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Body Language
By Francyne

Olivia's POV

I saw her today

At first I wasn't sure it was she, it wasn't how she looked but how she was

Her hair, the same soft blonde, standing out amongst the others, reds, browns, black and even a hint of blue in there somewhere.

Her eyes, bluer than the sky after a rainfall, sharp and attentive, piercing and focused

Her shoulders broad and strong yet slim and gentle

Her jaw, set, determined and striking

Her hands, small and petite

Her back rigid and straight, sometimes softer, other times not

It wasn't how she looked, it was how she stood

The weight of the world was on her shoulders, decisions to be made by only her

Those around her pushing and asking questions

Which way to turn, which way to take

I saw her again today, not the same but only just different

I knew it was she, it couldn't be anyone else

No one else looks like that, no one else can see through me to the other side

She looks at me, doesn't see me, just past me

She turns and smiles a polite smile, she asks a question

I don't answer because I can't stop staring

I'm looking into her eyes, wondering,

if she's here where's her mother?

The End

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