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A Fruitful Stakeout
By Ann


Olivia sat in the driver's seat with coffee in hand. NYPD Special Victims Unit received a tip earlier that Elmer Stevens had been spotted taking the A train from the airport, and poor communication between dispatchers allowed him to exit the train in Queens ten minutes before a patrol car raced up to the subway station. He was spotted on a monitor as he got off the train, and the time stamp showed just how close the officers came to apprehending him.

Using a detailed map, Huang highlighted several areas in which Stevens may be living, and he stated Stevens would be drawn to the bar scene so members of the SVU squad split up to stakeout the potential locations. This marked the second night Olivia had parked outside the swingers bar in hopes of spotting the fugitive.

Watching the individual couples enter the bar and then exiting with another couple made Olivia wonder how married couples could so easily trade partners. There was no way in hell she would share Alex with anyone else.

Deep in thought, Olivia jumped when the passenger door swung wide open. She reached for her gun and whipped it out, only to point it directly at ADA Alex Cabot. Cursing herself for not locking the door in the first place, Olivia reholstered her gun while Alex closed the door and made herself comfortable.

Unnerved by the situation, Olivia said, "Alex, don't ever sneak up on a police officer again; it's a very good way of getting yourself killed. What are you doing here anyway?"

Alex held up a brown paper sack and replied, "I thought you would be hungry so I brought you something to eat. Besides, you always seem to be the one to catch the suspect when there are multiple stakeouts so I'm betting on you. I want to be here when you nab that son of a bitch. I still can't believe Judge Williams didn't hold him in remand. If anyone was ever a flight risk, it was Stevens. Judge Petrovsky would never have granted bail."

Sighing, Olivia answered, "You got that right. Elliott caught the bastard holding the couple at gunpoint. I mean, jeez, the woman had his dick in her mouth, and with all the other reported incidents, this was definitely our guy. We finally caught him, and he lets him go."

Pushing her glasses further onto her nose, Alex said, "Technically, he didn't let him go. He just made the wrong decision and set the bail too low."

Olivia gave Alex a 'yeah, right' look and then replied, "Well, he's free now, and it's up to us to get him back. I don't think Judge Williams will be quite so lenient next time."

Pausing, Olivia asked, "What did you bring me?"

Alex smiled, reached into the bag, and pulled out several containers. The first one had a piece of grilled chicken, the second one had some rice pilaf, and the third one contained a salad.

Olivia looked at the items and replied, "Alex, no one eats like this on a stakeout. The food of choice is usually a sandwich or hotdog chased down by plenty of coffee."

Frowning, Alex answered, "How can you possibly chase someone down after consuming a hotdog? You need to eat better. I don't want you dying of clogged arteries. If you won't eat the chicken, then at least eat some of the fruit I brought you."

Olivia watched as Alex opened the seemingly bottomless bag and pulled out several pieces of fruit, several weird looking pieces of fruit with prominent brown spots.

Turning up her nose at the offensive looking fruit, Olivia said, "Alex that fruit is spoiled. It has rotten spots on it."

Alex rolled her eyes and replied, "It's supposed to look like this."

Not convinced, Olivia asked, "What's it called?"

Peeling the rind, Alex answered, "It's a Jamaican citrus fruit called an ugli."

Looking the fruit over, Olivia noted, "Well, it certainly is ugly. In fact, it looks like a deformed orange."

Alex handed Olivia a sectioned slice, and Olivia very carefully took it in her hand. She turned the section over and over as she examined it with a critical eye.

Frustrated, Alex asked, "Are you going to eat it or just look at it?"

Olivia brought the fruit to her nose and took a deep breath. Deciding it smelled okay; she took a very small bite and was surprised by the sweet flavor. She popped the rest of the piece into her mouth and reached for another slice.

As she consumed her second ugli, Olivia's cell phone began to chime. She flipped it open and answered, "Benson."

Elliott's excited voice replied, "We got him, Olivia. I caught him just before he was going to make the male suck him off. Call Cabot and meet me at the station."

Closing her phone, Olivia turned to Alex and said, "Elliott is on the way to the station with Stevens. The asshole was caught in the act again, this time with the male. Go get your car, and I'll follow you to the station."

Alex put the rest of the fruit back in the bag and replied, "No need, I took a cab. Let's go. I want to get there before he lawyers up."

Olivia quickly put the car in gear and pulled away from the curb. Turning towards Alex she asked, "Alex, what do you think about swinging?"

Crossing her arms in front of her chest, Alex answered with a question. "Are you unhappy with the sex in our relationship?"

Olivia almost ran into the back of a limo as she replied, "No! You're everything I've ever wanted and more. Sex with you is both hot and erotic while at the same time sweet and loving. You are mine, Alex Cabot, and nobody touches you but me."

Alex reached for Olivia's hand and said, "Good answer, Detective. In fact, I plan to reward you later when we get home, and the uglis will play a big role. Did you know they're even sweeter when wet?"

The End

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