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Random Conversations on the Connecticut Coast
By kimly


Hand in hand, they walked across the deserted beach. The sun was finally sinking below the western horizon and the encroaching darkness brought a cool breeze off the water. Alex tugged Olivia away from the surf and higher up the beach stopping before an old log that was washed up during the previous storm. She sat with her back against the wood, Olivia looking down at her, their hands still clasped together.

"You expect me to sit in all this grainy stuff?"

Alex gave a slight yank to the hand she was holding. "Just come down here. It won't kill you to get sand on your legs."

"Things I do for you," Olivia declared, allowing herself to be directed to a position between her lover's legs.

Alex wrapped one arm about Olivia's waist while using her opposite hand to turn a waiting set of lips to meet her own. "You do wonderful things for me, I know. Not the least of which has been joining me this weekend."

"It has been quite the ordeal. Gourmet food, top shelf booze and a mansion on the beach… You're just lucky our bedroom faces the water or I would have called this whole thing off." Olivia reclined deeper into Alex's arms. "Joking aside, your family has been wonderful. Although I still think your Uncle David is wrong about discharging firearms on his own property."

"If the neighbors get ticked off enough, the local PD will make a trip out and site him. Again. Logan and Miller will get to earn some of that six digit retainer the family pays annually and Uncle David will make a nuisance of himself in front of Judge Harding, again, before paying a fine and giving a donation to the PD's local kid's charity," Alex explained while playing with the fine hairs on Olivia's arm.

"We should've grabbed the camera. That sunset is gorgeous." Olivia changed the subject, not so much bored or unhappy with the topic as feeling in a stream of consciousness kind of mood.

"We'll come back tomorrow. It's so peaceful down here this time of year."

"Hmmmmm, but I highly doubt even in the height of summer this beach ever gets truly crowded," Olivia stated, tipping her head back to catch Alex's eye. She got a kiss for her trouble.

"Very true, but that might be changing. More than a few people in the state are upset, rightfully I think, about the number of beaches privately owned. Homeowners technically only own to the high-tide line but that affectively shuts everyone else out since there's no way to access the lower parts of the beaches."

"Are the Connecticut courts hearing cases about this?" Olivia asked.

"Maybe, I haven't heard," Alex replied, enjoying the random conversations Olivia and she often indulged in. They sat in silence for several minutes, breathing in the salt air and listening to the waves roll up the beach.

"So, what are we doing tomorrow? And my butt's asleep, can we start walking again?" Olivia asked getting smoothly to her feet and reaching down to help Alex up. Arm in arm, they continued back towards the house.

"Totally up to you. I haven't explored the state for years, so it'll all seem new to me too."

"What's around here?"

"Hmmm, we could drive into the Litchfield hills, maybe stop at a winery or lunch at an old Inn. Head up to New London and take the high speed ferry over to Block Island. There's always Old Mystic or if you're feeling lucky, the Casinos…" Alex trailed off as Olivia swung her around and kissed her soundly.

"I don't need a casino to get lucky, do I?"

"Good point," Alex agreed. "We could always just go antiquing close by, the Thimble Island Cruises are only a few towns up, or just stay here, relax on the porch, snuggle in that old hammock."

"What time is dinner?" Olivia asked as they climbed up the stairs to the porch.

Alex grabbed a towel drying over the rail and stooped, cleaning the sand from Olivia's legs. "See all better and no permanent damage. Oh, and dinner's at 8 but if we decide to go to Block Island I'll just tell mom we've got other plans."

Olivia returned the favor, running the soft towel over Alex's legs. When she completed her task, she licked behind a convenient knee causing Alex to almost squeak at the sensation.

"Stop that!" She turned around and smacked at Olivia's shoulder. Olivia just smirked at her.

"Let's play tomorrow by ear. See what time we get up. Maybe do that winery thing, or the Thimble thing if it's still sunny." She rose and stalked towards Alex, catching her easily about the waist. Nibbling a nearby ear she whispered, "Although that hammock does have its advantages, too."

Alex turned in Olivia's arms and her first kiss barely hit its mark when the porch light snapped on and an older version of Alex came through the screen door. "Oh, wonderful, you girls are back."

Alex sighed and Olivia kissed her forehead before they turned, still arm in arm, to face the matriarch of the Cabot clan.

"What's up mom?"

"Nothing, dear. I just thought we could share a nightcap before I turned in for the night."

"I think that's a wonderful idea, Mrs. Cabot," Olivia replied.

Mrs. Cabot beamed.

Alex whispered 'suck-up' into her girlfriend's ear.

"I'll bring out the decanter and the glasses." She turned and re-entered the house.

"I was hoping to turn in soon myself," Alex stated with a pointed look.

"Me too," Olivia said as she slipped a hand under a loose shirt tail to find skin. "I figured a heavy double will have a nice sedative effect." She returned Alex's pointed look.

Alex just smiled. "You should have been a lawyer. You're devious."

The End

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