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Undercover III: Charades
By VivalaB


Part 8

Alex stood with her back to Olivia, feeling hot breath caress her bare shoulders as soft hands slid gently up her arms reaching for the thin straps of her dress. She felt her stomach flip as the straps were lowered and became hyper aware of the woman in her underwear behind her. As Olivia carefully guided her hands out of the dress, she felt her pulse race, unable to recall the last time anyone had treated her with such reverence and genuine care. The thought awakened her rational brain and she turned abruptly, smiling her thanks as she escaped to the privacy of the bathroom.

Olivia stared at the closed door in confusion, then realized how intimately she had been touching her friend. Panic set in as she feared she had over stepped the mark in their teasing banter. She quickly changed into shorts and a tight fitting t-shirt, deciding to move to the living room and give Alex some space.

Alex conducted her nightly ablutions and managed to ease out of her dress without any mishaps. She moved to the door and opened it slowly, ready to apologize to Olivia for her hasty retreat, but the room was empty and she couldn't deny the disappointment coursing through her veins. She hung the dress up in the closet and checked her appearance in the mirror, the mid thigh t-shirt being easier to manage with one hand, than pulling on any underwear or shorts.

Olivia lay on the sofa with her eyes closed, allowing her mind to drift to the woman upstairs. Long ago she had acknowledged her feelings for the young ADA, accepting her fate to be attracted to a woman she could never have and a straight one at that. The past few days, however, were throwing up some serious doubts about which side of the fence Miss Cabot actually swung her long, lean legs. She remembered the soft touches and light kisses they had shared and shifted her thighs, trying to relieve the rising ache between her legs.

Alex's lips parted as she watched Olivia's legs slide together and swallowed the sudden dryness in her mouth at the smooth muscle on display. She cast her eyes along the sleek form, lounging languidly on the sofa and knew how close she was to revealing her true self. She turned and headed into the kitchen, pouring them both some water before heeding noisily back into the living room.

Olivia opened her eyes and smiled as Alex placed the glasses on the small table. She sat up, motioning for Alex to sit beside her and reached for the cool, clear liquid. She took a long swallow and smacked her lips together, "Downfall of too much coffee, dry mouth," she grinned.

Alex nodded, "I know, I'm not even that big a coffee drinker," she replied, settling into the corner of the couch.

Olivia snorted softly, "Me neither," she agreed.

A comfortable silence settled around them as both women, unknowingly, lost themselves in thoughts of each other. Olivia bit her lower lip nervously, "Do you want me to sleep in the other room?" she asked tentatively.

Alex tilted her head to look at her, "Why?"

"Well…um…you're arm, you might want to lie flat out and need more space…for your arm," she replied, without turning round.

Alex lay her sore arm along the edge of the sofa and tucked her legs beneath her, "I always lie flat on my back, it didn't bother you last night, did it?" she asked, wishing Olivia would look at her.

"Of course not…I just think it might be easier…for you…that's all," she answered hesitantly, biting her lower lip.

Alex smiled, "If you don't want to sleep with me, you just have to say," she said lightly, trying to nudge Olivia with an outstretched leg.

Olivia shook her head as she turned to face her, "Why would anyone not want to sleep with you?" she asked, capturing the wandering foot and tickling the sole.

Alex giggled and squirmed, trying to pull her foot away, unaware that with every movement, the t-shit lifted a little higher, revealing more creamy flesh.

Olivia placed her glass on the table and pulled Alex towards her, tickling the back of a supple knee and laughing as Alex unceremoniously slid on to the sofa. Olivia's hands stroked mercilessly as Alex continued to squeal, it was only when Olivia's hand traveled up the soft t-shirt, heading for her sides, that she realized Alex wasn't wearing any underwear and halted the movement of her teasing hands.

Both women's laughter trailed away as they became aware of the other's close proximity, Alex swallowed as she reached a hand out and ran her fingers through Olivia's short hair, massaging the scalp tenderly as she twisted the short locks.

Olivia moved one hand to the side of Alex's head as the other remained on her hip, gazing down into brilliant pools of glittering blue. She moved her hand and brushed Alex's hair away from her face, parting her lips as she lowered her head.

Alex moved her hand to the back of Olivia's neck as her injured arm lay by her side and drew Olivia nearer, licking her lips and feeling a faint blush color her cheeks, "Liv, I –"

The sharp shrill from the table startled both women.

Olivia reluctantly eased away and reached for the ringing cellphone, "Benson," she said, gently clearing her throat as she turned to Alex and mouthed, 'Elliot' before concentrating on what her partner was saying.

Alex adjusted her position and pulled down her t-shirt as Olivia talked to Elliot about the pending visit from the Zucker's. She lifted her glass and pointed to Olivia's, raising an eyebrow in unspoken question.

Olivia nodded up at Alex, following the blonde woman's retreating figure as she left the room to refill their glasses. She discussed the plan for the following day for a few more minutes before ending the call.

Alex entered the room having spent a few minutes splashing cold water on her face in an attempt to cool her rising libido. She handed the glass to Olivia and smiled as she sat down next to her. Both women drank in silence, aware of the charged air surrounding them, after a few minutes Alex stood up and held out her hand, "Come on Benson, take me to bed," she said, waggling her eyebrows.

They lay in the dark, a generous amount of space between them as both women feigned sleep. Alex had swapped sides and was now sleeping on Olivia's right to ensure her arm had enough room. She was finding the new position strange and unsettling and shifted closer to the middle, she froze as her hand accidently touched Olivia's lightly.

She paused for a second to see if the movement had woken her friend before tilting her head slowly and watching the gentle rise and fall of Olivia's bountiful bosom, bound in the tight white t-shirt, relieved to find her asleep.

Olivia felt the body move beside her and swallowed nervously as Alex's left hand brushed against her own. She felt her heart beat quicken as she pretended to be asleep, eager to maintain the slight contact.

Alex blew out a calming breath as she blocked out images and thoughts from the previous few days, desperate to suppress her surfacing desire for the woman beside her. She closed her eyes and drifted off, visions of dark brown eyes, short tousled hair and a toned, feminine body invading her dreams as she savored their delicate connection.

Olivia awoke to the fruity scent of strawberries assaulting her senses. She buried her head deeper into the pillow, nuzzling the fragrant smell and sighing contentedly. She curled her arm tighter around the pillow and snapped her eyes open, she was spooning Alex Cabot.

Her nose was buried in fragrant blonde hair as her outstretched right arm acted as an impromptu pillow while her other was wrapped around Alex's bare waist. She swallowed nervously as she realized Alex's t-shirt had ridden up during the night and her naked rear was pressing lightly into her own cotton clad centre.

Olivia's heart rate instantly rocketed as she suddenly became aware of the heat radiating from beneath the duvet. Her legs were tucked in behind Alex's perfectly, as if they had done this a hundred times before. She swallowed again as she felt her nipples harden and press into the back she was wrapped around. She closed her eyes and prayed for mercy as she slowly began to extricate her hand.

Soft fingers laced with her own and held her in place, causing her breathing to hitch and her stomach to roll. She waited for further movement from the supple body in front and when none came, assumed Alex was still asleep, unaware of the curling lips, forming a devious smile.

Olivia awoke to the sound of running water and turned her head towards the partially opened door. She lay on her back, thinking of the naked woman in the bathroom and covered her eyes with one arm, groaning loudly, unaware the shower had stopped.

"You okay?" Alex asked from the doorway.

Olivia shifted her arm and tilted her head, casting her eyes over the towel wrapped around Alex's tall frame, "Yeah," she answered, watching Alex move into the room and head over to the closet.

"What do you think I should wear today for our visitors?" she asked, glancing over her shoulder.

Olivia shook her head, "Whatever you like, you don't need me to help you choose," she said smiling.

"But I will need your help dressing," she replied, lifting her arm.

Olivia swallowed as naked images of smooth skin flashed before her eyes, "I think you can take that off now," she said, pointing to the lightweight cast.

"I did…in the shower, but it still hurts," she answered, glancing away briefly at the half truth she was telling.

Olivia sat up, concern marking her features, "Maybe we should go back to the doctor," she suggested, easing out of the bed and crossing over to the closet.

"No…I'm sure it'll be fine tomorrow," she said, raking her eyes over Olivia's sleep rumpled form and smiling.

Olivia frowned, "What?"

She shook her head as she reached out her hand and teased Olivia's hair in to place, "Nothing, I like your bed head," she snorted.

Olivia grinned, "And I like your strawberry shampoo," she said, blushing instantly at what she had just revealed.

An awkward silence fell between them as they looked at each other for a long, charged moment before Alex withdrew her fingers and smiled, "Why don't you shower and I'll find something to wear?" she asked, unable to break their heated gaze.

Olivia dipped her head and smiled, wetting her dry lips, "Okay," she replied, lifting her eyes and smiling at Alex, "Something blue," she added.

Alex frowned and shook her head.

"Wear something blue, it brings out your beautiful eyes," she said quietly as she turned and walked away.

Part 9

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