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Children And Olivia
By Lena Smith


The lights were turned down low in the "crib" of the 16th precinct and Alex Cabot could hear a soft voice reading the tale of Horton hearing a Who. She quietly entered the doorway, her heart clenching at the sight before her. Olivia was curled around a small, blonde-haired girl, holding the book so they could both see the pictures, reading her to sleep.

Alex smiled to herself. The girl was already asleep, but Olivia just kept on reading. It wasn't often in her life that Olivia got this kind of opportunity for peace, and quiet, and to enjoy the company of a young child in this manner. Olivia had passed the child and her father on her way back to the precinct when the father collapsed suddenly. Olivia had called a bus for the father and assured him that she would care for little Nicole until her mother came to pick her up. Alex had heard the whole story from Elliot. No horrible crime involved, just an unfortunate circumstance. A true change of pace for Olivia.

The soft voice stopped reading and the book slowly closed. Nicole was not the only one who'd fallen asleep. Gently, Alex pulled a cover over the sleeping woman, careful not to awaken her. Then she went over and sat down in a nearby chair, content to watch the object of her unspoken affection without interruption or prying eyes.

Alex didn't know when, exactly, that she'd fallen in love with the intense, driven detective. She just knew that she was. Alex didn't think that Olivia knew. At least she hoped she didn't. Alex didn't want to make their working relationship uncomfortable in any way. She didn't know if Olivia was "flexible" or gay and was not about to ask around and try to find out. Alex herself had never contemplated a relationship with another woman before. Not because she'd been opposed to the concept, but because she'd never met a woman who interested her. Then again, there were very few men who interested her either. Picky woman, was Alex Cabot.

Children were automatically drawn to Olivia. Alex had seen it time and again. No matter how hurt, scared, or tortured they were, no matter what had happened to them, Olivia was able to draw them out. She exuded such an intense caring . . . mothering . . . sensation, vibe, whatever . . . and the children felt it and responded. Alex knew that one day Olivia would be a great mother. Perhaps THAT, most of all, is what scared her about her feelings for Olivia.

Before Olivia, Alex had rarely contemplated a serious relationship with anyone, let alone marriage. And she'd never contemplated the possibility of being a parent. But now, she had dreams, and daydreams, of being a family with Olivia and their child. Each time she saw Olivia with a child, the desire for those dreams to become a reality grew stronger. 'Cart before the horse, Alex?', she asked herself. 'Liv doesn't even know you love her!'

Alex heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Elliot appeared, leading a woman with the same white-blonde hair as the little girl in Olivia's arms.

"Alex, this is Ashley Henderson, Nicole's mother. Ashley, this is Alex Cabot, our Assistant District Attorney." The women shook hands.

"How is your husband, Mrs. Henderson?"

"Very lucky," she replied. "The doctors said if it hadn't been for Detective Benson's quick actions, Jeff could have died. I think God was looking out for us today. Where is Nicole?"

Softly smiling, Alex waved them into the room. Ashley raised her fingertips to her lips and smiled. "Oh what a sweet picture they make. I wish I had a camera." She paused. "Does Detective Benson have any children?"

"No," replied Alex.

"That's a shame," replied Ashley as she knelt at the bedside. Quietly, she said, "Nicole, baby, you need to wake up. It's time for us to go home."

Slowly, sleepily, deep blue eyes opened. "Shhhhhhhhhhhh, don't wake up Miss Olivia, sweetheart." The little girl sat up, and Olivia, being Olivia, woke up immediately.

"I'm sorry, Miss Olivia, I didn't mean to wake you up. My mommy's here." Olivia hugged the little girl. "It's ok sweetheart. My friend Alex is here to take me home too."

Olivia got out of bed, and Ashley Henderson rose and hugged her tightly. "Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter, and my husband. I don't know how to repay you."

Hugging her back, Olivia replied, "Just take care of yourselves . . . and maybe send me a picture once in a while?"

Feeling a small hand tug her pants, Olivia looked down.

"Thank you for reading Horton to me, Miss Olivia. Maybe the next time I see you, I can read it to you."

Olivia's smile was brighter than a thousand watt bulb as she hugged the little one. "That sounds like a good idea, honey!"

Neither Alex nor Olivia could stop smiling as Elliot escorted mother and daughter out of the precinct. Olivia remade the cot as Alex leaned against the door, arms folded, watching. "So, shall I take you directly home, 'Liv, or do you want to stop for dinner first?"

"HUH?" Olivia looked at Alex with confusion.

"You told Nicole I was here to take you home. We don't want to lie to her now, do we?"

Olivia reddened, then Alex grabbed her hand. "C'mon, Triarsi's is calling me and I hate to eat alone."

Olivia couldn't remember when a day had ended so well.

The End

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