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Alternating Currents
By Rae D. Magdon


Chapter Twenty-One:

Sharing her apartment with a ten year old was not nearly as easy as Alex had hoped, and there were several inconveniences that she was still adjusting to. When Olivia worked, which was often, Alex was forced to take on the lion's share of the child-rearing duties, a task that she found herself woefully unprepared for. Still, she tried her best. She did not blast rap music while cleaning the house to preserve tender young ears. She tried to feed Calvin (and herself) three well-balanced meals, and even attempted to make them at the correct times. The days of eating dinner at ten o' clock at night and breakfast at two in the afternoon were long gone. She made sure that all of her sex toys, handcuffs, ties, flavored lubricant, and any other inappropriate items were tucked away in a lockbox at the top of her closet, along with a few "novels" dog-eared at the racy parts. She had also taken to wearing a nightshirt while she slept, or at least keeping one close to the bed in case Calvin had a nightmare.

When Alex first learned that Calvin would be staying with them, she made a promise to herself: 'I will not let a kid prevent me from having sex.' This promise was quickly broken over and over again. Their lovemaking, when they did find the time and privacy, was as excellent as ever, but there were no spontaneous quickies in the kitchen, and she could no longer distract Olivia from her commentary on a particularly bad documentary or crime drama by unzipping her pants and getting on her knees. In fact, they didn't watch crime dramas, documentaries, or anything resembling adult television anymore. The 'previous channel' button on the remote always seemed to lead her to a cartoon she wasn't familiar with – but that was also changing. She knew the theme songs to three animated shows already, and she had only been back just shy of a week.

Also, it turned out that not swearing was even more difficult for her than learning how to swear in the first place.

After six days of cooking, cleaning, washing, reading, watching television, driving, and answering a million and one questions about love, life, and politics, Alex realized three things. One, she liked kids. Two, she liked Calvin in particular. Three, she absolutely hated being a stay-at-home mom, even a temporary one.

"Olivia, I'm going nuts," she confessed, simultaneously making dinner and keeping an eye on Calvin as he read a book in the other room. The former ADA had decided to step a little more into her role as Calvin's caretaker and curtailed his television consumption. It had been a good distraction at first, but now it was just getting on her nerves. Calvin had not been pleased, but that was to be expected. Reading was much better for his developing brain anyway (not to mention quieter).

"Don't like playing Mom, huh, Cabot?" Olivia teased, but Alex recognized the hint of nervousness in her voice. Unlike her, Olivia was the most naturally suited person in the world for motherhood, and she took to it like a duck to water.

"I'm not made of strong enough stuff to be a full time... whatever the hell I am right now. I hate not working." That was the truth. "I love having Calvin here, I really do. He's been adjusting so well, and I know things are rough for him, but I'm just not cut out to be a homemaker for any length of time. Seriously. I don't have the chutzpah."

Olivia laughed delightedly, relieved that Alex wasn't rejecting the idea of letting Calvin stay altogether. She had no idea what she would do if Alex suddenly changed her mind. "Alex Cabot doesn't have enough spunk to handle one little kid? Wow, that's a first."

"Hey, I have been handling it, miss double-shifts. But I can't watch what I want on TV anymore, he keeps asking for the same five foods, and I miss having sex on the couch," Alex whined.

"You can watch what you want on TV. Calvin has to learn to share. Make something different for dinner. If Calvin doesn't like it, that's his problem. And if you really want to have sex on the couch," Olivia purred, nuzzling Alex's shoulder, "then I'll do you on the couch after little eyes and ears are tucked away in the bedroom."

Alex sighed. "I know. It's just an adjustment..." She hated to admit it, but she wasn't used to sharing. At least with Olivia, there were huge physical benefits that made her forget about the weird "naturally flavored" toothpaste in the bathroom instead of the regular mint variety and the girl boxers that seemed to pile up in the hamper faster than Munch went through conspiracy theories.

"So, what should we do?"

It was another one of the little moments that convinced Alex how right the decisions in her personal life had been. This was exactly where she was supposed to be. Still, there could be a few improvements. "He needs a regular bedtime, and you have to help me enforce it."

"Done," Olivia agreed.

"He needs to go back to school. I know that he got pulled out for a few weeks because no one was sure if he would be returning, but I bet if I go frighten a few secretaries and school administrators, we can get everything back on track."

"Done." That had been the plan anyway.

"I'm serious about you doing me on the couch."

The detective gave her a toothy grin. "Definitely!"

"And I'm going to get on my knees for Jack McCoy."

That was too much. "What?"

"Had to make sure you were paying attention." Alex winked. "I'm going to get my knees and beg for a job, any kind of job that's somewhat similar to my old one. I'll draw the line at demonstrating my oral skills."

Olivia groaned and leaned back against the counter, burying her face in her hands. "Alex, you can't say stuff like that. You'll give me a heart attack." That was when Olivia's phone started ringing. With a sigh, she grabbed her cell from the kitchen counter and answered the call. "Benson."

"Why do you answer your phone like that?" Calvin, who had snuck into the room while they were talking, almost made Alex jump out of her skin. She hoped that he hadn't been listening to their conversation for too long – that would have been embarrassing. Olivia smiled at him and held up one finger, indicating for him to wait.

"What do you mean?" Alex asked, leaning back beside the stove.

"You always answer your phones like that. 'Benson' and 'Cabot'... don't most people say hello?"

"Yep, they do, but Olivia works very hard, and with a job like hers, sometimes there isn't time to say hello."

Meanwhile, Olivia stuffed a finger into her other ear and wandered a few feet away so that she could hear better. "What? I can't... hold on...what? Really? That... doesn't make sense. What kind of letters don't have – oh..."

"But you stay at home with me," Calvin added. "Why do you answer your phone like that?"

"Well, if we don't have DNA to run through the system – we could... no, but –" Olivia said, her voice slightly louder than necessary.

"Because I used to work with Olivia," Alex explained. "Speaking of which, I'm going back to my job soon."

For a moment, Calvin's face fell. Then, he brightened considerably. "Does that mean I can do whatever I want when I'm alone in the apartment?"

After spending two minutes waiting for Olivia to finish on the phone, almost burning the sixth grilled cheese she had made in as many days, and fielding several more questions from Calvin about what he could and could not do (No, You Can't Turn On The Stove Unless There Is An Adult In The Kitchen. Elliot Does Not Count. No, You May Not Open The Liquor Cabinet), Alex wanted to bang her head against the wall.

"Olivia," she whined as the detective ended her call, "help?"

"Here, let me do that." Olivia switched off the stovetop and reached into the upper cabinet for a plate. "I am hereby ordering you out of the apartment for the next couple of hours. Go bother Abbie and Serena or something. Maybe Carmichael can give you some advice on using your oral skills to convince Jack McCoy to take you back."

"You don't need to tell me twice," Stealing Olivia's cell phone, she scrolled through the detective's contacts until she found Abbie's number. While the phone was ringing, she reached into the forbidden liquor cabinet and grabbed a bottle of wine for good measure. Alcohol definitely sounded like a good idea tonight.

"Carmichael! Put some clothes on. I'm coming over."

Calvin giggled. "Olivia, why did Alex tel-"

"Because Abbie likes to run around in her underwear," Olivia said in a mock whisper, heading off Calvin's question before he finished. "And if your next question is going to be why Abbie likes running around in her underwear, I don't know. You'll have to ask her."

That would certainly be an amusing conversation to listen in on.


Chapter Twenty-Two:

"Please tell me that's not the doorbell."

Serena sighed, resting her chin on Abbie's inner thigh and gazing up past the Texan's toned stomach and bare breasts to focus on her flushed face. "That's not the doorbell. But my saying something doesn't make it true. What is it you tell me... putting boots in the oven doesn't make 'em biscuits?"

With a groan of protest and unfulfilled need, Abbie threaded her fingers through Serena's hair and tried to pull the blonde back into place between her legs. "No – don't get up..." For a moment, the attorney let herself be directed, unable to resist one last taste... but she had learned the hard way that Abbie was a little like a tootsie roll pop, and in this case, Serena wouldn't be able to find out how many licks it took.

"Alex is at the door," she said firmly, groaning as she got to her feet and stretched out the muscles in her shoulders. After giving the hinges of her jaw a few adjustments as well for good measure, she started heading towards the bedroom door before realizing that she was naked.

"I tried to tell her not to come over, but she hung up!" Abbie pouted, still lying sprawled in her previous position on the mattress of Serena's Queen sized bed.

"You should have called her back."

"I was busy. And I might have felt sorry for her. The kid's been running her ragged, she just got back from the goddamn middle of nowhere, and Benson's probably trashed her apartment by now..."

Serena, who had found her t-shirt and a pair of Abbie's jeans, bent down to give her lover a kiss on the forehead. "You're sweet," she said as the doorbell rang a second and third time.

"Don't tell Alex that," Abbie grumbled, still unwilling to move. "You – you gotta get the door. I'm..."

Feeling sorry for Abbie as well as a little mischievous, Serena took a moment to approach the side of the bed. She trailed her fingers along Abbie's stomach, dipping all too briefly between the Texan's legs. "Yeah, you are," she purred as the brunette shivered. "Why don't you go hide in the bathroom? I'll keep Alex occupied for five minutes."

"Go 'head on, but I'm not wearing pants! You and Alex can't make me."

"You're a grown woman, I can't make you wear pants, but don't do anything in the bathroom except clean up... the rest is my job to finish later."

Abbie closed her eyes and mustered the strength to shake her head in frustration as Serena left the bedroom.

As soon as Serena opened the door, Alex walked in and made herself right at home, flopping down dramatically on her friend's couch in a very unsophisticated manner and demonstrating just how worn out she was. "You should have told me you were having sex," she said, letting her head loll over the armrest. "I didn't have to come over." Suddenly, her body went rigid. "Wait, it wasn't on the couch, right?" Slowly, as though trying to avoid startling a wild animal, Alex began to pick herself delicately off of the cushions.

Serena pushed her back down with a friendly hand on her shoulder. "What is it with you and sex on the couch? We were in the bedroom like normal people, and it's all right. Abbie did try to tell you, but you had already hung up on her... and she said something about not wearing pants?"

Alex snorted. "I told her to put on some pants because I was coming over, but it was a joke... I didn't realize she had actually discarded them. Oh, and I brought wine." She gestured at the bag that she had dropped beside the couch. "I figured since I was imposing, I might as well bring alcohol to make my company more tolerable."

"You mean Abbie's company, but thank you for being polite," Serena joked. "She'll be out in a minute."

"Couldn't find her clothes? That's typical Carmichael."

"More like I'm wearing her clothes." Serena gestured at the well-worn pair of jeans that were just a little too loose at the back, but still a decent fit overall.

"Oh, great... then she's definitely not going to come out with pants. Remind me why I wanted to come over here again?"

Serena shrugged. "Beats me."

"Is it horrible of me to be glad that since I'm sexually frustrated, you and Abbie can't have sex either? I'm feeling a serious case of Schadenfreude right now."

"No, it's not horrible, but don't tell Abbie. Do you need me to play sex therapist while she's indisposed? Has Olivia been giving you trouble?"

Alex blushed, regretting her previous comment. "No... Hey, can you help me up? I'll get some wineglasses. They're in the usual cupboard, right? Not like at my place... God, between the two of them, I never know where anything is anymore!" Gathering the energy to sit back up, Alex reached for her bag and pulled out the bottle. "It's really not as terrible as I make it sound," she said, standing up and heading for the kitchen, Serena a step behind her. "Olivia tries her best. She does keep the bathroom spotless, but she never remembers to load or unload the dishwasher, and her underwear ends up all over our bedroom."

"Well, since you just used the word 'our' before 'bedroom', that implies dual ownership. It's probably an adjustment for her as well..."

"It's not that bad, but between her and Calvin... He's a great kid. I like having him around, but –"

Serena patted Alex's hand in understanding and practically forced her into the kitchen chair, confiscating the bottle of wine and getting out the glasses herself to save her friend the effort. "It's completely reasonable to stress out after so many big life changes. Have you talked to Olivia about this?"

"Today, before I came over. I laid down the law, trust me."

"And how did she take it?" Serena asked as she opened a drawer for the corkscrew.

Before Alex could answer, a red-faced and slightly damp-haired Abbie Carmichael wandered into the kitchen, her bare feet slapping on the tile. Alex immediately glanced down and noticed her uncovered legs, frowning in response. "I thought I told you to put on pants," she said, taking the full wineglass that Serena offered her a little too quickly, almost letting the liquid spill over the rim and onto her skirt.

"Since when do I listen to you? Besides, Serena likes it when I walk around the apartment in a tank top and panties." Abbie slumped down in a chair next to Alex, obviously in no hurry to get dressed any time soon.

"I can't argue with that," said Serena, taking another sip of her wine and swirling the remainder of the red around in the bottom of her glass. This particular vintage was supposed to be lingered over, but the three friends had decided to forego the pleasure of savoring it in favor of getting drunk faster.

"At least it wasn't a thong," the taller blonde muttered under her breath. She slumped against the back of the chair, allowing the warmth to blossom up from her stomach and spread across her cheeks, not sure whether it was a result of her embarrassment or the wine.

"Relax a little, Cabot," Abbie drawled, "take the stick out of your ass."

Alex frowned, resisting the childish urge to stick out her tongue. "If you don't shut up, I'll be more than happy to put that stick up your ass, Abigail Carmichael."

"She won't like it," said Serena. "Squeals like a little girl. I don't suggest trying." Unlike Alex, Abbie did not hesitate to stick out her tongue.

"Oh my God, you are so perverted and annoying." Alex took off her glasses and wiped them on the hem of her shirt. "Both of you give me a headache. Why did I come over here?"

"Because you lo-o-ove us," Abbie sing-songed.

"If you really loved me, you'd put on some pants. I did warn you before I came over."

It was Abbie's turn to frown. "Obviously, your warning wasn't enough. I reject the confinement of pants!" she declared, stealing Serena's glass of wine and taking a sip.

Serena shrugged, deciding that this was one battle that she did not want to help Alex fight. She knew when to give in. "Works for me..."

"Hey, you two are my best friends, but I could do without the mental image of, you know–"

Abbie and Serena shared a glance with each other and rolled their eyes in unison. "Prude."

"Yeah. Total prude."

"Why hasn't Benson fixed that by now?"

Alex sighed and leaned her head over the back of the kitchen chair's frame, actually enjoying the strain it put on her neck muscles. She stared at the ceiling so that she wouldn't have to look at her half-naked hostess. "I'm not drunk enough to answer that question yet. Give me a refill, Serena."


Chapter Twenty-Three:

"Hey Liv, I'm home, are you awake?" Alex called out softly as she crept into the apartment. All of the lights were off, and she didn't flick the switch, not wanting to disturb Olivia or Calvin if they happened to be asleep somewhere in the living room. It wasn't an uncommon sight to find one (or both) of them snoring on the couch lately. Everything was silent, so she continued through the dark, feeling her way by keeping one hand along the wall and using the table by the front door as a guide.

"Liv?" she tried again, keeping her voice low. Even if Calvin and Liv had miraculously tucked themselves in without her pestering for once, she still didn't want to bother them if they really were asleep.

"In the bedroom, blondie," a familiar voice replied in a half-whisper. "Did you have a good time with Abbie and Serena?"

"Yep. We finished the whole bottle." Kicking off her shoes in the hallway even though they wouldn't make much noise on the carpet, Alex tiptoed down the dark hallway, hoping that no one had left any stray items for her to trip over. As she turned the corner, she noticed a faint crack of light coming from beneath the bedroom door. Olivia was obviously not ready for bed yet. Alex smiled softly. Maybe she would finally get lucky again tonight.

Turning the handle, Alex slipped into the bedroom and had to bite her lower lip to keep from laughing. Unfortunately, she was unable to prevent an undignified snort from escaping anyway. "Olivia! You are such a dork!"

There, positioned directly at the foot of their bed, was the couch from the living room. "Well, you said you wanted me to do you on the couch..." The detective gave her a sheepish shrug, which Alex found absolutely adorable. "But I just couldn't think of a way to guarantee that Calvin wouldn't come out of his room for a midnight snack."

Alex gave up trying to keep her composure and burst out laughing. Instantly, she clapped a hand over her mouth to muffle the sound. "You keep finding new, creative ways to remind me why I fell in love with you, don't you?" she said in between giggles, reaching down to undo the buttons of her blouse. Even though she was currently out of a job, she hadn't abandoned her professional wardrobe. Besides, Olivia liked it when she dressed up... or, more accurately, when she dressed down.

"I have to find ways to keep you interested..." Olivia headed in Alex's direction with a swagger in her step, settling her hands around the attorney's waist and caressing her hips through the fabric of her skirt.

"You mean ways to drive me crazy," Alex corrected, peeling off her blouse and reaching behind her back to pinch open the clasp of her bra. She let it fall to the floor, enjoying the way that Olivia's already dark brown eyes grew even darker at the sight of her breasts. After giving her lover a nice long look, Alex reached down to unzip her skirt, but Olivia batted her hands away.

"No. I want to help. Besides, this is mine." Olivia stripped Alex of her skirt with practiced ease, pleased to see that the attorney had forgone stockings out of sheer laziness. Apparently, Abbie and Serena weren't important enough to cover her legs for. Olivia normally appreciated Alex's legs in pretty stockings, but right now, they would just be in the way.

Alex arched one perfectly sculpted eyebrow. "Excuse me? What's yours?"

"This," Olivia clarified, snapping the waistband of Alex's panties before reaching around to grab two firm handfuls of her ass. The lawyer's breath hitched, but she gave Olivia a sly smile.

"I suppose you can use that particular body part, if you want..."

"That's not all that's mine," Olivia said, trailing her palms down Alex's bare legs and taking her underwear down along with them. "These are mine, too." Alex trembled slightly at the soft touches, chewing on her lower lip and almost pouting when Olivia's hands left her. She started to complain, but changed her mind when she realized that Olivia was taking off her tank top.

That gave Alex an idea. "Yeah, well, these are mine," she said, reaching forward to squeeze Olivia's breasts as soon as the shirt was partially over her head. Olivia sighed in pleasure as both of her nipples were captured between a thumb and forefinger, and Alex reveled in her minor victory. She would let Olivia win eventually, but that didn't mean she was going to give up without testing her a little.

After a few more moments, Olivia managed to shrug off her shirt and remove Alex's hands from her breasts, albeit reluctantly. "No. You told me to do you on the couch, so I'm doing you on the couch. Stop trying to distract me."

"Maybe I want to fuck you on the couch," Alex said, placing a hand on her hip and shifting her weight to one side. Olivia immediately decided that all of Alex's sassy poses looked even more delicious when she was naked.

"Ooh, you're swearing now? I thought you were trying to quit."

Alex ignored Olivia's taunt and started to push her backwards onto the oddly-positioned living room couch. "I am," she said airily, pulling at the waistband of the yoga pants that her lover had obviously taken from her side of the closet, since they were a very snug fit around the flair of Olivia's hips.

"I bet I can make you swear again."

The lawyer's eyes lit up at the thought of a challenge. She would give in to Olivia eventually, of course, but she was going to make the detective work for it first. "Fine... since you did promise to do me on the couch..." Alex took one last opportunity to rub the full length of her naked upper body along Olivia's before settling down on the other side of the couch, letting her head loll back onto the cushions and spreading her legs. "Pleasure me, woman."

Olivia was torn between amusement at Alex's playful, cavalier attitude and the delicious picture she made, skin slightly pink with the flush of arousal, legs parted for her, the tips of her breasts pointing out. The blonde was absolutely stunning in every way. Swallowing the lump in her throat, Olivia got up off the couch and walked around to the foot of the bed, pulling out her secret weapon from beneath the duvet. Holding it up in her right hand, she waved the red jackrabbit vibrator at Alex playfully. "I remember a certain sexy lawyer teasing me with this on a certain sexy video that she sent me while she was away. I thought it was time to show her how much I... enjoyed... her performance."

Alex's eyes widened, and she instantly realized that she was a goner. If Olivia's teasing so far was any indication, she was really in for it. Using the foot of the bed to give herself a boost, Olivia climbed over the back of the couch instead of walking back around, settling comfortably in the cradle of Alex's warm thighs and leaning down to kiss her. Alex accepted her detective's weight gladly, automatically responding to the silky feel of Olivia's lips covering hers. She had wanted to kiss Olivia the second she walked in the door, but when fireworks exploded behind her eyes in bursts of red, she didn't regret waiting. She had to be the luckiest woman in the world if Olivia's kisses still did this to her after all these months. Alex was positive that nothing would change in the next fifty years or so, either.

"Mm," she said, jolting slightly when a low humming sound startled her. Olivia had switched on the vibrator and was holding it against her outer thigh as her other hand reached up to caress one of Alex's excited breasts, making sure to circle her nipple and give it a friendly tug.

"You might wanna rethink our bet," Olivia teased between the wet kisses and nips she gave to the side of Alex's throat. "I'm not just gonna make you swear. I'm gonna make you scream."

Despite that lust-filled promise, Alex couldn't seem to convince Olivia to hurry things along. She certainly didn't need much foreplay at all – with a bit of verbal sparring and a few strategic touches, Alex was already wet and needy – but the detective seemed to enjoy making her wait for it. Steadfastly ignoring the way Alex's pelvis pressed against hers, searching for contact, Olivia explored all of her lover's upper body with her lips, teeth, and tongue while she continued to trail the vibrator along Alex's lower half.

Alex sighed in relief when Olivia finally took a straining nipple between her lips, flicking the nub with her tongue and humming in satisfaction, but that relief quickly turned to frustration when she realized that Olivia was making no other progress. "Oh-liv-i-a," she whimpered, weaving her fingers through her lover's dark hair as she tried to grind against the detective's thigh. "Stop being difficult."

"What did I tell you? This is mine..." Olivia reached beneath Alex and gave her another playful squeeze. "This is mine..." She returned to Alex's breast, blowing over the tip and making Alex flinch at the bite of cool air where Olivia's warm mouth had been. "And this is definitely mine." For the briefest of moments, Olivia let the very tip of the thrumming toy's head press between Alex's lips, taking it away almost immediately. " Since they're mine, I get to play with them when I feel like it."

Alex's eyes closed as a fresh wave of arousal crashed over her, creating another flood of wetness and making her squeeze her legs together uncomfortably, trying to trap the toy between them. "J'ai envie de toi..."

"I know you do, sweetie... be patient."

Breathing heavily, Alex was amazed at just how needy she felt. In only a few short minutes, Olivia had already melted her into a puddle. Her lover continued to tease, pressing the shaft of the rabbit against swollen outer lips, circling her entrance without fully penetrating her. The plastic protrusion at the front end settled directly over her, and the vibrations coming from it made her knees flex. Somehow, she managed to keep her legs open, not wanting to do anything to discourage Olivia now that she was finally getting around to fulfilling her promise.

"Je veux que tu me fasses jouir..."

"So impatient!"


Olivia pressed several quick kisses to Alex's lips, which the attorney greedily tried to deepen. "French doesn't count," Olivia whispered instead, refusing to give Alex what she wanted just yet.

"Liv..." Finally realizing that her pleas were having no effect, Alex surrendered. "Fuck me."

And as much as she enjoyed teasing, Olivia enjoyed giving Alex what she wanted even more. She was unable to deny such a well-worded request.


Chapter Twenty-Four:

"Ahh..." a whimper of satisfaction escaped from Alex's throat as Olivia slid the rabbit home, ending the teasing suspense with one slow thrust. The deep vibrations made Alex flinch at first, but then she arched her back in ecstasy, trying to push her hips down harder against Olivia's hand.

Feeling smug, Olivia pressed kisses to Alex's cheeks and forehead, enjoying the glazed look in her lover's sweet blue eyes. "You are so beautiful, baby," she murmured beside the attorney's ear, offering encouragement. "And you're even more beautiful when I'm fucking you." That one little word made Alex's hips buck sharply, an uncontrolled reaction. Olivia smiled when she felt Alex's wetness running over the shaft of the vibrator and onto her hand.

Unfortunately for Olivia, but fortunately for Alex, the former ADA's orgasm came fast and hard, shattering over her and making her scream as her entire body locked up tight. Determined as she was, Olivia was still forced to stop her thrusts as Alex's muscles clutched at the rabbit, refusing to release it for several timeless seconds. As soon as she could, Olivia resumed the twisting, sliding motion of her wrist, making Alex shudder again.

"Mon dieu," she panted when she finally got her breath back. "Liv. Liv. God. Stop. You have to stop or I'll die."

Sensing that Alex was serious, Olivia gently removed the jackrabbit from its snug home, feeling a little cheated that she hadn't had much time to play. Waiting to make sure Alex was watching, she made a show of cleaning the shaft with her tongue, moaning her approval of the taste. The light color of Alex's eyes darkened for a moment, and she began to wiggle under Olivia's weight, obviously wanting something.

"I don't know why that word did it for me tonight," Alex admitted softly. "I don't normally approve of it."

Olivia gave a mental shrug, but kept her body still in deference to Alex, who was clinging to her with both arms and legs. "I know you don't. That's why I said it."

"It's a crude verb for rough, emotionless sex. And that's not what we do together..."

The detective thought about it for a moment. "You can fuck and make love at the same time," she finally answered.

With some of her strength returning, Alex managed to scoot down along the couch until she was kissing Olivia's breasts, sucking eagerly at a hard nipple. "I'm still horny," she mumbled around the bud, releasing her hold only to catch it again with the very edges of her teeth. "I can't go again so soon, too sensitive... but I want to taste you."

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Olivia obligingly lifted her hips, allowing Alex to shift even further beneath her. Truthfully, the detective always felt a little awkward kneeling over Alex's face, but she knew that her lover enjoyed that position, and so she didn't resist.

"Explain it to me," Alex drawled, staring up the length of Olivia's body as the brunette knelt over her. "Tell me how we can make love and fuck at the same time."

"It's like – oh! Aaah Venn Diagram..." Olivia stuttered, crying out in surprise when Alex's tongue did a full sweep of her folds, pausing to curl around the hard, swollen bud in front. "Lex, I can't..."

Alex pulled away, just barely. "Keep talking," she said. Her voice was muffled, but clearly understandable.

"There's a place where the two overlap... mmm... A place where... Sometimes our bodies go a little crazy, but-" Olivia's voice trailed off in a hiss as Alex's tongue circled her entrance, pressing inside and making her legs shake. It was difficult to hold on to her train of thought with the warm tongue thrusting in and out of her, but she continued as best she could. "But there's still love, a c-oooh, a connection. So it's making love."

Olivia felt rather than heard Alex's moan of approval vibrating against her. She gasped as the attorney's sharp nails trailed along her outer thighs, raising goosebumps on the bare skin there. Looking down past her breasts, Olivia watched as Alex shifted slightly to wrap her lips around the straining, sensitive point begging for her attention. From her position, she couldn't see everything, but what she glimpsed was beautiful: the upper portion of Alex's enraptured face, her soft hair, and the dart of a pink tongue.

Wanting more contact, Alex wrapped her arms around Olivia's waist from below, urging the detective to grind down harder on her face. She hesitated at first, not wanting to hurt the woman beneath her, but Alex insisted, gripping Olivia firmly by the hips and pulling her down, holding her in place.

Olivia literally screamed in frustration, although it was a relatively muffled scream, when Alex tilted her head away for a second time. "Keep talking."

The detective groaned. "God, Alex... Dunno what to say..." she stuttered, torn between exasperation and pleasure that bordered on pain.

"Do you need inspiration, baby?" Alex paused to bestow another long lick on her twitching lover. "Why don't you tell me what we're going to do once I make you come?" Both of them knew that wouldn't take long once Alex stopped teasing.

Even in such a vulnerable position, Olivia couldn't help falling back on a snarky response. Alex was rubbing off on her. "Sleep? Ow!" At first, Olivia was upset by the sharp nip that the lawyer had given her inner thigh, but then she was grateful for it, because the fading pain gave her something to concentrate on besides the torturous tongue that was driving her to distraction.

"We could... grab a shower," Olivia suggested, keeping her voice slow and deliberate as Alex did her best to make speech impossible. It was a valiant attempt, and Olivia's voice broke on the word 'shower'. "I might have learned how to use the pulse setting on the shower head while you were away."

Unwilling to pull away from the intoxicating taste and scent that was Olivia, Alex simply moaned her approval, allowing the vibrations to tease Olivia even further. "I could show yooou... God, you're good at that. Mmm, Alex, please..." When Alex's tongue thrust inside of her again, full stop, Olivia gave herself over to the contractions, relieved that her lover had decided to have mercy on her.

Alex felt Olivia sway slightly and hurried to grip the brunette's legs, helping both of them settle into a slightly more comfortable spooning position. The lawyer was surprised to find herself as the spooner instead of the spoonee, a reverse of their usual sleeping routine, but she wasn't about to complain. She had everything she wanted.

"I love doing that," she said dreamily. "I really, really love doing that."

That coaxed an exhausted laugh from Olivia. "I'm not sure whether I should say thank you or you're welcome."

"Say, 'Alex, honey, I'll move the couch back into the living room while you start the shower because I know it will drive you crazy and you won't be able to fall asleep.'"

"Alex, honey, I'm not moving the couch in the middle of the goddamn night just because you're anal retentive about furniture and everything else."

Alex sat up, disrupting their comfortable position. "Liv, I'm going to turn on the water, and when we come back in here for bed, that couch had better be gone." She attempted to climb over Olivia's limp body, but couldn't manage to do it gracefully. Olivia was lucky enough to be greeted by the sight of a very tempting backside, however, which she slapped automatically as soon as she had lined up her target. Alex jumped, squeaked, and then tossed a saucy wink over her shoulder as she sauntered towards the bathroom.

Olivia took a moment to gather her strength, only pushing herself up when she heard the hiss of water spraying from the showerhead in the adjacent bathroom. She started to get to her feet, pausing when she felt a familiar texture pressing against her thigh. Smirking to herself, she picked up the abandoned vibrator, turning it over and squinting in order to read the tiny, almost illegible print near the base. "Waterproof, hmm?" she said to herself, switching it on to make sure that the batteries hadn't worn out. For some reason, the thrum of the toy felt satisfying in her hand. She tossed it casually into her left hand and held it behind her back, strolling towards the slightly cracked door. Olivia was confident that she could find a way to make Alex forget about moving the couch until tomorrow morning.


Chapter Twenty-Five:

Alex rolled her shoulders luxuriously under the warm spray of the shower, loosening her back and rinsing strawberry scented conditioner from her hair. If she guessed right, she would only have a minute, maybe two, to finish washing. Although her lover's recent climax had been powerful, Alex knew that Olivia recovered quickly, and when the detective got her second wind, she would waste no time joining her in the shower.

Sure enough, a flash of darkness on the other side the frosted glass alerted Alex to the brunette's presence, but she still pretended to be surprised when Olivia opened the door and slipped in beside her, standing close enough for their hips to brush. A freshly damp hand snaked around Alex's waist, pulling the former ADA closer.

"Did you move the couch?" Alex asked. She could tell that Olivia was smiling even though her vision was slightly blurry without her glasses. The shower spray didn't help either.

"I had other things on my mind."

Alex pressed her lips together, giving Olivia a chastising look. She couldn't tell if the detective bought it, though, because her expression was mostly a tan smear. "Like?"

"Like how soft your skin is when it's slick with water and shower gel," Olivia purred, running the hand that was hooked around Alex's waist up and down the curve of her side. Strangely, she didn't pull the attorney into a full embrace or use her other hand. "Like the taste of your lips. Do they still taste like me?" Alex found herself swept up into a deep, probing kiss. It was confident and hungry, and if Olivia had used her teeth, Alex might have considered it aggressive... "Mmhmm... I thought so."

"Don't try and distract me," Alex said, but the break in her voice gave her away.

Olivia ignored the lawyer's weak protests, finally bringing her other hand around and switching on the vibrator that she had kept hidden behind her back. Alex couldn't make out the object right away, but she recognized the hum over the hiss of water droplets striking the floor of the shower.

"Liv..." Olivia already had her ready and willing despite her lackluster show of resistance, but this time, she had something different in mind for them. "Not that." Obviously a little hurt, Olivia let the toy fall from her hand, ignoring the way it slid across the shower's water-slicked floor. "No. What I meant was... I just want your hand. It makes me feel connected to you."

Her confidence returning instantly, Olivia nibbled on Alex's lower lip, sighing when the blonde's arms found their way around her neck. Gentle fingers trailed through her freshly dampened hair, tugging the wisps at the back of her neck, and Olivia growled with renewed energy. "Does it make you feel like you belong to me?" she asked, bestowing kisses on Alex's lips between the words, letting her tongue dart out to sweep inside of the attorney's mouth. Alex was content to take what Olivia gave, but she sighed softly with approval every time their lips brushed. "Do you want me to touch you now?"

"Yes," she mumbled into Olivia's kisses. She didn't need to ask twice. Olivia reached down, sliding two fingers inside of her all too willing lover.

Before Alex could adjust to the new fullness, Olivia's hand was already retreating, causing the prosecutor to whimper in protest. Instead of waiting impatiently for Olivia to deliver on her promises, Alex felt like she was one step behind, barely able to keep up with the wonderful things Olivia was doing to her body. At some point, the detective had pinned her against the shower wall, the tendons in her wrist flexing as she drove as deep inside of Alex as she could get. Olivia had captured her lips in another kiss, and her left hand was urging one of Alex's legs to wrap around her waist.

Since she couldn't sort through all the different sensations she was experiencing, Alex surrendered to them, letting the pleasure that Olivia was giving override everything else. The only thought in her mind was that she hoped this would last forever.

"God, please..." Abbie's hips jerked up as Serena's head dipped to make contact, an answer to the low, shuddering plea. The slender blonde brushed the lightest of kisses over Abbie's folds, bringing her thumbs forward to spread smooth, swollen outer lips, exposing everything. She took her time, lazily sweeping her tongue over Abbie's opening before curling it around her and suckling, making the federal prosecutor's legs tremble where they were hooked over Serena's shoulders.

Abbie's abdomen twitched, her entire body quivering as she tried to hold still, unable to prevent a sigh from escaping her throat. Serena paused, stealing a glance up her lover's gloriously naked body, but not easing up. Abbie's lips were parted, a brighter shade of red than usual because they had been kissed over and over again, and her eyes were clenched shut, her breasts rising and falling with quick, sharp pants.

Serena could tell at the Texan was holding back, trying not to let go, wanting to extend the moment for as long as possible. She released the hard bundle of nerves that she had captured, tilting her chin to nuzzle Abbie's inner thigh. "Sweetheart..." Serena smiled when familiar dark eyes peeked open, still clouded with unsatisfied desire as they stared down at her.

"Don't stop! Not now! Cabot already cock-blocked me once tonight..." Abbie cried out in frustration, not even realizing how ridiculous her choice of slang sounded.

"Relax. Just let me take you there." Serena began to work in earnest, alternating predictable, long strokes of her tongue that almost came in rhythm with unexpected variations, a graze of her teeth, a gentle suck, a slow swirl. Abbie arched her back, trying to coax Serena into finishing her off by angling her hips invitingly, but the pace didn't change.

The blonde continued her leisurely exploration, seeking every soft place, every tender area that made Abbie's bones dissolve. She could feel her lover's heels press tighter against her back whenever she found a particularly sensitive spot. Using the warm palm of her left hand, Serena reached up to caress Abbie's lower belly, stroking in steady, soothing circles. Abbie hardly noticed the touch at first, but when the first two fingers of Serena's right hand probed forward, gently curling forwards and entering her, the intensity of the pressure on her stomach surprised her, coaxing a rush of thick fluid from somewhere deep inside her over-stimulated body. The orgasm that she had been trying to hold back overlapped with it, breaking over her in several quick, violent pulses, but lasting for what felt like endless seconds.

But Serena didn't take that as a signal to stop.

She went further, pressing her fingers as deep inside as they would go, causing Abbie to release a choked sob, her head tipping helplessly back onto the pillows. The blonde's lips and tongue were still moving over her, stroking her, teasing her, and the aftershocks of her first orgasm began to speed up again as she approached a second.

Speeding up her rhythm, Serena pulled her lips away and replaced it with her thumb, rubbing in a firm circle as she placed a string of kisses between Abbie's hipbones. Slowly, she nipped and licked her way back up Abbie's torso, pausing at her breasts to give the excited tips some well-deserved attention.

When she finally reached Abbie's mouth, she didn't hesitate to lean down for a kiss. The Texan moaned, tasting herself on Serena's lips and pressing her pelvis shifting forward to impale Serena's fingers even more deeply. She unclenched her hands, which had been clutching at the bedsheets, and tangled them in Serena's hair, holding on a little too tightly as her hips froze and her entire body shuddered.

After a long moment, Serena pulled back to study her work. Abbie's face was a darker shade of pink than usual. Damp strands of hair clung to her neck and cheeks, and her skin was blotchy where Serena had marked her. She was beautiful. Perfect, in fact. "God, I love you," she blurted out, not even realizing that the words had been forming in her head.

Abbie responded by lazily wrapping her arms around Serena's waist, coaxing the blonde to rest more weight on top of her. "Me too," she murmured, her voice slightly husky from the recent pleasure she had just experienced. The words didn't comfort Serena, who had stiffened her body and was obviously fighting the urge to panic and roll away. "You weren't ready to tell me that, were you?"

Serena closed her eyes and sighed, wondering when Abbie had learned how to read minds. "I guess it's to late to take it back. It's the truth, I just didn't mean to say it... and I'm not sure if I'm prepared for what it means..."

It wasn't the first time that Serena had spoken those three little words. She had said them before, mostly as a bribe to try and guilt the dark-haired prosecutor into staying with her years ago, but now they held the weight of experience and commitment, and part of her still wasn't convinced that Abbie could completely renounce her old ways...

"I love you, too. But if you're not ready to hear that, I'll wait."

Serena rested her forehead against Abbie's neck, nuzzling the side of her shoulder and letting her muscles smooth themselves out. She didn't know what to think about the fast pace of their developing relationship, and she wasn't sure how ready she was to let go of her fears, but she had to admit that this moment, and this woman, made her incredibly happy. That would have to be enough.

Part 26

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