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Picture Day
By dowhatuhavetodo


Olivia knocked softly on the Assistant District Attorney's door hoping she would catch her before Alex left the office for the night. Relieved to see a soft glow from the crack behind the counselor's door, Olivia knocked again. Nothing. Olivia opened the door calling Alex's name. The sight before her stopped her breath. The counselor lying on the leather couch with one hand tucked beneath the waist of her designer skirt and the other across her chest clutching what looked to be a picture of the very detective. The faint smiled on Alex's face caused the detective to shudder. Surely she was not witnessing what she though she was, Alex Cabot after pleasuring herself to a photo of Olivia! Alex murmured quietly slightly pressing to her chest the picture still clamped in her hand. Minutes passed as the detective studied the sleeping beauty before her, when suddenly the shrill sound of her cell phone pulled Olivia from her thoughts. She turned her back to Alex and whispered into her phone, "I'll be right there" before turning to Alex.

The counselor sat rigid on the couch her hands folded neatly in her lap. "Can I help you detective?" she stammered.

Olivia smiled slightly, "I wanted to know if you still have the photos from Elliot and Kathy's holiday party?" Alex rushed to her desk in search of the group of photographs Elliot dropped by her office earlier in the day. Olivia watched the ADA become flustered as she gathered the photos never once making eye contact. Olivia took the opportunity to sit on the ADA's couch and pull something from beneath a cushion.

"It really was a nice party, thanks for the invitation Olivia," Alex said softly finally making eye contact with the detective.

Olivia dangled the photo of herself in front of Alex and simply said, "I'm glad you came."

The End

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