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Wrong Side of Bed
By ncruuk



"Coffee's nearly ready sweetie..." called back Olivia from the kitchen, thinking that was what Alex was asking about.

"Great...but that wasn't what I meant..." began Alex, only to interrupt herself with a loud "...Damn it!"

"What's wrong?" asked Olivia kindly, padding back towards their bedroom from the kitchen where she had been setting the coffee pot going.

"Everything!" exclaimed Alex dramatically from her perch on the end of their bed, although Olivia could easily identify the problem being a pair of pantyhose that had laddered as Alex was trying to put them on. At first, Olivia didn't see why that was so disastrous as to warrant the blonde's melodramatic reaction, only for her trained eye to note the two other discarded pairs lying near the trash can. Obviously, Alex's morning was not starting well.

Crossing to the dresser, Olivia opened the top drawer and rooted around until she'd found what she was seeking. Returning now to kneel in front of Alex, the detective placed a calming hand on the inside of her frustrated lover's thigh.

"Wrong side of bed, huh?" she asked teasingly, attracting the attention of her lover.

"I slept through the alarm...." began Alex, only to be gently interrupted by Olivia.

"Actually, you slept through my cell phone....which rang an hour before the alarm was supposed to go off...." explained Olivia patiently, not breaking eye contact from her lover, but trying hard not to smirk too much in amusement. Alex was very good at laughing with someone, she was not very receptive to being laughed at, which was something Olivia was dangerously close to doing right now.

"So what time is it?" asked Alex in a small voice, her gaze narrowing as she scrutinized her lover for any hint of mirth.

"A little before 7, plenty of time to restart your day...." explained Olivia, leaning in for a tender kiss.

"Mmmm, that was nice....." began Alex, ready to enjoy another kiss, only to be disappointed by Olivia's withdrawal.

"Time to restart your day....but not for me - I need a quick shower..." explained Olivia reluctantly, preparing to stand, but not before taking a sneaky glance back at Alex's long legs, which now, were encased in sheer stockings.

"I love you in stockings...." breathed Olivia huskily, pushing herself to her feet, prompting Alex to look down...

"Olivia?" Alex was astounded. Only moments before Olivia had joined her, the ADA had just ruined her third pair of pantyhose and now her legs were in stockings? How the hell had that happened?

"Given how many pairs I've managed to take off your legs without looking at what I was doing, I figured I had to be able to put a pair on the same way..." explained Olivia smugly, heading towards their bathroom "...very erotic, but not nearly as fun..." she commented, before closing the bathroom door on her shocked lover. She hadn't been lying, despite the early start, she really did need a quick shower if she wasn't going to be late getting into work now that she had to detour via Elliot's place.

Startled, but grateful, since she wasn't sure how many more pairs of pantyhose she had available to wreck, Alex set about finishing her dressing ritual, hoping that now she didn't think she was running late, her luck might change. By the time Olivia had exited the bathroom and got her jeans and shirt on, Alex had managed to get her suit and make up on, and even make it to the kitchen, where she'd managed to pour a cup of fresh coffee. Now, sitting at the kitchen table, she was preparing to carefully enjoy that first morning cup when she remembered a page of notes she wanted to read.

Heading into the study, she found what she wanted to read and began searching for her glasses, which were nowhere to be found. Frustrated, she stomped back to the kitchen, where Olivia was now getting her own first morning drink, of orange juice. Hearing the commotion, the detective looked up.

"Problem sweetie?" she asked kindly, wondering why Alex was squinting at the page of notes she was obviously trying to read.

"Can't find my glasses..." groused Alex, taking a sip of her coffee and returning it to the kitchen counter.

"Your glasses?" asked Olivia, confused.

"Yes, my glasses...." annoyed, Alex turned to glare at her normally more alert lover, explaining "...you know, black, slightly square frames....have some stupid nickname you find amusing...."

"It's not stupid, and I don't find it amusing...." protested Olivia, getting up so that she was within hugging distance of a now visibly mad Alex.

"...the glasses of justice are a formidable weapon in the courtrooms of New York City, and an incredible tool of seduction when wielded by my brilliant lover, who's always assured me that they are genuine prescription and not clear glass...." explained Olivia, placing a quieting finger across her objecting lover's lips before continuing,

"...although I find that point hard to agree with when she's looking for her glasses despite having been wearing them since before I put her stockings on...." breathed Olivia, before replacing her finger with her lips.

Both ladies were late for work. Neither felt at all guilty. Their defense? The glasses of justice, in the kitchen, worn by Alex Cabot: what else was Olivia Benson to do?

The End

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