up his hands.

"That long huh?" Mel asked smiling as she leaned into Olivia a bit more. Fin and Munch watched in amazement. Fin gulped as he saw Mel capture Olivia's lips with her own and kiss her…softly as first but then more passionately and expressively. Mel finally pulled back. "Consider your losing streak over," she winked.

"Oh my god," Munch smiled. "I can finally die and go to heaven."

"I think I'm already there," Fin mumbled.

"God…these guys never change. What it is with you guys and seeing two girls kiss?"

"Dunno," they both replied never taking their eyes off the pair.

Mel looked back to Olivia. "Sorry- you just looked like you could use a good kiss."

Olivia just nodded and caught Elliot's eyes that motioned for her to look behind. Olivia turned around to see a retreating Alex Cabot who looked like she had a fire under her.

Olivia sipped her coffee the next day. "Got why is it wine hangovers are so much worse then beer hangovers?"

"Don't know," Elliot smiled. "Good question."

"Did Mel get off okay?" Munch asked taking his seat.

"Yes. She had a great time last night with you guys."

"Believe me Liv," Fin said looking serious, "totally our pleasure." Munch and Elliot broke out into a fit of giggles.

Olivia looked up and saw Alex coming in. "Hey Alex," she smiled. Alex nodded and walked right past her.

"Okay," Olivia mouthed and looked at Elliot wondering if she had missed something. "What's her problem?"

"Jealous maybe?" Elliot mouthed back.

"Screw off," Olivia mouthed the reply and tossed a piece of crumbled paper at him. He put his hands up in defense and smiled.

"Detective Benson, Detective Stabler," Alex said putting her brief case down.

"Yes?" Olivia said spinning her chair around.

"Here are the requests you made in the Lang case. I pulled what I could," Alex said not making eye contact with Olivia.

"What about his patients records?" Olivia asked taking a folder form Alex.

"That's a good question Detective," Alex said pulling out another folder. "Here is a list we could get. Anything else is held up in red tape."

"What's with the Detective line?" Olivia asked slightly amused. "You going all Perry Mason on me?"

"I don't think this is a joking matter." Alex snapped at Olivia so much that Benson was sure she felt a chill run through her.

"No you're right it's not…" Olivia nodded. She grabbed Alex's arm and pulled her into the conference room. "Excuse us," she said turning back to the group.

"What are you doing?" Alex asked trying to pull her free arm away.

"Oh-Oh," Fin mumbled looking at Munch and Elliot, "She's going to get it now. I've learned one thing. Don't piss off Benson."

"Tell me about it," Elliot said watching the closed door in amusement.

"What's your problem?" Olivia asked.

"Since you're the one who went all caveman on me and dragged me in here…I'd say you're the one with the problem."

"You're acting like a child Alex," Olivia defended her actions. "Why?"

"Please," Alex mumbled.

"Did I do or say something to upset you…again?"

"I'm not doing this," Alex said pulling away.

"We're not done talking here," Olivia spoke up.

"Let me go," Alex warned glaring at Olivia.




The two just starred at each other for a moment. Olivia finally stepped forward and pinned Alex against the wall, bringing her lips to the soft lips of the woman she'd thought about kissing for months now. Alex resisted at first trying to pull her from the Detectives grasp.

Finally she loosened up and let out a moan into Olivia's mouth. She felt Olivia deepen the kiss, as she brought her hands up behind Olivia's back side, caressing. Finally Olivia pulled away. Alex just looked at her for a moment. She opened her mouth and closed it. She felt the blush rise in her cheek. She gulped, looked around the room, opened the door walked as fast as she could right out of the office.

Olivia watched her leave and just smiled. She walked back to her desk and looked at Elliot who got a cocky grin.

"You didn't…"

Olivia just grinned from ear to ear. "Oh my god," he laughed, "you did."

Part 14

"Your honor," ADA Cabot said, "defense is leading the witness."

"Sustained," the judge said agreeing. "Mr. Sydney why don't you let you client answer without your help."

"Yes your honor. Sorry your honor."

"Continue," the judge said.

Olivia had sat in the back of the courtroom, going undetected by Alex thus far. She wanted to see some of the trial Alex had been planning for the previous week. Olivia sighed and lowered her head caught up in her own thoughts. It had been two weeks almost since Alex Cabot had spoken one word to her that wasn't work related. Olivia had tried on several attempts to get Alex to say anything…even gone as far as to pick fights with the beautiful ADA. Nothing.

The courtroom seemed unusually empty for a Monday afternoon. Olivia looked around observing the others in the courtroom. She noticed the guard and the bailiff standing by the judge and the defendant. She took in the jurors in the courtroom and hoped they'd see past the defendants charming boyish good looks and find him guilty for the crimes he did commit.

Alex turned and looked down at her folder. "No more questions your honor," she said. She glanced up and spotted Olivia in the back of the courtroom near the door. She held her gaze for a moment and then looked away.

Olivia knew that look. Alex seemed to be making it clear she wanted nothing to do with the Detective. Olivia hung her head. She could only say she was sorry so many times she thought. Clearly Alex was still upset.

Alex glanced at her notes as she listened in on the cross exam done by the defense. Her thoughts drifted back to the kiss. It wasn't that she was upset Olivia had kissed her. In fact, she quiet enjoyed it much to her surprise. She was just upset that Olivia didn't give her a say in the matter.

It was so "caveman" like and Alex didn't appreciate Olivia taking her say out of the whole situation. She turned back and made eye contact again with Olivia.

'What are you thinking Cabot?' Olivia wondered as she held her breath. The intensity of Alex's eyes always amazed her.

"Bitch! You Bitch!"

Olivia and Alex quickly brought their attention to the man who stood from the seats about four to six feet in front of Olivia. She saw the Bailiff quickly make his way over. She stood as well and began to move forward. "Don't come near me!" he screamed opening his coat revealing the plastic explosives. "No one moves or I swear to God we all die! That includes you….you bitch!" he screamed clearly now directing his anger and rage to the judge who had another bailiff next to her.

"Easy…easy," the first Bailiff said pointing his gun.

"Drop the gun or I swear to God I'll kill us all!"

"Come on man…easy," the bailiff said.

"Do as he says," Olivia spoke up holding her badge up. "Lower your weapon."

The man turned around. "Who are you?"

"My names Olivia," she said softly and calmly.

"You're a cop?" he asked clearly becoming stressed.

"I am…but it's okay…no gun. See?" Olivia said holding her hands to her side. "It's okay. I just want to talk to you…is that okay?" Olivia broke eye contact quickly to look and make sure Alex was okay. She saw her hiding by the side of the table. Olivia knew her first priority would be to defuse the situation as quickly as she could before innocent people got hurt. Before Alex got hurt.

"I hate cops!" he said.

"Me too," Olivia smiled. "Look…clearly you came here today with purpose. What is it huh?"

"That bitch…she sent my brother away. He was innocent. She sent him to jail and now he's dead. He's dead!"

"Okay…okay," Olivia nodded. "He was innocent…like these people," Olivia pointed around her. "Do you want to hurt these people? Kill them like your brother?"

"I…I just want…"

"What do you want?" she asked softly.

"Someone has to pay…"

"Someone will…but not like this," Olivia said. "Come on man…do you think your brother would want you to do this?"

"He was a good man," the man said sternly. "He was a honest good man."

"Don't hurt his memory then. Not by doing this," Olivia held her hand out. "Let these people go. Come on."

He looked around the courtroom. "They can go…"

"Good choice," she said softly.

"You stay. You stay," he said reaching out and taking the gun from the downed bailiff.

"No," Alex said softly.

"Get out…come on," Olivia spoke up. "Everyone out." She could accept this was her fate. So long as Alex was safe.

"Not them," he said pointing the gun to the judge and Alex. "Not them."

"But you just said," Olivia spoke up for the first time.

He turned the gun on her. "I said not them."

"Okay," Olivia held her hand up. "Not them." Olivia slowly moved to Alex's side. Alex reached out and took her hand. She was clearly worried and upset.

"It's okay," Olivia mouthed softly.

The judge came down from the bench and stood near Alex and Olivia. "Everyone else out!" Olivia said looking around. She knew at this point she had one option. She had her leg gun. She wasn't sure how he was wired up though, or if she misfired and hit the explosives…what would happen. Her head was going a million miles a minute.

"What do you want?" Olivia asked.

"Her to pay," he said pointing to the judge. "And her too." Olivia watched as he turned the gun to Alex next.

Olivia stepped in front of Alex. "Why her?" Olivia asked.

"Cause she's an ADA. She's part of it too," he said hissing. Olivia locked eyes with Alex.

"You know what they say…what do you call a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the sea?"

"What?" he asked.

"A good start," she laughed nervously as did the man.

"That's funny," he said. He turned the gun back to the judge…giving Olivia just enough of a blind spot. She slowly lowered her hand and pulled out her small gun. She prayed she knew what she was doing. She saw his finger slowly squeeze the trigger.


He fell forward and rolled to his side. Olivia reached over and checked for a pulse. There was none. She swallowed down whatever fear she had been feeling and looked up to see a passed out judge and a clearly distraught ADA.

"Are you okay?" she asked softly moving closer to Alex. "Can you hear me Alex? Are you…" Olivia's question was cut off as Alex brought her lips to Olivia's in a passionate kiss. Alex deepened it, bringing her hands up and pulling Olivia into her more.

"You saved me," she whispered.

"I…I was just doing my job."

"That's not what I meant," Alex said softly.

The Police and Bomb squad made their way through the doors.

Part 15

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