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Undercover III: Charades
By VivalaB


Part 9

Olivia stood under the pulsing spray of water, allowing the gently, beating jets to soothe her muscles. Her eyes were closed as she replayed the events of the night before between the sheets, feeling her pulse race as she remembered the toned body pressing backwards into her own. She wondered if Alex had been awake when she laced their fingers together or if it was simply a subconscious reaction. She blew out a frustrated sigh, telling herself this wasn't real, it was all part of the cover, 'Wasn't it?' she asked herself.

Alex looked at her clothing choices hanging in the closet and opted for a pale blue 'v' neck sweater and jeans. She looked at Olivia's side and selected a white t-shirt, a deep blue sweater and a pair of faded denims before laying them at the foot of the bed, next to her own.

She moved over to a chest of drawers, selected a matching blue silk underwear set and slipped the panties on. She looked at the bra and then at her arm, eyes twinkling with merriment at the prospect of Olivia helping her dress. She placed the blue garment on top of the bed and smiled.

"What are you smiling at?" Olivia asked from the doorway.

Alex lifted her head and almost choked at the vast amount of skin on display. The towel barely touching the tops of toned thighs and the tips of the ample bosom, she swallowed, "Nice towel," she croaked out.

Olivia snorted, "Yeah, somebody used two towels for their shower and left me this," she replied, plucking at the fluffy cotton.

Alex screwed up her face, "Sorry, I meant to get fresh towels," she said apologetically.

Olivia stepped into the room, "Sure you did," she replied skeptically, looking at the clothes on the bed and shaking her head, "What's this?" she asked, indicating the two neat piles.

Alex shifted her gaze and followed the pointing finger, "Clothes," she dolled.

Olivia shook her head, "I can see that, but why are my clothes lying on the bed?"

Alex dipped her head, "I thought you could wear them," she answered shyly.

Olivia moved over to the bed and looked at the choice of outfit and grinned, "You like the layered look?" she asked.

Alex bobbed her head, unable to meet her gaze.

"So do I," Olivia added as she passed behind her, heading to the drawer for fresh underwear. She caught the blue gaze that followed her in the mirror and smiled before dropping the towel.

Alex's mouth fell open as she caught sight of Olivia's naked reflection and shifted her head quickly, feeling her body betray her as the dark haired woman put on her underwear. She closed her eyes and swallowed, willing away the images as she focused on her own dressing task. A hand on her arm, shook her from her reverie.

"You okay?"

Alex bobbed her head and opened her eyes, "It's just a little surreal, a week ago we were friends…good friends and now…we're…" she paused and turned to meet curious brown eyes, "…undressed…a lot in each other's company," she finished awkwardly.

Olivia nodded, "You forgot the naked bathing," she added quietly, smiling as she reached for the blue bra.

Alex shook her head, "Hardly," she mumbled under her breath before adding, "It's good that we're not shy about this, I mean we're both women, both adults, nothing we've not seen before, right?" she asked.

Olivia nodded her head as she turned, gasping loudly as her eyes met the almost naked figure before her, instantly drawn to the firm, high breasts. She closed her mouth and swallowed, trying to regain her composure, "Jesus Alex…You could have warned me," she rasped out, shaking her head.

"How else were you planning on getting that on me?" she asked, pointing at the strip of silk.

Olivia lifted her eyes and met the mischievous smile, "You did that deliberately," she accused lightly.

"What? And you didn't'?" she chided, enjoying the faint blush covering Olivia's upper chest and neck as she removed the bra from Olivia's hands and slipped her arms through the sheer straps.

Olivia stood motionless staring in disbelief.

"What now?" Alex asked, settling the straps over her shoulders.

Olivia swallowed, "It's front fastening," she replied quietly, unable to stop her eyes from dipping lower.

Alex snorted, "Well, you certainly earned that gold shield of yours," she said sarcastically.

Olivia lifted her eyes, "I'm not the one that fell over a dog," she snapped.

Alex took a step closer, "No, you're the one that volunteered me for this ridiculous assignment in the first place!" she retorted angrily, unaware her body was lightly touching Olivia's.

Olivia shook her head, "Just when I think you're a normal human being…" she trailed off.

Alex frowned, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Olivia felt their breasts brush together and her stomach tighten reflexively, she licked her lower lip nervously and shifted her gaze to the bed, "Nothing," she muttered.

Alex became aware of their proximity and took a step back, "Let's not start the day like this, not after…" she paused, realizing her mistake.

"Not after what?" Olivia asked, lifting her head, certain she was referring to their intimate position in bed, only a few hours before.

Alex ignored her and looked down at her chest, trying in vain to fasten her bra.

"Not after what?" Olivia repeated, softening her tone as she covered Alex's hands with her own and gently secured the hooks. She ignored the tingle that tickled her tummy as her fingers brushed silk covered mounds before reaching for the denim.

Alex used Olivia's shoulders for support as she stepped into the jeans, "Not after we've come this far," she finally replied quietly.

Olivia fastened the denim and lifted her eyes, wondering if Alex was referring to the case or their own deepening friendship. She smiled, "I'm sorry," she whispered.

Alex bobbed her head, "Me too," she replied softly.

They looked at each other for a long moment before Alex leaned forward and kissed her cheek gently, "Thanks for helping me," she said.

Olivia swallowed, "You're welcome," she answered, reaching for the sweater. She slipped it over Alex's raised arms and smoothed it into place before slipping on her own clothes.

"Leave the sweater," Alex requested, admiring the toned figure in faded jeans and crisp white t-shirt.

Olivia glanced down, "Don't you think It's a little too casual?" she asked.

"No, I think you like incredible," she answered absently, raking her eyes over the form fitting cotton.

Olivia snorted, "I'll take your word for it," she said, moving to the closet and retrieving her brown boots. She looked over her shoulder, "What do you want for your feet?"

Alex blinked rapidly before turning round, "Sandals, I want to let my feet breathe afar the heels from last night," she answered.

They stood in the bedroom and admired their outfits. Olivia smiled, "Think we'll pass the Ben and Gerry approval test?" she asked.

"With flying colors," Alex replied smiling.

Olivia nodded, "Yeah, all the colors of the rainbow," she added, ignoring the eye roll cast in her direction.

"Your home is beautiful," Gerry said to Alex as she took a seat at the kitchen table.

Alex smiled as she held Olivia's hand gently, "Thank you, we've not been here long, but we feel like we've been here forever," she replied.

Ben nodded his head, "So much space and such a big yard, a child will have many happy memories growing up in this house," he added, taking a seat next to his wife.

Alex moved away and began to boil water as Olivia sat down and started completing the vast amount of paperwork the couple had brought. After a few minutes Alex placed four cups on the table with a plate of cupcakes.

Gerry looked appreciatively at the impressive tower of freshly baked cakes, "Did you make these yourself?" she asked, smiling at Alex.

Alex shook her head as she sat down, "One of our neighbors dropped them off this morning, everyone's been so friendly and welcoming since we moved to the neighborhood, I wish we'd moved sooner," she said, taking s small sip from her cup.

Olivia nodded in agreement, "It's a quiet slice of heavenly suburbia, I think we'll be here fro a long time," she said, turning to Alex and smiling.

Alex smiled back at her, "I hope so, especially if we have the baby we've always dreamed of," she replied.

Ben looked between the two women and beamed, "Once this paperwork is completed, our colleagues will install the cameras and you will be one step closer to completing your family," he said.

Olivia returned her focus to the paperwork before passing it to Alex and looking over at Ben, "What exactly are you hooping to see with the cameras?" she asked curiously.

Ben smiled, "These children have had such a terrible experience, we just need to be sure they are entering a safe environment…there is no need to be alarmed, it is just a formality, it gives us peace of mind before the adoption is finalized, " he replied.

"Do the cameras have sound?" Alex asked, without looking up from the page she was writing on.

Gerry shook her head, "No, we understand how this may seem like a violation of your privacy, we do not record sound to ensure our future parents do not feel like they are being judged…just observed, as my husband explained, it's simply a formality," she said.

Alex looked over at her and smiled, "We're happy to do anything that helps us complete our family, aren't we Liv?" she asked, turning her head.

Olivia leaned in and kissed her cheek, "Definitely," she answered before kissing her again.

Alex smiled before casting her eyes over the paperwork and sliding it across the table.

Ben glanced through the thick document and lifted his head, "Excellent, my colleagues will be over shortly to set everything up, please don't worry, just forget they are there and do as you would normally do," he said smiling before adding, "Although, you are a very affectionate couple, just remember not to get carried away!"

Gerry joined in his laughter and smiled, "Ben, you are terrible, please ignore my husband," she apologized.

"I'm sure we'll be able to contain ourselves," Olivia said, reaching for Alex's hand.

Ben nodded his head, "I've seen the way you look at each other, this will be an interesting few days for you," he said.

"Every day is interesting with Olivia, that's why she'll be a great mom," Alex replied.

Olivia swallowed the unexpected lump m in her throat and squeezed Alex's hand, "Not as good as you," she added.

Alex turned to Olivia and smiled, "We'll be great mom's," she said quietly.

"Yes, you will," Gerry said, interrupting the moment.

Ben cleared his throat, "I regret to bring this up, but we must discuss the financial aspect of this arrangement," he said.

Alex and Olivia shifted their gaze and nodded, "Of course, let me get my checkbook," Olivia replied.

"No, that won't be necessary at this stage, once you have successfully passed our observation appraisal we will arrange the payment…it will be $100,000 in cash…will that be a problem?" he asked.

Olivia shook her head, "Not at all, I don't care what we have to pay as long as we get our baby," she replied.

Ben nodded his head, "Excellent, the surveillance should last no more than a few days…I have brought pictures of our babies for you to choose from," he said, motioning for his wife to show them the photo album.

Gerry passed the large, leather binder across the table.

"Excuse me while I make a telephone call and arrange for our colleagues to come over," he said, rising from the table.

Gerry smiled, "I'll just use the bathroom, if I may?" she asked.

Alex rose from the table and directed Gerry towards the bathroom before taking her seat next to Olivia again. She noticed the sad look in Olivia's eyes and leaned in closer, "Are you okay?" she asked quietly.

Olivia looked up and nodded, "Yeah, it's just…all these babies, with no families…it's so sad Alex," she whispered.

Alex placed her good arm around Olivia's shoulders, "I know, but they'll all be in homes soon, once we've stopped these two," she answered.

Olivia sighed wearily, "I know, but look at them, look at their little faces, they're all so beautiful," she said sadly.

Alex looked at the page and felt her heart melt at the images, "They're adorable," she agreed smiling.

Gerry stood at the door and listened to the exchange, she moved silently in behind them and placed a comforting hand on each shoulder, "You will make such wonderful parents," she said quietly.

Olivia froze for a moment, wondering if Gerry had heard the beginning of their conversation then realized she couldn't have. She tilted her head and smiled, "I know," she replied.

Olivia closed the door and entered the living room, moving to the sofa and sitting beside Alex, "I think we passed that test well," she said.

Alex nodded her head, "Why did the pictures get to you?" she asked, curiosity getting the better of her.

Olivia ran a hand through her short hair and sighed, "They just did," she answered evasively.

"You've seen this sort of thing before and a lot worse, I've never seen you react like that," she added quietly.

Olivia swallowed nervously and blew out a steadying breath, "A couple of years ago, I tried to adopt…" she trailed off.

Alex's eyes widened in surprise, "And?"

Olivia turned to her, "And nothing, they said I wasn't suitable parental material," she replied.

"Bullshit! You'd be an amazing mom, can't you appeal, try again?"

Olivia shook her head sadly, "I did appeal, but with my job, the hours I keep and no family support network, I don't have much to offer," she answered flatly.

Alex moved closer and dipped her head, looking directly into sad, brown eyes, "You would be a great mom, any child would be blessed to be part of your life," she said quietly.

Olivia gazed into sincere blue eyes, "You think?"

"I know," she replied instantly.

Olivia swallowed and smiled, "Thanks," she whispered.

"Maybe we can appeal, do something about it, if you still want to?" she added.

Olivia sighed, "I don't know, let's get this over and done with first, then ask me again," she suggested, desperate to drop the subject.

"Okay," Alex replied, patting her thigh gently.

Two hours later and the house was rigged with surveillance cameras, the only exceptions being the master bedroom and adjoining bathroom. Alex lay on the bed, listening as Olivia finished updating Elliot.

Olivia ended the call and placed the phone in her pocket, smiling down at the relaxing blonde, "We can't hide in here for three days," she said.

Alex rolled her eyes, "I felt nervous going into the living room alone," she replied.

Olivia chuckled, "You? Nervous? Riiight," she said skeptically.

Alex eased off the bed and stood in front of her, "What are we supposed to do?"

"Just act normal, maybe sit closer together, kiss each other every now and then," she suggested.

Alex snorted, "Yes, because that's normal," she said sarcastically.

Olivia groaned, "We'll forget they're even there, its' not like we're going to do anything, are we?" she asked, tugging Alex towards the door and missing the mischievous look that crossed her face.


Part 10

"I feel exposed"

Olivia smiled across the table at Alex, "Just ignore them and eat your dinner," she instructed.

Alex pushed the pasta around her plate, "I'm not that hungry anymore," she pouted, setting her fork down. She laced her fingers together and propped them underneath her chin, "Do you think they're watching us right now"? she asked in a hushed tone.

"They can't hear us," Olivia said, shaking her head.

Alex dipped her head, hiding her mouth, "Maybe they have lip readers watching us," she added seriously.

Olivia placed her fork on her empty plate and rose from the chair, she leaned down and kissed Alex's cheek as she cleared the table, "Maybe you should relax," she said quietly before moving over to the sink.

Alex turned in her chair and studied her as she rinsed their dishes, "What if we pretended we were actually a couple?" she suggested.

Olivia's shoulders sagged, "What d'you think we've been doing for the past few days?" she asked incredulously as she turned round, unable to hide the frustration on her face.

Alex shook her head and smiled, "Getting started?" she asked weakly, catching the towel that flew towards her with her good hand.

"What d'you propose?" Olivia asked, moving towards her.

Alex eased to her feet and faced her, she reached for Olivia's belt loops and tugged her closer, wrapping her arms around her waist, "I propose we see who can out flirt the other," she replied, bringing their bodies together.

"That's your suggestion?" Olivia asked, slipping her arms around Alex's neck.

Alex nodded as she moved her head closer, placing a delicate kiss on Olivia's cheek, "I think it's a great plan," she whispered.

Olivia shifted a hand into long, blonde tresses and moved her mouth to Alex's slender throat, "Admit it Cabot, you've got it bad for Benson," she replied quietly, placing a kiss on the tender skin.

"You wish," Alex retorted, resisting the urge to swallow at the soft lips tickling her throat.

Olivia pulled her head back and looked into shining eyes, "See? Nothing to it, we'll just pretend we can't keep our hands off each other and the Zucker's will be happy," she said smiling.

Alex nodded, "We should have a prize for the most outrageous flirting," she commented.

"Okay, what d'you suggest?"

Alex pursed her lips as she gave the question some serious thought, "Dinner…a proper dinner date, loser pays," she answered.

"That's it?" Olivia asked, shaking her head.

Alex nodded, "When I win, I want you to wear that dark blue dress that's hanging in the closet," she said.


Alex grinned, "Because I can't remember the last time I saw you in one," she said, waggling her eyebrows.

"Really? When you win?" she asked, swaying them both gently and smiling as Alex nodded confidently. She leaned forward and kissed the base of her throat again, feeling the speeding pulse point, jump against her lips and grinned, "When I win, I want you to wear the dress you wore last night," she said quietly.

Alex blinked slowly, "Really?" That's your choice?"

Olivia nodded, "With those killer heels," she added, smiling broadly.

Alex eased out of the embrace and headed towards the door.

"Where you going?" Olivia asked, following her movement closely.

Alex stopped at the kitchen door, "To move your dress to the front of the closet," she replied, smiling at the exaggerated eye roll she received.

"This show is boring," Olivia stated.

Alex ignored her and watched the action on the screen. She looked down as a foot nudged her leg, "What?" she asked impatiently.

"This is boring," Olivia repeated before adding, "It's completely unrealistic, who can solve a crime in an hour?"

Alex smiled, "It's actually forty-four minutes if your exclude the ad breaks," she corrected.

Olives puffed, "I'm really bored, how much longer?" she whined.

Alex sighed, "I thought you would like cop shows, especially this one," she added.


Alex shifted her head and looked at her, "Well, you sort of look like the star of the show," she answered.

Olivia's eyes snapped back to the TV as she waited for the woman to appear on screen again, when she did, she studied her features and frowned, "You think I look like her?" she asked, turning her head as Alex nodded. She smiled, "She's hot, that means you think I'm hot," she said, poking her with her foot again.

Alex turned to face her, "I've already told you that you're a beautiful woman," she said, shaking her head.

"No, you said I was incredible," Olivia corrected her, unable to hide her grin.

Alex rolled her eyes and sighed, "Whatever," she said in a bored tone, ignoring the foot pushing insistently against her knee.

Olivia looked back at the screen again, "You kinda look like the blonde," she commented quietly.

"You think? I don't see it"

Olivia looked back and forth between the screen and her friend, "You're prettier," she replied.

Alex smiled as she turned to face her, "Smooth Benson, I liked that," she said, grabbing the annoying foot and holding it still.

Olivia grinned at her, "When I win this game, I'm going to buy the most expensive food and drink on the menu," she stated confidently.

Alex closed her eyes briefly, realizing Olivia's compliment was part of the game, she released her foot and turned her attention back towards the TV, remaining silent until the show was finished.

"Can I play Mario now?" Olivia asked excitedly, oblivious to the change in Alex's mood.

Alex moved off the couch, "Sure, I'm going for a bath," she answered absently.

Olivia frowned as she studied the look on Alex's face, confused by her expression, she reached for her hand as she passed her, "You are prettier than her," she said seriously.

Alex looked down at her and smiled before moving away.

Olivia stared at the screen, focused intently on the game as she moved the wheel in her hand expertly. Her fingers pressed the buttons in the centre and she cursed loudly as her character was struck by lightning. She turned at the sound of laughter behind her and stopped all movement.

Alex was standing in the doorway with her hair tied back in a loose ponytail, wearing red silk pajama shorts and top.

"Wow!" Olivia exclaimed in surprise, casting an appreciative glance up and down the slender figure.

Alex smiled as she moved over to the sofa, "Are you winning?" she asked, pointing towards the screen.

Olivia nodded, "Yeah…you look…incredible," she said.

"I didn't want them thinking I sleep in my t-shirt, we're supposed to be high income, high living, lesbians," she replied as she lay down on the couch behind Olivia.

Olivia tilted her head, "Did you manage okay in the bath, I should have asked if you needed any help," she said, looking at the protected arm.

"It was fine, much more movement now," Alex replied as she reached over and ran her fingers through Olivia's messy hair.

Olivia pressed her back against the sofa as she leaned into the touch, "If I'd known you would do that every chance you get, I woulda got my hair cut sooner," she said quietly, feeling her scalp tingle.

Alex smiled as her nails scratched lightly across the top of Olivia's head, "Do you like that?" she asked as the head underneath her hand bobbed slightly. Alex slid her hand to Olivia's neck and began a gentle massage.

Olivia moaned and dipped her head, "God, you're good at that," she murmured, feeling her skin tingle wherever Alex's hands touched.

Alex's hand pushed the collar of the white t-shirt aside and began to squeeze a soft shoulder, "Wow, you're tense," she said, sifting her position to gain better access.

Olivia's head dropped forward, "If you can do that with one hand, I can only imagine what you could do with two," she groaned, sighing contentedly.

"You have no idea," Alex husked.

Olivia smiled as she closed her eyes, "I can imagine," she replied.

"I really don't think you can," Alex said quietly.

Brown eyes opened and blinked slowly, wondering if they were still talking about the massage, she tilted her head and looked at her, "I've changed my mind, when I win, I want you to give me a two handed massage…wearing that dress," she grinned.

Alex shook her head, "You won't win," she replied confidently.

Olivia lost herself in the twinkling cerulean gaze, "We'll see," she said softly before reaching for the hand at her shoulder and gently kissing the smooth skin.

Alex held the dark eyes and smiled before stroking Olivia's cheek gently, "Why don't you have a shower and then we can go to bed," she suggested quietly.

Olivia swallowed and licked her dry lips, "Okay," she whispered.

Olivia's mind buzzed as she stood under the spray, trying to figure out if Alex was playing the game or not. Over the past few days, the young ADA had initiated a lot of their intimate gestures, so why did she seem so unsure now that they were being observed. She scrubbed her face with the natural sponge and sighed, desperately trying to ignore her body's reaction to the beautiful woman.

She reached over and shut off the water before stepping out of the shower and lifting a large towel. She dried herself thoroughly and brushed her teeth before glancing round the bathroom, "Shit," she said quietly as she moved to the hamper and looked inside. She dragged a hand through her damp hair and groaned as she realized she hadn't brought anything in with her.

She pressed her ear lightly against the door, listening for signs of movement. When she heard none, she opened it slowly and peered into the dimly lit room before cautiously stepping out. She headed straight for the dresser and opened a drawer, looking through her options before settling for her purple silk set and smiling.

She dropped the towel and reached for the top, halting her movements as she heard a sound behind her.


Olivia turned with the top in her hand and tried to act as casual as possible, "Yeah?" she asked, ignoring her own nakedness as she slipped the silk over her head.

They had bathed together, seen each other naked and in their underwear, but this, this seemed completely new to Alex. She felt her breathing catch and pulse race as she admired the body only a few feet away, glowing gently under the soft illumination of the bedside lamp. She took in Olivia's full breasts and dark, erect nipples before they were covered by something sheer. Her eyes glanced down at the toned legs and trim waist, unable to keep her eyes away from the thin strip of dark hair and swallowed, "Sorry," she said hoarsely, moving over to the bed and sitting down as Olivia slipped the shorts on.

Olivia tried to suppress her smile as her instincts told her that Alex Cabot was interested in her. She turned to look in the mirror, unable to hide her grin as she blew out a steadying breath. She walked to the bed and stood in front of her friend, "Sure you're going to win this game?" she asked softly, unable to hide her smile.

Alex looked up at her and shook her head, "That was a sneaky move," she scolded playfully.

Olivia laughed, "Call it paybacks for this morning, when you dropped your towel," she replied grinning.

Alex reached up and smoothed her good hand over the silky material covering the tops of Olivia's thighs, "This is lovely," she commented, resisting the urge to move it to Olivia's rear.

Olivia bent down and ran her hands across Alex's sides, "So is yours," she whispered.

Alex felt her stomach flip and her cheeks burn as her eyes focused on the mounds of flesh swaying gently before her, "Are you sure there's no camera in here?" she asked quietly.

Olivia shook her head as she felt her centre clench at the look of lust in Alex's dilated eyes. Her heart raced with overwhelming desire, encouraging her to lean down further and kiss the parted lips, she swallowed nervously as she gazed into glittering pools of blue.

Alex recognized the look in Olivia's eyes and knew she was about to be kissed, she parted her lips and closed her eye, "I win," she breathed out.

Olivia stared at her for a long moment before the words finally registered, she shook her head as she took a step back, "Yeah, you win," she said despondently.

Alex's eyes snapped open and studied the retreating form, "Where are you going?" she asked, holding up her hands.

Olivia stopped at the doorway, but didn't turn round, "To get a drink," she replied flatly before moving out of the room.

Alex stared at the empty space and frowned, sighing loudly as she flopped backwards on to the bed, "Shit," she muttered.


Part 11

Olivia stared at the glass of orange juice and sighed, she thought Alex wanted her to kiss her, she'd seen the look in her eyes, saw her own attraction reflected in those captivating pools of light and didn't think for one second that it was part of the flirting game they had been playing mercilessly all day. She lifted the glass and took a long, slow drink before placing it back on the table. She glanced discretely up at the camera in the corner of the kitchen and blew out a frustrated breath, "Idiot," she muttered.

"Yes, I am"

Olivia shifted her gaze to the figure in the doorway and smiled weakly, "Why?" she asked, watching as Alex moved into the room and took the seat next to her.

Alex shifted closer and reached for Olivia's right hand, "Because I should have kept my mouth shut," she said, squeezing it apologetically.

"You were right though, you did win," Olivia replied, suddenly feeling self conscious.

Alex dipped her head, "Liv…I...I wasn't pla-"

They both looked up at the loud ringing sound coming from the living room, Olivia glanced at the clock on the wall and frowned, "Kinda late for a social call," she commented as she eased out of Alex's gentle hold and headed towards the persistent noise.

Alex shook her head at how easily she had almost confessed the truth, one look in those sad, brown eyes and she had melted, wanting nothing more than to tell Olivia she hadn't been playing any game, she really had wanted her to kiss her. She reached for the glass and drained the contents, not realizing how thirsty she actually was. She walked over to the refrigerator and refilled the orange juice before moving back to the table.

Olivia entered the kitchen, mindful of the camera and smiled, "Ben wanted to know if everything was alright, according to his people, we seem a little upset…we'd better play to our audience," she said, sitting beside Alex and draping her arm around her shoulders.

Alex looked at her and forced a smile on her face, "You're kidding, they were watching and called to ask if we were okay?"

Olivia leaned in and kissed her cheek, "Yeah, creepy huh? I told him we were having difficulty choosing just a baby because they all looked so adorable," she answered, giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"That is creepy, what else did he say?" Alex asked, leaning into the one armed embrace.

Olivia inhaled the familiar strawberry scent and smiled, "They're coming over tomorrow with the photo album, they've been impressed by what they've seen so far…apparently we look like a loving, well adjusted couple and excellent parental material," she said, shifting her hand to the silk covered back.

Alex tilted her head and looked into Olivia's eyes, searching them for a long, contemplative moment.

"What?" Olivia asked quietly, feeling uncomfortable under the close scrutiny.

Alex sighed, "I'm sorry for what I said in the bedroom," she whispered, glancing up at the camera.

Olivia shook her head dismissively, "It's okay, maybe we should turn the flirting down a notch though," she replied nonchalantly.

"Are you admitting defeat, Benson?" Alex asked, trying to lighten the tension between them.

Olivia snorted softly, "I'm just saying actions speak louder than words and sometimes those actions can be a little too close to home," she admitted shyly, breaking the intense gaze.

Alex replayed Olivia's cryptic comment as she felt her heart rate pick up at what she hoped was a confession, "I like you too," she whispered before placing a gentle kiss on Olivia's cheek.

Olivia swallowed, fighting the urge to turn her head and meet the soft lips, "Did we just have our first fight?" she asked quietly.

Alex pulled her head back and gazed into brown eyes, all traces of sadness gone, "And our first make up session," she replied, waggling her eyebrows.

Olivia rolled her eyes, "C'mon Cabot, I need some sleep," she said, rising from the chair and tugging Alex towards the bedroom.

They both lay on their backs, staring up at the ceiling, unable to switch off their thoughts and relax into sleep. Alex's protected arm lay by her side, with the cast removed, while her other rested on her stomach, the sheets were pooled at their ankles due to the humidity in the room and the lack of fresh air was beginning to annoy the over heated blonde. She rose from the bed and pulled back the drapes, opening the window and inhaling the sweet scent of suburbia.

"What are you doing?" Olivia asked as she shifted on to her side and propped her head on one hand to watch her.

Alex turned and smiled in the semi darkness, "It's too hot in here," she answered, pulling her silk top away from her chest and blowing on to her breasts.

Olivia laughed, "By all means, remove the top," she teased.

Alex walked slowly towards the bed and shook her head, "I thought we were finished playing games?"

"Who said anything about a game?" Olivia asked, arching a well defined eyebrow as she rolled on to her back.

Alex groaned as she settled back on to the bed, "Tease," she said, gazing up at the ceiling.


Alex tilted her head and looked at her, "Better than you," she argued.

"Definitely, I bow before the master," Olivia said, making a grand gesture in the air with her right hand.

Alex captured the hand and held it, "Maybe it's Stockholm Syndrome, we're believing the lie we're perpetuating," she offered.

Olivia looked at her, "Maybe," she replied slowly, losing herself in the translucent gaze.

Alex smiled and squeezed her hand, "Maybe," she agreed before stifling a yawn.

"Get some sleep, we need to look through that album again tomorrow and decide which baby we want," Olivia said, reluctant to remove her hand.

Alex nodded and turned her head towards the ceiling again, "Brown hair and brown eyes," she replied.


Alex closed her eyes, "I'd like a baby with brown hair and brown eyes, with a little lopsided grin," she clarified, unable to hide her smile.

Olivia stroked the back of the slender hand with her thumb and grinned, "I prefer blue eyes…cerulean blue," she replied.

Alex snorted softly as she squeezed her hand gently, "Goodnight Liv," she whispered.

Olivia leaned over and kissed her cheek, letting her lips linger for a few seconds, "Goodnight Alex," she said softly, pleased that their hands were still together.

Alex awoke to a chill in the room and shuddered, blinking a few times until her vision was clear before feeling her heart stop.

She was practically lying on top of Olivia.

Olivia appeared to be sound asleep and unaware of the head cradled between her right breast and shoulder or the leg draped over her own. She smiled as she became aware of the arm curved around her back, resting possessively on her side. She glanced down at her own arm, free from the protective cast, splayed across Olivia's abdomen, underneath the silk top. She chanced a look at Olivia's face and saw no sign of waking as she trailed her fingers slowly across the warm, smooth skin. Her hands moved lazily upwards, she held her breath as she followed their movement underneath the sheer material, suddenly aware of the breast her cheek was nestled against. She glanced up at Olivia's face again, still deep in slumber and bit her bottom lip as her fingertips grazed the underside of a firm left breast.

Olivia moved slightly and she froze, closing her eyes and holding her breath for fear of being caught feeling up her best friend. She waited a few minutes before opening her eyes and expelling a long, silent breath of relief. The arm around her tightened and Olivia's free hand moved to cover the inquisitive fingers below her breast. Alex's heart hammered in her chest as the leg she was draped over shifted and moved closer to her silken centre. She suppressed the moan that bubbled in her throat and glanced upwards once more.

Brown eyes twinkled at her in the early morning light.

Her mouth opened in surprise as heat instantly burned her cheeks, she was about to speak when Olivia placed a finger against her parted lips.

"Are you uncomfortable?" the dark haired woman asked, her voice thick with sleep.

Alex nodded, causing blonde hair to tickle Olivia's shoulder.

"Is this part of our game?" she said, glancing down at their intimate position.

Alex furrowed her brow and shook her head, causing more long locks to tease Olivia's bare skin.

"Were you trying to cop a feel, while I was asleep?" she asked lightly.

Alex closed her eyes and slowly removed her hand from underneath the top. Olivia shifted her hand and captured the retreating digits, holding them against her stomach, "Were you?" she asked quietly.

Alex opened her eyes, revealing tears that threatened to spill. She dropped Olivia's penetrating gaze and quickly disentangled from her embrace, bolting from the bed.


Alex ignored her and headed for the bedroom door.

"You can't go out there like that, the cameras will see you're upset..Alex, I'm sorry," she said softly, scrambling out of bed.

Alex stopped at the door and shook her head as she turned and headed for the bathroom instead. Olivia saw her intentions and blocked the door.

"Liv, get out of my way," she ordered flatly.

Olivia shook her head, "Not until you tell me what's wrong," she replied, folding her arms defiantly and resting lightly against the bathroom door.

"I think you know," Alex answered, taking a step closer.

Olivia nodded her head, "If you're about to blame it on Stockholm Syndrome again…" she trailed off, shaking her head.

"How long have we been friends?" Alex asked, wiping the moisture from her eyes, pleased she didn't have her glasses on and was unable to see Olivia's features clearly.

Olivia shrugged, "I dunno, ten years, give or take your time in Witsec," she replied.

"So, when I was in Witsec we weren't friends?"

Olivia unfolded her arms and ran a frustrated hand through her hair, "Of course we were friends, I dunno what I meant…we've been close friends for ten years," she said, sighing heavily.

"In all that time, have you ever heard me talking about a boyfriend?"

Olivia nodded, "Yeah, when you came back for Connors' trial," she replied.

Alex shook her head, "Other than that," she said, frustration coloring her tone.

Olivia shrugged, "Dinner with Langan?" she offered.

Alex sighed loudly, "I knew this wouldn't be easy…how can you be such a brilliant cop, yet so completely blind?"

"Hey!" she said angrily, pushing off the bathroom door and moving towards her, "You might wanna ease up on the attitude, Counselor," she added, glaring at her.

Alex looked at her, feeling her frustration rise and snorted softly as she pushed past her, "Forget it," she mumbled.

Their bare arms brushed as Alex headed for the bathroom, Olivia caught her hand and spun her round, bringing their bodies together. Chests heaved with labored breathing as they stared openly at each before glancing at parted lips.

They reached for each other at the same time, closing the distance between them and bringing their mouths together urgently. Hands slid over matching silk as lips parted wider and tongues dueled for dominance. Alex pushed Olivia backwards, pinning her against the bathroom door, with one hand twisting the short locks of hair as the other gripped her hip possessively. Olivia moaned into Alex's mouth as she slipped both hands underneath the silk top and smoothed them across a supple back.

The kiss deepened as their passion ignited, Olivia tore her mouth away, desperately sucking in a much needed breath, Alex stared at her, "Stockholm Syndrome?" she asked, panting heavily, as she teased Olivia's scalp.

Olivia shook her head smiling, "No," she rasped, drawing the slender body closer.

"Part of the game?"

Olivia leaned forward and kissed the smiling lips tenderly, "No," she whispered.

"Ten years of pent up frustration?" she asked, kissing her thoroughly for a few minutes.

As the kiss ended, Olivia nodded, "Maybe," she breathed out.

"Maybe?" Alex queried, her chest heaving as she moved her hand underneath the smooth silk.

Olivia gasped at the teasing touch, "Definitely," she husked, before crushing their mouths together once more.


Part 12

"How come you never said anything?"

Alex burrowed her face into Olivia's shoulder and groaned, "Do we have to do this right now?"

Olivia squeezed her gently as they lay snuggled together in the centre of the bed, "Are you just gonna go to sleep after that?" she asked smiling.

Alex snorted and tilted her head, "Olivia Benson…you are an amazing kisser," she replied, shifting her head and meeting the parted lips.

Olivia smiled into the kiss, "So are you," she whispered softly as they parted, gazing into glittering eyes and searching the unguarded cerulean depths, "I've always liked you, I just thought you were straight," she said, lifting her left hand and smoothing away rebellious blonde locks.

"Who says I'm not?"

Olivia's hand halted in mid motion as she felt her stomach drop, then rolled her eyes as Alex waggled her eyebrows teasingly.

"Had you there," the younger woman said, unable to hide her smirk.

Olivia blew out a sigh of relief, "Don't do that, I nearly had a heart attack," she chided playfully.

Alex moved her hand from Olivia's silk clad stomach to the centre of her chest, "Sorry," she said quietly, feeling the rapid thumping against her hand. She sighed contentedly and savored the feeling of her body wrapped snugly around Olivia's right side with their legs intertwined comfortably. She ran her finger down the centre of Olivia's smooth cleavage, "I know we agreed to take this slow…but lying here with you…like this…after that..is…" she trailed away as the fingers in her hair moved and covered her hand.

"Yeah…it is, " Olivia agreed, stroking the back of Alex's hand gently. She looked down at their bodies and smiled, "I always wondered what we'd be like together," she commented wistfully.

Alex nodded against her, "Me too," she sighed.

"So, how come you never said anything?" she asked, repeating her earlier question.

Alex laced their fingers on Olivia's chest together, "I was scared, I think I always knew…I would catch you looking at me and I would wonder if you knew what I was thinking, what I was feeling for you…then I would remember who we were and what we did and how it could never work…besides, you might not even have been interested," she said, lifting her head and smiling at the bemused expression.

Olivia frowned at her, "How could anybody not be interested in you? Alex, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met…no, don't dismiss that," she warned, pre-empting a denial from the modest woman, "I've admired you for such a long time...I became too scared to ask or even test the water, so I just accepted our close friendship and buried my feelings for you," she added.

The blonde ADA smiled at her, "I did that too," she confessed quietly.

"I came close a few times, especially when you came back for Connors' trial, but…you were already involved with someone," she said, running her right hand along a silky hip.

Alex shrugged, "It wasn't serious and it didn't last long" she replied.

The older woman smiled, "I'm glad, so…anyone since then?" she asked, hoping she sounded more casual than inquisitive.

Alex nipped her thigh with her left hand and chuckled when Olivia yelped, "I didn't take you for the possessive type," she answered, shaking her head slightly.

"I...I'm not," she said hesitantly.

Alex leaned up and kissed her, "It's okay, I am too," she whispered before adding, "Just a few dinner dates for company, that's all…nothing remotely romantic," she clarified.

Olivia grinned, "I'm the same, nobody came close in comparison," she said.

"You say that now…" she commented, tilting her head knowingly.

Olivia looked at her, still struggling to accept what had happened between them, "Alex, I never dreamed we would actually be having this conversation, let alone be sharing a bed together, even if it is part of an undercover op," she admitted quietly.

"Well, we are and I did kiss you senseless and pin you against the bathroom door," she said proudly.

Olivia laughed softly, "Really? You kissed me senseless?"

"Are you going to deny it, detective?"

Olivia shook her head, "Absolutely not, counselor," she replied, shifting unexpectedly and rolling them both over, trapping Alex underneath her. She gazed down into mischievous blue orbs and grinned, "Time to even the score," she husked out before capturing soft lips and swallowing a throaty moan of approval.

The bedroom was quiet as Alex sat on the chair by the dresser listening to Olivia talking on her cellphone. When Olivia ended the call, she moved over to the seated figure and smiled, "Everything's going to plan, Elliot said the Mexican authorities are just waiting for our 'baby sale' to go through and then they'll move in," she informed her, placing her hand on a slender shoulder. She looked at Alex's red silk pajama's and grinned, "As much as I adore this on you," she said, fingering the soft material, "Are you planning on wearing it all day?" she asked.

Alex dipped her head, "I have a confession to make," she answered timidly.

Olivia moved her hand to her chin and encouraged her to lift her head, "What?" she asked softly.

"It hurts"

Olivia frowned, "What does?"

"My wrist," she replied, lifting it carefully.

Olivia knelt down and touched her arm tenderly, "I thought it was getting better?"

"It was, but I think I was a bit…enthusiastic with it this morning," she said shyly, meeting twinkling brown eyes.

Olivia nodded her head, "Do you need a hand getting dressed?" she asked hesitantly.

Alex bit her lip, "It was different before…you know…now, I'm really aware of you…the way you look at me, your touch…I'm afria-"

"Of me?" Olivia asked, cutting her off as panic set in that she had come on too strong.

Alex's mouth fell open as she reached out and cupped Olivia's cheek with her left hand, "God no, never…I'm…" she paused and swallowed nervously, "…I'm afraid I won't be able to stop…we agreed to take this slowly and wait until we're out of here…go for dinner, just be ourselves, but Liv….Jesus, Liv…you're beautiful and completely distracting," she admitted, feeling her cheeks burn as she held the intense gaze.

Olivia smiled knowingly, "I knew it," she said enthusiastically.

"Knew what?"

She got to her feet and leaned in closely, "You've got it bad for Benson," she whispered before kissing her gently.

Ben and Gerry sat on opposite sides of the living room, studying the couple on the couch closely. Ben nodded to his wife, prompting her into action.

"The babies are so desperate to find a home, some of them bond together so quickly, it's such a shame to separate them," Gerry said to the two women, watching as they looked slowly through the large photo album.

Alex looked up from the current page and smiled over at her, "They're all so beautiful," she commented.

"Maybe we should have two," Olivia said, keeping her eyes focused on the young face staring up at her.

Ben's eyes lit up, "We would be able to give you two babies, with a considerable discount," he offered, eagerly moving forward in his seat.

Alex turned to Olivia, "Do you think we would be able to raise two children together?" she asked.

Olivia smiled at her, "I think we could raise our own football team, we're good together," she replied.

"But two is a huge commitment, what with work and everything," Alex argued.

Olivia nodded, "I know, but we could work something out, couldn't we?"

Alex searched the dark eyes and smiled, "Yes we could," she answered softy.

Ben watched their interaction and grinned, "You are going to have a beautiful family, we can offer you two children for $175k, the paperwork will be taken care of and you'll never have to deal with out dated bureaucracy again," he said.

Olivia turned her head and looked at him, "Two babies?" she clarified.

"Two beautiful little babies, who need a good home, like this one, full of love and happiness," he replied, beaming at her.

Olivia glanced down at the album again before tilting her head and looking at Alex, "What do you think sweetheart?" she asked quietly.

Ben motioned to his wife once more.

Gerry cleared her throat, "Last night…in the kitchen, Olivia…you were upset because you couldn't choose which baby…this is a great solution to your dilemma as well as providing a brother or sister for whomever you select," she said, smiling over at the watching couple.

Olivia placed the album on the table and stood up, "Would you excuse us for a few moments?" she asked, helping Alex to her feet and guiding her towards the bedroom.

Alex stood with her back against the closed bedroom door and followed Olivia's movement with her eyes as she paced back and forth across the room. After seeing the hand reaching up and twisting the short tufts in frustration, she moved towards her, effectively blocking her path, "What's wrong?" she asked gently.

"What's wrong? Those smarmy bastards are selling children like candy, 'considerable discount', my God, they're trafficking human lives and lining their own greedy pockets," she choked out, desperately trying to remain calm. She shook her head, "I want to wipe that smug grin off his face," she growled out, clenching her fists in anger.

Alex reached for her hands, ignoring the discomfort in her own and dipped her head, "We've almost got them, once we hand over the cash, we've got them and those children will be placed in proper care, with a higher chance of being placed quickly into good homes," she reasoned, feeling the hands she held lose their tension.

Olivia sighed wearily, "I know, I know you're right, but it doesn't make it any easier…there are people out there, good people, desperate for a child and have fallen for this scam," she said, swallowing the lump in her throat.

Alex released her hold and cupped Olivia's face, "You'll be a great mom, Liv…and it'll happen, I know it will," she whispered.

"How? I've already been refused and lost the appeal," she replied, shaking her head sadly between the soft hands.

Alex leaned forward, "We'll find a way, trust me," she promised, kissing her tenderly.

Olivia looked into brilliant blue eyes and nodded, "I do…" she paused, calming herself under the caring gaze, "…come on, I want to get this over with," she said purposefully.


Part 13

Olivia wandered into the living room in search of the beautiful blonde and smiled as she spotted the familiar figure lying comfortably on the sofa, "What are you doing?" she asked curiously as she stood at the end of the couch and tweaked a sock covered toe.

"Having a siesta," Alex replied, smiling up at her.

Olivia shook her head, "You okay?"

Alex shrugged, "Ben and Gerry's, 'cash for kids' scam is draining, especially when they can barely contain their excitement at the prospect of pocketing almost two hundred thousand dollars," she answered wearily.

Olivia nodded her head solemnly, "Yeah, it's pretty disgusting," she agreed.

Alex shifted and pressed her back against the sofa and waggled her eyebrows, "You look tired Liv…maybe you should have a lie down," she suggested, patting the cushion beside her.

Olivia licked her lower lip, "Really?"

"Uh huh," Alex responded teasingly.

Olivia moved and lowered herself on to the sofa, facing the younger woman. She placed a hand on top of a denim clad hip and held it gently, "Not a lot of room on here," she commented, edging closer.

Alex grinned, "I have a better idea," she said with a dangerous gleam in her eye.

Olivia groaned, "Dare I ask?"

Alex snorted softly and shifted until she was lying on top of Olivia with their legs intertwined. She gazed into dark, inviting orbs and smiled, "Am I squashing you?" she asked, propping her head up on her left hand as her right gently stroked Olivia's strong jaw.

Olivia smiled, "No and even if you were, I wouldn't want you to move," she replied, adjusting her hold and slipping a hand into Alex's back pocket. She brushed long, blonde hair away and removed the dark frames, placing them behind her on the arm of the sofa.

"Why did you do that?" Alex asked, inching her mouth closer to Olivia's smiling lips.

Olivia smiled, exposing her perfect, white teeth, "You have to ask?"

Soft lips met and tongues mingled in a leisurely round of tender exploration, breathing grew labored as their chests heaved together. Alex shifted her hands into Olivia's hair and lay flush on top of her, feeling her ribcage expand due to lack of oxygen.

"Wow," Alex panted as their lips parted.

Olivia breathed raggedly through her mouth, "Yeah…wow," she rasped before crushing their mouths together again.

Alex felt her stomach roll as her body pressed intimately against Olivia, she moved her left hand to the base of Olivia's sweater and slid her fingers underneath, feeling her core clench as she caressed the heated flesh. She tore her mouth away and moaned as the hand in her back pocket began a rhythmic, kneading motion.

Olivia leaned up and captured the beating pulse point at the base of her throat, suckling the skin greedily and eliciting another moan from the woman lying on top of her.

"Oh Liv," Alex breathed out, pushing herself into the body beneath her as her fingers encountered silky material.

Olivia released the skin between her lips and kissed the slender column of her neck, "You're so beautiful," she whispered against the soft skin.

Alex swallowed at the tantalizing touch tickling her throat and gazed deeply into watching eyes, "So are you," she replied quietly as her fingers covered a hardened peak.

Olivia gasped at the sensation and leaned up into the bold touch, "The camera's," she rasped out regretfully.

Alex glanced up at the corner of the room and sighed, "You made me forget they were there," she said, reluctantly removing her hand.

"This'll be over soon and then we can…you know…be ourselves," she replied, shifting both hands to Alex's face and holding her hair out of the way.

Alex leaned forward, "We can still kiss though…right?" she asked seductively, resting her lips against Olivia's parted mouth.

They shared a hot breath before Olivia captured the hovering lips urgently.

The chirping cellphone on the table grew louder as Olivia recognized the sound, she pulled her lips away and blew out a frustrated breath, "Why does everyone interrupt me when I'm trying to love you?" she growled softly as she reached her arm out and blindly snatched the annoying device, "What?" she asked tersely.

Alex eased back and shifted until she was straddling Olivia's thighs, her mind reeling at Olivia's words. She ran her fingers through her hair before lifting her glasses and moving off the reclining woman.

Olivia followed the departing figure as she listened to Ben inform her they would be proceeding with the transaction for two babies, he also told her there was no need for any further surveillance, they had seen enough to know the babies would be going to a happy home. After several minutes, she ended the call and rose form the sofa, pocketing her cellphone as she headed out of the room.

Alex studied her flushed reflection in the bathroom mirror, noticing the sparkle in her brilliant blue eyes as she replayed Olivia's words, 'Why does everyone interrupt me when I'm trying to love you?'. She wondered if the dark haired woman even realized what she had said, she had no doubt Olivia meant them, the stoic detective was not known for making frivolous remarks.

Alex closed her eyes and let her feelings for Olivia rise to the surface, dismissing past doubts and fears and focusing on the moment.

Olivia paced in the bedroom staring at the closed bathroom door as she spoke with Elliot, informing him of the latest news, they both agreed things were moving quickly now that Ben could smell the money. She hung up the phone and placed it on the bedside table before moving to the door and tapping it gently, "Alex, you okay?" she asked tentatively.

The door opened and Alex emerged, smiling broadly as she closed the door behind her, "I'm fine, just needed to…cool off," she admitted shyly.

Olivia grinned knowingly and snorted softly, "Well, there are no camera's in here," she said, moving closer.

Alex held her hand out and placed it squarely on Olivia's chest, halting her predatory advance, "Easy tiger…we agreed to take this slowly and…" she trailed off seeing the look of disappointment cross Olivia's features, "…I don't think I can, not when you're looking at me like that or touching me or kissing me or…" her words fell away as her gaze dropped to parted lips and followed the wet trail left by a teasing tongue.

Olivia bit her bottom lip, "I meant what I said," she said quietly.

"About what?" Alex asked, sliding her hand from the middle of Olivia's chest to her side and stroking softly.

Olivia stepped closer and placed her hands on either side of Alex's head, resting them flatly against the bathroom door, "About everyone interrupting me…when I'm trying to love you," she whispered, holding the electrifying, cobalt gaze.

Alex swallowed, "I was having the same thoughts myself," she confessed, enjoying the feeling of being trapped within Olivia's arms.

Olivia stepped closer until their fronts lightly touched, "Have dinner with me tonight?"

Alex knew Olivia wasn't talking about a home cooked meal around the kitchen table and nodded, "Yes," she breathed out before remembering what had brought them here in the first place, "What about Ben and Gerry?" she asked.

"I meant a proper meal, but if you'd rather have ice cream…" she replied, wetting her lips again.

Alex rolled her eyes, "I meant the Zucker's and their baby scam," she clarified, moving both hands to Olivia's trim hips.

"Oh…." She said, shaking her head in an attempt to clear her mind, "…we'll get our babies tomorrow night, the camera's will be removed in a couple of hours, Elliot's organizing the cash and will bring it over in the morning, Fin's setting up the sting and liaising with the Mexican authorities," she added, moving her mouth closer to Alex's inviting lips.

Alex tilted her head and smiled, "So where are you taking me for dinner and what should I wear?"

"Somewhere we can be ourselves and the blue dress," she replied.

Alex slipped beneath the arms and moved towards the closet.

"Hey, where are you going?" Olivia whined.

Alex turned and smiled, "I have to get ready for tonight," she answered as she opened the closet door.

Olivia looked at her watch, "It's not even four o'clock," she groaned, disappointed she had been deprived of tasting the soft lips again.

"It might take you a few minutes to get ready for the most important date of your life, but not me, I have things to do," she said without turning as she searched through the clothes rack.

Arms enveloped her from behind as a hot mouth kissed her ear lobe.

Olivia nipped the fleshy lobe playfully, enjoying the feel of Alex squirming in her arms, "Most important date of your life, huh?" she whispered hotly into her ear.

Alex covered the hands around her waist with her own and leaned back into Olivia's firm body, "Yes," she breathed out.

Olivia nudged blonde hair away and kissed her neck, licking a hot trail to her jaw, "For me too," she said quietly before easing away.

Alex turned and faced her, "Wear your dress…for me?"

Olivia grinned, "I'd do anything for you," she confessed.

Alex moved closer, "That's good to hear…could you run me a bath?" she asked, removing the cast.

Olivia rolled her eyes, "I sorta meant it in a romantic way," she clarified.

"Running me a bath isn't romantic?"

Olivia considered the question for a few seconds and nodded, "I see your point" she said, stepping forward and placing a delicate kiss on smiling lips.

Alex smiled as the short haired woman turned and headed for the bathroom, enjoying the gentle sway of her hips as she moved.

Alex turned the page of the magazine slowly as she patiently waited for Olivia to finish getting ready. She glanced up at the clock on the kitchen wall before returning her gaze to the glossy images in front of her. Her feet begged her to sit down, but she refused to crush her dress before they had even left the house. Olivia had insisted on dressing in the spare bedroom, much to Alex's amusement, citing that she wanted their first date to be a night to remember. Alex lifted the glass of white wine and took a healthy sip, tilting her head at the sound of the doorbell. She pushed off the kitchen table and headed for the front door, "I'll get it," she shouted over her shoulder.

She opened the door and gasped.

"Miss Cabot?" the young man asked.

Alex nodded and smiled as he held out the arrangement of colorful flowers, "Thank you," she replied as she accepted them with both hands.

He nodded at her and grinned, "Somebody loves you very much, I don't often deliver these, most expensive and rarest blooms we stock," he said, casting his eyes over her striking, tall frame.

Alex lifted her eyes from the bouquet and smiled.

"You want me to carry them in? The vase is heavy," he asked politely.

Alex shook her head, "No it's okay, I've got it," she said, holding the vase firmly by the base as she closed the door and turned towards the kitchen.

She placed the vase in the centre of the kitchen table and admired the beautiful arrangement, touching the soft petals delicately as she inhaled the intoxicating floral aroma. She reached for the small, white card peeking out at the top and opened the envelope with trembling fingers.


I wanted to give you something as rare and as beautiful as you are to me,

Love always,


"Do you like them?"

Alex lifted her head, her smile instantly growing wider at the vision of beauty, poised gracefully in the doorway. Olivia was wearing the dark blue dress with matching heels, she had removed her watch and her pendants, giving her an elegant air of easy sophistication. Her hair was tousled and there was a light dusting of make up highlighting her features. Alex swallowed as she cast an appreciative gaze over her friend, "I love them," she finally replied, surprised her tone sounded so calm.

Olivia moved into the room and crossed to the table, leaning forward and inhaling the heady scent, "They smell lovely," she said before shifting her gaze to Alex, "You look absolutely stunning," she added, admiring the familiar blue dress. She reached out a hand and touched the bottom of Alex's curly hair, "I love your hair," she added, stepping closer and placing her other hand on Alex's hip.

Alex reached up and tugged a tousled dark lock, "I love yours…you look beautiful Liv," she said quietly as her other hand traced a silk covered side, "Really beautiful," she repeated quietly.

Olivia was thankful for the light touch of make up that concealed her blush at the heartfelt compliment, "Thank you," she replied before adding, "I really want to kiss you, but I don't want to smudge our lipstick," she said shyly.

Alex smiled and looked up at the clock, "It's almost six, where are you taking me?"

Olivia gazed into the sea of glittering blue, "Anywhere you want to go," she replied, feeling her heart rate increase.

Alex studied the dark, chocolate orbs and pursed her lips, "What if I said I didn't want to go out, that I'd rather stay in,?"

"Why?" Olivia asked, frowning slightly with confusion.

Alex dipped her gaze, "I don't feel like sharing you with anyone else tonight," she replied coyly.

Olivia grinned, "Trust me, I only have eyes for you," she said, sliding her hand down Alex's bare arm, "No cast?"

"It's fine," the blonde replied, meeting her concerned gaze.

Olivia nodded and leaned in, placing a gentle kiss on Alex's lips. As she eased away, Alex moved her hands and cupped the back of her head, holding her in place as she deepened the connection. Olivia's hands roamed over the sheer silk as she gave into her desires and hungrily sucked Alex's tongue deeply into her mouth. Alex moved her hands to Olivia's sides and slid them upwards, teasingly brushing against firm breasts. Olivia moaned into Alex's mouth as her centre began an incessant throb, she tore her mouth away, panting raggedly, "If we don't go for dinner now…I won't be able to stop," she rasped out, moving her hands across Alex's flat belly.

Alex shuddered as her body reacted to the beautiful woman's proximity and tender touch, "I don't want you to stop," she choked out, breathing harshly.

Olivia gazed at her for a few seconds longer, "I don't want us to rush into anything, I'm not going anywhere…and neither are you," she replied.

Alex closed her eyes and sighed deeply, "You're right, " she said, nodding her head as she opened her eyes, "Let's go fix our lipstick, we can finish this when we get back," she husked.

Olivia groaned, "Dinner's going to be torture isn't it?"

Alex smiled, "Yes," she replied honestly.

"Me and my big mouth," Olivia groaned.

Alex leaned forward, "You and your deliciously, soft, inviting, big mouth," she corrected before kissing her tenderly.

Olivia rolled her eyes, "You're making it impossible to want to go anywhere," she said.

"That's the point," she replied smiling.

Olivia shook her head, "Alexandra Cabot, you are a shameless tease," she said lightly.

Alex tilted her head in appreciation before moving away and reaching for her purse. Olivia watched as she reapplied her lipstick and smiled, indicating she was ready to go.

Olivia quickly touched up her own make up before taking Alex's hand and leading her to the front door, she stopped in front of it and turned to face the blonde beauty beside her, "I've waited a long time for this moment, I never thought it would come, now that it has…I just want you to know that you've made me the happiest person on the planet, thank you," she confessed, kissing her lightly.

Alex smiled and cupped Olivia's cheek gently, "I feel the same, but if we don't leave now…" she warned dangerously.

Olivia snorted softly, "I know, come on," she said and opened the front door.


Part 14

"What are you smiling at?"

Olivia held the inquisitive blue gaze and grinned, "You have to ask?"

"No, but I'd like to hear it anyway," Alex replied, smiling across the table.

Olivia quirked an eyebrow, "I'm having dinner with the most beautiful woman in this restaurant," she answered proudly.

"Just the restaurant? Earlier you said, the world," the blonde woman chided.

Olivia nodded her head, "Yes, I did. This is different…" she paused, casting her eyes briefly around the busy Italian restaurant, "…because everyone is looking at you, admiring your beauty and wondering if we're friends, family or…" she shifted her dark gaze back to sparkling blue, "…lovers," she finished quietly.

Alex swallowed at the intensity of the look on Olivia's face, "Well," she started, "Maybe we should give them a clue," she suggested, sliding her hand across the soft table cloth and tilting her head in invitation.

Olivia shook her head slightly, "I didn't think you'd want to be so…" she trailed off looking for the right word.

"Public?" Alex supplied as warm fingers tangled with her own.

Olivia nodded as they adjusted their hold, enjoying the simple, yet intimate touch.

"Well, we are undercover as a lesbian couple," Alex replied, waggling her eyebrows.

Olivia snorted softly, "It does raise the obvious question though," she answered, stroking her thumb lightly across smooth skin.

"How can we work together while pursuing a romantic relationship?" Alex asked coolly.

Olivia rolled her eyes, "Only you could make something potentially so beautiful sound like an opening argument," she scolded.

Alex grinned, "It's a gift," she replied.

Olivia shook her head, "It's something, I dunno what, but it's definitely something," she said, unable to contain her smile.

"But you like it," she replied knowingly.

Olivia nodded, "I love it," she confirmed softly as they gazed at one another, enjoying the playful teasing.

Both heads turned as a throat was gently cleared.

"Would either of you care to see the dessert menu?" the waiter asked politely, placing the menus in front of them and moving away discretely.

Olivia reluctantly released Alex's hand in order to open the elegant menu and studied the tempting treats on offer, "Everything looks so tasty" she said absently, without looking up.

Alex smiled wickedly at Olivia's choice of words and waited until the dark head lifted and their eyes met, "Yes, it does," she replied suggestively before opening her own menu.

Olivia blushed at the unexpected compliment, "I feel like I'm on my first date," she said, enjoying Alex's openly flirtatious behavior.

Alex shook her head, causing the soft curls to bounce lightly around her bare shoulders, "I'm glad it's not just me then," she added.

They studied each other for a few seconds before dissolving into soft laughter and shaking their heads.

"I can't believe we're here, together…like this," Olivia finally said, breaking the comfortable silence.

Alex nodded, "I can," she replied confidently.


Alex smiled and held her gaze, "From the moment we met, I knew we would either end up loving each other or loathing each other," she answered, tilting her head.

"We fought a lot in the beginning," Olivia commented.

Alex snorted, "We still do," she said smiling.

"How did you know it wasn't loathing?"

Alex reached for her hand again and squeezed it tenderly, "Because every time you argued with me, I lost myself in your eyes, your determination…your passion," she answered quietly, feeling the heat rising in her cheeks.

Olivia's lips parted slowly, "That's funny, because all I could focus on was the beating pulse point at the base of your throat," she whispered, dropping her gaze to the smooth expanse of creamy skin.

Alex instinctively lifted her free hand and lightly touched her rapidly beating pulse, watching dark eyes follow the movement of her hand. She trailed her fingers across her pale skin, skimming the top of a silk covered breast as she placed her hand back on the table, "Dinner was delicious and as tempting as the dessert menu is…they don't appear to have what I'm hungry for," she said, licking her lips seductively.

Olivia swallowed and felt her bare skin tingle with anticipation, "Alex…do you have any idea what you do to me?" she asked, running an unsteady hand through her tousled hair.

Alex nodded, "I know what I'd like to do to you," she husked quietly, stroking the back of Olivia's hand.

Olivia closed her eyes briefly, chasing erotic images away as she turned her head in search of their waiter.

Olivia pulled the car into the driveway and cut off the engine, turning to Alex and smiling, desperately trying not to stare at the beckoning, parted lips.

Alex had spent the twenty minute drive containing an overwhelming urge to touch Olivia, now that they were here, her fingers itched to tangle in the short locks. She recognized the look in Olivia's eyes, saw her own need reflected in those dark orbs and in one swift motion, reached for her as she deftly released the belt.

Olivia's hand fumbled for her own buckle as their mouths melded together in a delicious display of desire and want. Eager hands caressed soft skin as they tried to move closer, the awkward angle hampering their intentions.

Alex tore her mouth away, swiping her tongue along her lower lip, "I think…" she swallowed and began again, "…I think we should go in," she rasped out before nuzzling Olivia's cheek and kissing a tempting earlobe as her hands tugged insistently at short tufts of hair.

Olivia's hand slid up a silky thigh, marveling at the toned muscle underneath her fingers, "Alex" she panted, tilting her head as a hot tongue teased her ear.

Alex suckled purposefully, feeling Olivia squirm in her arms as she laved the lobe with her tongue, "Let's take this inside," she whispered hotly as she eased away.

Olivia blew out a shaky breath as she opened the door, smoothing sticky palms over her dress before moving to the passenger side and helping Alex out of the Mustang. They walked the short distance to the front door and paused in the entry way as Olivia searched her purse for the key. Alex ran a hand lightly up Olivia's arm, leaving a trail of goose bumps wherever her fingers touched.

Olivia opened the door and stepped aside, allowing Alex to enter first. She reached for a slender hand as the blonde woman passed and intertwined their fingers.

They moved into the house and stopped dead in their tracks at an unfamiliar sound.

Someone was in the house.

Olivia pulled Alex protectively behind her as she groaned inwardly at having no weapon, "Wait here," she instructed, in a voice barely above a whisper.

Alex was about to protest when warm lips covered her own, "Please," Olivia begged as she moved her head away.

Alex sighed and nodded reluctantly as Olivia turned and headed down the hallway.

Olivia crept as quietly as she could across the hard wood flooring in her three inch heels and paused beside the living room door. She counted to three before edging her way into the open doorway.

She cautiously looked into the room and rolled her eyes as she instantly recognized the figure relaxing on the sofa, shoeless feet propped up on the low table, "What are you doing here?" she asked as relief washed over her.

Elliot tilted his head and smiled, "Is that any way to greet the man who brought you one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars?" he asked, around a mouthful of potato chips.

Olivia stepped backwards into the hallway, "It's not the Mexican's, it's Elliot," she shouted to Alex, waiting for her to come into view, "Apparently he brought our cash," she added.

Alex looked past Olivia and smiled at Elliot, "You brought all that money here? Tonight? Why?" she asked as they moved into the living room.

Elliot noisily finished chewing and shrugged, "Cap's orders, just in case the Zucker's appear earlier than expected," he replied as he took in both women's appearance.

Alex and Olivia stood closely together in front of the large TV and looked at the briefcase on the table beside his feet.

"Is that it?" Olivia asked.

Elliot nodded, "Yeah," he answered, studying them closely, "Where have you two been? All dressed up and looking fancy," he asked curiously.

Olivia was the first to respond, "Dinner. Now that the camera's are gone and we're about to bust this ring wide open, we thought we'd get out the house," she answered and then frowned, "How did you know the camera's would be gone and how did you get in?" she added.

Elliot moved his legs off the table and smiled, "You told me the camera's were coming down and it's the department's house, I gotta spare key," he said, standing up and lifting his jacket from the arm of the sofa.

Alex took a step forward, "You're not leaving already are you?" she asked, secretly hoping he was.

Elliot looked over at her, "I was just gonna move my jacket, don't want to crush it," he replied, moving towards the door.

"Crush it?" Olivia asked in confusion.

Elliot shook his head, "Yeah, If I'm sleeping on the couch I don't wanna crease my coat," he said simply.

"What?" Alex asked in a sharper tone that she intended.

He furrowed his brow, "Captain doesn't wanna take any chances, not this close to the take down, especially with almost two hundred grand sitting in your living room," he replied, looking between them both and shrugging, "I'm your new room mate for tonight," he added.

"Great," Olivia replied, feigning enthusiasm.

He nodded, "Isn't it? No nappy duty for me tonight. I'll make us some coffee and you can give me all the details about pretending to be a lesbian couple," he said, waggling his eyebrows before turning and leaving the room.

Olivia turned to Alex and sighed, "Can you believe this?" she asked in a hushed tone.

Alex lifted a hand and cupped her cheek, "Unfortunately, I can," she said, unable to mask her disappointment.

Part 15

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