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What's the Occasion?
By Elfcat255


Olivia opened the door to the apartment, walked in and tossed her keys on the table; she then took her jacket off and hung it on the coat rack. Walking further in, she discovered to her surprise a living room full of lit candles, their flames flickering in the soft wind from the AC. There was a huge pile of pillows and blankets on the floor and the coffee table had been turned into what looked like a finger foods buffet.

"Alex?" she called out.

"Just a minute," came a call from the bedroom. Alex strolled out wearing a silk robe.

"Umm … what's the occasion?" Olivia asked.

"Nothing in particular," Alex replied with a wicked grin.

Olivia knew that look, "Alex. I'm on call all weekend."

"No you aren't."

"Yes, I am." Olivia countered back.

Alex walked up to her and pulled her in close, "No…you…are…not," each word was punctuated with a kiss ending up at Olivia's throat… Just as she was headed for the collarbone a soft groan was heard from Olivia.

"Alllex….what did you do?" she asked while pushing Alex back a step.

"Nothing…well, ok," Alex said with a sigh. "I kind of told John it was our anniversary and asked if he could cover for you this weekend." The statement came out in one breath. Alex started to bite her lip waiting for Olivia's reaction.

"It isn't our anniversary. I wouldn't forget something like that," Olivia said.

"It doesn't matter," Alex replied. "We have all weekend to turn it into something worthy of one." She stepped back from Olivia and pulled the ties of her robe loose, slipping it off and letting it puddle at her feet. Looking Olivia straight in the eye and smiling, "Well?"

Olivia glanced down then back up to her lover's eyes, "Yea…whole weekend to figure it out." She remarked, pulling Alex to her and taking those beautiful lips in a searing kiss that seemed to last forever. Finally pulling back she looked into Alex's eyes, grinned and said, "Happy anniversary sweetheart."

The End

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