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By Annette


"Alex, remind me again why I'm here?"

"I told you, we were in court and his client wanted to make a deal. So, we sat down to discuss it and it was basically a ridiculous offer. I told his client as much and of course the yelling starts. I told Trevor he'd better get his client in hand, that there would be no deal, and I'd see them both in court. I walked out the door and the next thing I know Trevor comes up to me apologizing for his clients rude behavior and asks to take me to dinner to make up for it. I was so shocked I said yes before I thought better of it. Then I tried to get out of it by saying I already had plans with a friend and he insisted I bring her since his cousin was in town."

She rubbed her thumb over the soft skin on the back of Olivia's hand. "I'm sorry to drag you into this Liv, but I didn't have anyone else to turn to..." And then you have to show up looking so… ugh, if I wasn't confused before tonight.

Olivia squeezed Alex's hand and looked deeply into her eyes. She looks scared to death! God, I remember how nervous she was when she asked me to do this. I don't think I've ever seen her so flustered. Better let her off the hook… "It's ok Alex, I'll just have to come up with an appropriate payback." The twinkle in her eyes put Alex a bit more at ease.

"Come on, Liv, we can still slip out the back!"

"As tempting as that offer is Counselor, I did not put on this dress, this make up and these shoes to go home without dinner."

"I'll make you dinner!"

"You can't cook."

"Right, crap, then I'll do whatever you want. Name it."

Olivia turned smouldering eyes to Alex and leaned in to whisper in her ear. "Whatever I want?"

The searing words followed by a nip at her earlobe left Alex stunned into silence. Her eyes searching for the truth, her truth, in the dark orbs before her.

Olivia broke the silence, "There they are." Each woman, using every ounce of their finely honed skill at schooling their emotions, turned toward the doorway. Trevor, looking his usual dapper self, and his cousin, quite attractive in a charcoal suit and subdued tie, stood at the entrance to the lounge area.

"Ladies." Trevor nodded suavely. "You both look lovely."

Especially Olivia, Alex thought, but she just smiled her thanks.

"Olivia, what a pleasant surprise. Alex, Olivia, Jeff Schaefer, financial consultant. Jeff, Alex Cabot and Olivia Benson, Assistant District Attorney and Detective in the Special Victims Unit, respectively."

He smiled, but a raised an eyebrow betrayed his intrigue upon hearing Olivia's profession.

"I think our table is ready?" The sooner they ate, the sooner she could go home and sort out her thoughts. I actually feel like they are interrupting my time with Olivia! Oh my God… I don't know if I can do this.

The women allowed themselves to be escorted into the dining room. Olivia found herself seated next to Trevor and across from Alex.

Dinner progressed well. Trevor had an apparently inexhaustible fund of entertaining stories, Jeff could converse intelligently on almost any topic, and Olivia was at her vivacious best. Two glasses of wine and Alex was beginning to loosen up a bit.

Then she began to notice Jeff. He was behaving in an oddly solicitous manner toward Olivia, keeping her glass filled, checking that her meal was fine, listening intently whenever she spoke. It was… infuriating! Shit, I'm jealous!

Alex caught Olivia's eye over the table and indicated Jeff with her glance, questioning with her eyebrows. Olivia pursed her lips, then gave a little shrug, before turning to tease Jeff about something he'd just said.

Sure, fine, ignore me, she thought and turned her attention to her meal. Then she felt a foot sliding up her calf, pausing to massage the inside of her knee, then pushing slowly along her thigh. Alex glared at Olivia, but her tormentor was carefully looking away. The foot slipped higher and Alex found that she was spreading her legs a little to accommodate it. Olivia's toes were extremely agile and Alex felt a level of arousal she'd never thought herself capable of. Christ, what the hell is she doing!

"Alex, are you OK?"

Who the hell was that? Oh, Trevor, right. "I'm fine, Trevor."

"You just look a little flushed."

Not to mention soaking wet, she thought.

Olivia turned from Jeff and leaned across the table. "You know, you do look a little...warm. Why don't you go freshen up?"

Alex met the dark eyes that sparked to her own. "I think I'll do that. Join me?"

"I think I will." Olivia smiled as she rose from the table. "Sorry boys, this is a girl thing. Be good while we're gone."

They made it to the ladies' room and found it blessedly empty.

"Olivia, God what do you think you were doing!" Alex laughed and ran her fingers over a flushed cheek.

Olivia closed in on Alex. "I'm bad, very bad."

Alex's head was light with wine and excitement and Olivia's hands around her waist. "Very bad."

"And I'm not done yet." Olivia pushed and they fell back into a stall, laughing and clinging to each other. She locked the door.

"Not here." Alex felt Olivia's hand slide around the back of her neck and leaned into the touch.

"Here, Alex, or out there." Olivia kissed her swiftly. "Which will it be?"

"Here, then." Not that it would take very long if Olivia were half as aroused as she was already. And with a sense of urgency sparked by an unbelievable level of arousal they set upon each other. Forgoing foreplay Olivia quickly reached under her dress and removed her own panties hanging them on the door hook. "Turn around Alex." Olivia husked, and in her near delirious state she could only comply.

Olivia reached for the hem of Alex's dress bringing it up over her hips, exposing her glorious ass. Moving closer Olivia spread the lips of her sex and pressed her clit against that beautiful bottom. Reaching around to the front of Alex, Olivia slid her hand into her panties and began to stroke her, moving her hand lower and sliding two fingers deep inside. Soon they were moving against one another, frantic with need. "God baby!" Olivia moaned in Alex's ear. "So good, ungh… so close." A few more thrusts and Olivia could feel Alex tightening around her fingers. "Come on baby, cum for me!" Upon hearing those words a shudder ran through Alex's body. Olivia stilled her fingers but continued to thrust against, Alex soon joining her in sweet release.

When their breathing returned to normal Olivia slipped out of Alex who quickly turned and captured Olivia's lips hungrily. "God, that was unbelievable!" Trading a few more kisses they finally broke away and began to take care of their dishevelled appearance. Leaving the stall they moved over to the sinks and fixed their makeup. Olivia ran her fingers through Alex's hair, gently smoothing it. Alex watched them both in the mirror and wished they had time to do it all again.

Back at the table, they ate demurely, laughed when appropriate, and smiled at each other at every opportunity. They shared a chocolate mouse for dessert and when Olivia licked the last bits off the spoon, Alex thought she'd never make it home.

Finally, the coffee was drunk and the bill was paid and Jeff, ever the gentleman, went to the coat check as the others walked to the lobby.

"Thank you for a lovely evening, Trevor." Alex smiled and reached up to kiss his cheek. "I'll see you around the courthouse."

He looked surprised. "I know we have to work in the morning, but the evening doesn't have to end just yet..."

Alex looked at Olivia. "Sorry," She said as she wrapped her arm around Olivia's waist. "But I'm going home with my date."

He gaped. "But what...?"

Alex smiled. "I told you I already had plans, Trevor."

Trevor managed to close his mouth before Jeff returned with the coats. "Thanks again for a wonderful dinner, and Jeff, it was very nice to meet you." Alex shook his hand and Olivia gave him a dazzling smile.

As the two beauties walked away Jeff turned to Trevor with a questioning look. "Are they together?"

"Apparently. Come on, let's try our luck at the bar." And the two men made their way back inside.

The End

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